23 Tofu Dessert Recipes To Steal The Show

Usually thought of as something to add to savory dishes, tofu is a versatile ingredient that can be used in so many dishes. Often used as protein in numerous recipes, many people don’t realize that tofu can also be used in desserts!

When we consider the smooth and creamy texture of tofu, it’s no surprise that it can work wonders in desserts. Best of all, it still provides a great deal of protein, even in the sweetest of dishes.

23 Tofu Dessert Recipes To Steal The Show

As well as being a great source of protein, tofu is also loaded with magnesium, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and calcium. So, not only is it a tasty ingredient to add to various recipes but it is also supremely healthy!

If you’re looking to jazz up your dessert options, you should try out our selection of delicious tofu desserts below! We have chosen 23 of our favorite dessert dishes with recipes for you to try at home.

Let’s get down to it! 

1. Baked Dessert Tofu With Black Currants, Raspberries, & Blueberries

We start with one of the tastiest tofu desserts out there. This baked dessert tofu with black currants, raspberries, and blueberries is a sight to behold, too.

It looks elegant enough to take pride of place on your mantelpiece with its beautiful floral design. But, one bite and you are met with a burst of flavors, including citrus, rose water, and vegan vanilla pudding. 

Creamy, decadent, and fruity – this dessert has everything you could wish for!

2. Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Somewhat like a French silk pie, this sumptuous vegan chocolate peanut butter pie is wonderfully smooth and incredibly silky. Every mouthful is a dream come true, and best of all, making it is a breeze!

With our four ingredients, including semi sweet vegan chocolate, you don’t have to spend loads and following the recipe is simple. The melted chocolate blends with the other ingredients until reaching a smooth texture.

This is then poured into the pie shell and stored in the refrigerator until it has chilled. Finish with a little cocoa powder and you have yourself a beautiful looking and beautiful tasting pie! 

3. Vegan Crème Brûlé

You can’t beat a classic Crème brûlée. Well, that is unless you add tofu to it! This magical dessert is a favorite worldwide. Placing your spoon into the caramelized sugar shell and scoping out a dollop of creamy custard is the stuff of dreams.

This vegan crème brûlée meets all the typical high standards of this iconic dessert. It is smooth and custard-like, but with an exquisite sugar crust that is crunchy with every bite.

As for its flavor, this crème brûlée is sweet, light, and a little tropical. In other words, it’s divine! 

4. Healthy Peanut Butter Pie

Sugar-free, loaded with protein, and every bite is majestic. You can’t get much better than this healthy peanut butter pie with tofu. This recipe is easy to make and is exceptionally decadent.

Tofu and soy milk are used to make this dessert pretty darn healthy and if there are any peanut butter fans in your household, this is the one for them! 

5. Chocolate Raspberry Tofu Pie

Sweet dreams are made of chocolate raspberry tofu pies. Okay, that lyric may not slip off the tongue but this dessert will certainly please your taste buds.

The combination of chocolate and raspberry is always a winner and this pie is the perfect example of just that.

This pie is wonderfully balanced with the fresh, bright flavor of the raspberries blending effortlessly with the richness of the chocolate. Want to indulge in some creamy goodness? This is the dessert for you. 

6. Vegan Pumpkin Pie

This recipe may not include tofu but you can easily substitute coconut cream for tofu. This is a fine example of a classic fall dessert that will satisfy your sweet cravings every time.

Add some silken tofu into the mix and you get the perfect binder that brings the spices and pumpkin together. 

7. Grapefruit Crème Brûlé

Looking for the perfect dessert to serve at an upcoming dinner party? This grapefruit crème Brulé is not only easy to make, but it doesn’t take long to prepare either (don’t tell your guests that, though!).

With the addition of a little citrus, this is a bright dessert, ideal for spring and/or summer. 

8. Vegan Chocolate Tofu Pudding

If you’re in need of a quick, small dessert that is delicious and easy to make, this vegan chocolate tofu pudding/mousse is worth a try. It is wonderfully sweet, creamy, and of course, chocolaty so adults and kids can enjoy it.

Place one in the kid’s lunchbox too and they’ll get a tasty surprise at school tomorrow! Best of all, this is one healthy dessert.

9. Tofu Banana Cream Pie

Just those words, “tofu banana cream pie” scream “EAT ME! EAT ME NOW!” With a graham cracker crust and a whipped topping, this dessert is dairy free and simply delicious.

The crust contains a little coconut which compliments the banana, coconut milk, and tofu. We also recommend adding a little flaked coconut on top, too for a perfect finish. 

10. Vegan Tofu Frosting

Okay, this may not be a tofu dessert in its own right but this vegan tofu frosting is perfect for adding on top of vegan cupcakes or cakes. Use it instead of cream cheese frosting for a sweet finishing touch.

Almost fat free, there is a hint of vanilla and lemon in this frosting adding a depth of flavor to your overall dessert. 

11. Strawberry Mousse

With only three ingredients – tofu, strawberries, and agave nectar – this tofu strawberry mousse is easy and fast to make.

It is a perfect dessert for the family to enjoy and can even be a hit at dinner parties, dairy free and full of protein, this vegan delight is one to try soon!

