33 Juicy And Refreshing Meyer Lemon Recipes

When we want to add the maximum amount of sweetness to a delicious dessert or evening appetizer, there really aren’t many ingredients better than a Meyer lemon which are a lot sweeter and have a much richer taste than regular lemons. 

33 Juicy And Refreshing Meyer Lemon Recipes

There are so many bright and delightful desserts that you can prepare using Meyer lemons that it is always worth having a few in mind ready for when you might have a family gathering coming up or even for when you want to treat yourself with a delicious dessert full of sweetness.

Here are some of the best Meyer lemon recipes out there that are full of taste, easy to make and sure to keep you wanting more as soon as you take that first bite. 

1. Lemon-Honey Tart With Salted Shortbread Crust

For the maximum amount of lemon flavor that you can get from a dessert, it’s hard to go wrong with this Meyer lemon tart which is made even sweeter thanks to the mixed in honey and sugar which is topped off perfectly by the crumbly shortbread crust surrounding the entire tart making it an absolute delight to bite into. 

2. Slow Roasted Salmon With Fennel, Citrus And Chiles 

You won’t find much fish with a smokier and overall richer taste than some salmon which has been slow cooked, however when sprinkled over with some Meyer lemons along with some sweetened citrus and a few spicy chillies, it really allows each and every flavor to jump out of this dish. 

Luscious every time you make it, this is a great sweet fish based dish that uses the Meyer lemons to add an excellent amount of sweetness to some slow roasted salmon. 

3. Meyer Lemon Bars 

Chewy, soft and delightful, these small and sweet Meyer lemon bars are an absolute delight to enjoy in the summertime to keep you cool and refreshed, however they are just as delicious in the wintertime as a tasty evening dessert after a main meal or just as a cozy appetizer to enjoy alongside a movie or while binging a tv series. 

4. Grilled Pound Cake With Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup 

Regular lemons will definitely work just fine on these charred pound cakes, however Meyer lemons are the much better option because their added sweetness helps to even out the syrup, making for an excellent sweet and succulent flavor that is complimented greatly by the slightly crunchy grilled pound cake, perfect as a breakfast option that is sure to get you out of bed in the morning.

5. Pine Nut-Meyer Lemon Snowballs 

The key to making these miniature bite sized desserts as tasty as possible is cooking them so that they crisp up enough to give them a bit more texture to bite into.

The Meyer lemon mixed in makes these doughy balls sweet and delicious to take a bite out of, be sure to make multiple in one batch so that everyone gets a taste. 

6. Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette 

Meyer lemon vinaigrette contains a very delicate and slightly citrusy flavor which is the perfect compliment to some salmon or grilled chicken and can luckily be made in little to no time with just a handful of ingredients. A perfect seasoning that makes full use of the sweet texture of some Meyer lemons.

7. Meyer Lemon Sponge Pudding

Using a mixture of Meyer lemon zest and Meyer lemon juice together, these miniature sponge puddings are soft and delicate to bite into but still bursting full of that sweet and familiar lemon flavor which is only enhanced even more when garnished with some lemon slices and peels.

8. Bucatini With Meyer Lemon Cream And Chives

This spin on the traditional pasta dish creates an irresistible flavor that is soft, delicate and sweet to snack on, especially when the temperatures spike and you want something light and not too thick to keep you filled up. 

Garnish with lemon rind strips and some lemon wedges to add even more flavor to this already delightful dish. 

9. Crab Pasta With Prosecco And Meyer Lemon Sauce 

Another delicious pasta option which makes full use of the delicious sweetness of Meyer lemons, this recipe also uses some delicious crab bits and a dash of prosecco to make the overall flavor as elegant as possible to the point where it essentially melts in the mouth, excellent as an afternoon appetizer that is sure to keep you satisfied for a few hours. 

10. Chef John’s Dutch Babies 

While this delicious and thick dessert could certainly be considered both creamy and sweet, the crispy texture of this dish makes it a perfect mix between both sweet and savory without one overpowering the other.

This is an excellent Meyer lemon recipe to prepare when you have a few mouths to feed and want to just prepare one big tasty meal in preparation.

11. Meyer Lemon Pie 

Lemon pie is already delightful enough on it’s own with it’s soft texture and bright and vibrant flavors that jump out as soon as you take that first bite, however the Meyer lemons help to make it that much sweeter while also making it much more of a sweet but also a sour treat that is given just a hint of a citrus kick.

12. Meyer Lemon Avocado Toast 

A delicious and delightful spin on this popular toast recipe, the Meyer lemon zest added to this already delicious breakfast option allows the avocados flavor to become so much more enhanced that it is a must add ingredient once you try it for the first time.

