33 Amazing Slow Cooker Desserts

If you’ve ever had a slow cooker dessert before, then you’ll know how deliciously moist and tender they are. When it comes to making a luxurious dessert item, your slow cooker is your best friend.

Although they might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, the taste and texture is absolutely unbeatable.

33 Amazing Slow Cooker Desserts

Perfect for making weeknight desserts for you and your family, these slow cooker desserts are the best on the whole internet.

To find some amazing recipes that you can whip up today, simply keep reading, as we take a look below.

1. Applesauce Spice Cake

If you want to get into the Autumn spirit, then you simply need to try this applesauce spice cake. It’s perfect for when you’re looking for a cozy and warming cake to make for fall.

You can easily whip up this cake whilst you’re in the midst of making dinner, as it’s an incredibly low maintenance recipe.

This recipe also shows you how to make your own homemade applesauce to add to the cake if you desire. We think that this cake is the perfect one for settling down on the porch with a warm cup of coffee.

2. Crockpot Caramel Chocolate Cake

Have you ever heard of anything more decadent than caramel and chocolate cake? We certainly haven’t. This cake is deliciously gooey and warm, and tastes best when it’s just been taken out of the slow cooker.

The caramel in this one is absolutely to die for, and gives it an added richness and depth of flavor. We’d recommend serving this one up with a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream.

3. Crockpot Dulce De Leche

If you’ve stayed away from making your own dulce de leche before because you think that it’s going to be super complicated, this recipe will prove you wrong.

Making your own dulce de leche couldn’t be easier with this slow cooker recipe, as you let your machine do all of the work for you.

4. Slow Cooker Peppermint Bark Hot Chocolate

Is there anything more seasonal than peppermint and chocolate? We can’t think of anything. If you want the perfect peppermint hot chocolate to drink this holiday season, then we’d recommend this slow cooker recipe.

It’s incredibly rich, yet sweet and fresh at the same time. Top it off with some freshly whipped cream and you’ve got yourself the perfect beverage.

5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

If you’re a lover of all things peanutty and chocolatey, then you simply have to try this cake. It’s honestly the perfect combination of sweet and salty, all in one gooey dessert.

This recipe uses real peanut butter cups that look insanely good once they’ve melted into the cake. You won’t be able to get enough of this recipe.

6. Slow Cooker Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls, in a slow cooker? Yes, that’s right! This recipe teaches you how to make the perfect cinnamon rolls that turn out amazing each time.

You can simply prepare the pastry the evening before, then set it aside to whip up in the morning for brunch.

7. Caramel Butterscotch Cake

If you have a super sweet tooth, then this caramel butterscotch cake might just be the perfect one for you.

The best thing about this one? It’s incredibly easy to make, as it simply uses a boxed cake filling. With this cake, you can whip up something easy and delicious in a flash.

8. Slow Cooker Cheesecake

If you want the perfect cheesecake recipe to make in your slow cooker, then we’d recommend this delicious recipe.

It’s the perfect classic cheesecake recipe we all know and love, but now making it is easier than ever.

Because it’s made in a slow cooker, it’s even creamier and silkier than usual.

9. Peach Cobbler

Now you can make this classic Southern dessert easily in your slow cooker. This is another recipe that uses store bought cake might, simply stir in some butter, walnuts, and peaches, and you’re good to go!

You can either use store bought canned peaches, or fresh ones. The choice is completely up to you.

10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These little bars are honestly so perfect to whip up as a lunchtime treat. You can simply wrap them up and take them to the office. Everyone is sure to ask you for the recipe!

These cookies are insanely delicious, and the best thing is that you can customize them according to your preferences.

This means that you can change the toppings, as well as use dark, white, or milk chocolate.

11. Slow Cooker Cherry Apple Crisp

Another slow cooker dessert that’s perfect for fall. This incredibly warm, filling dessert is perfect for when the weather starts getting cold outside.

In fact, we couldn’t think of anything better than this sweet and tangy apple cherry cake.

We also love the crunchy texture too, which helps to fill us up when it’s cold outside.

12. Baked Apples

Feel like a sweet treat that isn’t too elaborate to make, but looks super aesthetically pleasing? Then this recipe is absolutely perfect.

You simply cut out a hole in your favorite apple variety, then fill it up with plenty of oats and raisins. This recipe is the perfect way to spruce up a lunchtime treat.

13. Pumpkin Spice Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

If you’re looking for the perfect pumpkin spiced cake to make this fall, then we’d recommend this amazing recipe. As you can see, the batter is incredibly soft and moist, the perfect consistency for cake.

