20 Amazing Espresso Drinks

If you find yourself leaving your home every day to buy an espresso drink, then you could save precious time and money by making your favorite espresso drink in the comfort of your home!

From iced cappuccinos to flat whites, with this list of espresso drinks, you’ll never have to worry about swinging around a coffee shop ever again. 

Although to become a true coffee enthusiast, you’ll first need to know the basics of espresso. Once understood, you’re opened up to an endless array of coffee drinks at your disposal.

20 Amazing Espresso Drinks

Plus, you don’t have to worry about being a professional barista to make these drinks. In fact, an espresso machine isn’t even required for some of these recipes! 

The main components you need are dark roast coffee beans and somehow to heat your milk – from here, the world is your oyster. 

From indulgent treats to bitter, strong espressos, this guide explores all the best espresso drinks that every coffee lover should know. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Latte

Any barista will agree that a latte is one of the most popular drinks at a coffee shop. They’ll also tell you that you can easily make your own version at home, too. 

So give your wallet a break and skip the long lines with this delicious, classic latte recipe. All you need is a strong coffee or espresso, then top it off with some frothy milk. 

From here, you can let your imagination go wild and flavor your drink to exactly your taste. Whether this is a peppermint latte, a vanilla latte, or even a mocha latte – you can make it as adventurous or as simple as you like. 

2. Flat White

A flat white is a wonderful espresso drink featuring one shot of espresso and two shots of steamed milk. While it may sound like a latte, the two are completely different. 

A flat white is served in a small glass and contains a thin layer of microfoam. As the milk-to-espresso ratio is much smaller, you’re rewarded with bolder flavors. 

On the first try, it may require some skill to make this drink, however, once you have mastered the preparation, you’ll easily be making this flat white over and over again. 

In this recipe, the ingredient proportions are for one serving. However, you can simply double, triple, or quadruple the recipe if required. 

3. Americano

The Americano has an interesting history to it. Essentially, what you’re offered is a watered-down espresso, however, in the most delicious way possible! 

During WWII, when the US Military set foot in Europe, they found the Italian coffee to be too small and strong. During this time, drip coffee was a favored drink in the US and was often enjoyed in larger cups. 

For the Italians, the thought of serving oversized coffee was unthinkable, however, as they say: the customer is always right. And from here, the Americano was born. 

4. Red Eye Coffee

If you’re unfamiliar with red eye coffee, essentially it is a drip coffee that contains one or two shots of espresso – ideal if you’re looking for some extra caffeine in the morning coffee fix!

Whether you’re in need of a pick-me-up, looking to try something new, or simply can’t decide between a drip coffee and espresso – then why not combine the two?

For those days when you need a little more bounce in your step, then this extra-caffeinated drink is what you’re after – but be warned, this stuff is very strong. 

While the frequent red-eye coffee drinker may not need cream or sugar, if this is your first time trying the drink, then we certainly recommend it. 

5. Caramel Macchiato

You don’t have to worry about dashing to your nearest coffee shop to enjoy a warm and incredibly tasty caramel macchiato. With this recipe, you can make it in the comfort of your home! 

With only four ingredients you can even test your skills at making your own caramel sauce and vanilla syrup to serve up a heavenly caramel macchiato. 

If you’re blessed to have a coffee machine at home, then there is no doubt that a shot of espresso is the ideal choice for this beverage. However, if not, instant espresso can work just as well. 

Top your drink off with some whipped cream, alongside a final drizzle of caramel sauce, and you’ll be rewarded with a creamy dessert all inside a mug. 

6. Iced Cappuccino

You may be wondering: how on earth can you make an iced cappuccino?! Since, after all, the main element of the drink is foam.

However, push all your doubts aside because you’re in for a treat with this recipe. Trust us, it really does work! 

Creamy, foamy, and perfectly sweetened with a touch of sugar – you can’t go wrong. 

7. Cappuccino

Light, foamy, and utterly delicious, there is no doubt that this espresso drink is a favorite among coffee lovers. 

Once you have learned the two basic barista skills (foaming milk and pulling shots), then you’ll be making cappuccinos for your whole family in no time. 

The cappuccino is an Italian coffee composed of equal parts steamed milk, double espresso, and steamed foam for the top. 

8. Iced Espresso

If you find yourself dragging in the afternoon then you may be in need of an iced espresso pick-me-up.

This is an excellent low-calorie alternative to other espresso drinks which are typically high in dairy and sugar contents. 

However, cream and sugar can be added, too, if you desire. Like any iced coffee, you can customize the drink however you desire. 

9. Cortado

In the realm of delicious coffee, one that stands out among the rest is a cortado. 

Invented in Spain, this drink could be considered fairly new to the world of coffee, however, packed with personality and intense but mellow flavors, it has certainly become a favorite. 

The drinks feature a one-to-one ratio of warm, slightly steamed milk and coffee. This is the perfect combination for those looking to get their coffee fix without the intense espresso. 

10. Iced Vanilla Latte

Cool down over the summer with a nice, refreshing iced vanilla latte. Not only is it incredibly delicious but it is easier to whip up this cup of Joe than you may think!

