40 Light And Sweet Desserts For Springtime

It may not be everyone’s favorite season, but it is, by far, one of the most magical. Spring welcomes the birth of new life, the growth of plants, and is a sure-tell sign that summer is well and truly on its way.

When you think of spring, your mind may fill with thoughts of flowers, fruit, and green signs of life. Winter has passed, and you can finally sit outside and feel some warmth on your face.

40 Light and Sweet Desserts For Springtime

Why not whip up some delicious desserts to celebrate the return of spring? In this article, we have listed 40 different types of floral, fruity sweet treats that’ll surely catch your attention with their vibrant colors and delicious flavors.

So, here are 40 light and sweet desserts for springtime.

1. Ambrosia Salad

Who said salads had to be healthy?  This delicious fruit salad is stuffed full of fresh fruit, Cool Whip, and marshmallows.

Chopped pineapple, mandarin oranges, whipped cream, marshmallows, and shredded coconut are all included in this delicious dessert.

This dish makes a wonderful, cooling dessert for any day of the week, and is ideal for picnics, festivals, barbecues, and other special occasions.

This dish makes a wonderful, cooling dessert for any day of the week, and is ideal for picnics, festivals, barbecues, and other special occasions.

2. Banana Cake

This cake has so many astounding qualities, including the use of a cake mix as a simplification, the beautiful banana aroma, and, notably, the brown sugar glaze.

By using a cake mix, you may make a banana cake that is easy to make, airy, and delicate.

The frosting really is the icing on the cake… no pun intended. The delicious caramel flavor is made with brown sugar and goes amazingly with the banana.

3. Carrot Bundt Cake

How can you celebrate Easter without some form of carrot cake?! It shouldn’t be allowed. This celebratory dessert is a show-stopping carrot bundt with cream cheese icing that is airy, soft, and luscious.

It’s the ideal cake to serve this spring for Easter because it is so sweet, buttery, and flavorful, plus it looks almost as great as it tastes.

4. Ci Ci’s Cherry Dessert Pizza

Why not give this dessert pizza a shot? Since most pizza dough lacks any kind of flavor, they go with savory marinara sauce just as well as sweet cherry pie filling.

This recipe also uses a crunchy topping, which resembles the cheese, to take this recipe to the next tier, along with the cherry pie filling, which resembles the sauce.

5. Cherry Dump Cake

The following dish is a delicious crumble with cherry flavor. This recipe just calls for four ingredients, and three incredibly easy steps to follow. Throw all the ingredients together, and bake for a little.

The recipe requires no blending, no measurement, and minimal overall work. In little time at all, it will be ready to eat. Enjoy!

6. Chocolate Truffles

Try creating these Edible Flower Chocolate Truffles if you’re looking for a tasty treat that also looks gorgeous.

After rolling several chocolate balls, your hands might become a little messy, and we’re not going to judge you for licking them clean. Start making your own gorgeous truffles at home by gathering some chocolate chips and edible flowers.

7. Coconut Magic Bars

The mystical layers that combine to form one delectable delight give magic bars their title.

In order for the condensed milk to caramelize and melt the chocolate in the center, they require a graham cracker crust to serve as the foundation. You can customize the remaining layers to suit your taste preferences. Get creative!

8. Creamy Lemon Fudge

With this really easy recipe, you can make classic, authentic lemon-flavored fudge in the comfort of your own home.

You will need a thermometer to monitor the temperature because it might be challenging to get the mixture just right. Make sure you have one on hand! Every bite of this creamy fudge is filled with tart and sweet flavors.

9. ‘Do Nothing’ Cake

There are other names for this cake, including Cajun cake and Texas Tornado Cake. No matter the name, one thing remains, and that is the delicious flavor.

This cake is incredibly delicious and has a strong tropical taste. As the name suggests, making this dessert requires very little time and effort. It’s the perfect recipe for novice bakers, and the taste is incredible!

10. Easter Egg Cake

This Easter, you should definitely think about making this fantastic themed cake.  All you require is a package of Cadbury Mini-Eggs and food coloring to create this masterpiece.

