20 Amazing Guava Recipes

You’ll adore these lovely guava recipes, not only does this fruit look delicious. Yet it also has a flavor that falls in between a pear and strawberry.

In addition to that, sometimes it can have undertones of grapefruit or mango, depending on when you select the fruit and how big it is. This fruit, which is mostly utilized in Latin America, is really underappreciated in the United States.

Which is unfortunate because there are numerous delicious dishes that can be made with it.

This lovely little fruit may end up being your new best buddy because it goes well with everything from cheesecakes and smoothies to icing and even BBQ sauce.

In this article, we have collected together 20 amazing guava recipes that we believe will make you want to try this delicious fruit.

1. Guava Empanadas

Little hand pies known as empanadas are created with flaky dough and either a sweet or savory filling. In this recipe, cream cheese and guava paste are simply added inside the dough to create the filling.

There is no need to add sugar to the cream cheese because the paste is already so sweet. It’s possible to slightly combine the two fillings, to create a filling that more closely resembles cheesecake, but that’s not required.

2. Guava Chutney

You’ll adore this if, whenever you consume Indian food, you’re the first person to grab for the mango chutney. This recipe strikes the perfect balance, between savory components like coriander and garlic and sweet aromas from the fruit.

If you prefer things to be more or less spicy, you can tweak the ingredients to your liking. Although we prefer chunky fruit, you are welcome to dice it up smaller. Due to the smaller pieces, this would make the ideal dipping sauce.

3. Mini-Lime And Guava Cheesecakes

A cheesecake at any social gathering will almost always be a hit. Fantastically silky guava sauce and tangy lime sauce combine in this dish. It’s not just attractive, but the guava provides you with a completely new flavor profile that everyone will love.

The best part is that it just takes 30 minutes to prepare these tiny individual desserts. With no baking required.

4. Guava BBQ Sauce

We prefer our barbecue sauce sour, hot, and devilishly sweet. This sauce pairs perfectly with the fruity flavors from the guava. If you follow the recipe exactly, you’ll produce a deliciously rich sauce that is oozing with flavor.

Just add a tablespoon of water to the mixture if you prefer your BBQ sauce a little thinner. Also add a teaspoon or two of chili paste if you want a bit of heat from your BBQ sauce.

5. No Bake Mexican Guava Charlotte Cake

Think of it as a Mexican version of Key Lime pie. The lime and condensed milk filling has a delicious cookie base. While the cream cheese provides a cheesecake-like finish. Yet, what really distinguishes this dessert is the guava.

The entire dish is elevated by that sticky, sweet layer on top, from the guava. The cookies will soften in the creamy mixture to the ideal melt-in-your-mouth texture. Finally, scatter some crushed cookie pieces on top before serving for a little crunch.

6. Guava Bars

It’s so simple to change the delicious buttery shortbread to suit the flavors that you have on hand. When using jams, they frequently absorb into the crumb or become thinner as they cook.

Thus leaving the cookie slightly dry. However, once the guava paste has melted and spread, it will thicken into a sweet, tropical filling. 

Then there are the oats. Even while it may not seem like much, you can taste them in every mouthful. Giving this cookie bar a wonderful nuttiness to complement the sweet filling.

7. Vegan Paleo Strawberry Guava Smoothie

It is simple to continue drinking the same monotonous smoothie flavors that you are accustomed to. So perhaps now is the right time to try something new. Guava provides lovely undertones of pear to elevate the strawberry flavor.

Thus enhancing a simple strawberry smoothie to a whole new level. In addition to sweetness, frozen mango chunks are used in this recipe to thicken the smoothie. Hence, you get a nice thick and creamy smoothie without being diluted due to ice.

8. Guava Paste

If you can’t get guava paste from your store, we strongly advise creating your own. A batch of this, which only requires water, lemon juice, guava, and sugar, can be ready in about an hour.

It is simple to add to a plethora of dishes and lasts for a very long time. You might only have a small assortment of fresh guavas available to you, unless you reside somewhere tropical.

Simply select the finest options you can find. The juicy red or pink bodied ones, however, are best for creating paste if you have the choice.

9. Guava Margarita

Why not try this cool guava margarita served on the rocks! It contains tequila, fresh lime juice, coconut water, guava nectar, and a small amount of agave. No margarita mix needed.

Lots of ice and the salted-coconut-lime rim are necessary to really enjoy all the flavors. Either make a single serving or create a pitcher when the girls next come over.

10. Pineapple Guava Sweet Bread

The classic pink fruit is very distinct from pineapple-guava. This variety contains flesh that is creamy white, luscious, and resembling a banana. It’s actually fairly ideal for this sweet bread because of its well-known flavor.

This is a welcome break from the typical cakes and quick breads because the banana flavor is relatively subdued and has tropical undertones.

Simply add additional chopped pineapple to the mixture to intensify the taste. Then use the juice to make a quick glaze alongside powdered sugar.

11. Guava Sherbet

Similar to sorbet, sherbet also frequently contains dairy. Both are often frozen desserts made with fruit that are surprisingly simple to prepare at home. In order to extract the greatest taste from the fruit, guava syrup is essential.

While, guava purée adds thickness and color. You may simply substitute the guava in this recipe with mango, strawberry, pineapple, or banana to create a wide variety of handmade frozen desserts.

12. Hawaiian Guava Cake

This is a delicious traditional Hawaiian treat known as guava cake. It is a cake full of guava flavor, whipped cream cheese on top, and guava gel icing. Guava nectar and guava juice are fairly comparable, yet in this recipe, either one may be used.

