Nibbles With Phyllo Cups – Easy Recipes To Start Your Dining Experience

So you want to put on the perfect party, but what choice treats do you have at your disposal? Well, quite simply, there are many options that you can choose from.

However, one of the better choices is phyllo cups. But what are these?

Nibbles With Phyllo Cups - 23 Easy Recipes To Start Your Dining Experience

These cups are very crunchy and buttery and delicious, not only for great finger-food snacks, but also allowing you to fill them with a whole bunch of different ingredients.

There are no better and more versatile appetizers than phyllo cups.

So where can you find these amazing snacks? What types of filling can they have? What goes into a phyllo cup?

Well, if you want to find some great recipes involving phyllo cups, then we would suggest you check out our 23 easy recipe ideas.

23 Great Phyllo Cups Recipe Ideas

1. Spinach And Goat Cheese Phyllo Cups

If you are a fan of creamy delights, then these phyllo pastry cups will really hit the spot. Mixing up this delicious melted goat’s cheese with the crunchiness of the pastry will really get the tastebuds dancing.

The spinach will also add that dollop of health to your pastry cases, although you can mix these up with red peppers and onions if you want that extra kick.

2. Brie Phyllo Cups

Next up, we have a mixture of cream cheese and, believe it or not, raspberry jam! This phyllo pastry mix really is an amazing treat, giving you everything that you need for a tangy and jazzy pre-dinner snack.

These are very easy to make and only require a few simple ingredients. You can have them for your wine party, as the sweetness of the phyllo pastries will contrast with the tartness of the wine itself.

3. Fig And Goat Cheese Bites In Phyllo Cups

This contains creamy cheese and honey-like figs, both of which combine to create an almost yogurt-like flavor and texture. The goat cheese will be very easy to mix with the pastry. This whole recipe comes with only a few ingredients.

You can also sprinkle around some chopped nuts on top of this recipe to give it that extra earthy crunch. You can even fry and some bacon and sprinkle it over the top of these phyllo bites.

4. Sweet Potato Phyllo Bites

Next up, we have the delicious taste of the sweet potato along with the natural creamy crunch of the phyllo pastry. You can mix in apple and even pumpkin with these bites to create a real fall or winter flavor palette.

These sweet potato cups only take around 5 minutes in the oven and they don’t require that much prep before you have to cook them. You can actually add marshmallow to this if you want to create a really unique taste.

5. Mediterranean Phyllo Cups

Why should you have to compromise on your health to enjoy an appetizer? For those of you who are not that big on lots of cream and cheese, you can always opt for the Mediterranean option.

This contains lots of healthy vegetables such as olives, roasted peppers and feta cheese (you can leave out the cheese if you want). This also comes with tomatoes, which should put a little spring in your step when you’re eating them.

6. Stuffed Mushroom Phyllo Bites

So now we move on to the stuffed mushrooms, coming with a blend of parmesan cheese and garlic, you can be sure there will be no shortage of flavors with this recipe. The crunch of the phyllo is really what sets this apart.

All you have to do is bake these in the oven for less than 10 minutes until the cheese melts. Once you have done this, take them out, wait for them to cool and they should be ready in absolutely no time at all.

7. Blue Cheese And Pear Tartlets

Next up, we have the wonderful combination of blue cheese and some delicious pear. This will combine the sweetness of the fruit with the bitterness and twang of the blue cheese.

You’ll have to believe us when we say that it is a combination not to be missed!

You can even sweetened this up even further by adding some chopped almonds and maybe even a drizzle of honey to the top of these tartlets. This comes with a mix of flavors that are incredible.

8. Caramelized Onion Filo Bites

If you like to mingle caramelized onions with some delicious phyllo pastry, then you might want to have a little look at some of these recipes. You can ladle some smoked cheddar on top of this for extra deliciousness.

This comes with spreadable cheese on the edges which will really load this one up with plenty of flavors. You can actually add as many ingredients to this recipe as you want and not have to worry about flavor overload.

9. Jalapeno Popper Cups

This filling is made from a mixture of cheese and jalapeno, for those people who are fans of the spicy Mexican style of food. You should try and make the filling first before then piping the filling straight into the cups themselves.

This really is for people who are fans of extremely spicy foods. You can also reduce the number of jalapenos if you don’t fancy burning the roof of your mouth off.

10. Spicy Seafood Phyllo Cups

Next up, we have crabmeat and shrimp crammed into phyllo pastry shells with cream cheese that will really get the taste buds jiving. This is easy to prep and serve, taking only a few minutes to bake in the oven.

If you cook the fish just right they will merge nicely into the texture of the phyllo pastry. Guests will rave about this, especially if you are serving it with your wine tasting evening.

11. Bruschetta Phyllo Cups 

Next up, we have something that can be served with a wide range of ingredients, including olives, cheese, salad and olives. This is one for people who really enjoy the full Mediterranean experience in their appetizers.

This can be served with whipped feta, which has an amazing flavor as well as amazing texture. You can serve this with cured ham and parmesan if you want to beef up the flavor and the taste.

12. Philly Cheesesteak Phyllo Bites

If you are a fan of meat and cheese (because who isn’t?) then you can certainly tuck into these Philly cheesesteak phyllo bites. These can be warmed up easily in the oven, which is great if you are topping them with delicious cheese.

These are great party bites, loaded with cheese that you can be sure will give your guests that great pre-filling before getting stuck into the main course. You can pair these with almost any main meal.

13. Spinach Artichoke Dip Phyllo Cups

Next up, we have a recipe that utilizes low-fat cheese dip to great effect. This also comes with non-fat Greek yogurt, which gives the whole thing that extra tang. This also comes loaded with garlic and red pepper.

