20 Simple Peach Schnapps Drinks That Are Perfect For Happy Hour

Perhaps the most appropriate time of the year to enjoy a peach schnapps drink is summer yet these drinks work all year round, there is even a recipe for Christmas.

Simple Peach Schnapps Drinks

These peach schnapps drinks tend to be colorful, bright, fresh, and delicious. You may need to head out to buy some fresh juice and fresh peaches yet the range of spirits and liqueurs is rather measured, just like these drinks. 

When Happy Hour approaches, grab a cocktail shaker, throw in some ice cubes then choose from a vast array of drinks that all use peach schnapps. In this guide, we will detail 17 simple peach schnapps drinks that are utterly perfect for Happy Hour.

1. Sex On The Beach

The archetypal peach schnapps drink, Sex On The Beach is one of those cocktails you should be able to find in most cocktail bars.

Treat yourself to one at home with one part peach schnapps to two parts vodka, two parts orange juice, and two parts cranberry juice.

Perhaps a teaspoon of lemon juice for an extra tang when you serve it in a hurricane glass with ice. Garnish with cherries and orange slices for a treat.

2. The Woo Woo

You may feel a little silly ordering a Woo Woo at the bar yet they are delicious so you should make one at home.

Quite similar to a Sex On The Beach, this is one part vodka, one part peach schnapps then two parts cranberry juice. Shake it in a cocktail shaker with ice until chilled then strain it into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

3. Fuzzy Navel

With only two ingredients, a Fuzzy Navel is essentially peach schnapps and orange juice. It is so simple to make, you could create your own serving or a batch in a pitcher.

Just remember that it is one part peach schnapps and two parts sugar-free orange juice. Serve over ice with a few orange wedges and enjoy. 

4. Peach Martini

This martini is shaken with a decidedly smooth finish. In a cocktail shaker, pour in two parts peach schnapps, two parts vodka, two parts orange juice, one part triple sec, and one part lime juice.

Add a few handfuls of ice, shake until chilled and then strain into a cocktail glass. Et voilà.  

5. Georgia Peach

For a delicious taste of Southern living, try a Georgia Peach. Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in one part of peach schnapps, one part of white rum, and two parts of orange juice.

Give the mixture a stir then pour one part of cranberry juice right into the middle. Take your time with this drink and try to enjoy it outside. 

6. Royal Flush

If you have any Crown Royal whiskey around then this is a fruity cocktail to create.

In a lowball glass with ice, add two parts of peach schnapps, four parts of Crown Royal whiskey, three parts of cranberry juice, and a teaspoon of simple syrup for that extra sweetness. Stir to combine and if it’s a bit much, add in a dash of club soda. 

7. Mexican Sunset

A Mexican Sunset has a range of ingredients that work beautifully together for a deliciously intriguing drink.

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and add one part of Amaretto, one part of  peach schnapps, three parts of silver tequila, and six parts of pineapple juice.

Shake vigorously and pour into a tall glass with ice then carefully pour a tablespoon or so of grenadine down the inside of the glass. Garnish with lime slices and cherries and watch the grenadine produce a glorious sunset in your glass. 

8. Tequila And Peach Schnapps Cocktail

You only need half a lime, some tequila, and peach schnapps to make a delicious cocktail. Simply shake together two parts of tequila with one part of peach schnapps and the fresh juice of half a lime.

Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of lime. 

9. Peach Schnapps & Lemonade

That’s right, just combine peach schnapps with lemonade and pour into a tall glass with a few ice cubes.

A 50ml shot of peach schnapps with around 125ml of lemonade is a great ratio to go for. You can even garnish it with a wedge of lime and squeeze in some fresh lime juice.

10. Miami Iced Tea

For an iced tea with a kick, try this Miami Iced Tea. Fill a Collins glass with ice and add in one part of gin, one part of light rum, one part of vodka, one part of peach schnapps, one part of triple sec, two parts of sour mix, two parts of cranberry juice, and a splash of lemon-lime soda.

You may not even need your top-shelf liqueur for this cocktail as the sour mix can be overpowering as it is a tangy simple syrup that combines lemon and lime juices.

11. Caribbean Moor

A Caribbean Moor is a pretty effortless fruity Caribbean cocktail that you can easily recreate.

Half-fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add one part of white rum, one part of strawberry liqueur, and one part of peach schnapps then strain and pour into a martini glass.

Top it up with three parts of orange juice and garnish with a slice of orange. If you have holidayed in the Caribbean then this cocktail can take you right back, if you are yet to visit then it gives you just a taste.

12. Peach Margarita

This Peach Margarita can include a sugar-rimmed glass if you want to create a more authentic variation.

In a blender, mix together ice, three parts of tequila, one part of triple sec, one part of lime juice, a tablespoon of sugar, and either fresh, canned, or frozen sliced peaches then blitz until smooth.

Pour into a chilled and prepared margarita glass and garnish with another peach slice. If the mixture is too dense, you can throw in more peach schnapps or your favorite juice.

13. Cuban Peach

Another refreshing peach schnapps drink is this Cuban Peach which is ideally enjoyed in the hot sun.

