28 Mother’s Day Cupcake Recipes To Treat Your Mom

Moms are great, aren’t they? They do plenty for us, even when we’re long flown from the nest. If you’re looking for a cupcake recipe to treat your mom to this Mother’s day, we have the perfect list for you. 

28 Mother’s Day Cupcake Recipes To Treat Your Mom

Today we’re looking at 28 recipes for Mother’s Day cupcakes that will make your mom’s day. Let’s get started! 

1. Mother’s Day Vanilla Cupcakes With Rose Petal Buttercream Icing

Starting off simple and sweet, these cupcakes are decorated with light pink buttercream roses. They’re vanilla so everyone will love them. This simple gift will make sure that your mom knows how much you care for her! 

While they might look too good to eat, pair them with a nice hot drink and spend some quality time together to complete the gift. 

2. Mother’s Day Cupcakes

If you give these cupcakes to your mom, she might think that they’re professionally made! Each cupcake has a different pattern of icing, and you can match different decorations with different flavors. 

This recipe makes 12 cupcakes all flavored with rose water with icing flavored with orange blossom water. Sophisticated flavors to celebrate a fantastic mom! 

3. Mother’s Day Floral Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes are sweet, cheap, and thoughtful – what’s not to love? Each is lightly flavored vanilla with a sweet strawberry jam filling. These are ideal for any moms who love a surprise center!

The buttercream is also vanilla with just the right amount of sweetness. Don’t worry if you’re no good at icing, since it’s all going to be covered with store-bought flower and butterfly decorations. 

4. Mother’s Day Cupcakes

These white cake cupcakes are delicious and cute. You can put your own unique spin on the decoration, but the recipe calls for edible pearls and white icing to give them a regal look. 

A royal cupcake for a royal woman!

The best thing about these cupcakes is that you can write whatever you want on them. Each cupcake can say something different. Some examples are ‘Mom’, ‘I love you’, or a simple heart outline.

5. Strawberry And Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

If your mom is a lover of high tea, these cupcakes might be the best present she’ll get this mother’s day. They are fruity yet sweet, with a jam filling encased in a vanilla cake.

The icing is simple pink and white swirls, suitable for beginners to make. Serve with your mom’s favorite hot drink and some fresh strawberries to have a lovely mother’s day sweet treat. 

6. Mother’s Day Cupcakes

This simple recipe is great to make with kids thanks to its beginner-friendly decoration and easy-to-read instructions. The cupcakes are vanilla flavored and the icing is also vanilla, but colored in gorgeous pastel colors. 

Hint: print this recipe out and leave it on the side for your husband and kids to see, they might take a hint!

7. Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet Recipe

You can’t get much easier than this recipe! The key is all in the decorating, so make sure you have a piping bag and a few different colors of icing to get the bouquet looking just right. 

Once you have made your floral-looking cupcakes, arrange them on a tray and pipe some stalks to make them look like real flowers. Aren’t these cakes so much better than a bouquet of actual flowers? 

8. Mother’s Day Vanilla Cupcakes

This is another super easy recipe calling for you to make vanilla cupcakes with pink swirled buttercream piped on top of them.

These are sweet and small, so you can have as many as you want without feeling guilty! That’s how that works… right? 

Decorate these cupcakes however you like. We like the idea of using red edible hearts and a printed-out ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ banner stuck into them with cocktail sticks.

9. Mother’s Day Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so sophisticated yet delicious enough for the entire family to enjoy them. The recipe calls for rose water and orange blossom extract to give these cupcakes a grown-up flavor that kids love too. 

The pink and green icing gives these cupcakes a magical touch, and you can have fun making flowers out of sugar paste too.

Finish with a raspberry and a dusting of icing sugar and you’re ready to wow your mom on her special day. 

10. Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

This mother’s day bouquet takes some extra time and effort, but the end result is so worth it. Look at the amazing bouquet you’ll be giving your mom!

Extra points if you buy her a new flowerpot for one of her plants and use it for your flower bouquet – that’s two gifts in one!

The cupcakes are yummy vanilla with vanilla buttercream piped onto to look like flowers. You’ll use fondant icing for the greenery behind the cupcake flowers. 

11. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Cream for Mother’s Day

Who loves red velvet cake more than a mom? Seriously, it’s like a fact that all moms love red velvet cake. So, what better gift this mother’s day than to make her a batch of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? 

This recipe makes eight deliciously sweet cupcakes with red hearts scattered on top of the creamy frosting. Not only do they taste wonderful, but they look professionally made too!

12. Happy Mother’s Day Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes are so cute, and the recipe makes 24 of them! Don’t worry if you don’t need that many – you can always halve the recipe.

You can choose whatever flavor cake mix you want to use for the flavor, and dye white icing pink. Finish with a mother’s day topper and you’re done! 

13. Cupcake Bouquet for Mother’s Day

This cupcake bouquet doesn’t even look like cupcakes… it looks like a real flower arrangement!

The secret is to use fake leaves and tiny flowers (such as baby’s breath or buttercups) in the gaps of the cupcakes like a real floral arrangement would have. 

Again, this design will take more time and effort than you might have been anticipating, but the results speak for themselves.

14. Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

If you like the idea of a cupcake bouquet but don’t want to go as extravagant as the other options we’ve looked at so far, then this is the option for you.

This recipe makes a small bouquet of three vanilla cupcakes turned into pink roses with buttercream. 

Tie some ribbon about the cup/pot and give it to your mom! This modest yet thoughtful gift will go down a treat.

