13 Top Lychee Cocktails

Lychee is an exotic fruit native to Southern China. Known scientifically as Litchi chinensis, lychee grows on an evergreen monoecious tree. It is a super sweet and tangy exotic fruit that has a wide range of uses.

As a result, it is a fun ingredient to experiment with in cooking. It also makes an awesome cocktail ingredient. In fact, its flavor goes so well in cocktails that there is a wide range of lychee-specific cocktails we can make.

13 Top Lychee Cocktails

Perfect for refreshing summer cocktails with friends and family, this sweet fruit offers strong floral and citrus flavors that shine through in any cocktail recipe.

In today’s post, we want to show you the best lychee cocktails you can make. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the top 13 lychee cocktail recipes. If you want to make a more exciting and unique cocktail, make sure you keep reading!

1. Lychee Contract

We’ll start with a more complex lychee cocktail that will help you impress your guests at your next cocktail party. Lychee contract is a sophisticated cocktail made using whiskey, elderflower liqueur, lychee, sugar, and lemon juice.

The end result is a sweet and strong cocktail with a floral kick thanks to the elderflower. The lychee garnish helps give this cocktail a subtle hint of sweetness which goes nicely with the whiskey. There’s a divine elegance about this cocktail so give it a try.

2. Pink Grapefruit And Lychee

If you’d prefer to keep things simple, go for this pink grapefruit and lychee cocktail instead. Super simple and quick to make, this cocktail is sweet and fruity. It’s also nice and boozy thanks to the vodka added to the beverage.

Aside from the strong vodka flavor, you’ll love the powerful citrus flavor of the grapefruit. This gives the cocktail a real tartness. Don’t worry though, this tartness is balanced out perfectly by the lychee’s sweetness.

3. Lychee Lime Fizz

Next up, we have a lychee lime fizz cocktail. We love this cocktail for many reasons. It looks great, tastes great, and is very easy to make.

You can make this refreshing cocktail by combining lychee with lime, honey, vodka, sparkling water, and mint leaves. To give this cocktail more sweetness, lychees and lychee syrup are used.

The lime helps cut through this sweetness, whilst the mint leaves ensure this cocktail stays refreshing. The addition of honey is great because it elevates the floral notes of lychee brilliantly.

4. Lychee Mai Tai

Mai tai is a famous cocktail known for its tropical flavors and wonderful appearance. Using lychee to make this popular cocktail takes things to a whole new level, offering a modern twist on an old classic.

This cocktail does take more effort than others as it must be blended, but the hard work is well worth it.

The sweetness of the lychee tastes great when mixed with citrus liqueur and rum. It helps to create a cocktail that isn’t just tart and spicy, but also delicately sweet.

5. Lychee Eyeballs Halloween Cocktail

The next cocktail on our list is perfect for Halloween parties. Made using maraschino cherries, whole lychees, cranberry juice, lychee juice, vodka, and ginger ale, this cocktail looks like something straight out of a horror film.

The two lychees and the rich red color of the cocktail create a beverage that looks like a murder scene. Essentially, this cocktail looks like a pair of bloody eyes. It’s a fun beverage that looks awesome and tastes sweet, spicy, and boozy.

6. Lychee Sangria

If you love sangria but have gotten a little bored of always using the same recipe, try this lychee sangria recipe instead. Incredibly sweet and sophisticated, this sangria recipe calls for white wine, canned lychees in heavy syrup, lime, and elderflower liqueur.

This combination of ingredients is amazing. The lychees, lime, and white wine give the drink a sweet and tangy flavor, whilst the elderflower liqueur offers a lush floral aroma and flavor. On a whole, this fruity cocktail is perfect for summer brunch.

7. Lychee Ginger Fizz

This lychee and ginger fizz cocktail is a versatile recipe that can be used all year round. It’s a useful recipe to memorize for those times you need to make a quick cocktail for your guests.

The sweet lychees give the cocktail early summer vibes whilst the addition of ginger offers a more Christmassy feel. The main alcohol in this cocktail is lychee liqueur and white wine.

This gives the cocktail a more refreshing, sweet flavor that doesn’t overpower you with booze. The cocktail is finished off with a mint garnish that only makes things more refreshing.

8. Coconut Lychee Colada

Ready in just 10 minutes with 6 staple pantry ingredients, the next cocktail on our list is a coconut lychee colada. Putting a unique twist on the classic pina colada, this cocktail is sweet, creamy, and boozy.

