What Does A Persimmon Actually Taste Like? Does Persimmon Even Taste Good?

Whether or not you have had the pleasure of biting into a persimmon, you will be curious to know more about it. It is considered to have a unique taste, as well as an individual look.

It can be difficult to describe how it looks without somebody thinking you are talking about a tomato, but luckily the flavor is much easier to note. 

The sweetness of the persimmon is what makes them so popular. Instead of eating candy, you can opt for a persimmon instead. 

What Does A Persimmon Actually Taste Like Does Persimmon Even Taste Good

However, you will want to understand that if the persimmon is not ripe enough, it will taste bitter and nasty. For this reason, you will want to make sure that they have a softer feeling about them.

In this article we shall explore persimmons in greater detail, talking about what they are and how they taste. 

What Actually Is A Persimmon?

Before you can really understand what a persimmon is, you need to know more about them in greater detail. The persimmon itself belongs to the fruit from the genus Diospyros family. 

There are also two different types of persimmon: the non-astringent variety and the astringent variety.

The non-astringent persimmons have lower levels of tannins and are said to be less sour. The astringent variety on the other hand have more tannins, and have a higher sour-like taste.

While there are different types of persimmons that are either non-astringent or astringent, the most common type you will find is the Hachiya.

It is often shaped similar to that of an acorn and is super sweet and dark orange in color. Due to its sweetness, it means it is a non-astringent persimmon. 

Another persimmon is the Fuyu which is an astringent. It is a similar shape to the Hachiya but has a lighter yellowy orange color. While it is not as sweet, it is super delicious to eat. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating A Persimmon?

There are many health benefits to eating a persimmon. They include lots of antioxidants which can help to reduce the risk of certain diseases.

They also include vitamins A and C which are great for the skin, as well as manganese which helps blood to clot in order for wounds to heal. 

What Do Persimmons Even Taste Like?

A persimmon is a type of fruit that some people shy away from for a number of reasons.

One is because they don’t know how to eat the fruit in the first place, and the second thing is because they have no idea what a persimmon even tastes like.

Don’t be surprised if it becomes your new favorite fruit!

Persimmons are delicious and sweet, yet they have a tangy undertone. The fruit itself is quite soft, similar to that of a peach, yet also very different. 

Often used in Asian cuisine due to the texture and sweetness, persimmons can be both cooked and eaten fresh. 

However, it is super important that you eat the persimmon when it is ripe. While it will do you no harm, it will not taste very nice. An under ripe persimmon may be sour and hard. They should in fact be soft and sweet.

A good comparison is either an apricot or a peach, but even their taste and texture does not come close to what a persimmon actually is. 

What Is The Best Way To Pick A Persimmon?

If you have plucked up the courage to head to your local grocery store to pick up some persimmons, then you will want to know how to pick the best ones. You may be faced with two options: Hachiya and Fuyu.

The former is the most commonly eaten and is sweet with a soft center when ripe. The latter is much firmer and can also be eaten when green. 

The best one to try as a newbie and as a fresh fruit is the Hachiya. The Fuyu is better to be used in cooking as the firmness will be able to hold better when cooked.

Now you know which persimmons to choose, here are some things to look out for. Try to find persimmons that are not bruised or marked. This means that the fruit inside is also bruised and it may impact on the texture.

You will also want to make sure that there are no brown spots or general soft areas too, as this will also mean that the inner texture may be off.

The color should be a really bright orange and healthy looking. However, if you are struggling to pick out some persimmons, do not be afraid to ask the grocer.

They will know where to look and can help you to find the best persimmons. 

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How Do You Eat A Persimmon?

A ripe persimmon can be eaten however you like, but the most common way is to cut it in half and scoop the flesh out using a spoon. 

Even so, you can also eat it as if it were an apple. The skin is completely edible, though sometimes it may appear tough and ‘hard’ compared to the softness of the flesh.

That can cause it to be a little scratchy on the inner mouth while eating it. If the persimmon is not ripe enough, you will notice that the skin tastes quite sour and horrible. 

How Can You Make Persimmons Ripe To Eat?

If you have bought a bag of unripe persimmons and want to eat them soon, then there are ways to make them ripen faster. 

One of the best ways is by placing the persimmons in a brown paper bag alongside an apple. You can either leave this on the countertop in the kitchen or a table, or place it in a drawer.

Keep on checking the persimmons throughout the week. Once they are ripe enough to eat the flesh will feel soft and bouncy, and you will be able to pull the leaves away really easily. 

Once the persimmons are ripe to eat, they will last for around two weeks when put in the refrigerator. However, once they begin to go brown they will likely have started to spoil. 

Final Thoughts

Persimmons are unique in both the way they look and taste. Often people are afraid to try them in case they eat it wrong or do not like the taste and texture. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you will particularly enjoy persimmons. Not only are they juicy and sweet, but they have some great health benefits too. 

Next time you buy fruit, get some persimmons!

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