It has lots of cream cheese frosting on the top, which counterbalances the spices in the cake. We also love the crunchy texture added by the walnuts.

14. Bread Pudding

Making bread pudding, a dessert renowned for its ease of preparation, just became even easier.

This deliciously moist and sweet dessert is the perfect thing to whip up when you have a spare loaf that’s reaching its sell by date.

With lots of nutmeg and cinnamon, it’s incredibly comforting and warming.

15. Brownie Cookies

These ooey gooey chocolatey brownie cookies are honestly the perfect snack for when you’re feeling peckish.

Could there be anything more delicious than fresh, warm, cookies straight from the slow cooker?

This dessert is great for when you can’t decide if you’d prefer brownies or cookies, as it gives you the best of both worlds.

16. Slow Cooker Salted Caramel Bars

These salted caramel bars are incredibly gooey and moist. They have the most perfect layer of salted caramel that is sure to leave your mouth watering.

We would recommend lining your slow cooker with some parchment paper so that they’re super easy to remove once they’re done.

The only issue with this one is that once you eat one of these bars, you’ll want to finish them all.

17. Chocolate Caramel Monkey Bread

If you want a dessert recipe that’s so diverse that you can have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then you simply have to try this chocolate caramel monkey bread.

We love how super soft these dessert items are, and you’ll be pleased to find that they have a treat encased inside. That’s right, in each banana bread roll, you’ll find a chocolate caramel candy piece.

18. Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Chip Blondies

If you want the perfect recipe for some deliciously salty and sweet blondies, but you can’t be bothered to put the oven on, this is the recipe for you.

All you have to do is mix the ingredients together, then let your slow cooker do the rest. You can never get the same ooey gooey consistency using an oven, so why bother anyway?

19. Apple Caramel Dip

If you’re still trying to perfect your apple pie filling, then we’d recommend trying this recipe. It shows you how to get the perfect sweet and tangy pie filling that you’ll absolutely adore.

This one takes inspiration from several different classic American recipes, to teach you how to make a pie filling that will be the envy of all your friends.

20. Slow Cooker Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a favorite for many of us, and making it has never been easier with this slow cooker version.

The perfect cake to enjoy in the morning, this coffee cake is absolutely to die for. The best thing about it is the sweet, coffee infused buttercream frosting.

21. The Best Crockpot Smores Recipe

If you want to transform one of your favorite snacks from childhood into a delicious cake, then you have to try this s’mores recipe.

With lots of deliciously moist and rich chocolate cake, topped perfectly with gooey marshmallow and chocolate chips, this cake is an absolute dream come true.

22. Slow Cooker Brownies

If you just feel like making something plain, simple, and delicious, then there’s truly nothing better than some chocolate brownies.

These honestly taste so good that you’ll feel as though you’ve bought them directly from the bakery.

23. Slow Cooker Lemon Cake

If you love cakes that have a little zest added to the mix, then you have to try this slow cooker lemon cake. This recipe has plenty of fresh fruit packed inside, as well as some refreshing mint.

You can finish this delicious treat off with a dollop of freshly whipped cream.

24. Mixed Berry Dump Cake

If you’re looking for an incredibly easy and hassle free dessert, then you can try whipping up this mixed berry dump cake.

All you’ll require is some boxed cake mix, butter, berries, and whipped cream to top if you desire.

Let your slow cooker do all the hard work with this dump cake recipe.

25. Slow Cooker Gingerbread Dump Cake

If you want the perfect dessert to whip up this holiday season, then this is the best one to try.

We feel christmassy just at the mention of this cake. It fills our senses with the rich flavors of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, along with lots of brown sugar.

26. Slow Cooker Carrot Cake

Making your favorite cake couldn’t be easier with this recipe. It’s super easy to make, as well as being deliciously moist, flavorful, and filling.

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s made without any oil or butter. Because it’s made in the slow cooker, it’s already moist enough as it is.

27. Slow Cooker Pineapple Spoon Cake

If you want to feel as though you’re lying back in a tropical location enjoying the sunshine, that’s exactly what this cake tastes like.

Incredibly light, fresh, and fruity, this recipe is perfect for when you’re having friends over for a summertime barbeque. Finish it off with a cherry and a dollop of freshly whipped cream.

28. Caramel Peanut Hot Fudge Cake

When you feel like a super gooey, warming dessert, this recipe will quickly become a go to. It has a gorgeously peanutty bottom, along with a super silky caramel center, and a super hot fudge topping.

We recommend pairing this with some super sweet vanilla ice cream.

29. Maple Pumpkin Spiced Chex Mix

If you want to spice up your chex mix this holiday season, then why not try this fun and easy recipe.

