18 Scrumptious Pancake Side Dishes

Pancakes are perhaps the perfect way to start the day. There’s just something so indulgent about a mountain of pancakes.

They are also incredibly versatile, as you can make sweet or savory pancakes.

18 Scrumptious Pancake Side Dishes

As a result, there are a range of different side dishes that you can serve with your pancakes.

This means that there is a whole world of both savory and sweet treats that you can eat depending on what you fancy.

So if you are craving some mouth-watering pancakes, here are 18 excellent serving suggestions!

1. Bacon

Bacon and pancakes is an iconic dish. It’s especially breathtaking for breakfast.

As a result, bacon and pancakes will help to ensure that you have a magnificent morning.

With a salty and smoky taste, bacon is perfect for those looking for a savory side dish for their pancakes.

Though you likely already know how to cook bacon, this recipe will help you to achieve perfect bacon.

Cooked on the stove, bacon has a delectable crunchy texture. Add a little bit of maple syrup if you want to give the bacon a sweet twist.

2. Chocolate Chips

Are you a chocolate lover? If so, this is the perfect side dish for you.

Chocolate makes a sensational side dish for a range of meals, including pancakes. 

Requiring just 2 ingredients, this chocolate chip recipe will help you to make homemade chocolate chips.

They have a rich and decadent taste that will add a touch of luxury to your pancakes.

Served with warm pancakes, the chocolate will gently melt to create a delectable dessert.

3. Peanut Butter

For a luxurious breakfast, serve your pancakes with irresistible peanut butter.

Smooth and creamy, the peanut butter adds a nice nutty taste to desserts, making it a great option for pancakes.

Though you can always use ready-made peanut butter, we recommend trying this succulent peanut butter recipe.

It has a super smooth peanut butter texture that makes it ideal for spreading on pancakes.

Moreover, this peanut butter requires just 2 ingredients and will be ready in only 10 minutes. Consequently, it’s incredibly convenient!

4. Fruit Salad

If you want something sweet but fancy something healthy, fruit salad is an outstanding option.

This is a wonderfully colorful and vibrant side dish that’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Not to mention, it tends to be packed with nutrients.

One of the benefits of serving your pancakes with fruit salad is that you can use whatever fruit you fancy.

For instance, this gorgeous recipe uses fruits like tangerines, strawberries, and pineapple.

Drizzled in a tangy dressing, this fantastic fruit salad has a fresh and juicy taste.

5. Mushrooms

Not everyone finds mushrooms delicious. But if you love the unique flavor of mushrooms, they work wonderfully with pancakes.

They add a mature and earthy taste to this dish. 

If you want to elevate your breakfast pancakes, consider serving them with mushrooms, bacon, and eggs.

Seasoned with thyme, garlic, and soy sauce, these marvelous mushrooms are loaded with flavor.

Their cooking process causes them to caramelize, which provides the mushrooms with a rich taste.

6. Scrambled Eggs

If you want pancakes for breakfast, scrambled eggs are an ideal side dish. They are much lighter than many of the other side dishes on this list.

Scrambled eggs work particularly well with bacon to create stunning breakfast pancakes.

With a fluffy texture, these scrambled eggs are hard to resist.

Lightly seasoned with salt, butter, and pepper, these scrambled eggs are ideal for savory pancakes.

You can also experiment with different additions, such as onions, bacon, or mushrooms. This will enhance your scrambled eggs.

7. Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Up next, this incredible will help you to make your own Nutella, aka hazelnut chocolate spread. This recipe is perhaps even better than the real deal.

This chocolate spread works particularly well as a side dish if you love sweet flavors.

The addition of hazelnuts also gives this spread an earthy and nutty taste that’s difficult to resist. 

8. Fried Apples

Authentic southern-style fried apples are a fantastic side dish, especially if you want something comforting.

Seasoned with cinnamon, these spiced apples are fabulous for fall. Cinnamon is a great way of enhancing the sweet flavor of these apples.

Sweet and buttery, fried apples are a simple yet effective way of elevating your pancakes.

If you want to make this dish even more comforting, simply add a scoop of ice cream.

9. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is an iconic pancake side dish for good reason. There’s just something so irresistible about this flavor combination.

Though this may be a basic option, you can’t go wrong by pairing your pancakes with maple syrup.

This marvelous side dish has a rich and complex flavor that’s super sweet.

Thanks to this recipe, you can easily make maple syrup that’s much tastier than store-bought versions.

This magnificent maple syrup also pairs nicely with other side dishes, such as bacon and sausages. 

10. Sausages

If you prefer savory pancakes to sweet versions, sausages are a sensational choice.

Seasoned with parsley, garlic, nutmeg, and black pepper, these homemade sausages are overflowing with flavors.

Homemade sausages are a little more complex to make than ready-prepared varieties, but it’s worth the effort if you love sausages.

