23 Amazing Buckwheat Recipes You Will Want To Try

If you’ve never cooked with buckwheat then you might wonder how you should do it. We have put together this list of the best buckwheat recipes for you to try.

The flavors are amazing and you will love impressing your friends and family with the flavors and textures.

Amazing Buckwheat Recipes You Will Want To Try

1. Buckwheat, Banana And Passion Fruit Pancakes

These fluffy pancakes are the perfect way to start your day. The buckwheat flour is healthier than normal flour and is gluten free. The fresh fruit topping is tasty and full of vitamins.

You can experiment with different fruit toppings and also yogurts and seeds to go on top of your pancakes. 

2. Seeded Buckwheat Cookies

These delicious cookies are made with healthy and wholesome ingredients like pecans, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and buckwheat flour.

They are flavored with vanilla extract to make them sweet and are perfect to enjoy as an afternoon snack. Make sure you roll the dough out between two sheets of parchment paper to stop it from sticking to the rolling pin. 

3. Warm Buckwheat And Beetroot Salad

Toasting the buckwheat helps to bring out the nutty, earthy flavor which goes really well with the beetroot. The wilted spinach leaves are high in iron and other nutrients and when you cut into the fried egg the golden yolk spills over the salad.

This is a Polish recipe and is traditionally served with a cup of sour milk that contains lots of probiotics which are good for your gut. 

4. Broccoli, Buckwheat And Almond Salad

The thing that stands out about this salad is the exciting combination of textures. The florets of broccoli are shredded into crumbs that are mixed with the buckwheat and almonds.

The stalks are cooked until tender along with some of the kelp, and the rest of the kelp is added raw. There is a mustard and chili dressing with raisins and capers and a delicious almond sauce. 

5. Buckwheat With Mushrooms

Both buckwheat and mushrooms have an earthy flavor so they work really well together in this recipe. Mushrooms are also high in protein, just like buckwheat, and the buckwheat is high in fiber.

That means that this recipe is very fulfilling and will keep you feeling full for a long time. The ingredients are cheap so you can enjoy this meal even if you are on a budget. 

6. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies With Buckwheat And Ginger

If you are on a gluten free diet then you can still enjoy a warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. This recipe uses buckwheat flour instead of wheat flour, which makes these cookies naturally gluten free.

The ginger creates an interesting depth of flavor which makes these cookies a perfect winter treat. 

7. Cauliflower Cashew Soup With Crispy Buckwheat

This creamy soup is perfectly contrasted by the crispy buckwheat garnish. The cashews make the soup silky smooth and also complement the nutty flavor of the buckwheat.

Cauliflower soup is healthy and makes the perfect meal for a colder winter day when you want something comforting and nourishing. 

8. Buckwheat Granola

It can take around 40 minutes to make granola in the oven, but this recipe uses a stovetop method to make buckwheat granola in only 10 minutes.

The granola is made with carob powder, cacao nibs, chia seeds, mulberries, and cinnamon powder for a touch of warmth and spice. The ingredients are bound together with coconut oil and brown rice syrup. 

9. Tomato, Peach And Mozzarella Salad With Buckwheat

This salad is all about fresh flavors – juicy peaches, recipe tomatoes, and creamy mozzarella cheese.

The sweet tomatoes and fragrant peaches are a great contrast to the earthy buckwheat, and the chewy texture works well with the soft fruit and mozzarella.

The brown rice is an extra addition to the salad that brings more fiber and carbohydrates to make it a balanced meal. 

10. Roasted Buckwheat With Vegetables

This recipe tells you the perfect way to cook buckwheat which you can apply to lots of different recipes.

For this particular dish, the buckwheat is cooked in vegetable broth which gives it even more flavor, and then mixed with onions, tomatoes, leeks and peppers.

This is a very healthy meal that is perfect for a midweek dinner as it is easy to make and contains plenty of nutrition. 

11. Gruyere Cheese Board With Buckwheat Oatcakes

A cheese board is often served with cream crackers, but you can have a go at making buckwheat oatcakes instead if you want to try something different.

In this recipe, the buckwheat oatcakes are paired with gruyere, a slightly sweet and nutty aged cheese. Roasted hazelnuts tie together the nuttiness of the cheese and the buckwheat.

Ripe blackberries add some color and the sweet yet sharpness contrasts the earthy flavors. Finally, the cheese board is also served with buckwheat honey. 

12. Buckwheat – Rye Pancakes

This recipe shows you a really easy method for making buckwheat and rye pancakes. This is a great idea if you want to find some gluten free pancakes that are filling and nutritious.

