33 Awesome Almond Desserts

Almonds are the ideal component to any dessert because of their gentle sweetness and buttery texture. Although they don’t pack the same taste punch as peanuts, sweet almonds add a nutty, earthy flavor to our food.

33 Awesome Almond Desserts

You’ll need almond paste or almond extract if you want that flavor to stand out. There are numerous methods to incorporate almonds into your desserts, in order to make them the star of the show.

We have collected together 33 awesome almond desserts, which you should definitely consider making yourself!

1. Almond Biscotti

When dipped in coffee, the crunchy, twice-baked cookies known as biscotti will immediately soften. The original plan is to make them dry and a little crisp, so they will last longer.

Due to this, they are typically served with coffee in order to make the crumb softer and more tasty. However, avoid over mixing the dough and always allow it to rest before baking to ensure the proper texture.

The last bake should just be long enough for them to turn a light golden color. Anyone can make simple almond biscotti, no matter their baking experience.

2. Almond And Chocolate Florentine

Florentine’s are delicate, crispy biscuits that are typically baked with a mixture of honey, sugar, nuts, dried fruit, and nuts. Yet, you could add anything that you liked.

As the cookies cook, the caramelized bubbles form holes that resemble lace. Earning them the nickname “lace cookies.” Almonds add a fantastic nutty flavor which works well with the sweetness of the honey and sugar in the florentine.

Then chocolate balances out the sweetness overall. The heavy job is subsequently done by the oven, and they will be golden and wonderfully delicious in no time.

3. Mocha Almond Fudge

A chocolate lover’s dream—impossibly rich and creamy mocha almond fudge! This creamy fudge suits the rich mocha flavor perfectly. This is a fantastic no-bake recipe that makes wonderful holiday gifts.

Chocolate should be melted gently using a double boiler for a soft and rich fudge. Pour the smooth, melted fudge into a prepared pan and top with chopped almonds.

Set the mixture for 3 hours in the refrigerator and slice. It honestly couldn’t be easier to make! If you wanted, you could even add additional ingredients like dried fruit.

4. Thumbprint Cookies

Making a batch of these delicious raspberry and almond thumbprint cookies is a must for the holidays. They not only have a stunning appearance, but they are also the ideal balance of acidic, sweet, and nutty flavors.

Of course, apricot or strawberry jam can be substituted with raspberry jam with ease. Why not create a wide variety of flavors instead, making a plate of fruity rainbow colors. Also, this is a great excuse to get the kids helping you in the kitchen.

5. Almond Croissants

These quick croissants are a great substitute because creating true croissants can take a long time. These are quite fantastic, despite the fact that you don’t get nearly the same amount of buttery flakes and the outer shell isn’t quite as crunchy.

Although they are still a joy to consume. To give the croissants a truly nutty almond flavor, you’ll need almond paste.

Even though you may just eat these croissants plain, you could also add some fruit jam or dark chocolate to give them a wonderful filling. Your homemade croissants will be a hit when you serve them.

6. Paleo Almond Coffee Cake

This delicious, gluten-free, paleo coffee cake is ideal for you if you’re trying to liven up your morning routine. This cake won’t rise as much as a conventional cake because you’ll be using almond flour.

However, because of the artificial sweetener, it remains fluffy and moist. Even without any sugar. You’ll adore the delicate crumb of the cake, while the icing is a must-try.

Due to its mild sweetness, this cake is excellent for breakfast. Try using an egg substitute to make this recipe vegan.

7. Almond Joy Cookies

It’s not necessary to constantly dip a chilled mixture of coconut and almonds in a large bowl of molten chocolate when making Almond Joys at home. This dish serves as evidence that the same outstanding flavors can be achieved in only half the time.

It’s much simpler to add chocolate chips to the mixture than to attempt to completely cover it in chocolate. Yet, it still provides the same rich and creamy flavor that you are used to.

8. Strawberry Almond Buckle

The way the cake batter rises and “buckles” around the fruit gives this recipe its name. Although the cake batter is much lighter, it is very similar to a fruit cobbler.

Due to the almond meal, the crumb will be a little denser than in the coffee cake recipe above. Only this recipe is a little bit lighter because it also calls for flour. It tastes fantastic when eaten warm alongside a drizzle of honey or a spoonful of ice cream.

9. Cranberry Almond Apple Pie

Add exciting ingredients like acidic cranberries and the smooth, sweet flavor of almond to liven up classic apple pie. The flavors from the apples and cranberries are greatly enhanced by the spices you add.