The coconut milk used to make this cocktail is where the creaminess comes from, helping create a smoothie-like cocktail. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Bacardi rum, this cocktail may as well be a refreshing fruit smoothie.

9. Sparkling Watermelon Lychee Cocktail

This fruity cocktail from the Roaming Fork has the potential to become your favorite summer beverage. Instead of liquor, the recipe calls for a sparkling watermelon seltzer.

This lowers the alcohol content in the drink, keeping things much more refreshing and less boozy. This makes the cocktail a great beverage to sip on throughout the day.

The other ingredients needed to make this exotic, fruity cocktail include watermelon pieces, mint, lychees, and lychee juice.

10. Lychee Martini

The next cocktail recipe on our list calls out to all you martini lovers. If you love a martini, you have to try this new recipe. It only calls for 3 basic ingredients and comes with impressive flavor.

All you have to do to make this martini is combine vodka, lychee juice, and vermouth. The end result is a sweet and stiff cocktail that doesn’t include any refined sugar.

The sweet flavor of this cocktail can be immense so you might have to adjust the recipe slightly to satisfy your palette.

11. Lychee Cranberry Gin Cocktail

As far as appearance goes, this lychee cranberry gin cocktail takes some beating. Rich red in color, this cocktail has a flavor that sits somewhere between watermelon and strawberry.

Lychees taste great with a wide range of fruits, but the mix of lychee and cranberries is something else. The two fruits combine to create a cocktail that is both sweet and tart.

The inclusion of carbonated water also gives this cocktail a great fizz. A shot of gin is where the alcoholic flavors come from.

12. Raspberry Lychee Fizz

The penultimate lychee cocktail recipe we have for you is a raspberry lychee fizz recipe from Sift And Simmer. This is a rejuvenating cocktail that comes with the most amazingly sweet, juicy fruit flavors.

A splash of sparkling water and rose water only makes things better. The rose water offers floral vibes, whilst the sparkling water makes this cocktail fizzy.

This is an easy cocktail to make if you prefer mocktails. Alternatively, you can easily booze it up with white rum, gin, or vodka.

13. Lychee Clementine Cocktail

The final lychee cocktail recipe on this list is a citrusy lychee clementine cocktail. Clementines and lychees make a great duo. Clementine juice offers a refreshing kick that compliments the sweetness of the lychees perfectly.

To enhance the invigorating nature of this cocktail, ginger is thrown in too. That’s not all though. This cocktail also contains apple cider, lemon, and vodka. This amazing combination of ingredients creates a taste sensation that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

Are Lychee and Grenadine Cocktails Similar in Taste?

Lychee and grenadine cocktails offer a burst of fruity flavors that awaken the taste buds. While lychee cocktails bring a distinctive sweet and floral taste, grenadine cocktails feature a rich and tangy flavor profile. Mixing these two flavors can create a delightful and unique combination. Explore the world of delicious grenadine cocktail recipes to blend the best of both worlds.

Final Thoughts

In this post we’ve shown you 13 awesome cocktails you can make using lychee. Unlike other ingredients, lychee takes center stage in most recipes that call for it. Its sweet, exotic flavors and floral aromas make it an excellent cocktail ingredient.

Whether you want a boozy brunch cocktail, a refreshing summer beverage, or the fruitiest of mocktails, there’s a lychee cocktail out there for you.

Now you have our list, you should decide which cocktail you want to make first. You could even host a cocktail night and try a range of different lychee cocktails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Lychee Go With?

Lychee is a versatile ingredient that goes well with a variety of different ingredients. However, the ingredients that pair with lychee the best are citrus fruits, tropical fruits, vanilla, gooseberry, and ginger.

Are Lychees Healthy?

Yes, lychees are healthy. They contain dietary fiber, water, and antioxidants. Studies also suggest that lychees could aid weight loss, making them even healthier than first thought.

How Many Calories Are In One Lychee?

There are approximately 63 calories in a single lychee. This makes lychee a relatively low-calorie fruit.

13 Top Lychee Cocktails

13 Top Lychee Cocktails

Recipe by Jenna

Lychee is an exotic fruit that’s fun to experiment with. It can also be used to make some awesome cocktails. In this post, we show you 13 top lychee cocktails.

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