32 Amazing Father’s Day Desserts!

Father’s Day comes but once a year, and the way to man’s heart, as they say, is through the stomach.

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Satisfying your father figure’s appetite for all things chocolate-y and moreish is the easiest way to get back into his good books and show him that you appreciate everything he does for you, and that you do, in fact, want him to be happy, regardless of how much hassle you can cause.

32 Amazing Father’s Day Desserts!

This article is a round up of some of the best Father’s Day desserts out there on the internet. They’re not just sweet and filling, they’re loaded with the kind of ingredients your Dad will go nuts for.

They’re something to remember, and you can always enlist your siblings to help you. But if not, there are some super easy recipes in the shortlist you can make, too.

I’ll even throw in a little FAQ section at the end as well.

Be prepared to feel your mouth watering – here goes!

1. Candy Bar Pretzel Cookies Recipe From Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen

Let’s kick things off to a great start with this treat!

It’s got some really great ingredients – there are cubes of your Dad’s favorite candy bars, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, crushed roasted and salted peanuts, pretzels, and more.

And the great thing about this cookie recipe is that once everyone’s done with them for dessert, there’ll be some left over to snack on!

2. Bittersweet Chocolate Cake Recipe From Better Homes And Gardens

If there’s anything that goes down well in a dessert, it’s a contrast of flavors and textures, which is exactly what you get in this recipe. It’s chocolaty, decadent, and is kinda a cross between a gooey molten cake and a rich chocolate torte.

You use bittersweet chocolate, with a hint of coffee for real depth of flavor.

3. Hole-in-One Father’s Day Cupcakes Recipe From Betty Crocker

If your dad’s a golfer, he’ll be sure to appreciate these golf themed cupcakes!

It’s basically chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting, and decorated to look like a hole on a golf course, with colored straws to mark the hole, green candy sprinkles for the grass, crushed graham crackers for sand, and white candy for the golf ball!

4. Classic Mud Pie Recipe From A Bountiful Kitchen

You just can’t beat a classic like this!

This melt-in-the-mouth chocolaty dessert doesn’t require too many ingredients, and it features a chocolate cookie pie crust made with Oreo cookie crumbs, half a gallon of cool ice cream, plenty of whipped cream, and a delicious pouring of hot fudge sauce – yum!

It works well with both chocolate and vanilla ice cream, or you could just use your Dad’s favorite.

5. Pretzels, Peanut Butter, And Beer Cake Recipe From Recipe For Perfection

OMG, this recipe has everything!

The cake is made with the likes of beer, (stout works best), vanilla and cocoa, then there’s the frosting made with creamy peanut butter and vanilla, and the outer rim and top of the cake is lined with crunchy pretzel twists – WOW!

Don’t be tempted to try the cake for yourself if you’re too young for alcohol.

6. Bacon-Weave S’mores Recipe From Delish

And now for something completely different! Most people wouldn’t think bacon makes for a great dessert ingredient, but you’ll be really pleasantly surprised.

You only need 4 ingredients, namely weaved bacon slices, brown sugar, marshmallows and chocolate. It’s super simple, fun to make, only takes 15 minutes of prep time and tastes absolutely delicious!

7. Super Easy Twix Pound Cake Recipe From I Wash You Dry

This is a great recipe to make if you’re not a super confident cook just yet. It’s a doddle to make but is so much better than a plain pound cake, thanks to thick layers of caramel and chocolate made from chocolate almond bark.

And better yet, you will only need 4 ingredients for the whole thing.

8. Berry Beer Jalapeño Popsicles Recipe From The Hobo Kitchen

It doesn’t get much better than this! Not only does your Dad get a cool, fruity popsicle, but this is no ordinary popsicle – it’s got beer and jalapeños for a boozy treat that packs a hot punch. And you only need to get 5 ingredients to make it.

You will need some popsicle molds, and you’ll have to make it ahead of time.

9. Strawberry Pretzel Tart Recipe From Delish

If, however, you don’t want to go with chocolate or beer flavors, then you should definitely check out this recipe!

The pie crust is made with crushed pretzels, butter and sugar, then there’s a vanilla cheesecake layer, and it’s topped with fresh and fruity strawberry topping made with real strawberries and strawberry Jello.

It’s simultaneously crunchy and creamy, and a great palate cleanser.

10. Coca-Cola Cake Recipe From Insanely Good Recipes

You know, Coca-Cola is actually an excellent ingredient for a chocolate cake – it helps the cake to rise and makes it super moist.

The cake also features vanilla extract and mini marshmallows, and the frosting tastes just as amazing, with ingredients like Coca-Cola, butter and crunchy pecans – yum!

And it also turns out great if you swap the Coca-Cola for Pepsi or Dr Pepper.

