23 Traditional Cajun Desserts

Nothing is better than finishing off your New Orleans-inspired dishes with some delicious Cajun desserts.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’ve come to the right place!

When thinking of the word ‘Cajun’ many different associations likely pop up in your head.

23 Traditional Cajun Desserts

From Bourbon Street and booze to king cakes, beads, and Mardi Gras. Or perhaps you’re picturing beignets, seafood, gumbo, and spicy food.

Your mind may go to a host of different associations. However, there is one thing that you can’t overlook: Cajun desserts.

Here, we have outlined some of the best authentic Cajun desserts for you to test out. From pralines and beignets to king cakes and southern staples like sweet potato pie.

We have something on this list for everyone! With this in mind, below you will find 23 traditional Cajun desserts to share with your friends and family.

1. Praline Brownies

These praline brownies are the ultimate treat. Here, you’ll find creamy brown sugar-pecan frosting with a sprinkling of sea salt – your sweet tooth won’t be able to resist it!

When you’re craving brownies, there is only one solution: bake your own! Whether you’re looking for a classic brownie or something that will put all the other brownies to shame.

Well, for the latter days, these praline brownies will do the trick! Thick fudgy and thick cocoa brownies are topped with decadent frosting.

Serve with a cold glass of milk for the perfect combination.

2. Cajun Cake

This Cajun cake recipe is simple, delicious, and incredibly easy to make. It is packed with crushed pineapple and topped with an irresistible pecan and coconut glaze – making it one of the moistest cakes you’ll try.

It is juicy and fluffy, and with each bite, you’ll be rewarded with bursts of flavor. The topping adds a nice burst of sweetness and a slight crunch – making it the perfect all-rounder cake.

3. King Cake Milkshake

Nothing can get more New Orleans-themed than this milkshake. Here, you’ll find Blue Bell’s Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream, a mini-king cake, beignets, and green, gold, and purple sprinkles.

This over-the-top milkshake is sure to give anyone a sugar high, but it is also one of the most impressive, gorgeous milkshakes you have ever seen and tasted.

If you’re looking to wow your friends and family, this milkshake is sure to do so. It is exciting, fun, and perfect for any occasion.

4. King Cake

This is among the most popular Cajun desserts. In fact, when thinking of Cajun desserts, your mind probably goes straight to the king cake. This is no surprise either since it tastes amazing!

It could be considered a hybrid between sweet bread, cake, and a cinnamon roll, and with all those beautiful colors, it makes this cake almost too gorgeous to eat.

Key word: almost. Once you try those delicious flavors, you’ll have no trouble eating the whole thing!

If you’re looking for something to make this Mardi Gras, then you can’t go wrong with this king cake – give it a try!

5. King Cake Oreo Truffles

You can never go wrong with king cake variations – and this recipe is no exception. Whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras or not, you can make these king cake oreo truffles all throughout the year.

The beauty of these king cake oreo truffles is that they’re incredibly easy to make – making them ideal for every occasion.

Simply throw some Oreo cookies in a food processor along with some cream cheese and then shape them into small balls.

Once done, pop them in the freezer, then dip them in melted white chocolates and cover them with some colorful sprinkles.

Stick them in the freezer for another 5 minutes and then enjoy!

6. King Cake Earthquake Cake

Every season is king cake season and this recipe will help you celebrate Mardi Gras, or any other occasion, the right way.

While there is no short supply of the king cake earthquake cake in the grocery store, they can be slightly pricey, and why buy something when you can easily make it at home?!

This recipe uses a Cinnamon Swirl Muffin Mix to create an incredibly fluffy texture. In addition to this, all you’ll need is milk, eggs, butter, cream cheese, strawberry pie filling, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and purple, yellow, and green food coloring.

The result is a beautifully colorful cake that is sure to be a hit among your family and friends.

7. King Cake Bites

If you’re looking for all the flavor and color of a typical king cake but are wanting to jazz things up, then these king cake bites are an excellent choice. The best part? They are incredibly easy to make – you can’t go wrong!

For this recipe, all you’ll need is cream cheese, lemon juice, crescent rolls, cinnamon, and powdered sugar for the pastry, and then for your glaze: colored sugar, milk, and powdered sugar.

These made the perfect bite-sized pastries ideal for breakfast, desserts, or whatever time of the day you’re craving a sweet treat!

8. Mardi Gras Cheese Ball

This isn’t the typical savory cheese ball that you serve with crackers. Instead, it has a special Mardi Gras twist: tons of sweetness.

This Mardi Gras cheese ball is made with an abundance of sprinkles and can be served with graham crackers or even cookies.

Here, you’ll find all the colors of Mardi Gras: gold, green, and purple – coming together to create a fun dessert, or even appetizer, to share with friends and family.

This is a simple recipe that can be made with pantry staple ingredients, including brown sugar, butter, powdered sugar, cream cheese, vanilla, and cinnamon.

9. Crawfish Cakes

You may be thinking: crawfish cakes don’t sound like much of a dessert. However, don’t knock them until you try them!

Don’t worry, there are no actual crawfish in this recipe. Instead, you’ll find ladyfingers decorated in red cupcake icing to make the body, red Twizzlers for the legs, and candy for the eyes.

This is a fun and exciting dessert for kids’ parties, crawfish boils, or simply something different.

10. Mardi Gras Jello Shots

For some adult fun this Mardi Gras, consider making these Mardi Gras-inspired jello shots.

