13 Sweet Roulade Recipes You Should Try

If we’re being totally honest, it took us a long time to make a roulade for the first time.

Whether it be made out of meringue or sponge, roulades look extremely decadent, elegant, and complex. This gives the impression that they are hard to make.

13 Sweet Roulade Recipes You Should Try

However, once you know how, making a roulade is actually much easier than it looks. So much so, you should give it a try.

Sweet, vibrant, and mesmerizing, roulades are designed to impress. If you’re planning a party, you could make one to surprise your guests with. We know it can be hard to decide which type of roulade to make, but we’ve got you covered. 

To help you find the perfect roulade recipe, we’ve done the hard part for you and found 13 of the best. We’ve found the best roulades that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Raspberry Meringue Roulade

We’ll start with an absolute classic. The raspberry roulade is a popular type of roulade. It is much-loved for its super sweet flavors, awesome textures, and vibrant colors. Of course, we have the raspberries and meringue to thank for that.

A delicious summer roulade, this recipe covers the roulade in chocolate too for good measure. This gives the roulade added richness and decadence. 

This recipe shows you how to make everything from scratch so you will need patience. Trust us though, the end result is well worth the wait.

2. Strawberry Shortcake Roulade

Another amazing roulade recipe you can make throughout the summer is this strawberry shortcake roulade recipe from Mom On Time.

This elegant cake is made using a sponge instead of a meringue. It features a typical cake roll design and a super sweet flavor. The cake is light, fluffy, and moist, whilst the whipped cream and strawberry filling is creamy, rich, and sweet. 

We love how this recipe uses fresh strawberries as opposed to strawberry jam.

3. Traditional Jelly Roll Roulade

If you want to make something more simple and more traditional, give this traditional jelly roll roulade recipe a try instead. 

Quick and easy to make, this sponge roulade is fluffy, soft, sweet, and adaptable. It has a lovely spiral design and a simple, yet, charming appearance.

One underrated thing about this dessert is its airiness. This airiness makes it much easier to make a sponge that rises evenly.

You can use any jelly you like as a filling.

4. Lemon Meringue

Next up, we have a lemon meringue roulade that offers more of a zing. Bringing exotic flavors to your dining table, this lemon meringue is refreshing, sweet, and super tangy. On top of that, it has a ridiculously rich creamy filling.

In addition to the creamy filling, this meringue is loaded with lemon curd. The lemon curd complements the soft meringue shell perfectly. 

Every bite is full of immense flavor so why not give it a try?

5. Salted Caramel Roulade

Salted caramel roulades are easy to get wrong. They are prone to be made too sweet, rich, and sickly. Of all the recipes we’ve tried, this one is by far the best.

Perfectly rich and sweet, this roulade features a unique sweet and salty flavor. It consists of multiple layers of rich chocolate, lush caramel, and fluffy cream. 

This roulade recipe offers a great mix of textures too. The combination of the creamy filling, gooey caramel, and crunchy hazelnuts is divine.

6. Chocolate, Chestnut, And Cherry Roulade

If you’re keen to impress your guests at your next dinner party, you have to make this chocolate, chestnut, and cherry roulade. 

Wonderfully festive, this roulade combines the holiday flavors of chocolate and cherries with light chestnut cream.

This roulade tastes amazing, but its appearance arguably steals the show. Incredibly vibrant, there’s an elegance about this roulade. In fact, it looks almost too good to eat.

7. Strawberry And Passion Fruit Meringue Roulade

If you came here looking for a simple roulade recipe that is loaded with sweet flavors, you’ve found it! This strawberry and passion fruit roulade is about as easy as it gets. 

To be honest, we never thought about putting passion fruit in a roulade before, but boy does it work well. The passion fruit not only gives the roulade added zing, but it also offers a fantastic juicy texture. 

This combined with the crisp meringue and sweet fresh strawberries creates a taste sensation. 

8. Caramel Apple Roulade

This caramel apple roulade can be made in less than an hour. Better still, the recipe only calls for 10 basic ingredients. To make things easier, the ingredient list is split into four sections.