If you love making pancakes for breakfast then you can make a big batch of dry mix. This will make it quicker everytime you want to make pancakes.

You can store the dry mix in a sealed mason jar to keep the ingredients fresh. 

13. Crispy Buckwheat Breakfast Flatbreads

Breakfast flatbreads make a great alternative to toast or bagels. You can top them with whatever you fancy.

This recipe uses eggs (fried or poached), with creamy avocado, fresh cherry tomatoes, peppery rocket, chili and basil leaves.

The flatbread is gluten free and is made with buckwheat flour, greek yogurt, baking powder, water and olive oil. 

14. Avocado And Banana Pancakes With Buckwheat Flour

This is an unusual way to make pancakes but it really works. The avocado and bananas are mashed together and then mixed with egg yolks, maple syrup and coconut yogurt and a bit of lemon zest.

The egg whites are whisked separately and then folded into the mixture. Make sure you fold them in gently or you will knock the air out and your pancakes won’t be fluffy. 

15. Buckwheat And Kale Stir Fry

Stir fry is a quick and easy meal that is perfect for weekday evenings. This recipe takes only 30 minutes and you can customize it to include whichever vegetables you fancy.

The roasted buckwheat is high in fiber and protein which makes this meal balanced and filling. You can serve it with cauliflower rice or brown rice to make it go further. 

16. Gluten Free Almond And Buckwheat Meal Cake

If you are looking for a delicious gluten free cake recipe then you should definitely try making this meal cake. It’s light and moist with delicious flavours of nutty almond and sweet, fragrant apricots.

You can serve it with cream or ice cream,with a cup of peach iced tea or just enjoy it on its own. 

17. Buckwheat Pizza

There are several different ways that you can make gluten free pizza, but using buckwheat flour is certainly one of the best.

You don’t need to prove the ‘dough’, so you can enjoy your pizza much faster than with a traditional base. The base is nice and crisp and a little chewy, just like a perfect pizza, and you can add whatever toppings you want.

You could make up these bases and then host a pizza night with your friends and let them choose their own toppings. 

18. Buckwheat Pancakes With Sweet Cherry. Bourbon Butter Syrup And Bacon

If you want to try a buckwheat pancake recipe that is extra special then this is the ideal recipe. The sweet cherries pair perfectly with the indulgent bourbon butter syrup.

The crispy bacon is salty which contrasts with the sweetness of the other ingredients. You can stick up the pancakes to create an impressive and eye-catching breakfast to make for your special someone, or as a treat for yourself. 

19. Pulse Salad

If you are looking for a new vegetarian salad to fall in love with then this is the perfect choice.

It is packed with delightful flavors and textures – quinoa, pearl barley, broad beans, toasted buckwheat and seeds, watermelon, mint leaves, parsley and feta.

The delicious dressing is made from deep flavors like coriander seeds, star anise, basil and lemon zest, mixed into olive oil. 

20. Buckwheat Porridge

Porridge is really healthy, but you can make it even more nutritious by using buckwheat which is even higher in protein, fiber and nutrients.

You can add whatever you want into your porridge – fruit, nuts, and even flavored essences. Why not try cherry buckwheat porridge with almond essence and sprinkled almonds on top. 

21. Roast Cod Loin With Fennel And Buckwheat

There are so many exciting ways to cook cod, and this recipe is amazing. It is presented on a bed of buckwheat alongside caramelized fennel which gives it a sweet flavor.

The dressing is flavored with aniseed and anchovies – the perfect blend of salty seafood and fragrant, punchy flavors. This is an elegant dish that is a great choice to serve at a dinner party. 

22. Buckwheat Soup

This hearty soup will make you feel nourished and comforted – perfect when you feel a little under the weather or you’ve been out on a cold day.

You can use bone-in pork or bone-in beef, to release all the goodness into the broth. There’s also delicious vegetables – onions, carrots, potatoes, and whatever other vegetables you fancy.

The addition of buckwheat makes it super nutritious and also makes the soup more filling. 

23. Poached Duck With Sprouts, Apple And Buckwheat

If you want to really impress your friends and family, you should try this delicious recipe. It is elegant and sophisticated and is the perfect blend of flavors. The sprouts are perfectly cooked and the fruity apple complements the rich flavor of the meat.


Whether you want a tasty breakfast, an elegant dinner or a delicious dessert, there is something for everyone on this list. You will be surprised at how versatile and delicious buckwheat can be.

23 Amazing Buckwheat Recipes You Will Want To Try

23 Amazing Buckwheat Recipes You Will Want To Try

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