It has pumpkin spice infused maple syrup loaded on top, which provides a gorgeously sweet contrast to the salty flavors of the chex mix.

30. Rich Slow Cooker Fudge

If you want the softest, gooiest, sweetest, richest fudge on the entire planet, then this one made in a slow cooker is one of the best out there.

Those who have tried their hand at making fudge before know that it can be a hassle, but this one is actually super easy.

You’ll only be required to stir once every thirty minutes, so your wrists won’t feel sore with this recipe.

31. Crock Pot Candy

If you want some super delicious candy to snack on in the evenings while you watch your favorite show, try making this candy.

All you’ll require is your favorite brand of nuts, along with some chocolate to melt over them. What could be easier?

32. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Cobbler

If you want to put a seasonal twist on this Southern classic, then why not try this pumpkin spiced version?

It has all of the spices that we know and love, in a super crunchy and moist cobbler mix. You can thank us later for this recipe.

33. Rice Pudding

Why not finish off our list with something super sweet and easy to make? This is honestly the very best comfort food for when you’re feeling like a pick me up.

It’s incredibly soothing, warm, and tasty – perfect for the January blues.

Can I Make Meringue Desserts in a Slow Cooker?

Can I make delicious meringue desserts to make in a slow cooker? Yes! Slow cookers can be used to create melt-in-your-mouth meringue treats. By using low heat and a longer cooking time, you can achieve a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior. From pavlovas to meringue pies, the slow cooker offers a convenient and innovative way to indulge in these delectable desserts.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there are lots of tasty desserts that you can whip up in your slow cooker.

Whether you’re looking for a chocolatey snack, a sweet breakfast option, or an indulgent cake, there’s truly something for everyone.

Simply take a look at our list above, and choose your favorites to make today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the very best slow cooker dessert recipes out there, let’s answer some frequently asked questions that some of you had.

Can I Bake In My Slow Cooker?

If you haven’t already gathered from the wealth of recipes above, you can absolutely bake in your slow cooker.

In fact, it’s an incentive for getting a slow cooker in the first place, as you can whip up a whole host of tasty treats.

You can make a selection of cakes, crumbles, candies, and even fudge in this amazing cooker. The result is some of the best desserts you’ve ever tasted in your life.

Is Cream Okay In A Slow Cooker?

Many people who have decided to bake a dessert item in their slow cooker will ask this question.

Can you put cream in a slow cooker? The answer is no, you shouldn’t put cream in a slow cooker.

In addition, you shouldn’t add cheese, sour cream, or yogurt to a slow cooker, as it could potentially curdle them. This will give your dessert an unpleasant and sour taste.

Do Slow Cookers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Those who are looking to purchase a slow cooker are likely to ask this question.

How much electricity does a slow cooker actually use? Many people will be pleasantly surprised, as slow cookers actually have a super low wattage.

Over the course of 8 hours, for example, a slow cooker will only use 1.2 W. This means that it won’t be an incredibly costly kitchen appliance to use.

Is It Safe To Put Foil In Slow Cookers?

Some of you out there might be wondering whether or not it’s safe to put tin foil in a slow cooker, in order to keep your cakes from sticking. The answer is yes, it is completely safe to put tinfoil in a slow cooker.

It’s a great way to remove your items from the appliance without any hassle.

Is It Safe To Leave A Slow Cooker On While You’re Out Of The House?

If you’re planning on making one of the slow cooker desserts listed above, and are wondering whether or not you can leave the appliance on while you’re out of the house, you most definitely can.

According to the safety information, it’s okay to leave your slow cooker on at a low setting for several hours.

Their guide specifically specifies that these countertop devices are safe to be left on for long periods of time.

Can You Save Money Using A Slow Cooker?

The answer to this question is, yes, you can most certainly save some money on the electricity bill by using a slow cooker.

They’re actually far cheaper than the oven, as they use much less energy.

Can You Put Everything In The Slow Cooker The Night Before?

Sometimes, you feel like doing the meal prep ahead of time. Slow cookers allow you to put all of the ingredients together beforehand, and then cook them the next day.

All you need to do is to simply place them in the slow cooker dish, cover them, and then leave them in the fridge overnight until you’re ready to cook them.

Are Slow Cookers Healthy?

One of the main reasons why people opt to purchase a slow cooker is because they’re actually far healthier.

The way in which the slow cooker cooks the food means that far more nutrients are preserved as opposed to other methods of cooking such as frying, boiling, and baking.

In addition, because you don’t require any oil, a slow cooker produces food that is much lower in fat too.

33 Amazing Slow Cooker Desserts

33 Amazing Slow Cooker Desserts

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