30 Mexican Casserole Recipes That Are Easy To Make

Casseroles are a mainstay of many dinner times across the country. Simply add your filling of choice to a pot, throw on some cheese, put it in the oven, wait, and you’ll have a fully prepared meal. It’s easy to make, and tasty to eat.

Such a simple concept for the main meal means that a massive number of different recipes for casseroles have been made over the years, and tailored to a massive range of different cuisines, with many pasta-based or Italian versions being created over the years.

30 Mexican Casserole Recipes That Are Easy To Make

However, for those of us looking for a little more spice in our casserole-based foods, Mexican versions of this home-favorite dish are also a very popular option, with plenty of recipes out there for you to take inspiration from. Don’t know where to start with these recipes? Well, right here, of course!

In this list, we are going to show you some of the best Mexican-themed casserole recipes that you can find out there, loaded with plenty of new flavors to spice up your dinner table, especially for lovers of casseroles, but are tired of eating the same variety day-in, day-out.

1. Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole

Starting off our list on a tasty note, this Tex-Mex recipe is a great option for people who love to blend their ingredients (Well, not literally, you’ll be dicing your foods rather than blending them, but you get the idea)!

The trick to this recipe is to create a fine salsa base that makes up the bottom of the dish, before adding on the mixture-filled tortillas.

And, of course, don’t be frugal with the toppings either! Make sure that you add plenty of cheese and chopped tomatoes to the final layer. The result is a cheese-melting and mouth-watering recipe that speaks for itself.

2. Easy Taco Casserole

Do you love background beef taco dips and plates as much as we do? Have you considered throwing those two great ingredients into a casserole pot? This recipe is all the proof that you need that this is a great idea!

Of course, you won’t just be using these ingredients. There’ll be plenty of onions, tomatoes, salsa, and cheese in this recipe too!

3. Cheesy Chile Casserole

The best casserole recipes are often the ones that can be thrown together with just a few ingredients, or even leftovers that can be saved and used.

So, we’re happy to say that this cheesy chile casserole is one of the easiest recipes on this list to make!

Using only a handful of ingredients (well, maybe a little more than that. You are filling a pot, after all), you can create a recipe that not only uses relatively few ingredients but is super simple to cook and make too.

4. Mexican Mac & Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good mac & cheese recipe? It’s next to impossible to resist the runny cheesy goodness that comes with them. So, we’re happy to say that those delicious qualities are put to good use here!

Add in a little spicy sausage meat to the mix, and you can upgrade your mac and cheese side to a full-blown main course!

5. Fold-Over Tortilla Bake

Do you love taco Tuesday in your home? Do you want to keep that love fresh with a new recipe? Then this is the dish for you!

Tortillas being able to hold tons of ingredients is a well-known quality that they are loved for. It’s kind of their whole deal. However, this recipe uses that folding power in a novel way and helps keep your casserole dishes engaging to both eat and prepare.

6. Carnitas Pulled Pork Enchiladas

Carnitas are well-known for being some of the best dishes of authentic Mexican cuisine. About the only thing that seems to be a little annoying about them is how all their rich and delicious ingredients tend to spill once bitten or cut into. So, keep all that goodness saved in a casserole pot instead!

7. Pork & Green Chile Casserole

Pork and chili heat is a combination that is well-loved in Mexican cuisine. So, throwing that in a casserole pot is a great way of letting them stew in their flavors.

Thai recipes can also be frozen for eating at a later date, but make sure that you place them in your freezer uncooked. Let it thaw out overnight in your refrigerator before you start to cook it in the oven.

8. Walking Taco Casserole

Don’t worry, this taco casserole recipe isn’t about to get up and leave the dinner table. Except, of course, into your belly!

A combination of a taco salad and nachos are thrown into one recipe, this beef and chip combo is made complete, thanks to the healthy helping of Mexican taco seasoning, as well as plenty, of course, of tomatoes and cheese!

This is the perfect recipe to whip up for students and family homes alike!