Muddle a fresh slice of peach in a cocktail shaker and add three parts of white rum, three parts of peach schnapps, one part of lime juice, and a dash of simple syrup with ice.

Shake vigorously then pour over ice and garnish with cherries, mint, or simply a wedge of peach. 

14. Peach Bourbon

Strong and with a kick, you won’t be able to get enough of this Peach Bourbon cocktail.

Especially as it is so easy to create in your own home. In a serving glass, pour in two parts of peach schnapps, four parts of bourbon, and three parts of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Add some ice and serve in a rocks glass with a peach slice and mint sprig garnish.

15. Peach Daiquiri

Of course, you can make a daiquiri with peaches. For a Peach Daiquiri, you muddle fresh peaches in the cocktail shaker for a more natural taste (though you can use two parts of orange juice).

Pour in three parts of white rum, two parts of peach schnapps, two parts of freshly squeezed lime juice, and one part of simple syrup with ice. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass and serve with a peach slice if you have one left. 

16. Jolly Rancher Cocktail

If you were a fan of Jolly Rancher candies in your youth, this cocktail should take you back. The fruity smack of green apple vodka combined with cranberry juice and the peach schnapps truly is a taste explosion.

Pour one part of peach schnapps and one part of green apple vodka into an ice-filled highball glass. Top it off with four parts of cranberry juice then stir to combine and garnish with a slice of fresh orange. 

17. Amaretto Sunrise

For a classy cocktail, try an Amaretto Sunrise. Add eight ounces of peach nectar, half an ounce of peach schnapps, a handful of ice, and two ounces of Amaretto to a serving glass and stir.

Add a dash of grenadine and allow it to sink to the bottom of the glass then stir it all together in a tall glass. The effect of the grenadine should provide a beautiful cascading effect to the drink that is well worth savoring. 

Bonus Section: Frozen Peach Schnapps Drinks

For an extra indulgence on a warm day, create a frozen peach schnapps drink and there are several classy options.

18. Frozen Peach Bellini

This is a step up from a typical Bellini and can provide some ice-cold refreshment on a hot summer’s day. In a blender, blitz together a pound of frozen peach chunks (or slices), three cups of Prosecco, and a third of a cup of peach schnapps.

Taste and add a tablespoon or two of sugar if you think it needs it. Drink it quickly though you can garnish it with mint leaves and peach slices. 

19. Kiss On The Lips

If you prefer your cocktails to be frozen then try a Kiss On The Lips. Blitz together a cup of frozen mango chunks, one and a half ounces each of white rum, and peach schnapps.

Once it has reached your desired consistency, pour the mixture into a glass and drizzle over a tablespoon of grenadine. Serve right away with a cherry garnish and let gravity work its magic as the grenadine slowly works its way down your glass.

20. Christmas Blossoms

Though this looks to be a Christmas-based recipe, you can enjoy Christmas Blossoms all year round.

Simply blitz together two cups of frozen peach slices (though you can use fresh but the cocktail would have a thinner consistency), a quarter cup of sugar, three-quarters of a cup of vodka, and three tablespoons of peach schnapps.

Once smooth, add ice, blitz again, and then serve with a fresh mint sprig garnish.

Can I Use Peach Schnapps in any of the Wedding Punch Recipes?

Yes, Peach Schnapps can be a great addition to simple wedding punch recipes. Its sweet and fruity flavor can complement various fruit juices and sparkling beverages, creating a refreshing and flavorful drink for guests to enjoy. Just select a recipe that incorporates the flavors you desire and add a splash of Peach Schnapps for an extra touch of sophistication.

Final Thoughts

Peach schnapps is a deliciously fruity liqueur that is surprisingly versatile. While you will have known it is featured in a Woo Woo and a Sex On The Beach cocktail, there are several other drinks you can make.

Simply combine it with lemonade or orange juice over ice and you can still be rewarded with a moreish drink to savor. 

As peach schnapps is such a versatile liqueur, you should be tempted to mix it in with a range of other spirits and liqueurs.

The list can be extensive yet the likes of silver tequila, Amaretto, triple sec, white rum, and even bourbon work decidedly well. For an even more decadent touch, use grenadine to provide a cascading effect in your glass. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should A bottle Of Peach Schnapps Be Left In The Refrigerator?

Like many spirits and liqueurs, a bottle of peach schnapps does not have to be refrigerated. However, you do want to look after its shelf life so keep it in a cool and dry place.

Ensure that the bottle is pointed away from sunlight and direct heat. The bottle should also be tightly closed unless it is in use. 

What Do You Typically Mix Peach Schnapps With?

As you can see, some peach schnapps recipes are simply the liqueur mixed with lemonade or orange juice.

Both drinks can work really well yet in a cocktail you can expect to find other fruit juices and spirits. For instance, white rum, Amaretto, tequila, and triple sec work really well too. 

17 Simple Peach Schnapps Drinks That Are Perfect For Happy Hour

17 Simple Peach Schnapps Drinks That Are Perfect For Happy Hour

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Beyond a Sex On The Beach, there are several peach schnapps drinks to try. Here are 17 simple peach schnapps drinks that are perfect for Happy Hour

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