The Best Healthy Options To Try At Arby’s

First appearing in Ohio in the 1960s, Arby’s has very quickly become one of the most well regarded sandwich chains in the US!

So with 3,300 locations nationwide, there’s a good chance there’s an Arby’s near you, which makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a regular lunch option. 

Arby’s (see also ‘Arby’s Menu Items – 14 Super-Delicious Foods To Get‘) has some fantastic signature options that are extremely popular with both its regular customers and even those who only tend to visit every so often, these include delicious tender roast beef, as well as succulent chicken and turkey sandwiches too! 

The Best Healthy Options To Try At Arby's

However, if you’re looking for healthier options when it comes to your lunchtime meals, then you need not worry, Arby’s has plenty of options available if you’re looking to cut back on the unhealthy stuff, so read on and check out some of the great options that they have available for you to eat! 

Arby’s Healthy Options

Arby’s has a whole variety of options available on its menu, some of them are healthy, and others are worth avoiding if you’re looking to stay on a diet, so here are some of the options to go for if you’re looking for a healthy lunch time!

1. Roast Turkey Ranch And Bacon Sandwich

This delicious sandwich is a perfect marriage between bird and pig, and is going to provide you with plenty of flavor and taste which will certainly excite you when it comes to your lunch break.

It features honey wheat bread, which is perfect for you if you’re someone who has quite the sweet tooth!

In addition to this, it also has parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing, which means it is vastly different from the sandwiches that use the usual sauces such as mayo or ketchup. 

So, with this delicious bread and dressing, combined with the tasty combination of bacon, turkey, onions, lettuce and tomato, the taste from the sandwich is immense! 

Its nutritional values are good too, with a total of 310 grams of fat, and 810 calories, which means that this sandwich is going to be sure to keep you going all of the way until dinner time! 

One worry might come from the sodium content in the sandwich, which totals in at 2420mg.

So if you’re someone who suffers from blood pressure issues, or you’re just someone who is looking to cut back on their overall sodium intake, we perhaps wouldn’t recommend opting for this sandwich. 

2. Side Salads

When it comes to ordering lunch, some of the things that can let you down when it comes to the healthiness of your lunch are the side options that you choose.

There’s no denying that Arby’s has some super delicious side options, especially their curly fries. However, these aren’t particularly healthy, so if you’re looking to kick the carbs and diet, then you need to find some healthier side options. 

Thankfully, there are some really great options for a healthy side option at Arby’s.

Our favorite is their tasty side salad. It features some leafy greens, such as leaf lettuce and iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, as well as some shredded cheese on top! 

This especially light option only comes in at 70 calories, so it won’t make much of a difference to your daily intake, and will still provide you with some excellent nutrition. 

If you want to add a dressing, you will have to add a few calories too, buttermilk will add up to 210 calories, honey mustard will take your calories up by 180 calories, balsamic vinaigrette will add roughly 130  calories.

However, if you want a dressing but also want to keep your calorie intake low, then you should opt for the light initial dressing, which adds just 15 calories to your side salad. 

Overall, this is a much healthier side option than anything fried ever could be! 

3. Roast Beef Sandwich

The classic roast beef sandwich is a popular option from Arby’s and for good reason, and whilst it might initially sound rather plain, as it only consists of the roast beef and the sesame seeded bun, it’s a great option if you’re looking to reduce your daily calorie intake! 

We also think that too many condiments or extra fillings inside this sandwich would absolutely ruin the delicious beef that can be found inside, which is so tender and juicy that you’ll fall in love with the taste of this sandwich in absolutely no time at all. 

When it comes to nutrition, the classic roast beef sandwich only contains 360 calories, and 32 grams of fat, which are relatively low numbers in comparison to some of the other options available, making it a brilliant choice if you’re looking to eat healthily! 

If you don’t want to add a little extra, you can always squeeze in some Arby’s sauce to add a little bit more flavor, or some Horsey sauce if you want a kick!

4. Jomacha Shakes

A shake is a great way to round off an extremely delicious lunch, and nothing tastes better than the Jamocha shakes that Arby’s offers!

These shakes are fantastic and filled with some tasty fillings, including some gorgeous coffee, chocolate, as well as some yummy whipped cream on the top! 

This means that your lunch will be topped off well with one of these shakes, but if you’re trying to keep it healthy, then it means that you’ll have to make a decision about the sizing of the shake you have. 

The large shake contains a whopping 1060 calories, the medium sized shake has 830 calories, whereas the small sized shake has a very reasonable amount of calories, with only 590 calories in total! 

