What To Serve With Salmon Patties: 16 Delicious Sides

Salmon Patties are a fish-cake recipe that is a perfect fish for a warm summer’s day. They’re light, fairly easy to make, and can be complimented by a long list of delicious side dishes.

However, we know that trying to figure out the best sides for salmon patties can be a difficult decision to make. One look online and you’re bombarded with a hundred options.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, don’t panic! We are here to help you with that! 

What To Serve With Salmon Patties: 16 Delicious Sides

In this article, we’re going to give you a list of the 16 best sides to serve with salmon patties. We’ve made sure to include a wide variety of different side dishes.

We’ve also included a short Frequently Asked Questions section to help answer any other questions you may have. 

Best Side Dishes For Salmon Patties 

1. Fresh Summer Salad

First up we have a simple salad that words perfectly with the light flavors and textures of salmon patties. This recipe comes packed with all kinds of nutritious vegetables, and we’d say this salad is best for a lunch or light dinner. 

You can always skip on the dressing here if you’d like to, but you can make it with 5 ingredients very quickly to add some additional flavour.

You can also add some crunch to this salad with croutons or bacon pieces—but these are completely optional. 

2. Homemade Cloeslaw

Coleslaw is another side dish that pairs well with salmon patties. This recipe here is something you can make very easily, combining a few simple ingredients to create crunchy textures and a refreshing flavor.

We like how this recipe uses a combination of green and red cabbage so we’d recommend not skipping out on buying both kinds! 

3. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

You might want to add another side dish for a variety of color on your plate, but sweet potatoes are an extremely tasty and simple carbohydrate that go very well with salmon patties.

This recipe isn’t too difficult, but make sure you set your oven to just the right temperature so that they come out perfect! 

4. Kid’s Pasta Salad

If you’re cooking for your family, you might want a side recipe that you can make in smaller quantities. This is a simple pasta salad that will pair well with some salmon patties.

This recipe is specifically for younger cooks, but you can always add some additional ingredients if you want something more complicated.

5. Mandarin Broccoli Salad

Next up we have a salad that rewards the time you put in to make it! It doesn’t include too many ingredients, but you will have to take your time preparing it and make sure you pay attention to the specifications.

Providing you do, you’ll end up with a creamy salad packed with flavor, broccoli, onion, pecan nuts and a handful of raisins. 

6. Everyday Salad

Next up we have another simple salad that is perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon. The dressing is the most complicated  part and even that only takes a few minutes.

One of the best things about this recipe is its versatility. You have a lot of room to experiment and add whatever you may have in your pantry. 

7. Little Green Salad

Here we have a very easy salad that uses rocket, tomatoes, cucumbers and a tiny bit of parmesan cheese to create something exceptionally light.

If you’re watching your calorie intake, this is going to be a great choice for you. 

8. Simple Baked Beans With Bacon

Baked beans are one of the easiest side dishes that you can add to salmon patties to give some extra protein and flavor.

However, they can be boring if not made with additional care!

We would suggest following this recipe to create a rich side dish packed with flavor! The added bacon here is what really separates this recipe from the bunch! 

9. Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Next up we have a simple sweet potato fries recipe that go perfectly with salmon patties. While traditional white potato home fries might be too heavy to pair, these fries using a more delicate carbohydrate are much more suited.

We would recommend following the spices on this recipe to the letter, as they will really set your sweet potato fries apart.

10. Roasted Brussel Sprouts

We know that brussel sprouts aren’t for everyone, but you should try this recipe before deciding against them. This is a simple roasted brussel sprout recipe that works very well as a side dish for salmon patties.

The addition of garlic here is what really gives them a lot of their flavor, and you can make them in an oven without much prep time or complications! 

11. Sauteed Vegetables

If you’re looking to add some additional color to your plate, then this sauteed vegetables recipe could be the perfect thing for you!

This recipe uses frozen peas, greens, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, onions, bell peppers and carrots to create a medley of vegetables.

If you want to skip out on additional carbs for your meal then this is a great side dish that will give you everything you need. 