Those sections are sponge, filling, caramel buttercream, and topping. To make the sponge, you only need eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and plain flour. For the filling, you need cooking apples and muscovado sugar.

The buttercream can be made using butter, icing sugar, and caramel, whilst the topping is made using Carnation Caramel. The end result is a super sweet, rich, crunchy, and fluffy sponge roulade that looks great and tastes even better.

9. Chocolate Roulade

You can’t go wrong with a good chocolate roulade. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate?

The chocolate roulade recipe we have for you today is from famous British baker Mary Berry. Everything about this chocolate roulade is spectacular. It’s sweet, rich, light, and airy, just like any sponge roulade should be.

The rich chocolate sponge cake is covered in a sweet and smooth creamy filling. The roulade is then finished with powdered sugar and fresh fruit.

10. Candy Cane Roulade

In our opinion, this candy cane roulade recipe from Good Housekeeping is the best Christmas roulade you can make. Sugary, vibrant, and unique, this roulade will impress your friends and family.

The best thing about it has to be its uniqueness as this gives you the chance to make something nobody else in your family has before. 

A real showstopper, this bright pink roulade has a creamy filling and a wonderful candy cane topping. This topping gives the roulade a much-needed crunch.

11. Chocolate Yule Log

If you’d prefer to go a bit more classic with your roulade this Christmas, look no further than this chocolate yule log recipe. 

Made using just 12 ingredients, this sponge cake dessert is loaded with great textures and rich flavors. For obvious reasons, chocolate is the stand-out ingredient in this recipe. It is both rich, and sweet, without being too much.

To balance out the sweetness of the chocolate, the roulade is filled with a creamy filling. If you love a boozy Christmas dessert don’t be afraid to add some Bailey’s too.

12. Mandarin Orange Roulade

There is a wide range of tasty desserts and dishes that call for mandarin oranges but none of them are as good as this mandarin orange roulade.

Featuring an airy sponge cake layered with a creamy, rich filling, every bite of this roulade is bursting with citrus flavors. We have the mandarin sugared peel topping to thank for that.

This bright and zesty fruit gives the roulade an upbeat feeling, making it a great way to end a big meal. This is another roulade that looks too good to eat.

13. Chocolate Coffee Roulade

Last but not least, we have a scrumptious chocolate coffee roulade recipe from Delicious Magazine. 

This is one of the best roulades you can serve at brunch or after a sweet main course. This roulade might have a rich, sweet flavor as a result of the chocolate, but it also has a strong coffee flavor.

We have the espresso coffee powder to thank for that. To match the strong flavors in this cake, rich dark chocolate is used too. This creates a seriously strong roulade.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Do Roulades Fall Apart?

The most common reason a roulade falls apart is that it isn’t cooked. If you underbake your roulade, it will be far too moist and sticky. It will then fall apart as you roll it.

What Is The Difference Between Roulade And Swiss Roll?

A Swiss roll is a rolled sponge cake packed with jam and whipped cream. A roulade is a sponge or meringue rolled into a cylinder. Whilst both desserts seem the same, there is one key difference.

The main difference between the two is that roulade can be sweet and savory. Swiss roll on the other hand can only be sweet.

How Long Does Roulade Last?

Once baked, your roulade can be kept in a refrigerator for up to three days. After that, it should be thrown out. Don’t worry though, there’s no chance your roulade will last three days. In fact, it would be lucky to last one day.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from our list, there is a wide range of quick and relatively easy roulade recipes we can make. You don’t have to be a roulade expert to make a delicious dessert. In fact, roulades are up there with some of the easiest desserts we can make.

In this post, we looked at 13 roulade recipes. After making your way through this list, you should now have a good idea of what you can make. All you have to do now is decide which roulade to make first.

Good luck!

13 Sweet Roulade Recipes You Should Try

13 Sweet Roulade Recipes You Should Try

Recipe by Jenna

Roulades may be a decadent-looking dessert but they’re actually quite easy to make. In this post, we look at 13 sweet roulade recipes you should try at home.

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