28 Easy And Simple Fried Dough Recipes You NEED To Try

Fried dough is known by different names around the world.

Also called frybread, elephant ears, or Chinese donuts, no matter what you call these morsels of crispy goodness, they’re sure to satisfy your taste buds. 

Fried dough is often enjoyed at fairgrounds and outdoor vendors, but what if you’re stuck indoors and get the craving for some fried dough? 

28 Easy And Simple Fried Dough Recipes You NEED To Try

Fortunately, there are several fried dough recipes that you can make right in your very own kitchen. You can make light and airy fritters with a crisp outer coating without stepping outside! 

Whether you prefer classic fried dough with sweet, sugary toppings, or prefer savory bread filled with sun-dried tomatoes and olives, you’re sure to find a fried bread recipe that you’ll love in our list below! 

28 Fried Dough Recipes You Need To Try

1. New Hampshire County Fair Fried Dough

This New Hampshire fried dough recipe is a classic example that’s often served up at county fairs. 

The best part is that anyone can make this recipe! You don’t need any special equipment to make it, not even an air fryer! 

2. Italian Fried Dough Crispelle

These Italian fried dough balls are known as Crispelle. A little different from American fried dough, these are savory morsels that go well with after-dinner cocktails, especially around the holidays. 

Filled with salty sun-dried tomatoes and anchovies, these are a must if you love all things savory! 

3. Puff Puff Deep Fried Dough Balls – Vegan

If you’re vegan, here’s a fried dough recipe that doesn’t use any butter, milk, or eggs. Puff Puff is enjoyed across several African countries, like Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. 

This version uses nutmeg for a little spicy kick, which pairs well with the sweetness of the rest of the bread. 

4. Turkish Fried Savory Doughnuts

Here’s another savory recipe that’s great for preparing for breakfast time. These doughnuts aren’t like the ones you are used to, as these pieces of bread are ideal to have alongside jam, cheese, and eggs. 

You’ll enjoy the process too, as stretching the dough and frying it into crispy disks is sure to make you feel like a pro in the kitchen! 

5. Classic Fluffy Glazed Doughnuts Recipe

Now we come to a traditional doughnut recipe. These classic doughnuts are sticky on the outside and soft in the middle. 

Remember to chill the donuts before frying, as this makes each piece keep its firm, yet fluffy consistency. 

6. Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Doughnuts

Known as frittelle, these Italian doughnuts are often enjoyed on Christmas Eve (for more Italian Christmas desserts, read here). They may look plain on the outside, but they are light, fluffy, and extremely tasty! 

Bear in mind that the dough is very sticky, so it’s best to have one person shape the doughnuts while another one fried them, for safety. 

7. Youtiao Recipe – Chinese Fried Dough

Youtiao is Chinese fried dough that is shaped into long, textured sticks. There are lots of air bubbles on the inside that keep each one light and fluffy. 

Just be careful not to over-fry these, as they can quickly turn chewy instead of crispy. 

8. Extra Syrupy Tulumba Recipe

These treats are a delightful Turkish recipe! You can have fluffy, sticky, and sweet pastries made in just 40 minutes. 

Don’t leave the lemon juice out, as this helps the dough rise well without any baking soda.  

9. Cantonese Fried Dough – Ham Chim Peng

If you’re looking for fried dough with a little difference, try this Cantonese recipe for a change! 

You’ll have the same fluffy, crisp texture with different sesame seeds and spicy flavors. The red curd gives the dough a pleasantly warm hue too! 

10. Namibian Fat Cakes Fried Dough Recipe

These fat cakes are a popular dish enjoyed in Namibia. They are also so simple to make, with flour, yeast, water, and sugar. 

This recipe also adds nutmeg for an extra flair, which is perfect for enjoying around fall! 

11. Hungarian Fried Dough

This fried dough is a little different from your usual recipe, as it uses sour cream to keep the dough moist on the inside. 

You’ll only need half an hour to make these, so they’re great for whipping up in a hurry! 

12. Coscorões Portuguese Fried Dough Recipe

The mix of orange juice and zest and orange zest adds a pleasant zing to each bite of this recipe! 

Make sure you add the brandy for a little extra flair. Just be warned, you may want to eat these faster than you make them! 

13. Cookie Dough Stuffed Donut Holes

Cookie dough is a classic flavor that tastes even better in these doughnuts! 

You won’t need to get any yeast, but don’t forget the sea salt topping – it makes every morsel taste even sweeter! 

14. Indian Fried Dough Jalebi

This Indian dish is full of spices that make it very different from your typical fried dough. It’s full of saffron, lemon, and cardamom, but don’t be fooled – this is a sweet dish! 

The food coloring is optional, but we’d recommend using it, as it gives each swirl a gorgeous warm hue. 

