28 Easy And Tasty Quiche Recipes For Any Occasion

A tasty quiche is perfect for a quick lunch or even dinner. It can also be made ready for sharing with friends and family too.

28 Easy And Tasty Quiche Recipes For Any Occasion

A quiche is generally a versatile thing to make.

Not only is it often loaded with delicious cheese, but you can have fun with the other ingredients too. From bacon and spinach, to veggies and oat milk.

You can also make both dairy and dairy-free versions too, meaning that nobody has to miss out. Hurray!

While often looked at as an unhealthy food item, they can also be full of protein, and make a nutritious snack for busy parents who need to create a quick dinner for their kids – after all, you can make one in advance to warm up.

If you are looking for delicious, easy and tasty quiche recipes, then you have come to the right place. In this article we take a look at 28 quiche recipes to try today.

1. Bisquick Impossible Quiche

If you are the kind of person who lacks time, but would like something delicious to eat in the morning, then this recipe is for you.

It is the kind of quiche where you can put different ingredients in a pan and then let it cook in the oven as you are getting yourself (and the kids) ready for the day.

It takes just over 30 minutes to do, and tastes wonderful.

2. Three Cheese Quiche

You cannot go wrong with cheese, right?

This quiche includes three different types of cheeses – mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar – but you will also need chives and sour cream.

It feels naughty to eat, and that’s because it is. It has the indulgence of a chocolate cake, just without the sweetness.

3. Vegan-Friendly Spinach Quiche

Whether you are lactose-intolerant or are a vegan, you can enjoy quiche too. This quiche uses oat milk as its dairy component.

It also includes a nutritional yeast which helps the nut milk taste more like cheese. While it sounds scientific, it is a breeze to put together.

No chemistry lessons are needed to create this magnificent wonder.

4. Veggie-Based Mediterranean Quiche

If you really don’t want to add meat to your quiche, then this recipe is for you. It includes olives, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese and spinach.

It is a burst of flavors in the mouth that will transport you to a beach somewhere in the mediterranean.

Just remember that sunscreen!

5. Spinach-Based Quiche

Whether you are a lover of spinach or need to hide its flavor, this quiche will suit you perfectly – afterall, spinach is essential for absorbing much-needed iron.

The spinach is mixed with Gruyère cheese and heavy cream, making it a creamy affair. You will never even know that this quiche includes spinach. Win-win!

6. Bacon And Spinach Quiche

If you would prefer your spinach with more than just creamy cheese, then bacon is always a classic in a quiche.

It adds a salty flavor without being too overpowering. You also get the best of both worlds too – the guilty pleasure of bacon and the super healthy spinach.

What could be better?

7. Roquefort Quiche

If you are really into your cheeses, then this quiche is a good one to experiment with. It includes a French blue cheese called Roquefort.

You might want to buy a premade base to make this one extra easy.

8. Bacon, Leek, And Gruyère Cheese Quiche

This quiche is not the quickest to make, but it is well worth it.

This is because you need to spend time preparing the ingredients before placing it into the crust of the quiche.

Think grating and sautéeing – all of which you will be happy to have done once you have experienced the first bite of this wonderful bake.

9. Mini Quiches Done Four Ways

A quiche doesn’t have to be served as a triangle on a plate.

For those who need nibbles at a cocktail type party for friends and family, then these mini quiches will be a good option.

All you need to do is use a cupcake tin to make the quiches and then add the filling.

10. Mushroom And Spinach Quiche Without Crust

If you are the kind of person who always leaves the crust on a pizza, then there is a high chance you will not like the crust on a quiche either.

Well the good news is that you can create a quiche with no crust. This crustless version features both mushrooms and spinach, along with parmesan cheese.

Pair it with warm potatoes and a salad for the perfect light lunch.

11. Broccoli Quiche Without Crust

Speaking of crustless quiches, this is another quiche that has done away with its crust.

This one however includes lots of delicious and healthy broccoli, which are full of fiber don’t you know?

It also has an egg custard cheese filling too which is creamy alongside this much-loved (or is it hated) veg.

If you do hate broccoli, you will reap its benefits and not taste it as much alongside additions of bacon.

12. Fishy Salmon Quiche

A quiche doesn’t just have to mean bacon and cheese, it can also be salmon and cheese.

You will find it quite salty tasting, so you will only need a small slice to enjoy it fully. Even so, it is very delicious to eat.

13. Hashbrown Base Quiche Cups

These hashbrown quiche cups offer something different. Instead of going for the regular crust base, this recipe uses a hashbrown mixture.

It is also a fun way to make mini quiches if you have no ingredients for the base, or no time to buy premade bases.

The hashbrown base also tastes amazing along with Monterey cheese, bacon and spinach.

14. Quiche Florentine

This French classic sounds like it will be difficult to make, but it actually isn’t – especially if you go with a store bought base.

It includes spinach, Gruyère cheese, eggs, and cream. It is also really versatile because you can eat it whenever you want.

It will also be an impressive quiche bake for a family get together.

15. Mushroom-Based Quiche

Mushroom is another one of those classic ingredients within a quiche.

It also adds a meaty and protein packed flavor that is great to use if you are making a vegan version of this quiche.

However, even if you are just making the vegetarian version, you will need parmesan cheese along with mushrooms, and comté cheese.