With their green, purple, and gold layers, they’ll make the perfect addition to your party – and are sure to be a big hit!

While the different layers require some extra work, trust us, the results will certainly be worth the trouble.

Of course, you can also use different cups to hold different colored jello if you’re looking for an easier approach.

Nonetheless, they are sure to taste delicious – whether you include alcohol or not.

11. Louisiana Pralines

Creamy Louisiana pralines are made with sugar, cream, vanilla, pecans, and salted butter to create something that is crumbling, nutty, slightly chewy, and a whole lotta delicious.

If you’re looking for an authentic Cajun recipe, then you can’t go wrong with these Louisiana pralines.

Be warned, these won’t be on the tray for long!

12. Beignets

These beignets don’t need an introduction – they do all the speaking for themselves.

Those who celebrate Mardi Gras – and even those who don’t! – are well acquainted with beignets and their delicious taste.

These golden brown balls are deep-fried to perfection and then dusted with a delightful layer of powdered sugar.

It is hard to not love these sweet treats, and, if you’re looking for authentic Cajun desserts, then you should certainly give these a try.

13. Pumpkin Tarte à La Bouille

This is similar to the classic pumpkin pie recipe, except it is a thousand times more delicious!

It contains everything you know and loves about a pumpkin pie, but better! The texture is silkier and smoother, and it even tastes lighter, somehow.

Place a dollop of whipped cream on the top and you have yourself a decadent treat to enjoy over the Mardi Gras season – or any other time of the year!

14. Pecan Praline Cookies

These pecan praline cookies are a special combination of candy and cookies. They are made with brown sugar – making them chewy, and soft, and melt perfectly in your mouth.

Topped with caramel pecan praline, the only trouble you’ll have when it comes to these cookies is stopping you from eating the whole batch!

The praline topping may start as a gooey, runny, but delicious mess, however, as it cools it’ll firm up.

The result is an extra tasty, extra sweet cookie that you’ll have trouble sharing with others!

15. Louisiana Stranger Cake

This is similar to your traditional bundt cake, however, it contains a Louisiana twist: butter pecan. Traditionally, you usually use a yellow cake mix, but not with this recipe!

This cake is all-things pecan with toasted pecans and caramel coconut pecan frosting layered on the top.

Then, the entire cake is dusted with powdered sugar to provide you with a sweet and nutty decadent treat.

Anyone who tries this cake is sure to love it, in between the flavors and textures – there’s nothing not to love!

16. Southern Sweet Potato Pie

This is an heirloom recipe that has been loved by generations in the south. Not only is this southern sweet potato pie made with simple ingredients but it is perfect for all occasions.

When thinking of pies, the first thing that comes to mind is the main course dinner, however, this southern sweet potato pie can be considered more of a dessert.

For this recipe, all you need is flour, sugar, flour, various spices, and, of course, sweet potatoes.

It’s buttery, soft, and sweet – you can’t go wrong with this pie!

17. Banana Foster

Looking for the real deal when it comes to Banana Fosters – whereby they are made using rum and set on fire? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Having said that, you don’t have to include alcohol if it isn’t to your liking. Instead, fruit juice makes a perfect replacement. Although, you won’t be able to set it alight.

With a relatively short ingredients list and 15 minutes of your time, you’ll have the real deal whipped up in no time.

18. Cajun Hash Cake

If you’re able to pour and mix a few ingredients together, then you’ll be able to make this delicious Cajun hash cake. After all, your oven will do most of the hard work for you!

For this recipe, all you’ll need is a few basic cake ingredients alongside cocoa powder and walnuts.

Plus, the topping is super simple too. All you need is a bag of mini marshmallows and some cocoa powder to have a decadent creation.

You’ll have this dessert whipped up in no time.

19. Mardi Gras Snack Mix

This trail mix combines sweet and salty goodness to create a super crunchy, addictive treat.

In this Mardi Gras snack mix, you’ll find Bugles, mixed nuts, pretzels, and much more! They are then covered in a delicious white chocolate chip topping.

20. Mardi Gras Swirled Lemon Bark

If you’re proficient with a paintbrush, you might want to try your hand at this Mardi Gras swirled lemon bark recipe – it is truly a work of art.

Despite how intricate and gorgeous it looks, the lemon bark itself is relatively simple to make – all you’re doing here is pouring, swirling, and melting.

The result is a zesty and lemony treat that even Van Gogh himself would be proud of.

21. New Orleans Bread Pudding

There is nothing more comforting than bread pudding and a staple festive dessert in the south.

This is similar to other bread pudding recipes, however, it has a surprise kick thanks to the added bourbon.

22. Cajun Sweet Dough

The American South is famous for its pastry dough and pies – and this Cajun sweet dough is no exception to the matter.

Here, you’ll find a sweet pastry dough filled with delicious cherry pie filling – you won’t be able to stop at just one!

23. Blackberry And Peach Cobbler

You can never go wrong with a blackberry and peach cobbler – they are perfect for all occasions and incredibly simple to make

Serve with a scoop of ice cream for the perfect combination.

Final Thoughts

Looking to celebrate Mardi Gras the right way? Or simply looking to try some southern recipes? Then you can’t go wrong with these traditional Cajun desserts.

From beignets, and Cajun hash cake, to a Mardi Gras cheese ball, you’re sure to find something that spikes your interest.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some Cajun dessert inspiration for your next creations.

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23 Traditional Cajun Desserts

23 Traditional Cajun Desserts

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