The guava flavor is wonderfully enhanced by the strawberry cake mix. However, you could also just use a white or yellow cake mix. Everyone will appreciate the fruity flavors in this lovely pink cake.

13. Agua De Guayaba

Get ready for some velvety, sweet, and tropical guayaba! Only three ingredients—guavas, water, and cane sugar—are required to make this straightforward and cooling agua fresca.

Agua de guayaba literally translates to “guava water.” It only requires a quick mix in a blender to create a delightful fruity beverage.

This beverage is fairly thin and should not be confused with a smoothie. To make it creamier or for a citrus kick, you may add coconut milk or lime.

14. Corn Cake With Guava Frosting

You would never tell, from looking at this, that the cake batter contains cornmeal. With only one taste, it’s obvious. This recipe is for you, if you enjoy cornbread and honey.

The maize flavor is subtle but clearly detectable. While the cake is pleasantly light and fluffy. We’ve made the frosting a ton of times and applied it to a lot of cupcakes. You’ll adore the color and also how natural it is!

15. Natural Hawaiian Pog

The name of this stunning Hawaiian concoction was inspired by its three main ingredients. This includes orange, passion fruit, and guava. You won’t ever want to drink regular orange juice again after taking just one sip of this!

The ready-made variety is loaded with sugar and synthetic coloring. Fortunately, creating your own is very easy and nutritious. The ideal option is to make it yourself with fresh fruit.

However, if you can get natural juices, you’ll still have a delicious drink that can compete with your Bahama Mama.

16. Romeo And Juliet Bites

You can find this delicious combination of guava paste cheddar cheese all throughout Brazil. This adorable little appetizer frequently uses a salty-sweet combination.

Just as the name implies that, the two flavors were just meant to be together. For a crispy texture, this recipe works equally well on sliced baguettes if you can’t find the little Brazilian bread bites.

17. Peanut Butter And Guava Muffins

These muffins with peanut butter and guava are quite delicious! These muffins’ have a base of nutty, rich, and earthy peanut butter. The topping is then sprinkled with buttery, flaky streusel, which has a sweet guava flavor.

These muffins have an incredible flavor, and are incredibly moist. They also have that wonderful bakery-style that everyone will enjoy.

18. Shortbread Almond Cookies With Guava

Although they may resemble the typical Linzer cookies you prepare every Christmas. These cookies are far superior. Why not try adding guava jam for a simple tropical twist, instead of your usual raspberry jam.

Guava jam should be available at your local grocery shop. However, you may easily make your own at home. This year, add a new twist to your traditional jam-filled cookies.

19. Guava BBQ Chicken Thighs

This barbecue sauce recipe appears to be a little unique. Cocoa powder is the key ingredient. Though it might sound unusual, we assure you that you cannot taste the chocolate.

You wouldn’t believe how much the chocolate tones will accentuate the spices that you add. With the addition of guava, you can transform bland, everyday chicken thighs into something extraordinary.

20. Puerto Rican Guava And Cream Cheese Dip

You may well not believe that this dip will work after reading the ingredients. Which includes honey, guava, cream cheese and garlic. Yet, the guava’s mild sweetness makes it the ideal complement to the savory components.

Similar to how adding some mango to your barbecue sauce or some applesauce to your pork chops makes them divine, this silky dip just works. Serve it as a dip with chips or breadsticks, or try putting some on your sandwich.

Can I Make Guava-Flavored Espresso Drinks Using These Recipes?

Yes, you can definitely make guava-flavored espresso drinks using these recipes. Adding the unique twist of guava to your espresso beverages will give them a delightful and refreshing taste. Experiment with different methods and ingredients to create amazing espresso drinks that combine the boldness of coffee with the tropical sweetness of guava.


Guava is a great ingredient to use in your cooking. It provides your food with a new fruity flavor that pairs well with other fruits and even nutty flavors as well. You can use this fruit for both sweet and savory dishes.

In this article, we have given you 20 amazing guava recipes. We hope you have found at least one guava recipe that has inspired you to try guava for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Peel Guava Before Eating It?

Guava seeds and skin are both edible. However, you can get rid of them by slicing off the skin and removing the seeds using a spoon if necessary. Then you can consume the sliced guava fruit.

Can You Eat Unripe Guava?

Guavas are occasionally consumed while still green in Hawaiian, Indian, and Thai recipes. Slice into strips very thinly, then sprinkle with chili powder, salt, and sugar. If you want to be authentic, look for plum powder or combine with masala salt.

With that being said, unripe guava, however, might not be something you want to consume frequently. As it may cause you stomach issues if you are not used to eating this fruit unripe regularly.

What Flavors Does Guava Pair Well With?

Guava is a simple fruit which pairs really well with other fruits such as strawberry, pineapple, huckleberry and citrus fruits. A lot of the recipes, we have mentioned above, use some of these fruits.

In particular, tropical fruits are really enjoyed alongside guava. With that being said, guava, also pairs well with coconut as well.

How Do You Store Guava?

Freezer – Whole guavas can be frozen and kept for up to a year in the freezer. Cut and peeled guava freezes just as well as a whole guava fruit. The chopped fruit should be stored in an airtight container. However, you want to ensure that there is no more than a quarter-inch of headspace in the airtight container.

Refrigerator – Cut guava should be placed in a food-safe container and refrigerated. This will help you prolong the fruit until you want to use it again.

20 Amazing Guava Recipes

20 Amazing Guava Recipes

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Do you know all the wonderful things you can do with guava? Read on to find 20 amazing guava recipes that you should consider trying!

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