23 Amazing Mexican Cake Recipes

Are you looking for some delicious Mexican food recipes? Well, look no further because we’ve got 23 amazing Mexican cakes for you to try out.

23 Amazing Mexican Cake Recipes

Mexicans love their desserts, especially those who live near Mexico City or Guadalajara. They also enjoy having dessert after dinner, especially during holidays such as Cinco de Mayo or Christmas Eve.

1. Tres Leches Cake Using Cake Mix

Tres leches cake is a classic Mexican dessert. It’s a three-milk cake — cream cheese, evaporated milk, and heavy whipping cream — layered with chocolate ganache and dusted with powdered sugar.

It’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s delicious. But there are some things you need to know about tres leches cake.

First, let’s start with the one that everybody knows. Tres leches cake is named after the three different types of milk used in making it: cream cheese evaporated whole milk and heavy whipping cream. This recipe uses all three.

You could use just one type of milk, but it wouldn’t be quite the same. And while you don’t necessarily need to make this cake yourself, it does require a few special ingredients.

2. Mexican Easy Churro Cake

The key to a great churro cake is a crispy, golden brown exterior and a moist interior.

To achieve this, we use a combination of baking powder and soda to help puff up the dough, and cornstarch to keep the batter from getting too sticky.

Then, we coat the outside of each churro with a thin layer of egg wash, which helps prevent the churros from sticking together while cooking.

After frying, we brush the tops with a simple glaze made of powdered sugar mixed with a little bit of apple juice, butter, and vanilla extract. In the end, the cake gets a nice shine thanks to the glaze.

The batter is super simple to make, and once baked, there’s no waiting around for the cakes to cool — just pop ’em in the oven again and serve immediately.

3. Impossible Chocoflan Cake

You’ve probably heard of flans before, right? A flan is basically a custard that gets baked into a cake. Flans are usually served cold, but they’re also often used as fillings for cakes.

They’re creamy and sweet and perfect for spreading onto cupcakes.

But there’s a lot more to making a flan than pouring some cream and baking it. For starters, you need to make sure that your eggs are very well beaten.

Once you do that, you add sugar and vanilla extract and mix everything together. It sounds simple enough, but there are a few tricks to getting the best texture out of your flan.

4. Mexican Wedding Cake

This intricately layered cake looks too good and too complicated to be true. And it really is impossible to make. In fact, it’s one of those desserts that are just too good to pass up.

5. Mexican Sweet Corn Cake

This recipe uses canned creamed corn, and it turned out perfect! If you are looking for something different to do with leftover corn, check out this recipe!

6. Mexican Chocolate Cake

This soft, moist cake combines three flavors into one delectable dessert. Each bite is packed with chocolate, coffee, and a hint of cayenne pepper.

A touch of cream cheese adds richness and sweetness. And finally, a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes it just like a traditional cake.

7. Mexican Chocolate Cake With Delicious Cinnamon Frosting

If you’re looking for a quick dessert, try baking the cake layers ahead of time and freezing them. Then pull out one layer whenever you want to make a slice of cake.

Just thaw it at room temperature for about 30 minutes. You can even refrigerate the cake overnight, and reheat it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes.

For the cinnamon frosting, we used a combination of powdered sugar and buttercream frosting.

We added some vanilla extract and cinnamon to give it a little kick. The cake itself is moist and rich, and the frosting adds a nice touch of spice.

8. Easy Sopapilla Cheesecake

This spongy, sweet, and tangy cake is incredibly easy to make. All you need are seven ingredients — plus some patience. The recipe takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, and there’s no baking involved.

Instead, it’s a mix of cheesecake and sopapaix. The batter gets baked like a regular cake, while the topping stays chewy and crispy. In fact, everything about the cake is soft — except the slightly crisp topping!

9. Lime Maria Mexican IceBox Cake

If you’re looking for something a little different for dessert this summer, try this lime icebox cake. This recipe takes about half an hour to prepare, but the rest of the process is pretty much hands-off.

The base of the cake is a simple vanilla sponge cake. Then, we add some whipped cream cheese frosting, lime juice, and powdered sugar.

After that, we fold in lime slices, crushed graham crackers, and chocolate chips. Finally, we chill the whole thing in the freezer, slice it into squares, and serve.

10. Mexican Jelly Roll

This Mexican jelly roll is perfect for parties. You don’t have to worry about making too much because it keeps well in the fridge for up to 3 days. Just slice off pieces whenever you’re ready to serve.

11. Peach Cake Roll

This peach cake roll requires even fewer ingredients than most recipes you’ve seen. It’s simple enough for beginners to master, and delicious enough for everyone else.

And since it doesn’t require much prep work, you can whip up this sweet treat whenever you want.

12. Mexican Spicy Brownie Cake

Mexican food is known for being hot and spicy. But did you know that some of our favorite dishes are actually quite sweet? We’re talking about desserts, of course.

And there’s no better dessert than this brownie cake. Made with dark chocolate, spices, and lots of butter, this cake is rich and decadent. If you want to make it even sweeter, add a scoop of ice cream on top.

13. Tres Leches Coconut Cake

This dessert takes the traditional recipe of tres leches cake — three kinds of milk plus eggs — and livens it up with tropical flavors like coconut and coconut rum.

How does it do that exactly, you ask? By adding lots of tropical flavors, including coconut extract, coconut sugar, coconut flakes, and coconut milk.

And since we’re talking about tropical flavors here, why not go ahead and use light coconut cream, too?

