Arby’s Menu Items – 14 Super-Delicious Foods To Get

If you are looking for a delicious fast-food option that will give you everything that you need for a wholesome meal, then Arby’s will be one of the first places that you might consider.

Opening in 1964, this restaurant has become the go-to choice for thousands of Americans.

Arby’s Menu Items - 14 Super-Delicious Foods To Get

But obviously, as with a lot of restaurants, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the menu. From roast beef to fries to apple pie, how can you structure a great meal for yourself?

Well, helping to reduce your options might actually be the way to deal with this issue.

So what are the best food items that you can find on Arby’s menu? How can you pair one food with another? Which is the best in terms of flavor and texture?

Well, if you want to know the answer to all of these questions, then we would suggest you read our list of Arby’s top 14.

14 Super-Delicious Arby’s Menu Items

1. Turkey And Swiss Sandwich

With fresh honey wheat bread and sumptuous cold turkey, this sandwich really is hard to beat. If you want the best part of a roast dinner isolated in a sandwich, then this is the one for you.

This comes with one of the most delicious mayos that we’ve ever experienced: spicy brown honey mustard. This hits all of the taste points, both creaming and sweet and spicy.

Slathering your turkey in this will elevate your meal to the next level.

This comes with plenty of lettuce and tomatoes, which is great if you want to get some of those healthy nutrients in your body.

And did we forget to mention the swiss cheese? This will give you that tangy flavor that will really balance the whole sandwich out.

If you are looking for something to fill you for the whole of the day, you can do far worse than this amazing sandwich.

2. Loaded Italian Sub

Now if you enjoy a good sandwich, then why not up the quantity of everything? This loaded Italian sub is one of the best things that you can get from Arby’s, with pit-smoked pepperoni and delicious ham.

If you like your meat, then try this monster. It comes with salami, pepperoni and ham, all of which will jostle for your tastebud’s attention.

This comes with banana peppers and tomatoes for that extra crunch, with a mouth-pursing vinaigrette and garlic aioli, you won’t be short of flavors in this sandwich.

As for feeling full after this sandwich, let’s just say you might need to take a walk afterward!

3. Half Pound French Dip And Swiss

Just looking at this sandwich might be enough to break you out in a sweat. It is loaded with layers of roast beef, bringing the A game when it comes to smoky meat flavors.

Coming with some swiss cheese on the top, you can be sure that this sandwich will melt in your mouth. However, this is also extremely calorific, so we might suggest that you try it as a once-a-week treat.

This comes wrapped in a delicious wheat flour roll and some French dip on the side that will give you the option of really upping those barbeque flavors.

Because why shouldn’t you dip and sandwich?

4. Mozzarella Sticks

You like cheese? Then why not have some pure cheese sticks with your hearty beef sandwich? Treat yourself to Arby’s signature mozzarella stick, which is gooey, warm and utterly tasty.

You can have marinara dip with this one, which will really pack a punch when you dip your sticks in them. You have 4 sticks in a pack, so it will be more than enough for a stomach-filling side.

However, having this with a sandwich might be a little too filling (unless you really want the challenge). But you can have this with one of Arby’s amazing salads, balancing out the indulgence with a touch of healthy nutrients.

5. Triple Thick Bacon Half Pound Club Sandwich

Now we’re really testing your tolerance for meat, with this absolute behemoth of a sandwich.

This is stuffed with turkey, triple-smoked bacon and triple-thick ham, all of which provide you with plenty of protein and eye-rolling flavor.

All of this is barely wedged in a brioche bun. It comes with some lettuce and tomato, but let’s face it, we’re all here for the mountains of meat in the middle.

This also comes with wonderful swiss cheese that is melted into the bulk of the sandwich to give you that ideal finishing touch.

We would recommend having this sandwich by itself as any sides will definitely leave you with that slightly sick feeling in your gut.

6. Beef N’ Cheddar Classic

Keeping with meat-heavy sandwiches, we move onto something that is a little easier to take on the stomach. This comes with the classic burger topping of cheddar cheese which drizzles wonderfully over the side of the roast beef.

One thing that Arby’s does best is variations of the standard meat filling that you might find in another fast food outlet.

This sandwich is brimming with similar flavors to the classic beef burger, but it’s the care and cooking process that puts a smoky spin on it.

This is served in an onion burger, which again will add that leftfield touch to what is otherwise a conventional burger. This also comes with tastebud-slaughtering ranch sauces that really tie the whole sandwich together.

7. Meat Mountain Sandwich

Bet you thought you were out of the woods when it comes to meat sandwiches, didn’t you?

Well, we’re sorry to present you with a sandwich that you might have to sit down before seeing. When they labeled this one the ‘meat mountain’, they weren’t kidding!

The list of meats on here will definitely make you sweat: chicken tenders, roast ham, corned beef, roast turkey, smoked brisket and peppered bacon. It will be hard to distinguish one meat from another in this sandwich.

If you order this one then you will have to eat it quickly, as the bun will almost certainly disintegrate within minutes.

It is dripping with delicious meat juice and comes topped with awesome melted cheese. This sandwich is not for the faint-hearted!

8. Curly Fries

Now we present you with something a little more traditional – some rich and tongue-tingling curly fries that will go great as a side to one of the smaller sandwiches.

These fries are so well seasoned and very addictive.

As with all fries, they really aren’t much without any additional dipping sauce. With this, we would recommend having ketchup or barbeque sauce.

You can even lift the bun off your burger and dip your curly fries in the ranch sauce that it is drizzled in.