15. Grebbel Fried Dough

This German dish uses sour cream to keep it moist on the inside. 

It’s supposed to be high in calories, but don’t use low-fat cream, as this will affect how the dough tastes later. 

16. Doughnut Dough

It’s hard to put these ample and decadent treats down! Whether you go prefer custard, chocolate, or jam, the choice of filling is up to you. 

Just beware – these do take a long time to make, so plan accordingly. 

17. Grandma’s Fried Dough Pastries

This recipe uses unique ingredients like peanut and anise oil that give it an interesting, yet delightful flavor. 

You’ll need around an hour to put these together, but the taste of these will certainly make up for the time! 

18. Latin American Fried Dough

This fried dough recipe is certainly unlike the rest! 

You’ll be packing each bite with savory ingredients, like tomatoes, cottage cheese, and even mussels – but don’t worry, the combination of these all tastes fantastic. 

19. Sfinci Sicilian Fried Dough

Many fried dough cuisines come from Europe, but you’ll fall in love with the simplicity of this recipe. 

You’ll probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already, but make sure you give yourself enough time to make them. 

20. Air Fryer Zeppole Fried Dough Balls

Fried dough may not be the healthiest dish in the world, but this air fryer recipe drastically reduces the calories! 

These only take around 20 minutes to make, but you will need to prepare the pizza dough beforehand. 

21. James Morton’s Yum Yums

As the name suggests, Yum Yums are certainly going to please your taste buds! These British treats are soft pastry pieces covered in a thin layer of icing. 

You can use either water or lemon juice for the icing, but lemon will certainly give each bite an extra zing! 

22. Cinnamon Sugar Fry Bread

This is a must-try for any cinnamon lovers out there. This recipe creates sweet, woody, and slightly citrusy pieces of fried dough. 

Serve yours with fruity jam or preserve sauce for a nice contrast. 

23. Easy Pan Fried Bread

Fried dough recipes don’t need to be difficult, as you can have this savory treat made in just 15 minutes! This tastes amazing with eggs, Pinto beans, or mashed avocado – the possibilities are endless! 

24. Thera’s Canadian Fried Dough

Also known as pigs ears, this Canadian recipe is sure to please anyone who tries it. 

Made with whole wheat pastry and covered in cinnamon and sugar, each mouthful is sweet on the outside and moist on the inside.

You’ll be frying these in hot oil, so make sure you wait for them to cool before eating! 

25. DIY Deep Fried Dough Bites

If you don’t want to dig into a large bit of fried dough, this is the recipe for you. This recipe makes pieces of fried dough bites that are perfect for snacking on during the day. 

These are also great for handing out as party favors, especially if you wrap them in some fun colored paper! 

26. Quick And Easy Fried Dough

Here’s another quick and simple recipe if you don’t have enough time on your hands. This isn’t the prettiest recipe on this list, but you’ll still love biting into these sweet, indulgent disks. 

These are great to pair with cider and maple syrup, though a straightforward mix of cinnamon and sugar works well too. 

27. Churros

We couldn’t make this list without mentioning the classic churro. These Mexican delicacies are responsible for endless lines at fairground stands. People love the taste of these! 

This recipe tops each fritter with sugar, but feel free to use cinnamon, chocolate, or whatever else you fancy!  

28. Jamaican Fried Dough Recipe

This Jamaican delicacy is surprisingly easy to make, as the ingredients are easy to get your hands on. This is a savory recipe that is very moreish, but you can choose to make it sweet if you prefer.

At just 140 calories a portion, you can hardly go wrong with these fried dough pieces! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Fry Bread And Fried Dough?

Fry dough is an American food that’s often sold in outdoor food stands. It’s made by deep frying yeast dough and can be sprinkled with several toppings, like cinnamon, chocolate, and powdered sugar.

Frybread looks like fried dough as it resembles an unsweetened funnel cake. The difference is that frybread is softer and thicker. It’s full of crevices and air bubbles with several pockets of oil. 

Why Is Fried Dough So Good?

Fried dough is made with simple, yet tasty ingredients that work well together. The oil, dough, and optional toppings are easy to find in the store and are affordable to purchase.

It’s difficult to make fried dough taste bad, even if you try and make it at home yourself.

What Do You Eat With Fried Dough?

Fried dough can be topped with traditional items, like powdered sugar or honey. The fritters are often eaten around Christmas time where they go well alongside sweet wine and hot chocolate.

Fried dough that’s made with savory toppings, like tomato puree or parmesan cheese, goes well with cocktails, like a Negroni or a Martini with olives.

28 Easy And Simple Fried Dough Recipes You NEED To Try

28 Easy And Simple Fried Dough Recipes You NEED To Try

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Fried dough is enjoyed all around the world, though the taste varies a lot between different areas! Find the best fried dough recipes here.

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