12. Vegan Lemon Tofu Cheesecake

Do you love citrus? If so, you HAVE to try this vegan lemon tofu cheesecake. It is tart, bright, and, of course, so delicious. Best of all, it is completely vegan so everyone can enjoy a piece!

Made with simple, whole ingredients, this cheesecake is healthy, as is its crust which is made with maple syrup and walnuts. We love the sweet, crunchy crust of this cake, especially alongside the airy, light filling. 

13. Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Another vegan dessert to rejoice in, these chocolate fudge brownies are completely egg free but that’s not where they excel. These brownies are incredibly moist, meaning they melt in the mouth every time.

Rather than using sugar, you use maple syrup, making the brownies healthier than others! For extra flavor, add some chopped walnuts. These will also provide some additional crunch, too. 

14. Matcha Tofu Cheesecake

Time for a no-bake cheesecake! Easy to make, this tofu dessert is sumptuous with a creamy texture, and earthy notes.

Its crust is perfectly buttery and sweet and with three tablespoons of matcha powder, you can expect this dessert to be pretty bright on the taste buds. 

15. Key Lime Cheesecake

Another opulent cake on our list, this key lime cheesecake has lemony flavors and the silken tofu melts in the mouth with every mouthful. It boasts a graham cracker crust, a tangy, light filling, and a whipped coconut topping.

Together, these all make a zesty tofu dessert fit for any one! 

16. Vegan Lemon Sugar Cookies

If you have ever tried making vegan tofu cookies before, then you would know that it can be quite challenging when trying to achieve the right consistency.

But, follow this recipe and you stand the best chance of making the best vegan cookies you will ever have!

The tofu offers a creamy, moist texture to the dough and don’t worry about any frosting afterward as these lemony gems require no frosting whatsoever. Just bake quickly to have alongside coffee or place on the dinner table for tonight.  

17. Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Full of protein and uber healthy, this silken tofu chocolate smoothie bowl will satisfy your sweet tooth every single time. We love this recipe as it allows you to be as creative as you wish.

Add whatever toppings you desire, such as nuts, fruits, or seeds and create a dessert for the ages. 

18. Maple Silk Crème With Baked Apples

You may have noticed silken tofu cropping up a few times on this list. This is basically the same as standard tofu but it tends to have a softer, creamer consistency.

In this maple silk crème with baked apples recipe, the tofu helps the dessert transform into a creamy bowl of heaven.

This dessert’s cream is mixed with cardamom, cinnamon, and maple syrup before being covered in apples that have been drenched in almond butter. All we have to say about this dessert is “WOW!”

19. Taho

You could easily mistake Taho for a drink but it is actually a creamy, sweet Filipino dessert. For those of you who enjoy parfaits or boba beverages, then this pudding is for you.

Made with layers of soft, creamy tofu, a brown sugar simple syrup, and sweet tapioca, this pudding takes a little time to make but the end result is something you can enjoy all day long, even for breakfast. 

20. Chocolate Banana Tofu Pudding

We love this quick and easy to make chocolate banana tofu pudding recipe. It is low in fat and low in calories, making it an excellent choice for those looking to keep off the pounds but still enjoy something sweet now and again.

You can layer the pudding with banana slices, too, as well as crushed nuts and crushed vegan vanilla wafers, to make it all that more decadent. 

21. Tofu Ice Cream

Ice cream – that classic dessert that just about everyone loves! And this tofu ice cream recipe is even okay for vegans to enjoy! Incredibly tasty, this ice cream may lack dairy but you won’t even notice.

It is sweet and creamy, just as you should expect from ice cream. And, for chocolate lovers out there, you can even make a chocolate version of this ice cream!

Add some cookies, fresh fruit, and different flavors into the mix and customize this ice cream into something you adore. 

22. Vegan Vietnamese Coffee Flan

There is a vegan version of just about everything now, including flan!

This coffee flan recipe is just as rich, creamy, and sweet as the original version and its hints of coffee provide the ideal amount of acid, helping to balance the overall flavor perfectly. 

23. Pear And Pecan Brownie

Healthy and tasty, this pear and pecan brownie recipe is free of any gluten and refined sugar. What it is full of is protein, which is down to the creamy silken tofu.

Indulge in this dessert and you may find that it will become your favorite vegan recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Tofu Dessert Healthy? 

Many people turn to tofu desserts simply because they are typically healthier and better for you than original recipes.

For instance, tofu pudding does not contain any cholesterol and many tofu desserts provide excellent sources of protein, iron, and calcium.

Some even contain isoflavones that have been shown to protect you against osteoporosis, some forms of cancer, and even heart disease. 

What Is The Most Healthy Method Of Eating Tofu?

The healthiest way of preparing tofu is to steam it. This doesn’t require any type of oil or sodium-based ingredients for additional flavor.

If you find your tofu breaks apart in a steamer, simply line the basket with parchment paper, and this should prevent this from occurring.

Can Tofu Make You Gassy?

Some tofu dishes can cause gas and bloating. Processed soy, such as tofu, can have estrogen-like effects on the body, causing possible bloating and increased gas. 

23 Tofu Dessert Recipes To Steal The Show

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No matter how you look at it, tofu is one of the most versatile ingredients out there. Read on to find some of the tastiest tofu desserts to try today!

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