13 Green Tea Cocktails You Will Want To Try

Green tea is a delicious warming drink that is often drunk in place of coffee, but did you know that you can add it to a cocktail?

Now is the perfect time to experiment with green tea by adding it to an alcoholic beverage.

13 Green Tea Cocktails You Will Want To Try

Not only will it give classic cocktails a whole new twist, but there are plenty of drinks that you will never have tried before.

So, before you decide to leave the page, why not take a look at these 13 green tea cocktails that you will want to try.

1. Green Goddess Cocktail

This delicious looking drink might appear to be more like a boozy smoothie than a cocktail, but we can assure you that it is most definitely a cocktail, and not a drink you will be consuming on your way to work in the morning!

It includes a vodka infused with green tea, jalapeño juice for a spicy kick, cucumber juice, lemon juice, and a simple syrup.

You will also want to use absinthe too. However, this ingredient is put into the glass and swirled around before removing entirely. It adds a coating which brings out the rest of the flavors.

2. Green Tea Martini With Pineapple

Who loves a martini? Do you want it shaken or stirred? Okay, now we have got the fun out of the way, let’s take a look at this delicious drink.

This recipe needs already brewed and cooled green tea to add to vodka. You might be one of the lucky ones who finds a green tea vodka in their local store. If you are, then you can just use that.

Otherwise, infuse the green tea first and let it cool. Adding this to pineapple lets it bring out the earthy undertones of the green tea.

3. Non-Alcoholic Green Tea With Cucumber Cocktail

Looking at this cocktail, it looks more like a smoothie, right? However, this thick liquid is a delicious combination of cucumber, mint, green tea and some lemon.

This makes a refreshing drink that is great for those who do not drink, or if you want something that replicates a cocktail without having to consume alcohol at 2pm in the afternoon.

This drink also is not sweet, however you can add some honey if you prefer. Just remember to serve it with ice for that extra fresh kick.

4. Matcha With Mint, Lemon And Champagne

This beautiful dark green cocktail makes a wonderful celebration drink with a twist. It is full of bubbles and it is refreshing along with the lemon and mint.

Usually you would need to add sake, but white wine will make a good alternative. It is quite sweet too, so make sure the matcha you include is unsweetened.

5. Green Tea, Vodka And Peaches

This drink involves making your own peach simple syrup. It is easy to do: just heat some water in a pan along with diced peaches and honey. You then mash to remove the juice, and steep to make it into a syrup.

Green tea, vodka and the syrup is added to a glass along with peach slices. It really is divine!

6. Shot Of Green Tea

This might sound strange, but while this is considered to be a green tea beverage, it does not actually contain any green tea at all.

Instead, the ingredients used mimic both the taste and the color. These ingredients are peach schnapps, whiskey and a sour mix which is added in equal parts within the cocktail shaker.

In the shaker ice is added to make it cold, and then it is poured into a shot glass as a chilled ‘in one’ drink.

7. Green Tea And Apple Cocktail

Just before we explain this recipe, you will need 20 whole green tea bags for this. Yes, that is 20 tea bags!

It also includes apple cider too, which compliments the green tea very well, as well as the vodka.

While 20 tea bags is daunting, it does make a delicious and unique cocktail. Add an apple slice as a garnish and black sugar to place around the rim of the glass.

8. Julep With Matcha And Mint

The mint julep has always been the Kentucky Derby’s signature drink. It is a strong beverage that is now seen as a classic.

It includes bourbon, crushed ice, and sugar which is then topped with fresh mint. Adding in matcha instead of the usual green tea ensures that this drink has a burst of unique flavor. The usual green tea would get a little lost.

If you have no matcha to hand, then another option is to mix green tea with a simple syrup to try and mimic the matcha flavor. While it won’t be as strong a flavor, it will do the trick!

9. Afternoon Tea Cocktail

This tasty cocktail includes amaretto, bourbon, champagne and infused tea bags. It is fresh and has a unique taste that will leave you wanting another glass.

