The Tastiest 24 Oven Toaster Recipes for You To Try

The toaster oven is one of those modern conveniences that many people find that they can’t live without, once they’ve gotten the hang of it!

It can often help you cooks food items faster than in a regular oven, as well as find it much easier to grill food with.

However, one of the problems that many people often have, at least when first buying a toaster oven.

The Tastiest 24 Oven Toaster Recipes for You To Try

Often, there is a little apprehension about what it can cook, and the meals that can best be prepared with a toaster oven.

Well, that’s what this list is here to help with!

In this guide, we are going to show you some of the best recipes that you can make with a toaster oven that is both tasty, as well as easy for you to make.

We’ll also cover a few things that you should be keeping in mind when looking for your toaster oven if you haven’t already bought one!

1. Toaster Oven Rosemary Potatoes

Starting this list with a classic side that everyone loves, we have some classic rosemary potatoes.

This is a particularly great dish to make in your toaster oven if you are using new or baby potatoes, as you’ll be able to fit more in your toaster oven.

If you’re feeling a little decadent, you can treat yourself a little by adding extra butter to your root vegetables as they slowly cook to perfection in this little kitchen tool!

2. Toaster Oven S’mores

Moving from a certifiably savory side dish to a sweet treat dessert that every outdoors lover will be familiar with.

S’mores are a classic of any camping trip, but they also make for a pretty tasty and novel dessert recipe to make for your friends, family, and other diners.

And the toaster oven is just the implement to cook them with!

The toasting implement that all of these items have makes them ideal for melting a marshmallow down to perfection, as well as getting your chocolate as gooey as your heart desires.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little crisp on their crackers for that extra texture?

Just don’t forget about them and leave them in your oven for too long, of course!

3. Chicken Club Casseroles

Moving back to savory meals, we have a classic dish that every home will at least be familiar with, the humble casserole!

This chicken club takes on the classic casserole recipe and is perfect for warming any heart after a cold day outdoors or at work/school.

There’s just something about the creamy sauce that this recipe comes with, as well as the cheesy toppings that can be added,

(for our money, a good mature cheddar is a way to go with this dish!)

What’s more, this particular meal’s leftovers are perfect for freezing for a lazy day too, and it will taste just as great as when you first made it too!

4. Toaster Oven French Fries

How don’t love a good batch of french fries to snack on throughout a meal time? They’re pretty much the perfect size for any main dish.

Well, maybe not jacket potato, but you see what we’re getting at!

And, with a toaster oven handy, and this recipe at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make some of the best homemade fries that you’ve ever tasted!

Whether you’re cooking up a big batch for a big crowd at a party, or just want a snack for one, this particular recipe, cooked to perfection, is amazing!

5. Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon toast just feels classy to eat, you know? And yet it’s so simple to make, that anyone can find a way to make a great recipe for this sweet treat for themselves.

This particular recipe benefits from using a toaster oven. After all, it is still toast, so it’s practically what the miniature oven was made for!

Plus, with the orange zest and vanilla that the recipe calls for, this particular slice of toast might be the best version of the recipe since… well, slice bread!

6. Toasted Oven Grilled Cheese

If we’re talking about comfort foods that are easy for anyone to make, we can’t exactly forget about the universally loved toasted sandwich that is grilled cheese!

Getting the right gooey melted texture is critical for this recipe, which is why a toaster oven works wonderfully for this particular dish!

7. Turkey Meat Loaf

Meatloaf might not be the first dish that people think of when they’re coming up with a recipe that can be prepared in a toaster oven.

However, you will be surprised just how much this recipe benefits from getting just the right amount of crispiness in this miniature oven!

8. Pizza Bagels

This recipe feels like it’s just destined to be a winner for everyone.

After all, everyone loves pizza, and pretty much every also loves bagels.

So is it any surprise that a recipe that combines these two favorite snacks wields such a great result?