5. Roast Chicken Sandwich

When you’re wanting to go on a health kick, there’s no better meat to choose from than chicken! 

Thankfully, Arby’s has the option of the classic roast chicken sandwich, and features a super tasty toasted bun, a small dollop of mayonnaise, and as well as some salad to go along with that deliciously juicy chicken.

When you eat it, you’ll almost certainly forget that you’re trying to cut back on the unhealthy stuff. 

This makes for a great choice, particularly in comparison to the crispy chicken sandwich that Arby’s offers, which has an extra 140 calories on top of this sandwich, so if you’re looking for a delicious chicken sandwich for your lunchtime, then you should definitely opt for this one. 

Paired with a side salad this sandwich is going to go down a treat come lunchtime, so go for it the next time you find yourself choosing lunch from Arby’s! 

6. Arby’s Curly Fries

Whilst they might not be as healthy as the side salad option, you can be sure that this delicious option is going to be an excellent choice for your lunchtime feast, and the best bit is that the contain just the same amount of calories as the regular fries, but they do have a larger surface area to absorb the oil when they’re being fried. 

These curly fries also have a delicious cornstarch coating, which means that they have a really distinct taste which makes them an excellent choice, and a much tastier choice in comparison to the usual fries. 

When it comes to picking the portion size, you’re best off picking the snack sized portion of curly fries, which contains just 250 calories, making them the perfect lunchtime accompaniment, and much more filling than your usual portion of fries. 

7. Cherry Turnover

Everyone knows how delicious some of the sweet treats from Arby’s can be, but when you’re trying to remove some of the unhealthy objects from your diet, then it can feel like you’re going to have to remove all of the joy from what you eat too. 

Thankfully, if you want to include a sweet treat into your lunchtime routine, then you should absolutely try the cherry turnover that Arby’s offers.

With its super flakey pastry, in a triangular shape, that features a deliciously sweet cherry flavored filling, as well as a drizzle of sweet icing on top too. 

With 390 calories per turnover, this desert is certainly more healthy than other fried pies, plus this dessert is super satisfying!

8. Chicken Entreé Salad

This salad is one of Arby’s healthiest options, and allows you to really take control of the calories you’re taking in when eating your lunch time options, plus it has a relatively low amount of fat in it too. 

With just 250 calories, the chicken also ensures that this salad has plenty of protein, and has no carbs either, and it’s super tasty thanks to the added crispy bacon too. 

Just like the side salad, opt for the light Italian in order to keep the calories on your salad low, as the other options can add the calories up quicker than you can count! 

9. Ham And Swiss Melt

Not everyone likes a cold sandwich at lunchtime, which is why you can opt for this super delicious ham and swiss sandwich, and whilst it might not appear on the menu board at your local Arby’s anymore, you can still ask for it at the counter, and the staff will make it for you with no issues. 

The best thing about this sandwich is that whilst it’s relatively simple, which might not be satisfying enough for some people, but at just 300 calories, if you’re on a diet it might soon become your go to lunch option. 

10. Turkey Club Wrap

Wraps are a great way of still having some carbs in your diet without excluding them completely, but they’re still extremely fulfilling, and make such a great lunch option! 

Loaded up with red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, mild cheddar, and of course, super succulent and juicy turkey, alongside some delicious honey mustard too, which ensures that these wraps are absolutely packed with flavor for your lunchtime. 

This wrap contains 660 calories, so you can be sure that it’s super fulfilling and will keep you going all day long. 

11. Sliders

If you’re looking for a light snack for your lunchtime meal, then you should definitely pick some of the Arby’s sliders!

These allow you to choose from some of the more indulgent options from Arby’s menus, so whether you decide to choose their roast beef and jalapeno slider, or their buffalo chicken slider, then these will certainly make for great lunch snacks.  

You also don’t have to worry about the calories on the sliders too, with none of the sliders exceeding 300 calories, so you can eat these without too much of a worry as to the amount of calories you’re eating too! 

Things To Consider

There are some things you might want to consider when it comes to eating at Arby’s and trying to be healthy: 

  • Cheese and bacon might taste delicious, but removing it is a great way of cutting back on calories, sodium, and fat!
  • Cut back on fried food! Swap out your fries or curly fries for a side salad for less calories. 
  • Keep an eye on the sodium that each item has, especially if you’re trying to lower your sodium content. 

Final Words

There are some great options from Arby’s if you’re trying to eat healthy, just remember to cut back on the cheese and bacon! 

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