15. Raspberry Maple Cupcake Recipe for Mother’s Day

A raspberry maple cupcake – need we say any more? The cupcake is flavored with maple syrup to make them devilishly sweet, and the icing is made from raspberries.

The tartness of the icing pairs amazingly with the sweet maple flavor, balancing out in your mouth. 

The raspberries will give the buttercream a lovely color. Top with a fresh raspberry and try not to eat them all before you can gift them on mother’s day.

16.Mother’s Day Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

If your mom follows a vegan lifestyle, this is the recipe for you. Made without any butter, eggs, or other animal products, everyone can eat these cupcakes.

Even the buttercream is made with cashews! 

Your mom will love this gift even more when you tell her that they’re vegan, as you made the effort to stick to her dietary guidelines.

17. Mother’s Day Cupcake Recipe

Another recipe that you can make with children. The grandbaby’s touch will make this gift all the more special, so get the whole family involved in the baking process.

You won’t need many ingredients to make these cupcakes, so they should be a cheap gift too! 

The icing has desiccated coconut mixed into it and store bought decorations on top. Let the kids decorate to give it a homemade touch. 

18. Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet Recipe

Yet another bouquet idea here, but how about using empty cupcake cases as the foliage around the iced cupcake flowers? It’s genius.  

These cupcakes are vanilla flavored with lemon icing, although you could flavor the icing differently if your mom isn’t a fan of lemon.

We think that the lemon adds a springtime feel to the cupcakes, though – perfect for mother’s day.

19. Tropical Cupcake – Mother’s Day

These cupcakes are Italian desserts that put a fun spin on traditional cupcakes. The genoise cake is moist and spongy, pairing well with the tropical-flavored filling.

Cover with mango passionfruit mousse and your mom will have the most unique mother’s day gift ever! 

These are the perfect gift if your mom is not the biggest fan of a traditional cake. 

20. Mother’s Day Cupcakes

These cupcakes are gorgeous and are sure to make your mom happy this mother’s day. They’re filled with strawberry jam and iced with pink strawberry-flavored icing. Yum! 

Take a smaller icing tip and vanilla frosting to write meaningful messages on top. Pipe some decoration around the sides and finish it all off with edible pearls.

Even you’ll be surprised that you made these beauties!

21. Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

Edible flowers? Sign us up! This flower bouquet is made of 12 cupcakes, all in green cases for the leaves. You can choose whatever flavor of cupcake you want for this recipe – what’s your mom’s favorite? 

Finish with pink icing and edible glitter to make the flowers stand out.

22. Eton Mess Cupcakes

These cupcakes are ideal if your mom has a sweet tooth and loves a good eton mess.

The cupcakes are filled with ground almonds and jam, and decorated with buttercream, strawberry syrup, crushed meringue, and a fresh strawberry.

You could also use raspberries and raspberry jam! 

23. Chocolate Flower Pot Cupcakes to Celebrate Mother’s Day

These cupcakes are cute and will provide your mom with a laugh on her day. Chocolate cupcakes are used to fill mini plant pots with chocolate buttercream iced onto to look like dirt.

Finish it off with a fondant flower! These cupcakes are excellent for any moms who love chocolate cake. 

24. Mother’s Day Cupcake

These cupcakes are the gift that keeps on giving! Choose your cake mix – white, yellow or butter – and spend more time on decorating.

You’ll be filling the cooked cupcakes with a deliciously creamy vanilla and marshmallow frosting. For the decoration, you’ll be working with fondant.

These cupcakes are sweet, delicious, and surprisingly easy to make. 

25. Mother’s Day Cupcake Cone Bouquet

This is the ideal recipe if you have lots of people to serve for at a mother’s day party. Each cupcake is cooked into a cone so they’re easy to distribute, and adds another layer of fun to the gift! 

The funfetti strawberry cupcakes will go down a treat, and making them look like flowers is just a bonus. 

26. This Easy Mother’s Day Cupcake Recipe

Another win for any mother that loves chocolate cupcakes, this super easy gift will be made in no time! The flower petals are made with cut marshmallows and colored sugar – how clever is that? 

27. Mother’s Day Cupcakes

These cupcakes are super cute and fun to decorate with your kids, or just by yourself! The cupcakes are butter cakes, and you have complete control of how you decorate them.

This recipe calls for edible sugar, edible pearls, and fondant flowers, but you have free rein to do as much or as little decorating as you want! 

28. Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Sometimes you just have to spell it out – ‘We Love Mom’! These cupcakes are made with marshmallows inside them (yum) to keep them extra sweet and gooey.

Once they’re cooked, simply cut out some circle shapes in fondant as well as the letters that spell out your message. 

These cupcakes look professional, but they only take an hour to make! 


We hope that you have been inspired by our 28 mother’s day cupcake recipes to spoil your mother this year. Now, the question is – which are you going to make? 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Keep Cupcakes Soft And Moist?

The best way to keep cupcakes fresh is to wrap them in cupcake boxes and keep them out of the fridge. Unless they have perishable fillings or icing, then you’ll need to eat them quicker to avoid them being ruined. 

Wrapped cupcakes can remain soft and moist for up to a week when kept at room temperature.

What Is The Secret To Good Cupcakes?

There are plenty of secrets to good cupcakes, like using room temperature ingredients, high quality recipes and ingredients, and avoiding over-mixing or under-mixing.

Perhaps the most important advice is to always follow the recipe to a T!

28 Mother’s Day Cupcake Recipes To Treat Your Mom

28 Mother’s Day Cupcake Recipes To Treat Your Mom

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