While regular iced lattes are incredibly popular, right next to them we have iced vanilla lattes which are just as popular. One sip and you’ll understand why! 

It has the perfect balance of bitterness, sweetness, and creaminess – which is to die for! All you need is some whole milk, quality brewed espresso, and some delicious vanilla syrup. 

11. Dirty Chai Latte

If you’re looking to spice up your coffee game, then you can literally achieve this with a flavorful yet spicy dirty chai latte. 

Between the spiced chai tea and the intense, bold espresso – this drink is anything but plain. 

Instead of a mix, this recipe uses fresh tea. Therefore, to ensure it is sweet and creamy you’ll want to add some honey and milk. 

To make it a touch more indulgent, top it off with a dollop of foam. 

12. Mocha

Coffee shops aren’t the only place where you can get your mocha fix, instead, why not test your skills and make it at home? With only three ingredients – it’s a piece of cake! 

After trying this drink, you’ll find it hard to go back to regular coffee. It combines a blend of espresso and chocolate for the ultimate sweet treat. 

The great thing about this recipe is that you don’t have to worry about creating the perfect foam, as you would a cappuccino or flat white. 

Instead, simply heat your milk and you’re good to go! 

13. Lungo

On the complete opposite side of the coffee spectrum, we have the lungo. Essentially, here, you’re increasing the brew time – which pumps more water into the grounds. 

What you’re left with is a more bitter, and less intense espresso shot. Although, similarly, it can be enjoyed straight up. 

14. Ristretto

Need help waking up in the morning? Then a shot of ristretto is calling your name. 

If you’re unfamiliar with a ristretto, essentially it is a flavorful yet intense coffee specialty. The drink itself comes from Italy and features a highly concentrated espresso. 

This is chiefly due to the amount of water in the ristretto. Typically, in espresso, you’ll find 1 oz (30ml) of water. However, in a ristretto, there is only ½ oz (15ml) of water. 

The result is a much more intense espresso shot which has hints of sweetness throughout. 

15. Galao

The perfect combination: a galao and a pastry – there are no other simple pleasures quite like this. 

If you’re unfamiliar with a galao, essentially it is a Portuguese-style coffee that is similar to a latte although has a different milk-to-espresso ratio. 

To make it sweeter, you can add a touch of sugar. However, flavored coffee syrups should be left to the lattes. 

Whether you have an espresso machine or not, you can whip up this drink in around 10 minutes. 

16. Espresso con Panna

Here, you’ll find the classic espresso with a sweet twist. Espresso con Panna translates directly to ‘espresso with cream’ – with all the ingredients being in the name. 

All you need is a freshly brewed shot of espresso with a dollop of whipped cream on top. This is a decadent yet classy drink that is perfect for sipping on your balcony. 

One of the best elements of this drink is when the whipped cream melts and becomes infused with espresso. 

17. Iced Doppio

If you love iced coffee but looking for something more stimulating than the average Joe, then the iced doppio espresso hits all the right spots. 

If you’re unfamiliar with an iced doppio, essentially, it is a double shot of espresso poured over a bed of ice – providing a strong caffeine kick. 

The beauty of this recipe is that it can be whipped up in less than five minutes. Plus, with a number of different add-ins, you can customize it completely to your liking. 

18. Affogato

Coffee and ice cream – there are no two better ingredients. And, when put together, creates an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Plus, with only two ingredients, you’ll have a divine Affogato in a matter of seconds. 

What you’ll find is a scoop of vanilla gelato placed in a coffee cup, then over the top, you’ll pour an intense espresso shot – the result is a mixture of sweet and bitter, two flavors working in harmony. 

While toppings aren’t necessary, you could consider adding some crushed biscotti, while maintaining the Italian theme, for some extra crunch. 

19. Espresso Macchiato

With only two ingredients: milk foam and espresso, this espresso macchiato is incredibly simple to make. 

A traditional, Italian espresso macchiato (otherwise known as a Caffe macchiato) is composed of a strong, high-quality, shot of espresso, and then topped with some frothy foam milk – the perfect pick-me-up!

20. Piccolo Latte

Looking for the robust, rich flavors of a latte but without the extra ounces, then the piccolo latte is the ideal choice for you. 

Composed of a concentrated espresso shot and a touch of frothy milk, it packs all the same latte flavors but in a small glass. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Espresso?

A shot of espresso is made by pushing hot, pressurized water through tightly packed and finely-ground coffee beans. 

What you’re rewarded with is a rich, flavorful, cup of strong, dark espresso. 

Final Thoughts

Espresso is the foundation of many delicious coffee recipes. Whether you prefer your coffee strong and black or light and sweet – there is sure to be something here for everyone. 

The beauty of these recipes is that you can modify them to your personal taste. Whether this includes changing the milk or adding more sweetness, the choice is yours!

20 Amazing Espresso Drinks

20 Amazing Espresso Drinks

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Espresso is a staple of the espresso-drinking community, and for good reason. It’s delicious, easy to prepare, and a  barista’s dream. Find the best recipes here.

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