The Best Side Dishes For Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken is a great way of serving up chicken, but you might be slightly unsure of what to serve alongside it, which is why we have the best side dish recommendations to go with your jerk chicken.

1. Mango Salsa

Everyone knows just how well some lovely slices of fresh, ripe mango compliments some succulent jerk chicken, but what if we told you that there was a way that you could take this to a whole new level?

Instead of fresh mango, make some mango salsa! This will be an absolute game changer at any meal and will leave your guests incredibly impressed. Plus, the hints of jalapeno and lime will elevate your jerk chicken even more!

2. Grilled Pineapple

Jerk chicken and grilled pineapple is a revered mouthwatering combination and for good reason, the tangy yet sweet flavor of the pineapple helps to counter and complement the spicy nature of the jerk chicken that leaves you in heaven!

The best thing about grilled pineapple is the lack of ingredients needed to make it a success! Simply smother it in butter and brown sugar and you’re on your way to the perfect jerk chicken side dish!

3. Chicken Fried Rice

Where chicken goes, rice is never usually too far behind, and this isn’t the last time you’ll see it mentioned on this list! This rice is filled with all of the things you can imagine, including onion, carrots, corn, and green beans.

Which makes this side dish a healthy and colorful addition to any plate of jerk chicken! Combine with salad and coleslaw for a filling meal!

4. Steamed Cabbage

A Jamaican classic, steamed cabbage is a classic side dish to jerk chicken, and can be made in a large enough quantity that you can share it with all of the family on the dinner table!

The use of tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, onions, and a whole host of seasonings means that this side dish is low in calories and really healthy, which is great if you plan on eating a lot of chicken! 

5. Plantains

Plantains are essentially a part of the same family as bananas, although they are a lot less sweeter than their more commonly known counterpart.

However, by frying or sauteing this wonderful fruit, you will help to bring out its wonderful texture and sweet flavor.

This combination of texture and flavor is why plantains are known to be such a popular accomplice to jerk chicken, and is exactly why you should serve them alongside each other!

6. Caribbean Couscous

If you’re really trying to achieve that exotic Caribbean flavor, then serving your jerk chicken alongside some Caribbean styled couscous is an excellent way of doing so!

You can add all sorts of delicious spices and vegetables to your couscous, and it’s a great way of adding some color to your plate.

Some of our recommendations include corn, jalapenos, and some lime, as we feel like this will really help your couscous complement the jerk chicken well.

7. Coconut Rice

Yet another Carribean tasting side dish, making coconut rice as a side dish for jerk chicken is easily done and helps to elevate the flavors of your dish even more, so it’s easy to understand why it has become such a common accompaniment!

All you need to do is add some coconut milk to your normal rice as you’re cooking, and you’ll get perfect coconut rice every time!

8. Mashed Potato

Nothing comes close to the taste of some gorgeously creamy and fluffy mashed potato, and it makes an excellent side dish for jerk chicken too!

The best part about mashed potato? How easy it is to make! If you don’t want to have to wait too long boiling the water, then you can easily make excellent mashed potatoes in the microwave, and you won’t even notice the difference!

Combined with milk, butter, and some seasoning, you’ll have everyone wondering what the secret to your mashed potatoes is!

9. Potato Salad

Mashed potatoes are great, and there’s a reason why so many people love them alongside their jerk chicken. But if you’re not a fan, then why not try some potato salad instead?

The best bit about potato salad is that you get to pick what you include in it! To go with the jerk chicken, we recommend some corn, bacon, and onion, which should give you the crunchy, smoky bite you want to go with your juicy jerk chicken!

10. Sweet Potatoes

As we’ve mentioned throughout this list, sweet and spicy combine well, which is why sweet potatoes are such a favorite at the dinner table when it comes to eating jerk chicken!

There are loads of different ways that you can serve up sweet potato alongside your jerk chicken, which we’ll likely mention further on in the list, but for us?

Nothing comes close to mashed sweet potatoes, they taste amazing, and make your plate look even better!

11. Steamed Broccoli

If you’re looking for a nutritious and healthy side to go along with your jerk chicken, then look no further than steamed broccoli. Steaming is an excellent way of cooking your veggies and it ensures that it keeps all the nutrients and flavor you want.

The bright green of the broccoli against the rich color of the jerk chicken will be sure to make anyone who sees it posted on your Instagram jealous, and it can even be combined alongside other side dishes too!

