16 Awesome Creme De Cacao Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

One of the best ways to have fun with friends and family is to host an entertaining cocktail night.

Aside from creating a fun evening that everyone can enjoy, it gives us the chance to try new flavors and exciting cocktail combinations.

16 Awesome Creme De Cacao Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

If you plan on hosting a cocktail party and want to impress your guests, creme de cacao cocktails are the way to go. Creme de cacao is a cacao-based liquor that features a rich chocolatey, vanilla flavor. 

Dating back to the 1600s, this is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, so it only seems right to make it for your guests. However, there are lots of different ways to use it in a cocktail. 

In today’s post, we’re going to show you the best. We’ve listed 16 creme de cacao cocktails you’ll love. Stick around if you want to learn how to make them!

1. Chocolate Martini

We’ll start with a sophisticated chocolate martini. This chocolate martini recipe is to die for. It tastes exactly like a chocolate bar just in cocktail form.

It is made using a combination of creme de cacao and Irish cream.

You can expect the chocolate flavor to be on point, whilst the Irish cream offers a smooth and creamy texture.

A splash and a half offers extra creaminess, whilst the addition of vodka provides an extra boozy kick.

The flavors all come together beautifully.

2. Funfetti Cake Batter Martini

Celebrating a friend’s birthday? Why not make them this delicious funfetti cake batter martini? 

This cocktail is just like the classic birthday party dessert in a glass. It’s something your guests will love. It is packed with flavor, incredibly easy to make, and you only need a handful of basic ingredients. 

Learning how to decorate the glass with different colors only makes this cocktail more fun.

3. Trainwreck

Next up, we have a super simple, extremely boozy creme de cacao cocktail that will get the party started.

Easily made in 10 minutes using just 6 ingredients, this cocktail is sweet, sour, and chocolatey. The hint of vanilla is a great touch too.

The ingredients needed to make this cocktail are vanilla vodka, orange liqueur, creme de cacao, lime soda, sweet and sour mix, and ice cubes.

The combination of flavors is both boozy and fragrant, creating a wonderful-tasting beverage.

4. Nutella Milkshake

You could seriously mix things up by making a Nutella milkshake cocktail. Like most Nutella milkshakes, this beverage is sweet, creamy, and extremely addictive.

However, unlike other milkshakes, this recipe comes with a boozy cocktail twist.

To give the milkshake an extra bang, vodka and creme de cacao are added too. Loaded with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream too, this is the perfect dessert cocktail for a celebration.

Topping the cocktail with caramel sauce makes things even better.

5. Banshee

This banshee cocktail from With A Blast offers more exotic vibes that go down well in the summer. 

This cocktail is made with creme de cacao, creme de banana, fresh cream, sugar syrup, kiwi, and ice. The end result is a rich, creamy, sweet, and slightly tangy cocktail with a divine kick. 

For us, the color of this creamy cocktail is special too. It gives the beverage a much more topical feel. 

6. Brandy Alexander Cocktail

If you prefer a classic cocktail with a backstory, the Brandy Alexander cocktail is perfect for you.

This elegant cocktail was created in 1916 using gin. Brandy then became the more popular liquor of choice. 

Surprisingly simple to make, this cocktail is creamy, delicious, and incredibly intriguing.

It consists of a mixture of cocoa liqueur and Cognac. In many ways, it is like a more impressive version of a White Russian. 

7. Brandy Alexander Milkshake

If you want to impress guests with a unique twist on the classic brandy Alexander, turn it into a milkshake cocktail instead. 

Delightfully creamy, rich, and boozy, this chocolatey cocktail is essentially a booze-infused chocolate milkshake. The cocktail purists might not approve of this recipe, but it’s extremely delicious. 

This recipe calls for the same ingredients as the Brandy Alexander cocktail, but it throws in a luxurious vanilla ice cream too, making the cocktail so much better and creamier.

8. Bushwacker

Next, we have a gorgeous cocktail that your guests will love. Creamy, chocolatey, and boozy, this dessert-like frozen cocktail is both refreshing and rich.

You’ll be glad you added the recipe to your repertoire. 

First made in the 1970s, this cocktail is a combination of a chocolate milkshake, creme de cacao, and pina colada. It’s beautifully smooth, ridiculously rich, and offers notes of coffee and vanilla. 

You only need six different ingredients to make this cocktail so give it a try.

9. Jellyfish Shot

When it comes to presentation, this jellyfish shot recipe takes some beating. This cocktail consists of layered creme de cacao, Irish cream, grenadine, and amaretto.

The cocktail has a very decadent flavor that’s loved by millions, but it’s actually its unique appearance that’s most loved.

This cocktail shot gets its name from its amazing jellyfish appearance.

Despite seeming hard to make, the recipe is quick and easy to follow. You don’t need any previous mixology experience to make it. 

10. Grasshopper Drink

If you love mint-flavored ice cream you’ll adore the grasshopper cocktail.