16. Butternut Squash And Rosemary Quiche

While this one looks similar to a pizza, it does get away with being called a quiche.

It is full of butternut squash, goat cheese, rosemary, and kale. It is also nutritious and a vegetarian-friendly quiche that has a savory and sweet flavor profile.

You may also want to add heavy cream for a deliciously creamy and cheesy finish. You will certainly be making this one again.

17. Goat Cheese And Sweet Potato Quiche

Not only does this quiche look pretty like a flower, but it also tastes wonderful.

You might be skeptical about both goat cheese and sweet potato going together, but the flavors marry well.

It is hearty and perfect for a fall evening when you need a quick dinner.

18. Classic Quiche Lorraine

This would not be a quiche recipe list without the classic that is the quiche lorraine. The egg-based custard is full of delicious treats such as cheddar cheese and bacon.

However, it is the buttery crust base which will have you wanting seconds. Just remember to bake the crust first to ensure it is fully cooked through.

19. Chile Relleno Brunch Quiche

For a heat fueled kick, this quiche will be the one for you.

While it does have the classic components of a quiche, it also includes pepper jack cheese and green chiles.

20. Chorizo Filled Quiche

This chorizo filled quiche will delight your senses in the morning. The chorizo is paired with Jarlsberg cheese and broccoli.

It is also really easy to make and tastes delicious to boot. You will be wanting this for breakfast every single weekend.

21. Zucchini And Basil Quiche

This type of quiche is great for when you want to get your kids eating zucchinis. In fact, all quiches are perfect for disguising veggies to little ones.

This quiche has two types of cheese to hide away that zucchini flavor while still being nutritious.

22. Ricotta, Prosciutto And Asparagus Quiche

If you are the type of person who loves a lasagna because of ricotta cheese, then you will be happy to know you can include it in a quiche too.

This version pairs it with asparagus and prosciutto for a light and delicious lunch. However, it is also a great one to make for breakfast too.

23. Tomato And Basil Quiche With Caramelized Onions

If you love your Italian food, or just a combination of tomatoes and basil, then this quiche is going to be right up your street.

It has the sweetness of both the tomatoes and caramelized onions, and the creaminess of cheese.

You can’t go wrong with this one!

24. Cheeseburger Style Quiche

Now for the weird yet delicious quiche – the cheeseburger.

It includes a beef patty alongside cheese, tomato sauce and some onion.

This makes a fun quiche for when it’s a family member’s birthday, rather than a go-to recipe.

25. Cowboy Quiche

You might think this is inspired by Texas, but you would be wrong – it is in fact Chicago. It also has a super deep base too compared to other quiches.

Fill it with cheddar cheese, bacon and caramelized onions and you have the perfect Sunday brunch dish.

However, you will want to feed quite a few people with this quiche!

26. Vegetarian Potato And Spinach Quiche

For those who adore potatoes, then you will be happy to know that they go well inside a cheese filled quiche.

Place thinly sliced potato at the bottom of the pastry case and top it with cheese and spinach.

You won’t want any other type of quiche again!

27. Brussel Sprout And Cheese Quiche With A Salad

For a light lunch, quiche and a baby salad is all you need.

It will be filling but not so much that you will want to pass up on dinner later – or at least those mid-afternoon snacks.

This quiche recipe includes shaving brussels sprouts and adding in Rodella cheese and potatoes.

Intrigued? Yeah, us too!

28. Low Calorie Crustless Vegetarian Quiche

If you are looking for a veggie quiche that is only 130 calories, then you have finally reached your destination.

This recipe helps you to make a light quiche that has no crust, and that will serve as a delicious breakfast in no time. It is also easy to make.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all 28 quiche recipes, have you found several that you would like to try?

As you will have noticed, there are various types of flavorful quiches.

Some of these quiches have a crust, while others do not. You can also substitute certain dairy products for non-dairy alternatives if you would like.

Because quiches are relatively simple to make, you can add different ingredients to change up the flavors and even sometimes the overall texture.

Hopefully you have found this recipe article helpful. Check out the rest of our website for more helpful recipes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Secret To Making A Delicious Quiche?

There are some simple tips to ensure that your quiche is perfect every single time you make it.

For example, you will want to make sure that you do not overcook it.

You will also want to pre-bake the crust first, rather than baking everything together.

This ‘blind baking’ technique allows the crust to be cooked through. You might struggle to do this if you baked everything together.

Lastly, you need to make sure you keep the texture of the creamy bit soft, instead of lumpy or like a sponge.

What Are The Best Types Of Cheese To Use For A Quiche?

There are many cheeses to choose from when making a quiche.

For example: goat cheese, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, Gruyère cheese and Swiss cheese.

Depending on which cheese you use, it may affect the texture and flavor.

When You Make A Quiche, Should You Always Bake The Crust Before The Filling?

Yes, you always need to blind bake the crust first. This will ensure that the crust is thoroughly baked.

If you bake the crust and the filling together, it is likely you will not bake the crust well enough and it may appear raw in the middle.

Baking the crust first will also stop the base of the quiche becoming soggy.

28 Easy And Tasty Quiche Recipes For Any Occasion

28 Easy And Tasty Quiche Recipes For Any Occasion

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