While almond paste enables the flavors to meld well with one another. Overall, this pie is really straightforward, yet it is packed with strong flavors that go nicely together.

All of your guests will be wowed by the vibrant colors of the filling and your lattice pie topping when you serve this pie at a dinner party.

10. Almond Butter Cups

Why not make these almond variants if someone has a peanut allergy? These are extremely decadent and creamy butter cups. The fact that only 5 ingredients are needed to make this dessert makes it even better.

You are instructed to place your almond mixture in the center of your melted chocolate case in the recipe.

Although, we would advise setting the chocolate outer case before adding the filling. This keeps your layers and makes the inside of the cups look more stunning when bitten into.

11. Fresh Cherry Almond Cake

Fresh fruit and a simple, plain sponge are the main ingredients in many European desserts. They allow the ingredients to speak for themselves. They are quite refreshing rather than being too sweet and topped with frosting.

With this French recipe, you can create a delicious almond cake with an incredibly light and moist texture. For optimal tenderness, it utilizes Greek yogurt, however sour cream would also work. This cake will be ready for consumption in less than an hour.

12. Glazed Almond Cookies

These cookies are incredibly soft, buttery, and exquisitely delicate even without the icing. Even without the additional nuts on top, you can taste the mild but potent almond flavoring.

Almond extract, water, and powdered sugar are the only ingredients in the glaze. You decide how thick or thin you want this glaze to be. Make this dessert with your children, as it is easy and fun.

13. Swedish Almond Tart

Along with their obsession with warming spices, the Swedes also adore almonds. You will absolutely adore this tiny tart, despite its simplicity.

To add even more nutty taste, you might prepare the tart crust, which is completely buttery, with ground almonds. Soft and cookie-like sweet almond paste acts as the filling.

Then almonds that have been caramelized are then sprinkled on top to give the dish a delicious and crunchy finish.

As a result, there are almonds in this incredibly delicious dessert in every direction. It is really simple to make and will be ready to be enjoyed in only 45 minutes!

14. Butter Almond English Toffee

The primary distinction between caramel and toffee is that the latter lacks cream and is prepared at a higher temperature. This is to ensure a good set.

When properly prepared, toffee has a richer flavor that almost tastes bitter and sets hard. This is a great flavor to pair almonds with. However, you’ll need to add baking soda to prevent it from sitting too hard.

You’ll be shocked at how quickly sugar can turn from amber to black in this situation. Therefore, it’s preferable to use a candy thermometer in this recipe because the temperature is so important.

15. Sicilian Almond Brittle

This particular sweet dish is quite well-liked in Spain and Italy. As it frequently contains dried fruits and nuts. Nuts and sugar are simply cooked to make them brittle.

The sugar must be cooked slowly and patiently because it must be left alone until it hits the proper temperature. If you stir it, you run the risk of sugar crystals forming.

Additionally, keep in mind that the sugar will start to solidify as soon as the almonds are added because the temperature will drop. Thus, prepare everything beforehand, then move as quickly and safely as you can.

16. Lemon Almond Muffins

Lemons and almonds pair well together, much like almonds and sour raspberries do. With the mildly nutty flavor of the almonds, the tangy fresh flavor of lemons is exactly what you need.

This muffin recipe is quite conventional, but you could easily change it by using dried fruits, chocolate chips, or orange zest.

One thing to keep in mind is that without the lemon glaze, these don’t have a very distinct lemon flavor. You must add the icing on top to enjoy the sourness.

17. Almendrados

In contrast to the abundance of almond trees in Alicante, Spain, where very little wheat is farmed, many of the region’s traditional pastries substitute flour with ground almonds.

These flourless cookies have a deliciously nutty flavor thanks to the almond base. You will add the severed yolks after whipping the egg whites to firm peaks. This will ensure a cookie that tastes extremely rich.

These cookies make wonderful gifts for friends and family throughout the holidays. They have a simple, rich and nutty flavor that pairs well with a good cup of coffee.

18. Italian Pear Almond Cake

Another delicious European fruit cake is presented here. This dessert is brimming with pear flavor. Unlike the cherry version listed above, which only includes a few cherries scattered over the top.

Every mouthful you can enjoy a sweet juicy pear with a nutty sponge base. Prior to cutting the fruit in half and removing the core, remember to peel it.

The cake batter is then placed on top of your peeled and cored pears. Then everything is baked for around 35 minutes. Since it is so moist, this cake is ideal for eating any time of the day.

19. Raspberry Almond Blondies

There’s no denying how good these blondies look thanks to the bright raspberries and slivered almonds on top. The oven makes them beautifully golden and crunchy, and frying or toasting the nuts enhances their flavor.