Of course, store-bought sausages will also suffice.

If you want to make the ultimate breakfast pancakes, consider serving them with sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, and a light drizzling of maple syrup.

11. Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a wonderfully simple way to elevate desserts. A simple squirt of cream will instantly make your pancakes even more delicious.

With a smooth and thick texture, this whipped cream is irresistible.

We love the idea of adding powdered sugar and vanilla extract to this cream, as it gives it even more flavor.

You can also serve whipped cream alongside other sweet side dishes, such as maple syrup, ice cream, and chocolate chips.

You can even add some fresh fruits to your pancakes and whipped cream.

12. Peanut Brittle

If you want to add a nice crunchy texture to the dish that will contrast with the softness of the pancake, peanut brittle is a phenomenal option.

This homemade recipe is superior to store-bought peanut brittle. Yet, it’s simple to make!

Bursting with nutty flavors, this side dish is ideal for fans of nutty candy. It has a superbly sweet yet rich taste that’s quite unique. 

13. Chocolate Sauce

Up next, chocolate sauce is ideal for people who adore sweet treats.

Smooth and rich, a drizzling of chocolate sauce will make your pancakes even sweeter.

This versatile chocolate sauce recipe is vegan, meaning that it’s suitable for a wide range of people.

It is also free from added fat, which makes it a lot lighter than alternative chocolate sauce recipes.

Another reason why we love this recipe is that it’s got a luxurious fudgy texture, which is exactly what chocolate sauces should be like.

14. Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry syrup is a delightful alternative to maple syrup and contrasts nicely with more decadent sauces, such as chocolate.

Though it is sweet, it feels more fresh and fruity than other options. It has a slightly more tart taste than other syrups.

Made with less sugar than other sauces, this strawberry syrup recipe feels less unhealthy than maple syrup. 

But if you want a naughty dessert, why not serve your pancake with a coating of strawberry syrup, a handful of fresh berries, and a generous squirt of whipped cream?!

15. Yogurt

Yogurt goes amazingly well with pancakes, especially if you add some fresh berries, such as strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Making your own yogurt can be surprisingly easy, as demonstrated by this glorious recipe. It has the perfect texture, as it’s luxuriously creamy. 

16. Caramel Sauce

Homemade caramel sauce just feels so indulgent and decadent. This recipe is no different!

Requiring just 1 step, this caramel sauce is quick and convenient. It also can be made with only 5 ingredients, adding to the convenience.

An additional benefit of this recipe is that you can keep it for up to 2 weeks, so you can serve this caramel sauce with a range of dishes.

With a smooth texture, this caramel sauce complements a range of different desserts, including pancakes. 

17. Raspberry Jam

Pancakes go well with a range of fruity side dishes, including raspberry jam.

This Scottish-style raspberry jam is fabulously fruity. Homemade jam is super fresh and juicy.

We adore the addition of lemon juice to this jam, as it gives it a tangy taste that instantly heightens the flavor of these luscious raspberries.

This raspberry jam also works well on a range of other dishes aside from pancakes, such as scones.

Pair your pancakes with fresh fruit if you are craving fruity jam.

18. Ice Cream

Last but not least, ice cream is the perfect way to finish lots of different desserts.

Though vanilla ice cream is perhaps the most obvious option, feel free to experiment with different flavors.

Homemade ice cream is so much better than store-bought, as highlighted by this irresistible recipe.

This gorgeous ice cream will slowly melt and trickle down onto the pancake, flooding it with fantastic vanilla flavors.

What Makes a Hawaiian Side Dish Different from Traditional Pancake Side Dishes?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pancakes Be A Dessert?

Yes! Though pancakes are often consumed at breakfast, they can also make delectable desserts.

To make pancakes as a dessert, simply choose your favorite sweet toppings, such as whipped cream, chocolate chips, or fresh fruit. 

This is a great dessert for dinner parties, as it’s always popular.

Are Pancakes Vegetarian?

Yes, most pancakes are considered suitable for vegetarians. So long as you don’t opt for a meat-based topping, they will stay this way. 

But bear in mind that most pancake recipes are not vegan, as they are traditionally made with eggs and butter.

What Is The Difference Between British Pancakes And American Pancakes?

American pancakes tend to be fluffier and thicker than British pancakes, which tend to be very thin.

This is because there is typically a raising agent added to the American pancake batter.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has helped you find the ideal side dish recipe for your pancakes.

The great thing about pancakes is that they are wonderfully versatile and so there is something here for everyone.

So why not get your apron on and try some of these superb side dishes with your pancakes?

18 Scrumptious Pancake Side Dishes

18 Scrumptious Pancake Side Dishes

Recipe by Jenna

Do you adore pancakes? If so, here are 18 excellent side dishes that will elevate your pancakes, such as bacon, maple syrup, and chocolate sauce!

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