The decoration is quite straightforward, but so visually striking. To create a cute ‘bird’s nest’, simply toast some coconut and place the eggs in the center.

For your Easter celebration, this stacked Easter egg cake will be the ultimate attraction, and it’s so simple to create!

11. Eton Mess

Any list of spring/summer dessert recipes must absolutely include this iconic British treat.

In the peak of the season when strawberries are in abundance, the dish is quick and simple to prepare and makes excellent use of the luscious fruit.

Simply put, frozen or canned strawberries won’t be suitable, since the freshness of ripened berries are what make this delicacy so exceptional.

12. Floral Strawberry Tarts

This is just one of several strawberry-flavored treats that are perfect for the season of spring.

These tarts would make a lovely Mother’s Day present, as well as being the ideal addition to any springtime celebrations you may be hosting.

Online, in the produce section of select supermarkets, or by checking a nearby farmers market are all places where you can find tasty edible flowers.

13. Flower Fairy Cakes

If you want to make a dessert that not only tastes good, but transports you back to your childhood, this is the ideal recipe for you.

These fairy cakes really do bring back memories of illustrations and stories from when we were young, with the pastel colors and edible flowers. Oh, and they taste amazing, too!

14. Funfetti Cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for you if you are craving something colorful, cheerful, and impossible to turn down.

These cakes are not only soft and deliciously scrumptious, but they are also covered in a rainbow of sprinkles that’ll brighten anyone’s day!

To create some brilliant, vibrant works of art, cover the scrumptious sponge with a creamy topping and a selection of colored sprinkles.

15. Fruit Tart

What could be more perfect for spring than a large, vibrant tart ranging with fresh berries?

To get the highest quality, you must use fresh fruit for this dish. For the tart’s topping, this recipe used berries and mandarins, but you can use any fresh seasonal fruit.

A delicious almond shortbread that is flaky yet firm enough to keep its shape serves as the tart’s crust, bringing the whole dessert together.

16. Hummingbird Cake

Traditionally made in the South, hummingbird cake is soft, fragrant, and delicately flavored.

A little coating of cinnamon and nutmeg enhances this banana cake, along with crushed pineapple, crushed pecans, and toasted coconut.

The cream cheese coating completes the absolutely wonderful flavor and appearance. This shouldn’t be missed, due to its zingy, sweet flavors.

17. Hot Cross Buns

Is it really Easter if you haven’t eaten an entire batch of hot cross buns?

These hot cross buns won’t fail to disappoint with their white crosses running through the centres, their honey butter frosting, and puffy, flavorful dough.

These hot cross buns are everything a hot cross bun should be: fruity, fragrant, seasoned, and satisfying. Furthermore, they may be made in just 20 minutes!

18. Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are so delicious and require very little preparation. They taste incredible, and are quite simple to make.

These lemon bars are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious, thanks to their buttery shortbread crust, sweet lemon filling, and powdered sugar topping.

The shortbread shell only requires five ingredients, and a brief pulse in the food processor, making it incredibly easy to make.

19. Lemon Drop Cookies

These cookies have the ideal balance of chewy centers and crispy edges, and they are made even better by the sweet-tangy glaze that is drizzled on top.

The biscuit itself is a straightforward shortbread, and if you want to modify the flavor, you may use orange zest for the lemon zest. Or, use both for some orange and lemon drop cookies!

20. Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

A beautiful dessert for breakfast, dessert, or any other time of the day is this lemon blueberry pound cake.

This delicious pound cake is a great way to celebrate the start of spring, thanks to the tangy lemon flavors, and the dazzling bursts of blueberry. 

Don’t forget to collect the remaining blueberry juices for the glaze to produce a vibrant, luscious topping.

21. Lemon Sour Cream Cake

A traditional treat that combines the benefits of lemons and sour cream is lemon sour cream cake.

A cake is given incredible smoothness and a little taste from sour cream. It penetrates through to prevent anything from being overly sweet when keeping it sugary. Never before has lemon cake tasted so wonderful!