12. Quick Garlic Roasted Carrots

So if our roasted sweet potatoes recipe earlier didn’t fit what you’re looking for, then perhaps try this garlic roasted carrots recipe.

Carrots are a great choice if you’re looking for something healthy and cheap to make. This recipe uses olive oil, italian seasoning and garlic to make something tasty and simple. 

13. Garlic Roasted Asparagus Spears

If you can get some fresh asparagus then you might be wondering what to do with it. We would highly suggest pairing it with salmon patties, as the delicate, rich flavor of this vegetable is a perfect compliment to salmon.

This recipe is another simple roast that you can place in the oven and let cook while you compile other parts of your meal. Don’t skip on the parmesan here! 

14. Rice Pilaf

Although Rice Pilaf is more commonly paired with chicken, but it goes equally well with salmon. It’s very neutral side dish that is perfect to break up the richer flavors of salmon patties.

This isn’t too difficult of a dish to make, taking a total of 28 minutes from preparation to completion. 

15. Lemon Parmesan Brown Rice

For our next recipe, we have a simple and fragrant rice side dish that will pair perfectly with your salmon patties.

The lemon here is the real defining feature of this dish, and you’ll want to be careful to follow the recipe carefully and not add too much. This is a perfect side dish for a summer evening! 

16. Corn Salad

This is another great recipe if you’re looking to experiment with salads. Corn is a surprisingly great base for a summer salad, and we would recommend you adding this as a side dish to your -salmon patties if you want something that has extra crunch.

It uses fresh tomatoes, corn, feta and basil. Basil doesn’t pair that well with salmon, so we’d reccomend reducing the amount you add here. 

What Are Some Top Side Dishes to Serve With Fish Cakes?

When serving fish cakes, it’s important to complement them with tasty side dishes. Some top side dishes for fish cakes include creamy coleslaw, tangy tartar sauce, crispy French fries, zesty lemon wedges, and fresh garden salad. These accompaniments enhance the overall flavor and texture, creating a delightful dining experience.

Final Thoughts

So that was our list of the 16 best side dish recipes to pair with salmon patties. We hope that this article has given you some ideas for the huge variety of different choices you have at your disposal!

When trying to pick, we would always recommend you choose something light and easy—after all, salmon patties take a lot of time and care to make right! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To I Stop My Salmon Patties From Falling Apart?

If you’re making salmon patties from scratch, then you should know that a common problem is them falling apart even once they’ve baked in the oven.

Many recipes will include guidance on how to stop this from happening, however a good rule of thumb is to make sure you add panko or breadcrumbs with the eggs to help solidify your patties. 

You also need to make sure they’re not too dry, as this can cause excessive crumbling. We’d recommend adding a small amount of salmon juice into the mixture to make sure they stay wet enough to keep. 

Is There A Way To Stop Sauteed Vegetables From Going Soggy?

One of the most common issues cooks run into when sauteeing vegetables is them becoming soggy and losing a lot of their original crunchy texture.

This varies depending on the type of vegetable you’re cooking, however the way you can minimize sogginess is by keeping to a medium to high temperature.

You’ll also want to make sure not to move your vegetables too much in the pan, ensuring that each side cooks evenly. 

What Flavors Go Well With Salmon Patties?

Salmon is a delicate type of fish, so your options are slightly limited when it comes to added herbs or spices.

However, there still a lot of additions you can make to really infuse your salmon patties with flavor. We’ve listed some of them below:

Salty Flavors: light soy sauce, miso paste, capers or olives. All of these will pair well with salmon and add some additional salty flavor.

Creamy Flavors: Creamy flavors do a good job of breaking up some of the richness of salmon. You can use yogurt, cream cheese—or the french favorite—creme fraiche. 

Sour Flavors: Sour flavors go remarkably well with fish, especially if you use them sparingly. Salmon patties pair very well with vinegar, lime or lemon juice.

What To Serve With Salmon Patties: 16 Delicious Sides

What To Serve With Salmon Patties: 16 Delicious Sides

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