20 Passion Fruit Desserts You’ll Love

Thanks to their tart and sweet taste, vibrant color, and jelly-like flesh, passion fruits make excellent dessert ingredients.

In fact, making delicious desserts is what passion fruit is best known for.

The passion fruit’s unique flavor can be added to a recipe to create something extremely delicious.

Some people compare their taste to mango and pineapple, whilst others consider the taste to be similar to kiwi and peach.

20 Passion Fruit Desserts You’ll Love

Either way, we can use passion fruit to unlock exotic flavors that will make our taste buds tingle.

Better still, passion fruit doesn’t just peak in the summer. It also peaks in autumn and winter, giving us the chance to make delicious desserts all year round.

In today’s post, we’ve listed 20 amazing passion fruit desserts you’ll love. If you want to make the most exciting, tangy, sweet, and fragrant desserts, make sure you keep reading.

Let’s begin!

1. Passion Fruit Cheesecake Bars

We’ll kickstart our list with one of our favorites. This passion fruit cheesecake recipe from Delicious helps you make the most amazing cheesecake bars to serve at a dinner party.

Creamy, smooth, sweet, and tangy, these cheesecake bars are to die for.

Not only do they taste spectacular, but they also look phenomenal. The key ingredients that make this dessert special are passion fruit, cream cheese, rice cereal, lemon, and honey.

You will need 4 hours to make this dessert but it’s well worth it.

2. Passion Fruit Ice Cream

The perfect sweet treat to end a summer’s day has to be one of these passion fruit ice creams. Suitable for vegans, these ice creams are cool, refreshing, tangy, sweet, and incredibly addictive.

We love how easy this ice cream is to make too. The recipe only calls for 4 simple ingredients.

Those are passion fruit, sugar, condensed milk, and coconut cream. The recipe contains no eggs, and you don’t even need an ice cream maker.

Could this ice cream recipe get any better?

3. Passion Fruit And White Chocolate Muffins

Passion fruit is extremely popular in Australia. It is used in everything from salad dressing to pavlova.

Therefore, it isn’t a surprise to see it included in a muffin recipe. Loaded with white chocolate and raspberry, these muffins already taste great without the passion fruit.

However, passion fruit takes things to the next level.

The passion fruit tanginess is well balanced out by the creaminess of the chocolate, giving the muffins a well-rounded tasty flavor that is sweet, creamy, and tangy.

4. Passion Fruit Mousse

Next up, we have a delicious passion fruit mousse recipe. Passion fruit mousse is super simple to make.

This particular recipe follows a traditional Brazilian recipe that includes condensed milk. This helps make the mousse much creamier and smoother.

Aside from that, the tart flavor of passion fruit shines through this dessert. Every mouthful is full of intense flavors that will blow your socks off.

To make the mousse, you’ll first hydrate the gelatin before mixing it with passion fruit pulp, heavy cream, and condensed milk.

Each mousse will need approximately 3 hours to set.

5. Passion Fruit Cake Pudding

Is there anything better than a bowl of hot sponge cake?

We seriously don’t think there is. Warm spongecake fresh out of the oven is super satisfying, sweet, filling, and quite frankly stunning.

This sponge cake recipe shows you how to make a tangy, vibrant sponge cake using passion fruit.

Whilst the passion fruit gives the cake immense flavor, the fluffiness of the cake and the subtle kick of rum are what make this cake special. The addition of lime juice and zest is also pretty magical.

6. Passion Fruit Shortbread

If you’re looking for a great passion fruit dessert to serve at a party or event, this passion fruit shortbread recipe from Women’s Weekly is ideal.

Soft, crumbly, and finished with a tangy passion fruit glaze, these shortbreads are all you need to keep your guests happy.

Aside from being very tasty, this shortbread recipe is very easy to make.

Not only does the recipe call for basic ingredients, but it is also very easy to follow. In no time, you’ll be left with a delicious batch of light shortbread biscuits.

7. Passion Fruit And White Chocolate Ice Cream Terrine

If you have more time on your hands and really want to impress your party guests, try making this passion fruit and white chocolate ice cream terrine.

The dessert only takes 20 minutes to put together but it must then be marinated for 6 hours.