This cocktail is a blend of creme de cacao, creme de menthe, and cream. It is vibrant green in color, smooth, sweet, and super minty.

This mint flavor is actually quite refreshing.

If the enticing color of this cocktail isn’t enough to make your mouth water, the stunning combination of chocolate and mint will be. You’ll find yourself wanting more and more.

11. Commodore 64

This next drink gives the traditional Commodore No.2 an exciting twist. Mixing things up, the Commodore 64 gives Commodore No.2 a burst of chocolatey flavor that is simply divine. 

We all know how well orange and chocolate go together so serving the combination in this cocktail is perfect. The fruitiness of the orange and the richness of the chocolate go together perfectly. 

To make Commodore No.2, you need to mix bourbon with grenadine and lemon juice. To make this variation, creme de cacao is added too. 

12. Golden Cadillac

The golden Cadillac cocktail is one you should save until after dinner. This is because it is a sugary treat to enjoy after a savory meal. 

For those that don’t know, golden Cadillac is a sophisticated cocktail made from Galliano, cream, and creme de cacao. The cocktail is then finished off with nutmeg.

The nutmeg works well because it gives the cocktail a subtle nuttiness that goes nicely with the sweetness of the beverage. 

We found that the combination of chocolate herbs, spices, and cream helps create a truly unique cocktail. 

13. White Chocolate Ghost Shooter

White chocolate ghost shooters are Halloween-themed creme de cacao cocktail shots that create a bit of buzz at parties. Decorated with black icing, these shots are designed to look like ghosts. 

Aside from looking fantastic, they are packed with flavor. You can make these boozy Halloween treats by mixing creme de cacao, ice, vodka, marshmallow vodka, and vanilla creamer. 

The end result is a chocolatey, sweet, and creamy cocktail.

14. Snickertini

To be honest, this cocktail had us drawn in with the word Snickers. Let’s face it, anything with Snickers in is going to be great. A Snickers martini isn’t any different.

However, this recipe doesn’t actually include any Snikers in the drink. Instead, it uses mini Snickers to garnish the cocktail.

Having said that, the combination of Irish cream, chocolate liqueur, amaretto, and caramel vodka does a great job of recreating the rich flavor of the Snickers. 

Add peanut butter to the cocktail to unlock those nutty flavors too.

15. Mocha Eggnog

The penultimate creme de cacao cocktail on our list is a mocha eggnog recipe. This delicious cocktail is perfect for that jolly time of year when we all start to feel more festive.

It can be made by combining eggnog with chocolate syrup, creme de cacao, and coffee.

It may seem strange at first but the combination of eggnog and coffee is a combination you never realized you needed. 

Served warm or cold, it tastes great.

16. White Chocolate Martini

The final cocktail on our list is a creme de cacao white chocolate martini. This is another festive cocktail that you’ll love.

A great addition to any Christmas menu, this cocktail is creamy, smooth, rich, and of course chocolatey. 

Despite the rich ingredients, there’s something delicate about this cocktail that makes it special.

You can make this cocktail by mixing creme de cacao with cream, vanilla, and vanilla vodka. We see this cocktail as a cross between a martini and chocolate mousse.

Therefore, we tend to serve it as a dessert.

Can I Use Creme De Cacao in Classic Ice Cream Cocktails?

Can I use Creme De Cacao in classic ice cream cocktails to try? Absolutely! This rich and velvety liqueur adds a delightful chocolate flavor to your favorite frozen libations. Whether it’s a decadent chocolate martini or a refreshing mint chocolate chip shake, Creme De Cacao brings a touch of indulgence to your classic ice cream cocktails to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Refrigerate Creme De Cacao?

No, you don’t have to refrigerate creme de cacao. The liqueur can be stored in your kitchen cupboards with no problems.

However, creme de cacao does taste nicer when chilled. As a result, you might want to store it in your refrigerator anyway.

What Does Creme De Cacao Taste Like?

Creme de cacao has two distinct flavor profiles. White creme de cacao has a milk chocolate flavor and notes of vanilla. Dark creme de cacao has a richer flavor and darker chocolate notes.

How Long Does An Opened Bottle Of Creme De Cacao Last?

An opened bottle of creme de cacao will last between 12 to 18 months. After that, it will have to be thrown out. You can tell when a bottle of creme de cacao has gone off when it has a strange odor or color.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of creme de cacao cocktail recipes. In this post, we showed you 16 awesome cocktail recipes you can make at home using creme de cacao.

Creme de cacao is a versatile cocktail ingredient that can be used to make the very best chocolate cocktails.

Its richness, creaminess, and sweetness make it a welcomed addition to most cocktails.

Now you have our list of creme de cacao cocktails at your fingertips, you should pick out the cocktails you want to try first.

16 Awesome Creme De Cacao Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

16 Awesome Creme De Cacao Cocktail Recipes You’ll Love

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