9. Burrito Bake

By making a killer combination of minced beef, refried beans, mozzarella cheese, and plenty of seasoning, you’ll have a simple recipe that, whilst maybe taking a little while to cook in the oven, will also be super easy to assemble for yourself, making it perfect for people on a tight schedule, or for someone who just wants a little comfort food on a lazy day!

If you’re looking to keep your recipe lean, then consider swapping your beef mince of choice for some lean ground beef!

10. One-Pot Cheesy Rice Chile Relleno Casserole

Did you know that originally, casseroles used to be made with rice instead of pasta or other flour-based fillers?

Whilst we can’t exactly claim that this is an original rice casserole recipe, we can guarantee that this rustic meal has plenty of flavor and charm to it all the same!

Plus, this recipe keeps all its mixing and cooking confined to a single, pot, making it a relatively hassle-free and mess-free recipe too.

11. Mexican Egg Casserole

Eggs are a staple ingredient for many casserole recipes, giving an almost quince-like texture to many great recipes.

Now, combine that with some Mexican seasonings, and you have an amazing casserole recipe that offers a very different casserole experience, but one that is still delicious to eat!

Make sure that you mix all your ingredient in a large bowl before you put it in a casserole pot. And, of course, don’t forget about the Monterey Jack!

12. Beefy Cheesy Green Chile Bake

What a few readers may have already noticed is the sheer amount of carbs in many of these delicious dishes.

However, this low-carb alternative is a recipe that can be eaten without needing to worry about your daily intake, especially if eaten with others, or over a few days. So, if you’re looking for an alternative that still feels like a casserole and tastes great.

13. Southwestern Casserole

Of course, not every family is going to be able to have the budget to make an elaborate casserole recipe every evening.

So, we’re very happy to find this recipe that, whilst having a pretty long list of ingredients, can at least be found on a budget.

Plus, it’s not like those ingredients are going to waste, either! This is a flavor-packed recipe that will be an easy go-to recipe for anyone figuring out what to put on the table this evening.

So, if you love eating cheaply, but flexing those cooking muscles, this is an absolute must-try, both for families, and for individuals who want to feed themselves for a day or two (looking at you, students)!

14. LOADED Chicken Taco Casserole

Tacos are made to be loaded up with toppings. So why not use them to their full potential in this flavor-packed recipe?

Anyone who is at the table when this Mexican-themed casserole will find a dish that has just the right amount of crunch from their tacos, while also being full of soft, juicy, flavor-packed meat.

Serve this casserole with a side of Mexican rice, and watch the rice absorb all that excess goodness into its fluffy texture!

15. Chili Mac Casserole

Considering that casseroles and lasagna have a lot in common, it’s no surprise that there is plenty of mixing of flavors, textures, and packing when it comes to these two recipes.

Take this chili and mac recipe. You have the packing and the pasta layers of lasagna, with the minced spicy beef and chili from a good casserole too!

Make sure that the macaroni is cooked beforehand, then throw it in with the rest of the ingredients that you choose.

16. Tamale Pie

Time for something a little different. Tamale pie is a classic recipe that, despite first appearances, does share quite a lot in common, especially in preparing the meat filling.

Of course, most casseroles don’t have cornbread n their recipe. But that’s what sets this recipe apart!

17. Firecracker Casserole

For another simple casserole recipe that is sure to please many Mexican food fans, this firecracker casserole has all the heat that you could want from a recipe like this, and with plenty of great cheddar cheese to boot!

Laying the tortillas as a pasta substitute within the casserole helps differentiate and separate your layers, whilst also allowing them to absorb all those good flavors.

18. Mexican Ground Beef Casserole With Rice

As we’ve already said, rice casseroles are a pretty rare recipe to find, and we think that the world is missing out on flavors because of it.

However, we are happy to see a few of these recipes get the recognition we deserve, such as this ground beef and rice casserole. Plus, this recipe is incredibly quick to make, only taking around 30 minutes to make in total!

19. Taco Salad Casserole 

The recipes that we also find are our favorites are ones where you can familiarize yourself with the ingredients and process quicker, leading to a smoother cooking time, and better flavors in the end.