11. Salted Cocoa Porter Caramel Corn Recipe From My Modern Cookery

This is an excellent way to flavor your popcorn for a family movie night. And it’s super simple to make, too.

All you have to do is cook the popcorn, make a caramel coating made from brown sugar, corn syrup, dark beer, butter, and sea salt, fully coat the popcorn in the completed mixture, and bake again until hardened.

12. Raspberry Tiramisu Recipe From Delish

This light, no-bake dessert is such a great twist on the traditional classic tiramisu, thanks to the fresh raspberries and raspberry jam for fruitiness, strongly brewed coffee for that all important caffeine hit, and orange liquor for decadence.

It goes so well with the mascarpone layers, and the spongy ladyfingers serve to really soak up all the delicious flavors. Such a treat.

13. Homemade Chipwiches Recipe From Serious Eats

I just love this recipe – it’s got crunchy chocolate chip cookies, and sandwiched between them is fluffy cool ice cream, rolled through even more chocolate chips!

You won’t need a special ice cream maker to make it, and all you have to do is make the dough, portion it, and form the sandwiches for cool crunchy heaven.

14. Crispy Maple Doughnuts Recipe From Taste

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? Am I right?

All you need for this recipe is cinnamon doughnuts, maple syrup for drizzling, chopped toasted walnuts, and a generous helping of honey and macadamia nut flavor ice cream.

All you have to do is heat the doughnuts in a sandwich press to caramelize them, and top them with all those delicious extras.

15. Football Cookie Dough Pops Recipe From Better Homes And Gardens

This is such a cute dessert idea – little edible footballs on sticks – perfect for the football fanatic in your life.

They’re super simple to make. You just whip up some delicious cookie dough, made with flour, rolled oats, vanilla extract, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and peanut butter.

Then you dip the cookie dough into melted chocolate before leaving the bites to cool and piping them with football laces!

16. Giant Oreo Cake Recipe From Delish

If you make this right, your Dad will think you’re presenting him with a giant size Oreo!

It features two large dark chocolate cake layers, and a filling made with butter, vegetable shortening, vanilla extract and powdered sugar.

I would recommend topping it with sweetened whipped cream and Oreo cookies, slicing it into thick wedges, and serving it with a glass of warm milk.

17. Salted Caramel Peanut Bars Recipe From The Chunky Chef

I just love how good these homemade candy bars taste – so good!

They have a shortbread base with added crunch, thanks to the crushed pretzels, then there’s a layer of gooey, chewy nougat, all topped with a thick layer of decadent caramel sauce that features added salt for real depth of flavor.

Dad will love you even more after this treat!

18. Rocky Road Pie Recipe From Recipe Girl

If you like to make Rocky Road chocolate bark, why not take your skills a step further and try your hand at this delicious pie.

It features a peanut and chocolate graham cracker pie crust, a wonderfully rich chocolate and vanilla filling peppered with mini marshmallows, plenty of whipped cream, and a very generous helping of chopped peanuts, chopped chocolate and marshmallows sprinkled on top!

19. Piña Colada Cheesecake Bars Recipe From Delish

If your Dad loves a tropical holiday, this dessert will make him feel like he’s right back there, thanks to the pina colada flavors in this sumptuous cake.

There’s a graham cracker pie crust, fillings made with coconut milk, cream cheese and pineapple juice, and a topping made with whipped cream, toasted coconut flakes, and maraschino cherries for a delicious contrast of flavors.

20. Homemade Pizookie Recipe From Spend With Pennies

What a big cookie this is – It’s as big as a pizza, hence the name Pizookie!

It’s made with regular, easy to source cookie ingredients, and you make it in a cast iron skillet so it’s melty in the middle but wonderfully crispy and crunchy on the edges.

I recommend your Dad eats it while it’s still warm, served with cool ice cream on top for contrast.

21. Banana Split Tray Bake Recipe From Taste

Now, this is such a simple dessert to make, and your Dad is sure to love it.

It features easy to source ingredients, and is ready to eat in as little as 20 minutes.

All you have to do is slice a few bananas length ways, top them with butter and sugar, and roast until caramelized and then top them with the likes of whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce, chopped nuts, and maraschino cherries.

22. Campfire Berry Peach Cobbler Recipe From Delish

This is such a great recipe, easy and delicious. So rich and fruity!

And if you don’t have a campfire to make it on, that’s not a problem, you can make it on a grill.

You just toss the filling ingredients together before transferring to the skillet, and while that bakes you create a biscuit-like mixture that you then put on top.

The whole thing is ready to eat in 1 hour 15 minutes, and it’s worth the wait!

23. Baseball Glove Cupcakes Recipe From Better Homes And Gardens

If your Dad loves baseball, then choose this recipe for the home run!

You basically make a muffin with cake mix and butter frosting, using wafers around the edges to make the muffin look like a baseball glove, and then you take some peanut cookies which you decorate with icing to make them look like baseballs that you then place inside the baseball glove muffins.