9. Toaster Oven Baked Potatoes

We’ve already mentioned how good potatoes are when cooked to perfection in this guide.

However, you’ll also find that baking potatoes are a cinch too with a good toaster oven.

Don’t believe us? Well, you’ll just have to follow the link to this recipe, and try it out for yourself!

10. Lasagna Rolls

If you’re looking for a novel way to mix up lasagnas in your evening meals, this is the recipe for you.

The idea to take the normal pasta layers that you’ll find and turn them on their side is a novel concept, but also one that wields great results too.

Plus, you’ll be able to easily dish out portions with this dish, by separating it into these individual rolls. So it’s tasty, interesting, and even a little helpful too!

11. Pita Pizza

Back to pizzas we go.

Interestingly, you may be surprised to learn that the earliest foods that we would call pizza were also prepared on a type of pitta bread.

With the topping being placed on top of a fresh slice of pitta, this recipe gives you the tomato and cheesy toppings that you love in this staple Italian dish, while also giving your a soft and fluffy base to enjoy at the same time.

It’s a great change-up from the equally tasty, though noticeably crispier, base that classic Italian pizzas have.

So, think of this recipe as not just another way to prepare pizza, but a little history lesson all on its own.

And it’s a damn tasty lesson, that’s for sure!

12. Toaster Oven Egg Sandwich

Ah yes, the humble egg sandwich. Often equal parts runny as it is delicious, this is a staple breakfast for millions of Americans across the country.

So, you’ll probably be pleased to know that these classic sandwiches can also be prepared in a toaster oven!

So, you can skip that morning run to the drive-through that you normally make, and instead make a fresh egg sandwich for yourself, in the comfort of your own home!

13. Spinach Beef Pie

This particular recipe might be a little push if your toaster oven is a little on the smaller side of things.

But if you have the room, this spinach and beef pie might just be the perfect new dinner meal to add to your repertoire!

The trick with this recipe is to make sure that you cut your spinach up nicely and finely so that it helps fill out the pastry filling and crust with your minced beef.

14. Toaster Oven Roasted Broccoli

So, we’ve already seen just how much potatoes can benefit from a few minutes in a toaster oven.

However, why just stop at potatoes, when there is an entire world of vegetables to experiment with?

As you’ll soon see, we love nothing more than grilling and toasting vegetables to see how their flavors change.

And with this broccoli recipe, we think that it’s a change for the better!

15. Brussel Sprouts Au Gratin

Staying with the vegetable-based dishes for a little while, brussels sprouts are perhaps the most controversial of vegetables, for lack of a better term.

Some people love them, while others hate ‘em.

However, this recipe manages to turn this capsule of vegetable goodness into something that everyone can appreciate!

16. Toaster Oven Pita Chips

You’ve probably tried making flour tortillas into chips by cooking or frying them, but have you tried doing the same with a good slice of pitta bread?

With so many European and Asian dishes having dips and sauces that are served with pittas, this is the perfect shake-up to many classic serving platters!

17. Walnut & Oat-Crusted Salmon

What? Fish can be prepared in toaster ovens as well?

As you can see with this gorgeous slice of salmon, that is the case with this recipe!

18. Toaster Oven Quesadillas

Quesadillas are another favorite comfort food that many people love.

So, you’ll be happy to see that this classic Mexican and Tex-Mex dish is another in this long line that is only improved by being cooked in a good toaster oven!

19. Zucchini Pizza Bites

Zucchinis are a great vegetable to include as a pizza topping, but what about if the pizza was a topping for a slice of zucchini instead?

It’s not a question that we had considered, to be honest, but if this recipe is anything to go by, it’s a pretty good chance to make!

20. Chipotles Mac & Cheese

Another hearty comfort food that everyone loves.

If you’re looking for the perfect crispy texture to get on your mac and cheese, you know what kitchen tool you should use by this point!

21. Toaster Oven Carrots

We weren’t joking when we said that every vegetable can be improved with a little toasting or grilling under some heat.