This would be a great recipe to include some almond paste because blondies are supposed to be rich and chewy. Slice the blondies into pieces and sprinkle the raspberries on top.

It will continue to be soft while still stiff enough to keep its shape and adds another layer of texture.

20. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Brownies

These brownies with almond butter will become one of your new go-to brownies to make. You might want to grab a spoon and go into the baking dish before they are even cool. Since they are so fudgy and gooey.

The nicest part about these, is that they contain no flour at all and still maintain an excellent crust while remaining perfectly melted in the middle.

Coconut flour is combined with almond butter to create a fluffier texture that falls between cakey and chewy brownies.

These can also be made vegan-friendly by using flax eggs in their place, which will also assist to provide extra fudginess to the center. Overall, it is a win-win situation.

21. Coconut Almond Cookies

The comparatively mild, nutty flavors of coconut and almond go surprisingly well together. We’re confident that you’ll adore these straightforward little sweets if you enjoy Almond Joys.

These have a pleasant crispy edge, but the inside is delightfully chewy. The flavor is perfect due to the almond flour and extract.

Although there is a small drizzle of chocolate on these cookies, it does lend a special touch. Just be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the almond and coconut flavors will be overwhelmed by the bitter chocolate.

22. No-Churn, Dairy-Free Creamy Almond Butter Ice Cream

All you need to do is blend dates, dairy-free milk, almond butter, salt, and vanilla and almond extract together. This will create a wonderfully silky, ultra-creamy ice cream.

Add any enjoyable extras, such as more nuts or chocolate chips, until it is all smooth and uniform. Since this isn’t a typical ice cream recipe, you might want to try adding a little rum or vodka to the mixture to avoid any ice crystals from forming.

Although you won’t taste it, and it won’t be enough to prevent you from giving it to children. The alcohol will prevent the mixture from freezing solid, giving you a softer finish.

23. Almond Shortbread Cookies

Cookies made with shortbread are such a classy and elegant dessert. Although the buttery foundation is fantastic on its own, it’s quite simple to add even more texture and flavor with almonds.

Both almond essence and ground almonds should be added to the dough to give these an almond flavor. Almond meal, which is normally extremely light in color and won’t change how the shortbread looks, can be used.

Alternately, you may toast and ground your own whole almonds, providing the finished cookie with a nice color contrast. These are simple cookies, but are great as a snack. Or you could even give them as gifts!

24. Almond Rhubarb Muffins With Almond Streusel Topping

To soothe your rhubarb cravings this fall, you’re going to adore these soft and moist almond rhubarb muffins with almond streusel. The muffins are soft, sweet, and unbelievably moist.

If the batter feels different from regular muffin batter, don’t be worried. Since the base is creamed butter and sugar, the batter isn’t runny or lumpy like it is in many other muffin recipes. This results in a rich, airy, and fluffy batter.

The sweetness of these muffins and the streusel are the ideal contrast to the tart, somewhat sour rhubarb. However, cranberries, sour cherries, or any sour fruit would also pair nicely with the almond muffins if you don’t have any rhubarb on hand.

25. Dark Chocolate Almond Rocks

There are just two ingredients required for this recipe: chocolate and almonds. Making it the simplest dessert on this list. Toasting the almonds help release natural oils and bring out the sweet almond flavor.

Then, all that’s left to do is combine the two while the chocolate is still liquid, coating the almonds completely.

If you want to liven them up, you could also stir in some caramel chunks and some sea salt. You can easily alter this recipe to add more ingredients or leave them as they are.

26. Mexican Wedding Cookies

These delicate, nutty cookies are typically presented during weddings. However, you could prepare them all year round because they are so delicious.

Essentially, these are shortbread cookies made with ground almonds. You must slice the nuts rather finely because shortbread is so crumbly. Otherwise, these won’t maintain their shape.

Why not roast your almonds for a deeper color and more flavor. Also, try shaping the dough around a Hershey’s Kiss for an added bonus. It will melt, but it will remain buried in the center, creating a wonderful, velvety surprise.

27. Almond Macaroons

Despite not being as well-known as coconut macaroons, almond macaroons are just as soft, chewy, and easy to make. The secret to making these soft is to mix the dough very gently.

Then leave it a good two hours to set in the refrigerator. Before baking, roll the dough in powdered sugar. Then slightly push down on each macaroon to create that fantastic cracked look.

As you can see, making these macaroons is much simpler than you might expect. When you offer these delicious almond macaroons as dessert, you may wow everyone at the table.