Typically, tres leches cake uses condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk, but this version calls for unsweetened coconut milk and adds coconut extract, coconut sugar, and coconut flakes.

You can even add shredded coconut to make the cake extra nutty.

14. Hot Chocolate Mexican Cake

This gorgeous cake takes a little bit of extra effort, but the result is totally worth every second spent making it. It’s insanely delicious and perfect for formal events like weddings or birthdays.

It’s also incredibly decadent and full of sweet spice flavors. Plus, it’s deliciously rich and features cayenne, cinnamon, and vanilla. If you’re looking to ensure your dessert takes center stage, this is the cake to bake.

15. Chocolate Sheet Mexican Cake

This is our favorite chocolate sheet cake recipe because it’s easy to make, and doesn’t require much work. If you’ve never tried making this type of cake before, just follow along step-by-step, and you’ll see how simple it is.

The cake itself consists of three layers of sponge cake, filled with a layer of rich chocolate ganache, topped off with a thick layer of bittersweet chocolate mousse.

Then, you simply dust the whole thing with powdered sugar. This cake tastes great served warm out of the oven, but it can also be kept cold for up to four days.

16. Chocolate Bourbon Chile Cake With Bourbon Chocolate Frosting

Chile chocolate cake is one of our favorite cakes ever. And It’s a great way to use up leftover Chile powder and bittersweet chocolate.

The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate chips, but we prefer to use high-quality dark chocolate bars. You’ll find that the flavor is much better.

We’re always looking for ways to improve upon recipes, especially ones that are already delicious. So when we came across this recipe for a chocolate bourbon cake, we had to try it out.

This is a perfect dessert for people who like sweet things, but don’t want to feel guilty about indulging.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could add some candied bacon to the batter. But we wouldn’t recommend it unless you really enjoy salty foods.

You might be wondering why we call this a “chocolate bourbon cake.” Well, the bourbon adds a subtle hint of vanilla flavor, while the chocolate gives it a nice depth. Plus, there’s a little spice from the cinnamon.

The frosting is amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must give it a go. It tastes just like a traditional chocolate buttercream, but without dairy products. It’s got a wonderful balance of sweetness and spice.

17. Chocolate Mexican Cake With Cream Caramel Frosting

This recipe is perfect for those days when you want something sweet without feeling like you’re eating too much sugar.

It’s rich, moist, and chocolaty—with just enough spice to make it interesting. And the frosting is out of this world.

18. Mexican Chocolate Mousse Pie

This decadent dessert is sure to impress your guests, especially since you baked it yourself. This recipe requires no special equipment or skills, just a little patience while waiting for the mousse to set up.

If you don’t want to make your own pie dough, you can use store-bought pastry dough.

19. Mexican Colorful Piñata Cake

Piñatas are just downright fun. They’re filled with candy, nuts, fruit, toys, and even money. But what happens when you take the traditional piñata cake and make it into something else entirely? Something like this.

A piñata cake is basically a piñata covered in frosting. It’s a great way to celebrate a kid’s birthday party. We’ve seen some really creative ones over the years, but this one takes the cake.

The cake itself looks amazing. It’s got a lot of colors, and there are a ton of different things inside. There are a bunch of candies, too.

We love how the colors look together. You don’t often see cakes that come in such vibrant shades.

And speaking of those bright hues, here’s another thing about piñata cakes. They’re usually pretty easy to decorate.

They’re mostly frosted, so you can add whatever designs you want. If you wanted to go crazy, you could do a bunch of different patterns or shapes.

20. Tres Leches Chocolate Cake

Two of the most popular Mexican desserts are tres leches cake and chocolate cake. These delicious treats combine both into one.

You’ll start with an extremely moist chocolate sponge cake. Next, you’ll add the 3 kinds of milk and a decadent chocolate frosting. It’s super rich and even better than it sounds.

21. Chocolate Piñata Cake

This cake is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because you want something sweet and festive.

This recipe uses one box of yellow cake mix and two boxes of chocolate pudding mix. You’ll also need a couple of bags of mini marshmallows, some sprinkles, and a little oil.

22. Mexican Coffee Crumb Cake

This recipe is focused on a flavored coffee crumb cake with chocolate chips and pecans. The flavors of the cake pair well with Mexican food.

If you don’t like coffee flavor, just use regular milk, and vanilla extract, and add some cinnamon to it. You can experiment with different spices too.

23. Mexican Fruit Cake

We love baking cakes, and we wanted to try something different. So we found this Mexican Fruit Cake. This recipe is very simple and easy to make.

You just have to mix some ingredients together and bake it. And you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is Tres Leches Cake?

Tres Leches is a traditional Mexican cake made out of three different types of milk. This cake is very moist and dense, and it tastes like heaven. It’s a perfect dessert because it doesn’t require much effort, and it’s delicious.

What Exactly Is A Mexican Style Chocolate Cake?

In Mexico, there are several different kinds of chocolate cakes. One popular variety is called “torta de chocolate,” meaning “chocolate cake.”

This type of cake usually contains some sort of fruit, such as pineapple or mango, and often includes spices like cinnamon. They’re typically served warm with whipped cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it! 23 delicious Mexican cake recipes. We hope you enjoyed them.

And if you know someone who would enjoy these recipes, please share them around to spread the joy of making Mexican cake recipes with your neighbors, friends, and loved ones!

23 Amazing Mexican Cake Recipes

23 Amazing Mexican Cake Recipes

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You need to try out these amazing Mexican cake recipes as soon as possible because the flavors are just divine! Stick around to find out more below!

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