13 Traditional Haitian Desserts

If you have ever been to Haiti, then you may know that the food is a fascinating mix of French, African and Spanish cuisine.

13 Traditional Haitian Desserts

From interesting cooking styles to exotic ingredients, desserts from Haiti just offer everything you would want with a sweet tooth.

In this article, we explore 13 traditional Haitian desserts that you can easily try at home.

1. Dous Kokoye

Kokoye is a coconut candy that you can find around almost every corner in Haiti. 

Made with sugar, sweet spices, coconut, coconut milk and milk, this delicious dessert isn’t just sweet but it’s also full of flavor.

Haitian coconut candies are the perfect snack on the go. Plus, they are super quick and easy to make in your own kitchen.

2. Pain De Mais (Haitian Cornbread)

Originally from France, the recipe for Pain de Mais is simply sweet cornbread with a spongy but dense texture.

Corn is a very common ingredient grown and used across the country. That’s why, Haitian cornbread is available almost everywhere but you can also make it easily at home.

The sugar flavor melts together with the creamy butter. In addition, this recipe also brings together rum and ginger for a strong aroma.

You can enjoy this flavored cornbread as a snack on its own, or serve it with a typical Haitian main dish.

3. Konfiti Jam

When you walk into a grocery store in Haiti, then you can find konfiti in the preserve aisle. Konfiti is a traditional jam or marmalade in the country.

Just like with other jams, you can make konfiti with any fruit flavor that you like. Haitians enjoy the tropical fruit konfiti, such as pineapple, grapefruit and orange.

You will need to cut your fruit into small pieces, boil them in spices and hot water until the water has evaporated.

Konfiti is the perfect dessert that you can use on your breakfast toast or just add it to any of your baked goods.

4. Haitian French Toast

Talking of French toast! Here is a classic Haitian morning dessert that has been inspired by the traditional French breakfast.

As Haiti was a French colony in the past, it has some of the best French desserts in the world.

Haitian toast is commonly much thicker than other toast recipes. It has a beautifully moist texture with a lot of sweetness.

But what makes Haitian French toast so special is the slightly zesty aroma with spicy flavors. This gives the toast a rich taste that gets you started for the day.

5. Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Rum and raisin ice cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavors in North America and the rest of the world.

Haiti is a tropical island, so ice cream is a welcome dessert on especially hot summer days. 

Rum and raisin is particularly popular because it combines two of the most-loved ingredients in the country.

As a blend of vanilla, milk, sugar and rum, Haitian see rum raisin ice cream as a type of national treasure.

6. Pain Patate (Sweet Potato Bread)

If you want to serve a truly traditional Haitian dessert, then this sweet potato bread is something that shouldn’t be missing on your table.

The mix of spices with sweet potatoes gives this delicious dessert a texture that resembles banana bread with a sweet flavor.

You can serve this sweet pain patate as a dessert for a special occasion or even with your weekend dinner.

7. Akasan

Haitians love this traditionally thick milkshake that is just so refreshing on a hot day. It is made with evaporated milk, spices and corn flour.

Most Haitians add cinnamon, anise and vanilla to their akasan to enjoy it as a warm drink for breakfast. It goes amazingly well with Haitian toast!

8. Cremas (Haitian Sweet Alcoholic Drinks)

Known as cremas or also kremas, these sweet alcoholic beverages are typical for a Haitian celebration.

They have a creamy, thick texture with a strong flavor of rum. You will find that Haitian locals have this tasty drink on special occasions, such as Christmas, Christenings and weddings.

But you don’t have to visit Haiti to make cremas. They are easy to whisk together at home within just a few minutes.

Kremas make the perfect dessert alternative for wine and sweet treats.

9. Blancmange (Haitian Coconut Gelatin Dessert)

The Haitian people use many of the fruit that are native to the country, including coconut.

That’s the reason why the Haitian coconut dessert Blancmange is one of the most popular desserts.

This dessert has a gelatin texture that looks beautifully creamy thanks to the added coconut milk.

Plus, Blancmange is extremely versatile. You can make it with any of your favorite fruit and serve this dessert with fresh fruit or fruit cocktails.

10. Rapadou

As one of Haiti’s most favorite dessert, rapadou is a surprisingly simple dessert recipe. It is brown sugar made with cane juice, ginger and cinnamon.

Some Haitians also add some black coal ash to the recipe to improve the texture.

11. Doukounou

Doukounou is often compared to tamales. However, this tasty dessert from Haiti is super sweet.

Made with milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, raisins, beaten eggs, sugar and corn flour, the mixture is traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed.

Haitians enjoy doukounou as a type of cold pudding with a blend of cinnamon and vanilla sauce.

12. Beignet Haïtien

You can find Haitian Beignets around every corner during Mardi Gras and other festivals when street vendors sell them.

They are super quick to make. As a finger food, you can make a big batch for the entire family. Plus, they also make a perfect party food.

13. Gateau Au Beurre (Haitian Rum Cake)

Haitian rum cake is one of the most flavorful desserts from Haiti. You cannot only taste the strong rum aroma but also smell it when you take it out of the oven.

Gateau Au Beurre is thicker than most sponge cakes but it still has an airy texture that will make it taste light and soft.

Haitians prefer to use Barabancourt rum for this cake as it is a traditional Haitian rum known around the world.

This means that you should be able to find it easily in your local grocery store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Haiti’s National Dish?

The national dish of Haiti is Soupe Joumou. This soup is a mix of different types of winter squashes with spices.

It is recognized as a national food and it has been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

What Makes Haitian Food Unique?

Haitian foods have a lot of different flavors and this is what makes Haitian dishes and desserts unique.

Plus, there are many exotic fruits, spices and other ingredients growing natively in Haiti. This means that locals can use them to create some fantastic dishes.

What Is Haitian Cake Made Of?

Also known as Gateau au Beurre, Haitian cake is a dense but light rum cake which has a lemon glaze and coconut topping.

It originally comes from French and British travelers who brought their cuisine to Haiti during the 18th century.

Final Thoughts

From creamy, alcoholic drinks to sweet cornbread, there are plenty of traditional Haitian desserts that you can whisk together in your kitchen at home.

13 Traditional Haitian Desserts

13 Traditional Haitian Desserts

Recipe by Jenna

Haitian desserts are a delicious mix of French, African and Spanish cuisine. Here are 13 traditional Haitian desserts that you can easily try at home.

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