22. Lemon Strawberry Trifle

Making a trifle for spring should definitely include lots of fresh fruit, specifically strawberries and lemon. This sweet delight is not only lovely and airy, and moreover colorful and delectable.

If you want a speedier option, either use store-bought lemon curd, or simply omit it altogether. The pudding will still have a lot of subdued lemon taste.

23. Lemon Tart

One of those traditional dishes that never fails to please is the lemon tart.

This tart’s filling, which is a traditional lemon curd with just enough butter to make it creamy and not overly tart, has deep sides and a flaky, cookie crust.

The lemon layer is not particularly thick since the filling is quite rich. It doesn’t need to be!

24. Millionaire Pie

This pie is one of the greatest ways to end a dinner since it is light and fruity.

It features pineapple, coconut, and a lot of whipped cream smoothness, which makes it somewhat similar to the ambrosia salad we mentioned earlier.

With a crisp graham cracker crust, a creamy condensed milk filling, and some delicious pecans, this recipe elevates it to a new level.

25. Mixed Berry Buckle

The crumble topping and berries in this recipe fold – or, buckle – into the cake’s surface, providing the dish its title. Any leftover fruits from your kitchen can be added to this delightful small fruit cake.

The tastiest crumble you’ve ever had can be made by adding some blueberries and raspberries to the mixture.

26. Pastel Butter Cookies

These five-ingredient cookies come in a rainbow of colors and are made of an almond shortbread that melts in your mouth. You can create the most exquisite hues by blending freeze-dried fruits.

You can choose which fruit you want to use! When the cookies are done baking, sprinkle the dust over them, and then they’re ready for consumption!

27. Peach Cobbler

This recipe is for you if you want some peach cobbler, and do not want to invest a lot of time assembling the crumbly covering. While any fruit filling can be used to make cobbler, there is just something particularly magical about a peach filling.

For the perfect crumbly-yet-gooey dessert, follow this recipe.

28. Persian Love Cake

The romance of Persian Love Cake is true to its name. It is both beautiful and delicious!

It has noticeable fragrant undertones from the rose water, as well as a tinge of citrus from the lemon zest. Furthermore, it is creamy, silky, and buttery.

The lemon glaze that is drizzled on top, with crushed pistachios and rose petals scattered all around, is the nicest part.

29. Pineapple Angel Food Cake

Here is a low-calorie dessert that only requires four basic ingredients to sate your sweet need.

A soft and wonderful, delicate consistency is ensured when using angel food cake batter, and flavoring it with crushed pineapples really is a smart move.

Instead of frosting, top with whipped topping to keep it (borderline) low in calories.

30. Pineapple Ice Cream

Do you want to make some homemade ice cream, but you don’t have an ice cream maker at home? Don’t worry about it!

To make this creamy pineapple ice cream, all you require is a mixer, along with the ingredients. 

The pineapple is stirred into the dense, velvety blend of cream and condensed milk before being placed in the freezer for a few hours. After that, you can enjoy!

31. Pistachio Cake

Fresh foods and pastels are pretty much universally associated with spring, which is why a stunning pistachio cake would be ideal for the springtime.

The ground pistachios give it a naturally beautiful green color, and they also give it a delightful nutty flavor.

No unnatural flavors are used in the creation of this pistachio dessert. Each mouthful truly brings out the nutty-slash-vanilla flavors.

32. Raspberry Blueberry Popsicles

Nothing beats a juicy, ice-cold popsicles on a hot, summer’s day. Here is a recipe to make your very own at home.

These popsicles are truly tangy, luscious, and enticing, thanks to the honey-lime syrup, while the fruit gives them an extra bite.

This recipe calls for raspberries and blueberries, but if you really wanted to, you could substitute other fruit!

33. Raspberry Ricotta Cake

Nothing makes a weeknight, or any day or time, feel more special than a rich, airy, berry-packed cake.

This dish is light and fluffy, and tastes absolutely amazing, filled with rich ricotta and vibrant, juicy berries.

Before using your berries in the cake mix, be sure to fully defrost and strain them. If you choose not to, the extra liquid from the berries may cause parts of the cake to become sloppy.

