30 Easy and Delicious Desserts That Kids Will Love

Having an upcoming party for a young kid and want to make some desserts that are suitable?

We can help you! Check out our top 30 easy and delicious desserts that kids will absolutely love. 

30 Easy and Delicious Desserts That Kids Will Love

These desserts are all super easy, and beyond all – tasty! Both kids and adults alike will love them, so you’ve been warned!

1. Strawberry and Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark

Starting off with one of the healthier dessert options! This strawberry and chocolate Greek yogurt bark is not only tasty, but full of goodness to help the kids stay healthy.

2. Chocolate Lava Mug Cake

This chocolate lava mug cake is so easy to make, and it tastes amazing! Kids can even help out with making it, so it can be an educational moment in the kitchen. They won’t be able to get enough.

3. LEGO Brownies

What’s better than regular brownies? LEGO brownies! All you need to do is decorate these simple brownies, so they look like LEGO blocks. That’s all there is to it!

4. Strawberry Tart

A strawberry tart is wonderfully refreshing, and also so easy to make! You can even add a little ice cream to the top while it’s still warm to give your kids something special to remember. 

5. Dirt Cups

Dirt cups are a classic kids dessert. You’ve probably had one or two in your lifetime! Add some gummy worms and other bits and pieces to give it a delightfully earthy look. 

6. Blueberry and Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake

This blueberry and lemon ricotta pound cake is so easy to make, and it’s packed full of goodness. Kids will beg you for more, and you will have to refrain from eating it all yourself. 

7. S’Mores Tacos

These s’mores tacos are fun to make and a delight to eat. Get the kids to help out, and time will fly by! Not that it takes much time, but you get what we mean. 

8. Cookie Ice Cream Cone

Turn your cookie into an ice cream cone, and add your favorite ice cream! This one is difficult to beat just because of how simple but effective it is. Kids will love it, obviously. 

9. Chocolate Covered Oreos

These chocolate covered Oreos are so easy to make, and they always go down a treat. Just dunk your Oreos in chocolate and refrigerate them until it sets! Crowd pleaser. 

10. Unicorn Cupcakes

It doesn’t matter if you have boys or girls, unicorn cupcakes are awesome. These colorful creations taste amazing, and they can be fun to decorate. Get the kids to help out and ice their own if possible!

11. Creamy Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is a classic, and a lot of kids love it. As long as there are no allergies floating around, everyone is bound to fall in love with this simple dessert. 

12. Easy 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cups

Want peanut butter cups, but don’t want to have all the added ingredients that come with them? Make your own! They are so simple, you’re going to wish you realized it sooner. 

13. Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

An ice cream sandwich is another one of those classic desserts that we all had growing up. Continue this great cycle, and get your kids into them, too! You won’t regret it.

14. Fruity Pebbles Sushi

This dessert can be a fun way to get your kids some safe, but hands-on experience in the kitchen! They can practice rolling and decorating “sushi” to their heart’s content.

15. Angel Delight Cheesecake

A cheesecake is always going to be a winner, and kids of all ages love them. Make this delicious angel delight cheesecake and give your kids something to keep begging you for. That’s more of a warning than anything else…

16. Brownie Ice Cream Cups

Brownies… ice cream… What can go wrong? This brownie ice cream cup recipe is easy and takes little to no effort. Your kids can even help you make them, it’s the least you deserve, anyway…

17. Banana Split Pudding Pops

Pops are a great way to enjoy an otherwise messy dessert in a way that is… less messy. That might not be true all the time, but these banana split pudding pops are way too good to ignore! 

18. Puppy Chow

Now, not real puppy chow. This puppy chow is perfect for young kids, and includes some of the favorites like peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla, and rice chex cereal!

It can be whipped up in moments, making it great for when you’re running short on time.

19. Blueberry Muffins

It goes without saying that muffins are delicious. When you make blueberry muffins, though, you’re stepping it up to a whole new level. Your kids will love it and get some fruit into their diet!

20. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cups

This is another great way to sneak some fruit into their diet. These chocolate dipped strawberry cups are simple and so effective.

21. No-Bake Cookies

What’s better than a cookie? A no-bake cookie! They’re easy to make, taste amazing, and perfect for the hands of any young child. 

22. Oreo Balls

Again with the Oreos! These Oreo balls, or Oreo truffles, are a delight to eat and make. It keeps mess low, and happiness high. There’s nothing to dislike about these, exactly the fact that you will never want to stop eating them. 

23. Chocolate Pudding

The classic chocolate pudding can’t be forgotten! Kids eat this up, literally, and always will. It’s soft, full of great flavors, and it can be super easy to make. Imagine your life without your trusty chocolate pudding.

24. M&M Fudge Brownies

This brownie recipe will be colorful and so easy to make. Your kids should definitely help out if they are able to, because the process of making them is just as fun, but also educational!

25. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich cookies are another classic that we will never be able to get away from. They’re easy to eat, and you don’t need a plate, so it’s already a win. Makes you drool just thinking about it, right?

26. One-Bowl Fudgy Brownies

You can never have too many brownie recipes to fall onto, right? Well, this one-bowl fudge brownie recipe is the only one you will ever need now. Simple, effective, delicious. 

27. Frozen-Inspired White Chocolate Fudge

Fudge can be fun, especially when it is inspired by one of the most popular Disney movies of the generation. This Frozen-inspired white chocolate fudge is colorful and so tasty. Fans of the movie won’t be able to get enough of it.

28. Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are here to stay, and we certainly aren’t complaining about it! They’re so easy to make, and great for young ones to eat. Sticky, sure, but it’s all worth it.

29. Sand Pudding Cups

We’ve had dirt pudding cups, so what about sand pudding? It has all your favorite flavors, including graham crackers, vanilla pudding, and wafers! It’s also so stupidly easy to make, and will always be a favorite.

30. 5 Ingredient Lemon Drizzle Cake

This lemon drizzle cake will blow your mind, and your kids’! You also only need five simple ingredients to get the job done, so we call that a win, don’t you? 

Final Thoughts

There you have it! If you have been wondering what kind of desserts you can make for your kids, whether it’s at home or for a party, you have a whole list!

From yogurt barks and no-cake cookies to sand pudding and Oreo balls, there are some amazing choices in front of you. Which one will you pick?

There are plenty of great and delicious dessert options out there that are suitable for kids. Just be mindful of how much they have, and how often. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Kinds Of Desserts Can A 5-year-Old Eat? 

Softer desserts are generally recommended for young children. Desserts with fruit are also good. Be careful of how much added sugar or caffeine is in the desserts, though. 

Should You Give Young Kids Dessert? 

It’s absolutely fine to give your kids dessert, but be mindful of portion sizes! 

What Are The Best Sweets For Children? 

Kids love desserts like dirt cups, muffins, cupcakes, and anything else that is easy to eat. We’ve put together a list of desserts that kids will love above.

What Healthy Desserts Can I Make For My Kids? 

You could make granola desserts, or desserts with oats or yogurt if you want to try and be a little more healthy with your kid’s desserts.

Is It Okay To Give A Child Oreos?

It depends on how old the child is. A child over the age of three should be able to have an Oreo without a problem, but you should never leave them unattended.

It isn’t recommended to give children under the age of two foods with added sugar. Even at this age, be cautious of how many you are giving them, as an occasional treat will be fine, but it is easy to overdo it.

30 Easy and Delicious Desserts That Kids Will Love

30 Easy and Delicious Desserts That Kids Will Love

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