28. Almond Roca Bars

It’s preferable to use almond extract in this recipe, as it can match the other strong flavors used, such as the rich chocolate. In this instance, the chocolate toppings help you to achieve the right balance of sweetness and richness from the almonds.

Creating these Roca bars using brown butter will amaze you if you’ve got the time. The extra time is worthwhile for the brown butter. This is because of the nutty flavor and richer color it adds.

29. Almond Joy Chocolate And Coconut Ice Cream

You won’t need an ice cream maker or hours of your time to prepare this homemade ice cream. Instead, you’ll just purchase high-quality vanilla ice cream and, once it’s soft enough to mix, add sweetened coconut flakes and bittersweet chocolate.

Each bite will be the perfect balance of sweet coconut, cool vanilla and rich chocolate. Add the chocolate sauce last, stirring just long enough to create a pretty swirl.

Over-mixing will cause the entire mixture to turn brown. Kids will love the look of these ice creams.

30. Pumpkin Bread With Almond Streusel

A buttery almond streusel is placed on top of this incredibly moist pumpkin bread. Perfect for the fall or any other season you choose to make it for.

Warming spices like cinnamon and ginger are abundant in pumpkin bread, making it extremely comforting to consume. The bread is then covered with an almond topping that is sweet and crunchy and goes perfectly with the moist bread.

It will take little over an hour to prepare the pumpkin bread and almond streusel topping. However, you must taste this delicious fall-inspired dessert for yourself.

31. Swedish Almond And Cardamom Mini Cakes

Cardamom is a popular spice used in Sweden together with mild spices and almonds. Everywhere you go, you can find these cardamom buns all year long. This is because it has a slight licorice flavor, which is their favorite sweet.

These tiny cakes are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Since they are delicate, extremely moist, and dusted with sugar and cardamom. Every bite of these delicate and delectable sweets has a taste of almond and cardamom.

32. Coconut Almond Bars

These amazing bars are made with corn syrup and condensed milk. Which gives them the same kind of ooey, rich consistency as a pecan pie. These will resemble seven-layer cookie bars if you’ve ever made those.

It begins with a baked almond cookie and brown sugar base. To make the gooey filling, add condensed milk, toasted coconut, and almond extract over top.

Finally, while it’s still hot, sprinkle on the caramel, chocolate chips, and sliced almonds. This dessert is a real treat that all the family is going to enjoy!

33. Homemade Almond Jello

You must try almond jello, even if you haven’t heard of it or eaten any before. This traditional Chinese dessert is frequently offered alongside a fruit cocktail.

The luscious fruits pair perfectly with the creamy almond flavors, and you can use whatever combination you like. Just bear in mind that four teaspoons of strong almond extract can be overwhelming for some people.

You don’t want to overdo it and produce an overwhelming flavor. It is better to start with just 2 teaspoons and judge the flavor from there on whether you need any more.


Almonds are a great flavor to add to your baking. It can be used in various ways as in almond flour, almond paste, fresh almond or almond essence. When you use almond in a dessert, it adds a perfect nutty and sweet flavor to your dish.

We hope you have found this article interesting. You have now been given 33 awesome almond desserts that we believe you need to try yourself. We hope at least one almond dessert has sparked your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Flavors Go Well With Almond?

While almond by itself is pretty tasty, almond is a great flavor to be used alongside other ingredients. Some of these include fruity flavors such as raspberries, plums, peaches, strawberries.

However, due to almonds having quite a sweet flavor, this is a great ingredient to use alongside anything that is quite sour. Such as lemons or cranberries or bitter chocolate. Almonds can offer a great balance to those flavors.

Can You Use Almonds Instead Of Sugar?

When making any dessert with sugar, you could always use ground almonds instead. This will still provide you desserts with a moist and soft texture, yet with much less sugar being added.

In addition to this, using almond flour is much better for diabetics, who are watching what they are eating.

How Long Do Fresh Almonds Last?

Once you open the packet, fresh almonds can last around 2 weeks as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place. It is best to consult the information on the almond’s packing.

Furthermore, you can store your fresh almonds in the fridge for up to 2 months. This will help prolong their life even more, if you aren’t going to use them quickly enough.

All almond products will have information on how long they will last after opening. It is important to read the packing to ensure they are stored correctly to prolong their shelf life as long as possible.

33 Awesome Almond Desserts

33 Awesome Almond Desserts

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What types of desserts can you make using almond? Keep reading to discover 33 awesome almond desserts that you definitely should try yourself!

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