Even the plain-old carrot is improved by this incredible little implement!

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy this veg, why not try cutting carrot sticks out and cooking them like french fries?

22. Toasted Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Well, as we’ve already said, this is a toasting machine, after all!

If you’re looking to make your peanut butter and jelly sandwich both a little crunchier and a little runnier, this is the recipe for you!

23. Polish Casserole

The key to getting a good Polish casserole is to use the right meat as an extra filling.

You can also use whatever type of paste you like in this dish. Just make sure that you have plenty of creamy sauce to go with your ingredients!

24. Roasted Delicata Squash

Finally, we have a recipe that turns your everyday chunk of squash and makes it into something that kids won’t just tolerate on their plates, but something that they’ll even want more of on their dinner plates.

If you needed any more proof that toasting or grilling vegetables is the key to making even your least favorites into something more interesting, this is all the proof that we certainly need, at least!

Can I Use Ground Beef in Oven Toaster Recipes?

Looking for versatile and delicious recipes? Look no further! Oven toaster recipes are a great way to cook a variety of dishes, and yes, you can certainly use ground beef in them. In fact, some of the best ground beef pasta recipes can be made using your oven toaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Drawback To Cooking With A Toaster Oven?

As you can see from our list, toaster ovens are not just a gimmick kitchen appliance but have a wide range of uses for you to take advantage of.

However, no tool, no matter how exquisitely created, is perfect, and there are a few issues that toaster ovens as a whole seem to face that you should be aware of.

Firstly, while these tools tend to be able to cook foods noticeably faster than traditional ovens, they still suffer from the fact that they also take noticeably longer to preheat than a toaster, or a microwave, for example (more on that last point later).

All of this also comes with the fact that toaster ovens tend to be noticeably smaller than traditional ovens.

While this isn’t an issue if you are preparing full meals for one or two people, or even larger side dishes, you’ll likely struggle to cook whole meals for more than two people, maybe three at a push.

How Big Should My Toaster Oven Be?

On that note of size mattering, some people may be wondering how big a toaster oven should be when purchasing one.

While the exact dimensions will differ from make, model, and manufacturer, we recommend checking the internal volume of your toaster oven.

A decent-sized toaster oven that can handle small meals and side dishes should be around 10 inches deep and at least half of that tall.

Of course, if you plan on cooking larger food items, make sure that you shop and search for a bigger model!

What Types Of Food Can Be Cooked With A Toaster Oven?

As you have hopefully seen with the previous list, toaster ovens are versatile little cooking tools that can cook and prepare a wide variety of different kinds of food, from meat to pasta to pastries.

However, are there any foods that are better suited for being cooked in a toaster oven? If so, which foods should you avoid?

Toaster ovens are generally considered excellent at roasting most foods, from fish to vegetables. It can even reheat the leftovers that you have!

However, the items that shouldn’t have in your oven aren’t necessarily what foods, but what items.

Due to the way that heat is distributed in a toaster oven, ceramic and stone kitchenware can crack quite badly, making them unusable and potentially even damaging your toaster oven.

Is A Toaster Oven Better Than A Microwave?

Just from appearances alone, toaster ovens can often be mistaken for microwaves. This can often beg the question of which is better.

However, while both have their strengths, they have respective weaknesses too.

Toaster ovens will often be able to more evenly cook or warm foods than a standard microwave does, microwaves use noticeably less energy than toaster ovens do, and can often prepare food in noticeably less time (with microwave-friendly food, of course!).

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

Hopefully, with this guide at your fingertips, you’ll be able to use your toaster oven to its full potential!

The Tastiest 24 Oven Toaster Recipes for You To Try

The Tastiest 24 Oven Toaster Recipes for You To Try

Recipe by Jenna

Toaster ovens are a very easy kitchen appliance to work with when it comes to preparing meals. That is, if you have the right recipes to work with!

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