24. Snickers Dessert Lasagna Recipe From Taste

Desserts don’t get much better than this!

It has an amazing array of ingredients, including nut or chocolate liquor, instant chocolate pudding dessert mix, cream cheese, biscuits, and double cream. Not to mention salted caramel sauce and chunky slices of Snicker bars to serve!

25. Mocha Mug Cake Recipe From The Pioneer Woman

If your Dad loves both chocolate and coffee, then why not combine them to make a bittersweet cake as per this recipe.

You can make it in a mug, and it takes a maximum of just 10 minutes.

It features the likes of cocoa powder, instant espresso powder, and vanilla extract, and is topped with whipped cream and chopped chocolate-covered espresso beans to serve!

26. The New Black Forest Cake Recipe From Delicious

I just love this twist on the European Black Forest gâteau! It’s quite a showstopper.

It’s got everything you love about the traditional version such as chocolate cake layers and cherries, but with some wonderful additions such as panna cotta, black cherry jam, Swiss meringue buttercream, vanilla bean paste, hazelnut meal, and more.

All topped with a delicious dark chocolate glaze.

27. Kinder Bueno Cheesecake Recipe From Taste

Kinder Bueno tastes amazing, delightfully sweet and creamy, but light with a crispness to them. And they go great in this cheesecake recipe!

The pie crust is made with cookie crumbs and there’s a chocolate and cream cheese filling dotted with chunks of Kinder Bueno, and it’s topped with whipped cream, cocoa dusting, and even more Kinder Bueno.

28. Guinness Brownies Recipe From The Pioneer Woman

Rich chocolate brownies are an excellent treat to serve up on Father’s Day. And these are made with the strong Irish beer Guinness. Guinness has a dark coffee-scented flavor, and it makes for a superb ingredient for brownies.

Plus, with this recipe, there are also swirls of sweet caramel colored cream cheese to make them look even more impressive.

29. Chili Chocolate Mousse Pots Recipe From Unconventional Baker

You might not have tried it before, but chili and chocolate is an excellent flavor combo, and chances are, your Dad will love it.

This rich and decadent mouse features the likes of coconut cream, maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon and more. It’s the bomb.

30. Mars Bar Cheesecake Recipe From Taste

How about all the flavors of a Mars Candy Bar in a creamy cheesecake? Your Dad will love it!

It features easy to source ingredients such as heavy cream, gelatine, cream cheese, chocolate cookies, milk chocolate, butter, sugar, and crucially, finely chopped Mars Candy Bars.

31. Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe From The Pioneer Woman

You’ve heard of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with added cookie dough? Well how about this instead…

It’s ice cream sandwiched between two layers of delicious, perfectly edible chocolate chip cookie dough. You will need to freeze it for an hour, but it’s absolutely worth the wait!

32. Chilli Chocolate Clusters Recipe From It’s Not Complicated

And now to go out with a bang! This is the perfect dessert to snack on while you and your Dad binge-watch your favorite shows together.

These bites are super chocolaty, super crunchy, and they pack plenty of heat to boot!

Can I Use Cookie Dough to Make a Father’s Day Dessert?

Looking to surprise Dad with a delicious treat this Father’s Day? Absolutely! You can use cookie dough to create the best cookie dough desserts. Whip up some cookie dough ice cream sandwiches or indulge in gooey cookie dough cheesecake bars. These desserts will surely make Dad’s day extra special.

Wrap Up

By this point, I’m pretty sure you’re hungry! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have spotted at least one recipe that you think is worth trying. Best of luck, and I hope he enjoys – and shares!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Every Father Want?

When writing this article, I came across a survey that was carried out asking fathers this very question, and a huge majority, coming in at 47%, said that what they want the most on Father’s Day is a phone call from their kids

It’s cheap, it’s easy, and doesn’t have to be an interrogation or lecture. Just be sure to wish the guy Happy Father’s Day.

What Foods Do Dads Like?

Every Dad is different, and what one might like, another might not. However, there are some foods that go down really well with men, such as red meats like steak and burgers, chocolate, chili, and nuts.

What Is A Good Menu For Father’s Day?

If your Dad’s not home a lot, it might be nice to plan several meals throughout the course of the day.

For breakfast, I would recommend a good old-fashioned American breakfast with bacon, eggs, and all the trimmings. Or maybe some pancakes or waffles.

For lunch, I would recommend a burger with all the extras, or Southern fried chicken pieces and sides.

What evening meal to go for depends on your budget, however. Steak and potatoes are really popular, or you could go for something cheaper if you prefer. And of course this should be rounded off with an amazing Father’s Day Dessert!

32 Amazing Father’s Day Desserts!

32 Amazing Father’s Day Desserts!

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