12. Corn On The Cob

Juicy, sweet, tender corn fresh off of the cob is another one of the more popular choices for side dishes to be served alongside jerk chicken, which is why it should definitely be up there for side dishes to try if you’re still searching for the perfect addition to your plate.

Best served slathered in some butter and with some salt sprinkled across the top, the warm corn will make for a delicious partner to your spicy jerk chicken.

13. Rice And Beans

The subtlety of rice and beans means that when people often try it alongside jerk chicken, they get surprised by the graceful combination of sweet and savory, and ensures that your meal is both wholesome and filling!

This is also a great side if you’re not so great at handling spicy food, as it will certainly help to take the kick out of the jerk chicken!

14. Sweet Potato Fries

We did mention that sweet potatoes would be likely to make another appearance on this list, and other than mashed sweet potatoes, nothing comes closer to the wonderful crispy feeling of sweet potato fries.

Best seasoned with simple salt and pepper, these fries are incredibly versatile and much healthier than traditional potato fries would be. If you want, you can even make them spicy by seasoning them with paprika and chilli powder before you cook them! 

15. French Fries

Speaking of traditional fries, they’re another great option to have as a side dish for your jerk chicken!

Whether you decide to make your own fries, using fresh potatoes, or whether you use some frozen pre-cut fries to cook in the oven, both will serve well alongside the jerk chicken.

Just remember, that you should absolutely be seasoning your fries, just a little pinch of salt and pepper can go a long way in elevating the taste of your fries, which will impress your guests even more!

16. Green Salad

If you’re looking for another healthy side to go with your jerk chicken or even a side that you can use in conjunction with some of the other suggestions we’ve made on this list, then you should absolutely try out a mixed leafy green salad!

Collard Greens are our go to choice for this, but you can include whatever sort of leafy vegetables you enjoy! 

17. Coleslaw

Another one of the sides that works well in conjunction with others is the classic choice of coleslaw. This makes such a good choice to go with jerk chicken thanks to the crisp texturing and refreshing taste that it contains.

Plus, the creaminess of the coleslaw helps to sooth the fiery nature of the jerk chicken! The colors that coleslaw can bring to your dish are immense, and it’s a fool proof way to help bring something different to your dinner time!

18. Air Fryer Potato Chips

Most people today have an air fryer in their home, so making use of it as much as possible is important! This simple side dish is a healthier alternative to those french fries we mentioned earlier, especially if you’re not fond of the taste of sweet potato fries.

Season with salt and pepper, or go spicy by seasoning them with paprika and chili powder, and you’ll have the perfect savory accompaniment to your jerk chicken!

19. Maque Choux

Did you really think we could go through this list without mentioning Maque Choux?

This Louisana classic might not be so well known, but is an excellent side dish for jerk chicken and lets you include all sorts of wonderful ingredients that help to make your meal super hearty!

Heavy cream, bacon, jalapenos, and bell peppers are just some of the ingredients that feature in this corn flavored dish, and works well as a great cross-cultural partner to your Caribbean jerk chicken!

20. Ginger Beer

Not every addition to your jerk chicken has to be a form of food, and sometimes, you don’t want anything else to spoil the immense flavors that come from the rich seasoning that coats the chicken.

You might, however, want something to wash it all down with, which is where ginger beer comes in.

Both sweet and spicy, a lovely cold ginger beer helps to combat the immense heat from your chicken and can make you feel like you’re on a Caribbean vacation!

21. Rum

Another great drink to go alongside your favorite jerk chicken recipe is a refreshing glass of rum. Paired with your favorite mixer, rum can help to enhance the flavor of your wonderful, succulent, spicy jerk chicken.

If you’re having guests, ensure that you get a good quality rum, or why not look into making some rum cocktails?


We hope you’ve managed to find some great side dishes to try the next time you have jerk chicken, enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Jerk Seasoning?

Making your own jerk seasoning is easy, all you’ll need is some salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, onion powder, dried parsley, allspice, paprika, brown sugar, thyme, cinnamon, chilli flakes, and glove.

Is Jerk Chicken Spicy?

Because of all the spices used in the mix, then yes, jerk is known to be spicy.

The Best Side Dishes For Jerk Chicken

The Best Side Dishes For Jerk Chicken

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