Whether you drink it at happy hour or decide to wait until the clock strikes 4pm in the afternoon, just know that you will enjoy it whatever the time of day.

Make sure to add ice so it is refreshingly cool, as well as a slice of lemon for garnish within the drink itself.

10. Green Tea And Gin With Passionfruit Cocktail

Adding passionfruit to green tea lets you mix both a sweetness with a bitterness that compliments each other really well.

However, this green tea is added in a syrup form making it a little sweeter. Even so, this delicious cocktail will have you wanting more. The smell alone is amazing.

Use passionfruit puree for ease, and mix it with gin. You can swap out the gin for white rum if you prefer.

11. Margarita With Green Tea

There are many margarita recipes out there – heck, we have lots on this website – but have you ever thought about adding green tea?

Yeah, us neither, and you know what? It is delicious!

It is simple to make too. All you need is green tea, tequila, a margarita mix, agave, and lemon. You could also try this with matcha tea, just make sure it is unsweetened.

12. Vodka And Green Tea Cocktail

You might find that this recipe works well with a regular type of tea, but the cool thing about this version is that it uses green tea. It gives the cocktail a slight green hue.

Because vodka is quite neutral in flavor, it helps the green tea flavor burst through. For this reason, you will want to make sure that your green tea is not the cheap kind.

It is super simple to make too. Add vodka followed by green tea, and top it with lemongrass for a fresh zesty taste. You will then need to strain it after letting it mix for half an hour.

13. Kentucky Cousin With Green Tea Cocktail

If you have had the Kentucky Cousin tea, then you will know what this kind of cocktail is. It uses a cherry and lemon green tea rather than the usual black tea and cherry heering.

Along with the green tea you add bourbon, a simple syrup and ice. And to finish off it needs a mint garnish, lemon slices and cherries.

It really is super simple and tasty.

Are There Any Lychee Cocktails That Include Green Tea?

When it comes to top lychee cocktails, green tea can indeed be a refreshing addition. Incorporating the unique flavor of lychee with the aromatic notes of green tea creates a delightful fusion. Whether it’s a Lychee Mojito with a splash of green tea or a Lychee Green Tea Martini, these cocktails offer a tantalizing and exotic twist for cocktail enthusiasts looking to try something new.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 13 green tea cocktails, which ones are you looking to try? No doubt those who looked at this article in horror have now been converted.

From adding green tea to delicious spiked vodka or making a green tea martini, to creating your own spicy matcha margarita – there are so many options.

If you enjoyed this, take a look at the rest of the website for more cocktail recipes and lots more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Tea Okay To Mix With Alcohol?

You can mix both green tea and alcohol together. In fact, the flavor of green tea works deliciously with the likes of gin and vodka.

You might just be surprised at how much you love it!

What Kind Of Flavors Mix Well With Green Tea?

There are plenty of flavors that work well with green tea. Some of these are fresh mint, lemon, honey, and ginger.

You could also make a green tea ‘hot toddy’ during the colder months, or when you are feeling under the weather.

Is Gin A Good Drink To Mix Along With Green Tea?

Gin is great to mix with green tea. If the gin has fruity notes, then these compliment green tea really well. You may find that green tea can compliment a lot of different flavor notes.

Do keep in mind though that green tea is often bitter, so you will not want to team it up with something similar.

How Do You Make Tea Before Adding It To Alcohol?

Before you can add tea to a cocktail, you will want it to be in liquid form first.

For that reason, you will need to know how much tea is needed for every ounce of a particular alcohol – perhaps the main alcoholic beverage in a drink.

For example, you can use either two tea bags or a tablespoon worth of loose leaf tea per six ounces of a spirit.

Let the tea infuse in hot water until it turns to room temperature. This may take an hour, or less – or even longer. So prepare it in advance.

One thing you do not want to do is take the tea out as if you are making it to drink right there and then. Keep it in the water to infuse!

13 Green Tea Cocktails You Will Want To Try

13 Green Tea Cocktails You Will Want To Try

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In this guide we take a look at 13 green tea cocktails that you will want to try due to their uniqueness, freshness, and appeal

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