18 Of The Best Taro Recipes To Make With The Root

Taro root is used by many different cultures to make many incredible dishes. As the name would suggest, it is a type of root vegetable that is native to Southeast Asia, and it is sometimes referred to as the “potato of the tropics”.

Taro root is very similar to a potato, but there are a few key differences. It is a great ingredient to use in recipes if you are looking to boost flavor and add mild sweetness to your dish.

18 Of The Best Taro Recipes To Make With The Root

If you’re curious about using taro root in your cooking, then you’ve come to the right place! We are going to take a look at 18 of the best taro recipes that you can make.

Each one is absolutely delicious and you will find yourself making them again and again!

1. Crispy Taro Fries (Baked, Fried, Or Air Fryer)

First on the list, we have these delicious crispy taro fries. Because taro root is quite similar to potatoes, you can make an amazing batch of fries out of them! They are a bit sweeter than potato fries, but they taste just as good!

The subtle sweetness adds a delicious depth of flavor you will absolutely love. You can bake, fry, or air fry these taro fries, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

2. Taro Ice Cream

Because taro root is quite sweet in taste, you can make so many sweet treats with it! This taro ice cream is absolutely to die for, and you will find yourself making it again and again.

This ice cream is super creamy and easy to make, and you only need 4 ingredients to bring it to life! This is one of those recipes you will definitely keep hold of once you’ve made it for the first time.

3. Cha Gio Chay (Vegetarian Spring Rolls)

If you are a fan of spring rolls then this is a recipe you are going to want to try! This is a completely vegetarian dish, but even if you eat meat, you will still enjoy them.

The filling is made up of taro root and cabbage, creating a nutty exterior that is complimented by the crispy rolls. These spring rolls are incredibly moreish, so don’t be surprised if you eat quite a few in one sitting!

4. Taro Cake

These taro cakes are extremely comforting and delicious. This is a savory dish that pairs beautifully with things like dim sum, but they are also really good by themselves.

The recipe might seem a bit intimidating because there are quite a few steps, but don’t let that put you off! Once you get going, you’ll find these taro cakes quite easy to make, and totally worth going through all of the steps!

5. Taro Fritters

If you love potato fritters, then you are going to absolutely love these taro fritters! They work fantastically as an appetizer or side dish, but they are also great if you’re in the mood for a savory snack.

They are similar in taste to potato fritters, but because they are taro, they have a subtle sweetness that really takes them to the next level. Did we mention that they are also completely gluten-free?

6. Taro With Coconut Milk

Coconut is arguably the best thing you can pair with taro, and once you try this dish, you will definitely want to eat it again!

You will be steaming the taro for this recipe and then you will add coconut cream and sugar to really bring it to life. This is an incredibly simple and comforting recipe that works fantastically as a dessert.

7. Mashed Taro

Pretty much everything you can do with potatoes, you can do with taro, so that means you can definitely mash them! Mashed taro is full of flavor, incredibly fluffy, and super comforting.

It’s both sweet and savory and pairs super well with any other foods, so you can enjoy it as much as you want. This is a simple recipe to follow and you will have no issues making it for yourself.

8. Homemade Taro Paste

Having a homemade taro paste recipe at the ready is really convenient because taro paste helps to thicken up other dishes and add flavor when you’re in a bit of a bind.

This recipe is super easy to make and you only need three ingredients to bring it to life. It can also be ready in just a few steps, so there’s absolutely nothing complicated about this recipe.

This taro paste is also freezer-friendly too, so you can make a big batch without worrying about it going to waste!

9. Taro Root Stew

If you’re looking for a recipe that is delicious, warm, and comforting, then this taro root stew is the perfect recipe for you.

It is inspired by Egyptian cooking and it is filled with delicious herbs and spices that really bring you comfort with every single bite.

The other ingredients in this stew will be soaked up by the starchy taro to create amazing flavors you won’t be able to get enough of.

10. Savory Roasted Taro

If you love roasted potatoes, then you are going to love this roasted taro! The taro is delicious and crispy on the outside and fluffy and creamy on the inside. This is one of those moreish recipes that you won’t be able to put down.

11. Fried Pork With Taro

This recipe is made up of pork riblets, cubed taro, scallions, and loads of garlic! It’s super hearty, filling, and comforting and you won’t be able to get enough of it.

The garlic pairs incredibly well with the sweet taro and the savory pork to create a dish that is absolutely bursting with flavor.

12. Sugar-Coated Taro Sticks

This is a great recipe to try if you’re in the mood for something indulgent! You will be deep-frying the taro and then coating them in sugar to make a sweet treat that the whole family will enjoy.

This is a super easy recipe to make and you can have a batch ready in just three steps!

13. Taro Milk Tea

This milk tea is incredibly creamy, sweet, and delicious! You will be using taro paste and taro powder in this recipe which you will combine with jasmine tea to create an incredible purple drink that looks just as good as it tastes!

14. Sweet & Savory Salted Egg Taro Dumplings

These egg taro dumplings are absolutely to die for! You will be taking a taro bun and remaking it into smaller, bite-sized buns before you pair it with buttery salted duck eggs and condensed milk to create this sensational dish!

15. Taro Chips

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious snack then you are going to love these taro chips! They are so easy to make and filled with delicious sweet and savory flavors that will make you want to eat them again and again.

16. Sweet Taro Buns

These sweet taro buns are incredibly light and filled with a delicious creamy taro root filling you will absolutely love. This recipe is super easy to make and is great if you’re looking for a sweet treat that is a little different!

17. Taro Coconut Snowy Mooncakes

This mooncake recipe is absolutely amazing. The mooncakes themselves are filled with a delicious, velvety taro and coconut mixture that you will absolutely love.

This recipe might seem complicated to make, but once you try it for yourself, you will have no problems making it.

18. Simple Arbi Fry

This dish is filled with delicious Indian spices to create a warm and hearty dish the whole family will love. It is 100% vegan and completely gluten-free, and tastes absolutely incredible!

Are There Any Japanese Appetizers That Include Taro as an Ingredient?

When it comes to the best japanese appetizers, one intriguing option is finding dishes that feature taro as an ingredient. This starchy root vegetable brings a rich and unique flavor to various culinary creations. From taro croquettes to taro sushi, these appetizers offer a delightful blend of textures and tastes that can satisfy any food enthusiast.


You will absolutely love taro root once you try it for yourself!

Each of these recipes is absolutely delicious and relatively straightforward to make, so even if you’ve never used taro root in your cooking before, you will have no trouble making it for yourself! Give these recipes a try and see which one is your favorite!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Best Way To Cook Taro Root?

The best way you can cook taro root is by boiling it. You will want to dice the taro and then add it to a large pot and cover it with water to fully submerge it.

Then, you will need to bring the taro to a boil and let simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until the taro is soft.

What Flavors Go Well With Taro Root?

The best thing that goes with taro root is actually coconut. However, it also works great with plain things such as yogurt, because it will bring out more flavor.

Do You Peel Taro Root Before Cooking?

You will need to peel the taro root before you cook it. It’s a simple process and all you need to do is trim the ends off and peel the rest with a vegetable peeler. Once you have finished peeling the taro root, don’t forget to rinse it and pat it dry.

18 Of The Best Taro Recipes To Make With The Root

18 Of The Best Taro Recipes To Make With The Root

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