13. Meyer Lemon Martini 

While we are all well accustomed to mixing in a bit of lemon juice or some zest into a martini, Meyer lemons help to add an entirely new flavor to this already delicious drink which is one of the most delightful beverages to sip on to keep you cool and refreshed on a warm summer’s day.

Not to mention the citrusy taste of the Meyer lemon will help make this drink even more fruity and tropical each time you go in for a sip. 

14. Coconut, Yam And Leek Soup 

This vegan friendly soup is not only extremely healthy being full of vegetables and having a nice breezy texture which makes it easy to digest, it is also incredibly easy to make and benefits immensely from the fresh sweetness of the Meyer lemon which helps to bring out the healthy flavors even more.

15. Meyer Lemon And Blueberry Cheese Tart

While lemons and blueberries are a classic combination that can be topped on just about any dessert, they are made all the more juicy and delicious when infused with some Meyer lemon that adds just a slightly tangy taste to really make this evening dessert as fruity and delicious as possible, perfect as a unique but still memorable treat for when you have guests coming over and want to surprise them with something delicious. 

16. Meyer Lemonade With Mint 

Of course no matter what kind of lemons you have at your disposal, one of the most common ways you can use it is to whip up some refreshing lemonade, however what separates Meyer lemonade from its regular counterparts is that it has a much more potent and striking lemony flavor which is mixed perfectly with a minty scent to make one of the most delicious drinks you can enjoy both in the sun, and as a cozy treat in the colder months.

17. Meyer Lemon Olive Oil And Honey Chevre Spread 

Using goat cheese as its base, this creamy mixture can be spread on most of your favorite foods to make them just that bit smoother and softer to bite into.

With just one preparation session being able to make this spread in bulk, it can be worthwhile saving this Meyer lemon cream for those big occasions where you want a quick and easy mixture ready to go in no time.

18. Candied Peel 

Meyer lemon peels are a little bit thinner than regular lemon peels and so they do require extra care when zesting, however when made into candied lemon peels it does mean they are much sweeter and their flavor is far more potent, perfect as a solo snack or as a surprise treat for the kids when they get back from school.

19. Meyer Lemon Chutney 

This sweet and slightly spicy variation on the standard chutney recipe has an extremely bright and vibrant flavor that goes perfect when mixed with some chicken, pork or salmon.

Being ready in just a few minutes, this is certainly a unique mixture that you will not want to miss out on. 

20. Meyer Lemon Crinkle Cookies 

These soft and buttery Meyer lemon crinkle cookies melt in the mouth with each and every bite.

When rolled and covered in some powdered sugar, it makes these cookies so soft and succulent that they become a delicate and delicious evening snack that will leave you wanting more, so be prepared to make a few at a time just to be on the safe side. 

21. Meyer Lemon Yogurt Cake 

You can’t go wrong with the creamy mixture of Greek yogurt and Meyer lemon olive oil when it comes to making a delightful dessert that everyone can enjoy regardless of their taste preferences. 

Being ready to eat in just a few minutes and with a handful of ingredients required, these cakes are a perfect option for those big occasions where you just want a light appetizer which won’t require too much of your time to make. 

22. Meyer Lemon Coffee Cake 

If you or one of your guests is a fan of the deep and rich flavor of coffee, you won’t want to miss out on these miniature Meyer lemon coffee cakes which can either be prepared in bite size pieces or as one big cake that can serve multiple people at one time.

With a fine crumb base and sweet Meyer lemon curd making up the center, you can be sure this cake will satisfy all who try it. 

23. Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Cake 

Easy to make and a delight to bite into, this poppy seed cake is drizzled with a Meyer lemon glaze to give it a bright and vibrant flavoring that is just too good to pass up.

Not to mention that these bitesize desserts are incredibly bright in appearance and perfect as a breezy and digestible snack to enjoy in the summertime, or as a sweetened treat to enjoy in the cold winter nights. 

24. Meyer Lemon Crunch Cake

These scrumptious cakes have a slightly chewy texture and a little bit of crunch thanks to the homemade toffee mixed in and are complimented perfectly by the Meyer lemon curd which adds just enough sweetness without overpowering the elegant cheesy buttercream flavor that makes these cakes so memorable. 

25. Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie  

This dreamy lemon dessert will have your friends and family asking for just one more slice as soon as they finish their first thanks to the addicting taste of the sweet Meyer lemon filling which goes so elegantly with the all-butter crust making up the pies base. 

Finish off with some silky Swiss meringue topping to make this pie as creamy as it can possibly be. 

26. Meyer, Lemon, Raspberry, Goat Cheese Waffles 

Why settle with the basic standard waffles topped off with some syrup or Nutella when you can make these popular breakfast options far more tasteful and delicious when mixing in some fruity raspberries and some smooth goat cheese to give the waffles a much more unique and filling flavor that are a sweet joy to bite into thanks to the addition of Meyer lemons as part of the recipe. 