On the plus side, the recipe to make this dessert only calls for a handful of simple pantry ingredients.

Of course, passion fruit is one of those. The combination of creamy, sweet white chocolate and fruity, tangy passion fruit goes together perfectly.

8. Passion Fruit And Pineapple Bread

This next passion fruit dessert goes brilliantly with a fresh cup of coffee after a big meal.

Putting a unique twist on the classic carrot cake, this delightfully moist pineapple, and passion fruit bread is divine.

Offering a more impressive exotic taste and a sharp tang, this bread is ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Satisfying all your cravings, this loaf cake is loaded with pineapple and topped with passion fruit icing.

It is sweet, fruity, slightly crunchy, and very filling. It can also be easily frozen.

9. Passion Fruit And Mango Jam

Without a doubt, homemade jam tops any store-bought jam. It’s much fresher, full of more flavor, and arguably more delicious.

This jam recipe might not help you make a dessert, but it helps you make a jam that can be used in a variety of different desserts.

You could even use the jam with a cheese board at the end of a dinner. To make this jam, you need mangoes, jam sugar, lime juice, passion fruit pulp, and a jam jar.

In terms of flavor, this jam offers tropical vibes that are both sweet and tart. You’ll also love the color of this jam.

10. Passion Fruit And Mango Sorbet

Sticking with the tropical combination of passion fruit and mango, up next, we have a gorgeous passion fruit and mango sorbet recipe for you.

The first thing to say about this sorbet is how good it looks.

It has a lush vibrant orange color that draws you in. Super refreshing, the combination of mango and passion fruit in this sorbet recipe works well.

The tartness of the passion fruit is balanced out nicely by the sweetness of the mango. To spice things up a bit, vodka is also added to the sorbet, making things a little bit more exciting.

11. Passion Fruit Bars

Once you’ve tried this passion fruit bars recipe, you’ll never turn back to your old lemon bars recipe.

This recipe is seriously good. Compared to lemon fruit bars, these passion fruit bars are much nicer to eat.

They aren’t as tart as lemon bars. Instead, they have a much sweeter flavor that tastes more satisfying.

Brilliantly though, they still offer a slight tang. The passion fruit bars are also vibrant in color making them a great addition to any party.

12. Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

As far as elegant desserts go, the famous panna cotta takes some beating.

This passion fruit panna cotta is even harder to beat. For those that don’t know, panna cotta is a milk jello, silky smooth dessert with a sweet finish.

It’s an easy dessert to make. This panna cotta recipe shows you how to prepare the panna cotta in just 15 minutes before leaving it to set.

The main ingredients you’ll need are milk, sugar, gelatine, cream, vanilla extra, and passion fruit pulp.

The flavor of this panna cotta is enhanced by a generous drizzling of passion fruit syrup.

13. Martini Cupcakes

We love this martini cupcake recipe for many reasons. However, the best of those has to be the addition of Passoa.

Passoa is a passion fruit liqueur. This liquor gives the cupcakes a great flavor and moist texture.

Other ingredients used to give the cupcakes a stronger flavor include passion fruit puree, lime juice, and a subtle dash of bubbly.

The lime and passion fruit give the cupcakes a beautiful sweetness, whilst the booze livens things up.

14. Gluten-Free Passion Fruit Kisses

The next recipe on our list is suitable for anyone that has to follow a gluten-free diet. It’s also a solid choice for anyone that’s looking for a dessert that is quick to make.

Ready in 40 minutes, these fragrant passion fruit kisses will quickly become your guilty pleasure.

Creamy, smooth, sweet, light, and very flavorful, they go great with a cup of coffee.

The only issue you’ll find with passion fruit kisses is how addictive they are. You’ll find yourself wanting more and more all the time.

15. Passion Fruit And Lemon Syrup Cake

One of the most flavorful desserts you can make using passion fruit is passion fruit and lemon syrup cake.

As you can probably imagine, using lemon and passion fruit to make a cake creates a seriously tart cake that is rich, sweet, and refreshing.

The syrup is included in the recipe to help balance the tart flavors.

Without this added sweetness, the cake could almost be too tart. Serving this cake with double cream is a surefire way to impress your family.

We love how the cake is crispy on the outside and moist, fluffy, and soft on the inside.