34. Scones with Cream and Jam

Next up, we have another classic British dessert that everybody adores.

With the help of this recipe, you can bake a batch of crisp, light scones and fill them with luscious jam and clotted cream.

A batch of traditional British scones with cream and jam might be ready to serve to all visitors in less than 20 minutes.

35. Sprinkle Cookies

Next, we have some more mini desserts with vibrant colors!

Nonpareil sprinkles are required for this, and for the greatest aesthetic results, be sure to completely cover the cookie dough balls in sprinkles prior to baking.

There is no risk of the color transferring by creating the cookie dough separately and retaining the sprinkles on the outside, plus it gives them a brighter appearance.

36. Starbucks Lemon Loaf

We all know that Starbucks’ menu can be a little expensive, putting a lot of people off. What if we told you that you could make their yummy cakes at home for a cheaper price?

This loaf is really simple to make in your own home and is incredibly moist and delicious.

The lemon pudding not only imparts a bright, zesty flavor, but it also adds moisture to the batter, making it so fluffy and light.

37. Strawberry Shortcake

Soft and sweet strawberry shortbread makes the ideal occasional treat.

If you like it warmed up, you may serve them on your plate in just 30 minutes by using Bisquick to speed up the preparation process.

This is the ideal spring dessert, loaded with juicy strawberries, biscuits, and whipped cream on top.

38. Strawberries and Cream Fool

This dish is easily obtainable throughout most European countries, and is so ridiculously simple to make at home.

The strawberries should first be powdered in sugar to make them sweet and juicy. Once the light whipped cream is incorporated with the berries, you’re done! So quick and easy.

You’d be a fool not to try this delicious strawberry fool.

39. Strawberry Icebox Cake

When you want something sweet and filling but don’t want to turn on the oven, icebox cakes are fantastic.

In order to make the cake delicate and soft enough to easily scoop, the basic concept is to combine cookies with something soft and gooey that will absorb into the crumb.

The best part? The entire item can be set in the fridge within less than an hour since there is no baking involved.

40. Yogurt Sheet Cake

Lastly, we have a recipe for a yogurt sheet cake that is so fun to look at! 

Covered in so many vibrantly colored fruit and flowers, nothing quite screams ‘spring’ like this floral dessert.

Get creative with all different types of fresh fruit and edible flowers, assembling the dessert so that it looks absolutely amazing. It’ll taste great, either way!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is Spring?

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring tends to begin at the end of March, and ends towards the end of June. In 2022, the first day of spring was March 20th, and the last day of spring was June 21st.

When spring begins, the days become longer, the nights become shorter, and the temperature begins to rise as we leave winter behind.

What Is The Difference Between ‘Dessert’ And ‘Desert’?

Many people find themselves mixing up the words ‘dessert’ and ‘desert’ on a daily basis. The extra ‘S’ can make all the difference when it comes to context!

A ‘dessert’ is a sweet, small meal that is typically served following a main course, while a ‘desert’ is a large, sandy location which is very hot, and inhabitable.

Long story short, you wouldn’t want to eat a desert, and you should probably avoid walking through desserts.

What Is The Most Popular Dessert In The US?

As far as desserts go, the most popularly bought and consumed desserts in the US are chocolate chip cookies.

In the United States, 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are reportedly consumed annually, of which 50% are homemade. Other popular desserts include apple pie, brownies, cupcakes, and cheesecakes.

What Makes A Good Springtime Dessert?

A good spring dessert should be light, fruity, and colorful.

With many special occasions occurring over the spring, including Mother’s Day and Easter, there are plenty of opportunities to present and eat some delicious desserts decorated with sliced fruit and floral designs.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! Those were our top picks for light and sweet desserts, perfect for the springtime. 

Whether you’re a fan of lemon cakes, or scones with cream and jam, there is something for everybody in this list. Have a look through each recipe, and have fun deciding which one you want to bake first.

40 Light And Sweet Desserts For Springtime

40 Light And Sweet Desserts For Springtime

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