So, we’re happy to say that this taco salad casserole recipe can be made in a little over 30 minutes! How’s that for speedy?

20. Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole

Salad Verde is a popular dish across the world, with the leafy green and tasty dressing combination being a hit pretty much anywhere you find it. So, allow us to treat you with a chicken and green packed Salad Verde casserole recipe.

21. Chicken Chiles Rellenos Casserole

What can we say? We love a little cornbread in our casserole recipes! The blend of chilies, soft-cooked chicken, and poblanos means that anyone who is hankering for a little taste of Mexico will be satisfied here, thanks to the Mexican spices included!

22. Cheesy Baked Chilaquiles

Breakfast casseroles are popular with virtually everyone who loves the flavors of a hearty breakfast, brought to the dinner table in the evening! Make sure that you have plenty of eggs in reserve for this high-protein meal!

However, with an ingredient list of just 8 different items, you won’t have to worry about getting anything too exotic for your recipe!

23. Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole

Squash is an often underutilized vegetable when it comes to Mexican recipes, so we’re very glad to see this delicious dish on this list to show you just what this orange plant is made of!.

24. Mexican Lasagna

We’ve already talked at length about the similarities between casseroles and lasagnas. So, it only makes sense to seal this deal with a Mexican-inspired lasagna dish!

Packed with ground beef, beans, and plenty of other goods, you’ll see just what we’re talking about with this recipe!

25. Breakfast Burrito Casserole

You can never get enough of a good breakfast burrito. So, you’ll certainly be pleased to see an entire casserole made of breakfast burrito instead!

With such as simple recipe to follow, you’ll be able to add pretty much any ingredient that you love from a classic breakfast into this recipe.

26. Sopa Seca De Fideo

We’ve talked about how Italian and Mexican-inspired casseroles can be pretty similar at times here. So, it only makes sense to find a new way of enjoying both cuisines at the same time!

27. Fiesta Chicken

Time to open up the chili powder with this recipe, with all kinds of juicy goodness, from mushroom and chicken cream soup to juicy tomatoes.

28. Breakfast Enchilada Overnight Bake

Like all the best casseroles, make sure that you have a few eggs handy for this recipe!.

29. Beef Enchilada Lasagna Casserole

If you want to start blurring the lines between casseroles and lasagnas, then you need to check this recipe out!.

30. Baked Burrito Casserole

Spiced meat packed between layers of tortillas. And all of it blanketed by aromatic cheese Can you ask for any more than that from a casserole?.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Freeze Casseroles?

This will depend on what ingredients you are putting in your casserole exactly. Whilst most casseroles can be frozen, certain ingredients used in them will preserve better when frozen either before or after they are cooked.

Generally speaking, perishable foods, such as eggs, should be frozen after they are cooked, whereas other dishes, such as those that use things like fish, should be frozen before they are cooked.

Most vegetables do not take to freezing easily, so you should avoid freezing those casserole recipes that are primarily vegetable based.

What Are Some Tips For Making A Good Casserole?

Whilst the quality of a casserole will often largely depend on the ingredients being used, there are a few general rules and tips that you can follow to get the best results:

Grate your ingredients finely – This gives the flavors of your casserole a much wider distribution and allows for better mixing.
Use herbs in your recipes – While this mainly applies to more Italian-inspired recipes, using fresh herbs such as coriander or oregano (or dry herbs if the recipe takes longer than 2 hours to prepare), will help bring out the best flavors.
Opt or flameproof dishes – This will allow you to simply add all your ingredients in a single, heat-resistant bowl, as opposed to using more than one pan or bowl to make your meal, cutting down on mess created.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, with the right ingredients and a little inspiration, the sheer variety of flavors and ingredients that you can put in a casserole. Not even limiting yourself to a single cuisine is enough to stop you from finding amazingly different dishes!

30 Mexican Casserole Recipes That Are Easy To Make

30 Mexican Casserole Recipes That Are Easy To Make

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