16. Passion Fruit And Chocolate Tart

You probably already know by now that the combination of passion fruit and chocolate is a match made in heaven, but this recipe takes things further by using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

The richness of the dark chocolate is simply divine, whilst the fruitiness of the passion fruit and lime curd filling gives the tart a tangy citrusy taste.

The end result is an awesome combination of sweet, rich, tart, and creamy flavors and a vibrant tart.

17. Passion Fruit Cookies

If you have any leftover passion fruit curd, you could always use it to make a batch of passion fruit cookies.

Despite their delicious flavor, the greatest thing about these cookies is that you can make them with your children.

This cookie recipe is wonderfully simple, giving you the opportunity to get your children involved in the process.

They can help mix ingredients and put the cookies in shape. These soft, crumbly, sweet, and tart cookies make an excellent Christmas treat.

18. Passion Fruit Pavlova

Let’s face it, a passion fruit pavlova recipe was going to make it onto this list somewhere. Passion fruit pavlova is arguably the most popular dessert made using the fruit.

Perfect for a special occasion, passion fruit pavlova features a crown of crispy meringue topped with a luxurious tangy passion fruit and lemon curd topping.

That’s Not All Though!

The meringue is also topped with rich melted white chocolate and whipped cream. Once ready, simply crack the meringue into smaller pieces and serve it to your guests.

19. Passion Fruit Bundt Cake

Another great dessert to serve at a celebration or party is this passion fruit bundt cake from A Classic Twist.

This delicious cake can be made in 1 hour and 15 minutes using 10 ingredients.

This bundt cake is a moist pound cake loaded with sweet and tangy tropical flavors.

Aside from tasting pretty amazing, this cake looks incredible. It has arguably the most impressive appearance of any of the desserts on our list.

20. Rum Passion Fruit Cake

The final recipe on our list is another type of bundt cake that includes passion fruit as the main ingredient.

Like other bundt cakes, this recipe calls for a handful of ingredients that ensure the cake is moist and soft.

In this recipe, you’ll use vanilla pudding to lock in moisture and rum and passion fruit juice to keep the cake moist.

Of course, these two ingredients also offer plenty of flavors. Butter, milk, and oil are also used in this cake to give it richness. This also helps the crumb become more tender.

Are There Any Passion Fruit Desserts That Start with the Letter F?

Passion fruit, a tropical delight, offers numerous options for delectable desserts. When it comes to fruits that begin with f, you may be pleasantly surprised to find fiery passion fruit featured in many flavorful recipes. From fluffy passion fruit mousse to frosty passion fruit sorbet, there are plenty of fruity and fabulous options to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 20 passion fruit dessert recipes you

We’ve looked at simple cakes and biscuits, elegant desserts, and party pleasers that your guests will end up fighting over.

No matter what sort of dessert you’re looking for, you should find one that suits your needs and requirements on our list.

The recipes we’ve looked at all benefit from the addition of passion fruit. In some recipes, the passion fruit helps balance out the sweet flavors, whilst in others, it helps add vibrancy.

Finally, in most recipes, passion fruit is used to unleash strong sweet, and tangy flavors.

Now you have this list, you should decide which desserts you want to make first. Good luck choosing because they’re all delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Passion Fruit Come From?

Passion fruit comes from a huge family that’s made up of several hundred species. Most passion fruit species are native to Central and South America. They are most commonly found in Mexico, Brazil, and the West Indies.

However, passion fruit is also grown and consumed in large amounts in Australia too.

Why Is It Called The Passion Fruit?

Passion fruit gets its name from the vine it grows on. For those that don’t know, passion fruit grows on the passion fruit vine. It is believed that Christian missionaries gave the vine its name when they realized that the flowers on the vine resembled the resurrection of Christ.

Can You Eat Passion Fruit Seeds?

Yes, eating passion fruit seeds is completely safe. In fact, they contain a lot of fiber which benefits those with high cholesterol.

20 Passion Fruit Desserts You’ll Love

20 Passion Fruit Desserts You’ll Love

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Do you want to make the tangiest, most fragrant, and tastiest desserts? Make sure you check out our list of passion fruit desserts if the answer is yes!

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