13 Delicious Soups You’ll Come Across In Spain

There’s nothing like a comforting bowl of soup to brighten your day. Soups are also a great way to ensure you get enough veggies and nutrients in your diet. 

The Spanish are known for their delicious and flavorful foods, and their soups are no exception! 

13 Delicious Soups You’ll Come Across In Spain

From cold refreshing soups to warm, comforting stews, this article is going to provide you with 10 of the best soups you can find in Spain. 

We’ll also be providing you with the recipes so that you can recreate them yourself at home! 

1. Gazpacho

Of course, we couldn’t begin this list without the classic Gazpacho! This is a cold soup that requires no cooking and is very simple to make. 

All you need are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, sherry vinegar, onion, garlic, and salt. 

Simply chop up all of your fresh vegetables and place everything in a blender. Blend until smooth, and you’ll have created the yummiest Gazpacho ever! 

2. Salmorejo

Salmorejo is also a cold soup that is similar to Gazpacho, but it is creamier and thicker. This soup is even easier to make than Gazpacho, as it only uses fresh tomatoes, garlic, bread, sherry vinegar, and olive oil. 

The traditional way to consume this soup is to add some chopped-up bits of a hard-boiled egg and some cured Spanish ham.

These flavors work very well with the cold soup, and it is a perfect option for a warm, summer’s day. 

3. Sopa De Picadillo

Sopa de picadillo is said to cure all, so it is normally consumed in the winter.

It is a very comforting soup that is made with a clear broth, along with some chopped Spanish ham, chopped hard-boiled egg, and occasionally some crushed vermicelli. 

Some variations also add chickpeas to it and sherry, introducing more of an interesting flavor to the entire dish. 

4. Puchero

While this is more of a stew than a soup, it still deserves a place on this list. This is a Valencian stew that is perfect on a cold winter’s evening.

It consists of various types of meat, bones, and vegetables, and also contains legumes and potatoes. 

This is a dish that is found all over Spain and varies from region to region, and some areas add sausages to it. 

Traditionally, puchero is made with broth from several different types of meat and vegetables and is served on its own, or with some rice or noodles. 

This is then followed by a large plate that contains all the meat and veggies which is placed at the center of the table for all members of the family to dig in and enjoy. 

You simply can’t go wrong with this healthy and comforting meal. 

5. Spanish Garlic Soup (Sopa De Ajo)

Garlic is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, so making an entire soup of it will provide you with a pot that can cure absolutely anything! 

This soup only takes 15 minutes to create from start to finish. Simply sauté some garlic with olive oil, and add some salt and wine, paprika, and chicken stock. 

In a separate bowl, beat two eggs together, add them to the soup mixture and continue to cook. 

Serve the soup with some croutons, and enjoy when you need some warming up from the inside out. 

6. Spanish Bean Soup (Garbanzo Bean Soup)

This soup is filled with hearty flavors and contains garbanzo beans, potatoes, and sausage. 

Some variations also make it with chorizo and ham, but this recipe will have you using sausage.

It’s a great recipe to leave in your crock pot all day, allowing the delicious smells to make their way through your home and getting you excited for dinner time. 

7. Traditional Spanish Rice Soup

A delicious, traditional soup that is put together in just 40 minutes is this Spanish rice soup. It can sometimes be hard to feel full after a meal of soup, but as this one contains rice, it is perfectly substantial as a full meal. 

This soup is topped off with some chopped-up pieces of hard-boiled egg, which adds a substantial amount of protein to the entire meal.

8. Spanish Chorizo Soup

Chorizo is a key ingredient when it comes to Spanish cooking, and this chorizo soup is a favorite in the Andalusian region of Spain. 

Once you’ve made this pot of warm once, it’ll become a classic recipe you whip out every single winter. 

It also includes lentils, making it a very nutritious and substantial meal during the winter. 

Begin by soaking your lentils for around 30 minutes, and set them aside after draining. Then, fry off the chorizo, and once it’s browned, add in the onion garlic, parsley, and salt. 

Cover the pot and allow everything to keep cooking, before adding the water and allowing it to simmer. 

Once cooked, serve in your favorite bowl, and enjoy!

9. Spanish Seafood Soup (Sopa De Mariscos)

This seafood soup is one of Spain’s most popular dishes. It only takes 45 minutes to make from start to finish, and it is filled with layer upon layer of delicious flavors. 

It is the perfect dish to dig into next to a delicious bottle of Spanish wine and makes for the perfect light lunch or dinner. 

All you need to do is fry all the different kinds of fish you are using along with some onions and peppers.

Mix this all together with spices and herbs such as paprika and thyme, and add some white wine and tomato sauce. 

After this has cooked for around 10 minutes, you are going to add some fish broth in order to elevate the taste and allow this to boil and thicken up. 

Once cooked, serve on some bowls and break off some fresh bread for dipping, and enjoy!

10. Caldo Gallego

This hearty dish originates in Galicia and consists of a broth along with collard greens, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, white beans, lard, ham, bacon, and chorizo. 

It is an affordable soup to make and was originally associated with Spanish farmers who used to make it with their own produce. 

11. Spanish Potaje

This Spanish Potaje is one of the most comforting stews you will ever try. It originates in a town named Baza, which is in the province of Granada in the southern region of Spain. 

In order to create it, you’ll need some Spanish chickpeas, and they’ll need to be soaked for 24 hours beforehand, and boiled for 2 to 4 hours after that. 

What makes this stew so scrumptious, is the thickener that is used. It is made with garlic, some slices of baguette, and a fried egg. As well as making the stew thicker, this adds an incredible taste to it! 

12. Spanish Potato And Chorizo Soup

Perfect for a rainy evening, this soup combines chorizo, potatoes, and a little bit of bacon in a delicious pot of warm goodness. 

The chorizo and added paprika give this dish a little bit of a kick, which works wonders for anyone whose experiencing a winter cold! 

This is perfect when paired with some fresh baguette and some butter, so you can dip it into the soup for some added texture. 

13. Spanish Cold Tomato Soup (Porra Antequerana)

Although this cold soup is not as well-known as Gazpacho or Salmorejo, it is still a very delicious option that is often consumed during the summer months. 

It originates in Antequera, which is a little town in Malaga and is made with bread, tomatoes, garlic, green and red peppers, apple cider vinegar, and salt. 

While it does contain many of the same ingredients as Gazpacho and Salmorejo, this soup is much thicker, making it more of a substantial meal. 

It is often served with bread or tortilla chips for an extra crunch. Occasionally, chopped green peppers are sprinkled on top to give it more consistency. 

Final Thoughts 

In summary, Spain has some delicious soups to offer. From comforting warm dishes to light and refreshing soaps, they offer something that you can gobble up no matter what the season. 

All of these soups are made with just a few simple ingredients that you are likely to have in your fridge already. They are also very simple to whip up, with many being able to be created in under half an hour. 

Bring the flavors of Spain to your home kitchen by recreating one of these delicious recipes. Once you try one, it’ll become a staple in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Spain’s Most Famous Soup? 

The most famous soup in Spain is Gazpacho. Its origins lie in Andalusia, where most olive oil and vegetable gardens are. 

When visiting Spain, you’ll notice that practically every bar and restaurant you step foot into serves this soup throughout the summer. 

It is also a very common staple item that many households keep in their fridge to slurp up when it’s warm outside. It’s normally eaten alongside a larger meal, or on its own as a light snack. 

13 Delicious Soups You’ll Come Across In Spain

13 Delicious Soups You’ll Come Across In Spain

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