What To Serve With A Bowl Of Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is such a warm and comforting meal to have during the colder months. It’s so simple yet delicious. When a bowl of soup just isn’t enough, you might be tempted to quickly butter a slice of bread and serve it on the side. 

What To Serve With A Bowl Of Tomato Soup

Stop! There are so many other options out there. Here are 14 suggestions on what to eat with your next bowl of tasty tomato soup.

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nothing beats a good grilled cheese sandwich. Serving soup and a sandwich is an American tradition and one you need to get right. The perfect sandwich is crispy on the outside and plenty warm and gooey on the inside. 

Don’t worry if you lack a fancy grilling machine, this recipe means you can prepare the sandwich on the hob and keep an eye out for burning toast. We love this recipe because it uses THREE types of cheese! Yes, three different kinds of cheese in one sandwich. 

Dunk it, pull it apart, or eat it in between mouthfuls of soup. There is no wrong way to enjoy grilled cheese with your soup. 

2. Homemade Potato Chips

Potato chips are healthy if they are homemade, right? Maybe not healthy, but they certainly are much lower in fat when you make them yourself. Baking them in the oven still produces that crunchy, crispy texture that you want and is much healthier than deep frying. 

Alter the recipe to suit your tastes with some herbs and spices, here a pinch of salt is the only seasoning but paprika and black pepper will step it up a notch. You’ll only need a few ingredients to whip up this side dish before plunging into your hot tasty soup. 

3. Mozzarella Sticks

Making mozzarella sticks yourself may sound like a mammoth task, but it’s actually very easy! They also make for the perfect dipping utensil for your soup. Who needs a spoon when you have mozzarella sticks?

A simple bread crumb mix is created with a few pieces of stale bread (or not so stale), before adding some seasonings such as garlic salt. You will need a deep pan if you don’t own a deep-fat fryer. A healthier alternative would be to use an air fryer. 

4. Croutons

Croutons are an underrated and often overlooked addition to a simple tomato soup. It’s a great way to reduce food waste as leftover bread makes for perfect croutons. They are super quick and easy to make which makes them ideal to make whilst heating up the soup. 

These croutons can be made with any kind of bread. Drizzle olive oil over the chunks of sliced bread, season, and bake. Once cooked, drop a bunch in your soup or serve them on a side plate to eat at your leisure. 

5. Zucchini Rounds

Zucchini rounds baked to perfection and sprinkled with some tasty parmesan cheese are so delicious. They can be served as their own snack, but also complement a hearty tomato soup. We already know that cheese makes everything better, but so does zucchini. 

Season with your favorite herbs and spices such as salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder to enhance the flavors of the vegetable. 

This is a great option for any gluten-intolerant people or those on a low-carb diet. Bread doesn’t always have to be served on the side of soup! 

6. Roast Potatoes

Roasted potatoes with tomato soup may sound strange, but it definitely works. Having a great roast potato recipe in your back pocket is also a plus, you never know when that important job will fall to you. 

Crushed garlic is the key to nailing this recipe. Make sure the garlic is super fresh for the best results. Although small red and white potatoes are used in this recipe, any kind of potato will work just as well but the cooking times may need to be adjusted. 

7. Grilled Ham And Cheese Sandwich

For those that want to add something a little meatier into this largely vegetarian affair, placing a few slices of ham into a grilled cheese is a great way to satisfy that craving. 

This is the ultimate grilled ham and cheese recipe, using a combination of Swiss cheese and grated parmesan there is a perfect tangy flavor that comes through. This is added with the help of a little Dijon mustard and some thinly sliced ham. 

8. Cornbread

If you have some leftover cornbread, make the most of it and serve it with your tomato soup for a nice and filling lunch. Perhaps you want to whip some up anyway and don’t know what to eat it with, well soup is a great option. 

The perfect cornbread is crispy on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside. Using this simple recipe, you can have fresh and warm cornbread in as little as 25 minutes. The ingredients used for this recipe are all pantry staples which makes it a quick and easy bake. 

9. Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy sweet potato fries are the perfect blend of sweet and salty. As they are baked they are much healthier than normal fries. For best results, try cutting them thinly at around a quarter of an inch wide as thick fries don’t crisp up as nicely. 

To make them even crispier, you can coat the sweet potato sticks in cornstarch and olive oil before baking them. Season the fries in anything you like, but we prefer some good old salt and pepper to keep things simple. 

10. Corn Tortilla Chips

Here is another recipe for our gluten-intolerant and low-carb friends. Corn tortillas are naturally gluten-free and still high in fiber which makes them a great alternative to the usual whole grains. 

Cutting up the tortillas into pizza-style slices and baking them is a great way to make healthy chips or the base for an awesome plate of nachos. Simply coat the slices in oil and season to your liking before baking until nice and crispy. 

They are ideal candidates for dipping and scooping that last little bit of soup from the bowl. 

11. Grain-free Flatbread

If you’re looking for a grain-free yet filling carb option, then never fear, grain-free flatbread is here! This recipe can be easily altered to become vegan and dairy-free which makes it suitable for a wide range of diets. 

Cooked and mashed butternut squash and sweet potato are used as the base of this flatbread, which is mixed with coconut flour. Any other flour alternative will do, this is just to help add that doughy texture to the dish. 

Egg and butter substitutes can be used here to create a vegan version. You may have to experiment with the egg substitute before getting the right texture of the flatbreads. 

12. Sweetcorn Fritters

This sweetcorn fritter recipe comes with a side of avocado salsa, this is optional in the context of serving with tomato soup but it probably tastes great. 

The fritters can easily be made with frozen or fresh corn and when cooked have a delightfully crispy outside with a surprisingly fiery kick on the inside. The amount of chili you use can be adjusted to suit how much heat you can handle. 

These are healthy snacks that can be dunked into your soup or enjoyed on the side. For a gluten-free alternative, swap out the plain flour for coconut or almond flour. 

13. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are full of protein and can be served with almost anything! If you’re looking for something low in carbs and high in protein to serve along with your tomato soup then hard-boiled eggs are an ideal substitute for bread. 

They might seem like a plain and unappealing option at first, but it’s important to season your eggs once they are cooked. When the eggs are cooked, cut them in half on a plate and season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little paprika. 

Other seasonings that can work on the eggs include chili flakes, cayenne pepper, or an Italian seasoning blend. It’s simple yet effective. 

14. Roasted Vegetable Platter

A roasted vegetable platter is really on-theme with a nice warming tomato soup. This recipe is naturally dairy-free and vegan so it can be enjoyed by all. The more colorful your plate of vegetables, the healthier the plate is for you.

Here vegetables such as asparagus, bell peppers, red onions, sweet potato, tomatoes, and zucchini are used. Our top tip is to use vegetables that are currently in season as they will taste much better and delicious food starts with using quality ingredients. 

 A chimichurri sauce is served alongside this vegetable platter, but this is a suggestion and doesn’t have to be made to go with tomato soup. 

Season your chosen vegetables with salt, pepper, and garnishes such as fresh oregano or basil. Dip these crunchy vegetable sticks into your soup and enjoy! 


There you have it! All the best alternative side dishes to serve with tomato soup other than a plain slice of bread. Some may not seem conventional, but they sure taste great. 

What To Serve With A Bowl Of Tomato Soup

What To Serve With A Bowl Of Tomato Soup

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