27. Meyer Lemon White Chocolate Cheesecake 

If you’re a fan of the milky and slightly lighter taste of white chocolate and love the idea of mixing it into a tasty dessert which can be enjoyed any time of the year, these white chocolate cheesecakes are certainly not a treat you will want to ignore.

The Meyer lemons in this recipe helps to cut through the richness which works to make these cakes a bit different to your standard cheesecakes to make sure they are packed full of flavors for you and all your guests to enjoy.

28. Meyer Lemon And Blueberry Ricotta Muffins 

There’s nothing that makes a breakfast that much more enjoyable than a few tasty muffins, and while there are endless options for fruits and foods in general that you can add into a batch of muffins, raspberries and Meyer lemons are some of the juiciest and most flavorful options you can choose, not to mention they are incredibly healthy being extremely low in calories and containing high levels of potassium. 

29. Meyer Lemon Rosemary Bread 

With just one smell of this intoxicating lemon loaf, it’s hard not to want to take at least one bite which is always a good idea considering just how delicious it is to snack on and to use as a side dish when enjoying some soup or a bit of creamy chicken.

Layer this loaf with some salted butter to enhance the Meyer lemon taste even more and drizzle a little dash of honey over the top if you want to add even more sweetness to this delicious appetizer. 

30. Spicy Lemon Chicken Kabobs 

With the amount of spicy chillies and seasonings that give this chicken kabob a bit of a kick in terms of the taste, Meyer lemons are the perfect addition to this delightful afternoon treat to perfectly even out the spiciness with a good dose of sweetness. 

Finish off with some rosemary and red pepper flakes to help dilute the smokiness a little bit if you want more of a mild flavor. 

31. Meyer Lemon Ice Cream 

When we say you can mix meyer lemon into essentially any of your favorite foods, we really do mean it and that includes making a cool and delicious Meyer lemon ice cream that is as sweet as it is soft and refreshing. 

Excellent for keeping you cool on those warmer days when you want something that you can whip up in just a few minutes but you know will keep you and the family happy and refreshed when the sun is beaming down.

32. Lemon Roasted Squash With Tarragon 

This appetizing and healthy dish will not only keep you refreshed and energized for the day ahead, it is also extremely juicy and fresh to bite into thanks to the mixture of vegetables being sprinkled with some fresh tarragon and of course, some Meyer lemons to add a very subtle tang to the overall flavor making it both smooth and juicy but with just a bit of a spiced kick to mix up this recipe enough from the norm to ensure it is unique and very memorable.

33. Meyer Lemon Posset 

This light and creamy dessert is a perfect cross between a pudding and mousse and retains all the delicious flavors and soft texture that both those desserts are known for.

The Meyer lemons are especially good in this recipe because they help to lighten up the flavors overall and give it an incredibly sweet and flavorful texture which is just too good not to try out at least once. 

These desserts are an excellent choice when you want a small and creamy dish that everyone can enjoy regardless of their taste preferences which can also be whipped up and ready to serve in just a few minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Key Differences Between Regular And Meyer Lemons?

There are a few primary differences between the two that actually makes them quite a bit different not only in taste, but also in appearance.

Meyer lemons tend to be a lot rounder, smoother and are often more orange than standard lemons since their sweetness does make them more akin to oranges. 

When it comes to the taste itself, while regular lemons are known for being very acidic and quite sour, Meyer lemons are very sweet.

They also contain a much richer and more vibrant taste that makes them just as good and in some cases better than regular lemons when being used as part of a recipe.

In terms of availability, Meyer lemons tend to be more expensive and harder to find than regular lemons.

This is specifically because normal lemons are available all year round while Meyer lemons are in season from the early winter through to early spring. 

How Long Do Meyer Lemon Trees Take To Grow?

If you are thinking of growing your very own Meyer lemon tree in the back garden or on your front lawn, it is always a great idea as they can provide some incredibly sweet fruit for you to enjoy on their own or as a delightful ingredient to mix into your recipes.

Meyer lemon trees on average will yield fruit in just two years after they are planted so while they will take some care and maintenance for a little while, for what they offer they are more than worth it in the end.


Meyer lemons are a delightfully sweet addition that go well in essentially any dish. Try out some of these recipes that make full use of the delicious flavor of Meyer lemons to find your new favorite dessert or afternoon meal right now. 

33 Juicy And Refreshing Meyer Lemon Recipes

33 Juicy And Refreshing Meyer Lemon Recipes

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Rather than sticking with what you know, why not try out the vibrant flavor of Meyer lemons next time you want to make a scrumptious dessert?

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