You can even get a cheese sauce to dip your curly fries in. If you are looking for food that your kids can really get their fingers stuck into, then we would certainly recommend these to keep them entertained.

9. Ham, Egg And Cheese Croissant

If you are struggling to find a breakfast option before you dash off to work, then you’ll be relieved to know that Arby’s really has your back.

With egg, ham and cheese, this is a wonderfully traditional breakfast filler.

The cheese is what really makes this meal, paired with the egg to make a soft and creamy center.

The pastry of the croissant is flaky and fluffy too, making a great contrast with the soft ham that is inside.

We would certainly recommend wolfing this one down very quickly, as it will start to fall apart within seconds (usually the sign of a freshly-made product).

However, because of the size, you can have finished this one in just a few bites. You might even be tempted to get another!

10. Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich

Now we get back to what Arby’s does best: a meat-filled sandwich.

Here we have the smoked brisket, which has that distinctive rich and smoky brisket texture and flavor. This is all crammed into a fluffy brioche bun.

This brisket is cooked to perfection, left for 13 hours to slow-roast.

The result? A melt-in-the-mouth meat feast that will dissolve wonderfully on the tongue. This comes slathered in barbeque sauce and some tangy onion strips.

You simply won’t be able to resist this silky smooth sandwich. So why not ditch the roast dinner plans and take the whole family to Arby’s to enjoy a Sunday-inspired roast sandwich such as this?

11. Ham And Swiss Melt

Sometimes you might be slightly frustrated with how some restaurants overcomplicate things.

Well, if you want to go back to basics with a few simple ingredients in a bun, then why not try the ham and swiss melt?

However, despite the fact that this only contains a few ingredients, this does not mean that this sandwich underdelivers.

This meal is compact and very calorie-light, which is why you’ll be able to smash through it without feeling bloated.

You can easily have this sandwich with some curly fries or mozzarella strips.

This could also make a decent breakfast option, served on a coated bun that is not too dissimilar to the ham, egg and cheese croissant in terms of texture.

12. Buttermilk Crispy Chicken

Now if you are going to Arby’s for a treat yet you still want to keep within your healthy food goals, then you won’t do that much worse than this sandwich. It comes with some wonderful crispy chicken that will simply melt in the mouth.

The chicken will also provide you with any protein that you might need.

But that’s not to say that this chicken sandwich isn’t one of the most delicious that you’ll find on the menu. It comes with tasty and nutritious vegetables.

We would certainly recommend that you have this one with a side if you want to be really full.

It comes with a tasty mayonnaise dressing that will give that seasoned chicken that extra boost of flavor.

13. Arby’s Milkshake

We feel that we might have neglected some of the liquid items on Arby’s menu, so here we present you with Arby’s milkshake.

You can get chocolate and vanilla flavors, topping it with fluffy whipped cream for that will be the perfect substitute for dessert.

They also do a milkshake that is called the jamocha, which is basically chocolate mixed with coffee. This is ideal if you want a cold and caffeinated treat to wake you up in the morning.

They also have seasonal milkshakes, so you should make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for offers that come in during the fall and the spring.

We would suggest that you keep watch for the caramel cinnamon milkshake.

14. Cherry Turnover

It seems appropriate that we leave the desserts until the very end.

This turnover comes with some zesty cherry wrapped in some of the softest and flakiest pastry that we’ve ever had the fortune of tasting.

This comes with a sugary drizzle on the top that you can count on giving you that sugary boost in the morning.

The contrast of flavors in this turnover is frankly astounding and you won’t have to worry about being left unfulfilled.

This makes the ideal breakfast item if you need that sugar and sweet boost in the morning. Why not pair this one with a jamocha shake so that you’ll practically be buzzing by the time you get to work?

Other Great Arby’s Treats

The food that we’ve listed above is some of our favorites, but here follows a list of honorable mentions:

  • Salted caramel and chocolate cookie – if you need a little snack to get you through the day, you can’t really go wrong with this tangy, sweet and smooth cookie.
  • Chicken tenders – having these as your main meal with some curly fries or simply on their own as part of a protein snack, are crunchy, smooth and delicious.
  • Premium chicken nuggets kids meal – with 4 chunks of bite-sized chicken with a side of crinkle fries and a choice of dips and beverages, these will keep the little critter quiet for an hour or two.
  • Jalapeno bites – if you are a fan of hot things, then get your gums around these spicy bites.
  • Double Beef N’ Cheddar – if you want to double up on the amount of meat and cheese that you can get into a bun, we would recommend you brave this sandwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Arby’s Specialize In?

Arby’s main selling point is the roast beef sandwiches, however, they have expanded their repertoire in recent years to include a host of traditional sides and not-so-traditional sweet treats.

Is Arby’s Expensive?

Yes, you will pay a lot more for an Arby’s meal than you would at any other fast-food restaurant.

However, this is because the quality of the ingredients that goes into their meals is a lot higher than other outlets.

Does Arby’s Offer Gluten-Free Pptions?

Yes, there are plenty of options at Arby’s that are gluten-free. Most of the meats themselves are gluten-free, however, they do not do a gluten-free bun, so you will have to ask for these meats without the bread.

Does Arby’s Have Vegetarian Options?

Arby’s has limited options when it comes to sandwich fillings that are vegetarian. You can have sides such as fries along with a bun, but you will have to ask for these items to be tailored.

You can also order an Arby’s side salad with cheese and a side of fries. This might not leave you feeling that full though.


We hope that our rundown of some of the best items that you can get from Arby’s will help you to decide what foods that you fancy and which ones you might want to avoid.

There are plenty of delicious options for you to choose from and if you like your meats, there is simply no better place to go.

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