These are great to have if you want that combination of healthy ingredients with a little dollop of flavor. The artichoke really complements the spinach nicely. Along with the cheese, this makes for some really tasty morsels.

14. Jalapeno Popper Cups

If you like the taste of jalapenos and you want an appetizer that doesn’t necessarily need the hassle of too much prep or cooking, then you might want to give this recipe a little spin.

These have a little egg and breadcrumbs that need a quick few minutes in the deep fat fryer.

This is great for anyone who likes their popper cups to have that little extra kick to them. This is very low on prep and will not require much cleanup once you have finished. You can make enough to feed a large family before dinner.

15. Whipped Feta Strawberry Phyllo Cups

Next up, we have a pretty amazing combination of sweet and sour flavors, with a strawberry phyllo pastry set that will really offset the whipped feta.

This phyllo cup pastry set is one that will not require that much prep and not a huge amount of baking time.

We would recommend that you use fresh strawberries, as they are really the only way to make the flavors in these phyllo cups pop. You can also add cream cheese and honey for that extra sweet flavor.

16. Chanterelle Mushroom And Bacon Tartlets

Next up, we have some meaty appetizers that are extremely easy to make and will give you everything that you need for a decent pre-meal snack. This comes with fat and creamy mushrooms, counterpointed with succulent bacon.

This is one of those meals that won’t take you long to make. All you have to do is pre-cook the bacon and fry the mushrooms before putting the whole lot in the oven to bake until nice and crispy.

17. Green Bean Casserole Cups

These green bean casseroles are simply delicious, coming with crunchy onions and plenty of greens that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a healthy and hearty snack.

You can even chop up some mushrooms and put them in the mix. This is a great alternative phyllo cup for anyone who is a vegetarian. You won’t have to worry about any meat getting mixed up with this phyllo appetizer!

18. Pimento Cheese Filo Cups

This next batch of phyllo cups uses a traditional Southern cheese that utilizes cheddar, cream cheese and pimento peppers. This is a great set of appetizers that you can feed to both grown-ups and children alike.

But those are not the only flavors. You can also get mayo, garlic, bacon and a liberal dash of salt in this dish. You can even add some jalapenos to this phyllo cup selection for that extra kick.

19. Stuffed Mushroom Cups

If you are sick of having mushrooms without the crunch, then why not tip them into a phyllo pastry casing for that extra level of taste and texture.

This also comes with a ground sausage mixture, which will definitely give you that primo level of flavor and taste.

However, that does not mean that this meal is not friendly to vegans and vegetarians. Why not leave out the sausage and just have pure mushrooms instead?

You can add plenty of cheese and even breadcrumbs to this dish for that added zest and crunch.

20. Spinach And Leek Phyllo Cups

When it comes to flavors, there is no better pairing than leek and spinach. These two are the quintessential flavors that you can find in a lot of quiches and pies, so it makes sense that you should put them in phyllo cups.

This recipe is specifically for crunchy foods, which makes them great if you are looking for a decent stomach filler before you eat your meal. This is also extremely easy to prep and cook.

21. Brie, Apple And Almond Phyllo Cups

Next up, we have a meal that is way more ambitious than some of the other phyllo cup recipes that we have put on this list. If you have 25 minutes to prepare this appetizer, then you should go ahead and try it.

These phyllo pastry cups look simply amazing, so you won’t have to worry about them burning or not complementing even the most lavish-looking buffet spread.

22. Pecan And Brie Phyllo Cups

Now we have something truly interesting, some pecans mixed in with a little bit of brie and pecans. But don’t be scared of this daring combination, the earthy nuttiness of the pecan will beautifully offset the sourness of the brie.

If you want creamy and crunchy, then you’ve come to the right place. This takes very little time to make and even less time to cook. This is great if you want to put on a little autumn soiree for you and your friends.

23. Fillo Taco Cups

If you like filling up on taco meat, then this final phyllo pastry recipe will be the one for you. This comes loaded with meat, cheese and fresh tomatoes, perfect for when you and the boys are cracking open some cold ones on game day.

This is also great for getting that protein hit in your body, especially if you are using freshly ground beef in your cups. This is great for anyone who is conscious of putting on more muscle as well as getting that sweet hit of flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is So Good About Phyllo Pastry?

One of the great things about phyllo pastry is its versatility. You can use these to make pies, sweet treats as well as the cups that we have listed above. They make for great edible parcels that you can use to bake food into.

What Fillings Can I Get For My Phyllo Pastry?

The only limitations for phyllo pastry fillings are those in your own imagination. Whether it is meat, cheese, vegetables, jams, cream or jalapenos, there is no shortage of fillings that you can choose for your phyllo pastries.

Is Phyllo Pastry Healthy?

Yes, as this type of pastry uses very little fat. They are brushed with oil and stacked into layers. Once this is done, you can cook it so that warm air expands between the layers causing the pastry to puff up.

Are There Different Types Of Phyllo Pastry?

Yes, there are two different kinds that are recognized. The first one is called ‘country style’ and it is generally a lot thicker than the regular kind.

You might want to use this if you are really loading up your phyllo parcels with a lot of ingredients.


We hope that our recipes has given you some idea of how flexible phyllo pastry really is. Why not take a few of the ideas in different recipes and make your own flavor combinations?

Nibbles With Phyllo Cups - 23 Easy Recipes To Start Your Dining Experience

Nibbles With Phyllo Cups – 23 Easy Recipes To Start Your Dining Experience

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In this article, we’re going to be looking at phyllo cup recipes. These make really great appetizers, giving you everything that you need for a decent starter.

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