20 Maraschino Cherry Recipes For Home Baking

Maraschino cherries are more than just a topping for your ice cream sundae or banana split – and these recipes prove so. 

Whether you’re looking for some sweet cupcakes, a fruit margarita, or a pineapple upside-down cake, maraschino cherries can be used to enhance all these dishes. 

While many of these recipes that include maraschino cherries are desserts, you can also find some cocktail and savory recipes, too. 

20 Maraschino Cherry Recipes For Home Baking

While these syrupy sweet cherries may not be as versatile as some of your other pantry-staple ingredients, they are equally delicious – adding vibrancy to any recipe. 

With this in mind, we have outlined 20 of the best homemade maraschino cherry recipes in the article.

Before you know it, you’ll be adding these cherries to everything! 

1. Maraschino Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last-minute baking? Then these cookies are ideal for you!

Maraschino cherry cookies are easy and quick to make, and, since you don’t need to chill the dough, you can place them straight in the oven. 

The gorgeous cookies feature a bright pink color that is chewy, soft, and filled with decadent chocolate chips and sweet chopped maraschino cherries. 

With each bite, you’ll be rewarded with a perfect combination of tartness and sweetness – making them irresistible after one bite. 

2. Maraschino Cherry Cupcakes

Looking to celebrate National Cherry Month or Valentine’s Day the right way? Then you can’t go wrong with these maraschino cherry cupcakes! 

Whatever time of the year you make these sweet treats, they are packed with delicious cherry flavor that tastes as good as it looks. 

If you’re looking to make your cupcakes extra festive, consider adding bright red food coloring to your frosting, as well as red cupcake liners for the finishing touch. 

3. Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies

When you first think of thumbprint cookies, your mind probably won’t go to these double chocolate cookies.

However, once you try them, they’re sure to become your go-to recipe.

The best part? It only takes 30 minutes to make a batch of 30 cookies – each one featuring double chocolate goodness with a maraschino cherry middle. 

The finishing touch of the drizzled chocolate adds some extra yumminess, making each cookie look as delectable and elegant as the next. 

4. Cherry Bourbon Slush

There is no better way to cool down on a hot summer’s day than a refreshing slushie.

However, this recipe has a fun, alcoholic twist that is incredibly easy to make. 

If you like your drinks cold and tart with a shot of gut-warming liquor – then you can’t go wrong with this recipe. 

All you need is lemon-lime soda, bourbon, some ice, and, of course, maraschino cherry juice to create this lip-smacking drink. 

Throw all the ingredients into a blender, and, in approximately five minutes, you’ll be rewarded with two lemon-lime cherry slushies! 

5. Maraschino Cherry Frosting

This is a quick and easy maraschino cherry frosting recipe that works perfectly on all your cupcake creations. 

With only four ingredients – maraschino cherry juice, sugar, butter, and extract – you’ll have this frosting whipped in minutes, perfect for piping! 

Nothing screams summer more than maraschino cherry frosting. Upgrade your cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and cakes with this vibrant pink frosting. 

6. Cherry Margarita

This cherry margarita recipe is a refreshing twist on the classic. Here, you’ll find fresh cherries and some maraschino liqueur – perfect for picnics, parties, and BBQs. 

You’ll want to make this cherry margarita all summer long. And the best part? They are insanely simple to make. 

First, all you have to do is prepare your lowball cocktail glass with fresh ice. Then, using a cocktail shaker, muddle the cherries until nice and crushed. 

Once done, add maraschino liqueur, tequila, agave nectar, lime juice, and ice, and then shake for 20 seconds. 

Strain into your glass, garnish, and enjoy! 

7. Shirley Temple

Not only is the Shirley Temple one of the best nonalcoholic beverages but it is also one of the most famous, too. 

It is so popular that you can order it for your children at most restaurants. However, you no longer have to go out to enjoy this drink. Instead, make it at home with this recipe!

All you need is ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, some grenadine, and a maraschino cherry for the topping – with each sip, you’re sure to be flooded with childhood memories. 

This homemade soda recipe is among the first mocktail recipes, aptly named after the famous child actor, Shirley Temple – who left a legacy beyond the movies. 

If you’re looking to dress up your typical soda, then the Shirley Temple is a great place to start.

A combination of bubbles and fruity sweetness creates a delicious drink perfect for all occasions. 

8. Maraschino Cherry Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

These pink, soft cookies look similar to the above-mentioned maraschino cherry chocolate chip cookies recipe.

However, what sets these ones apart is their deliciously nutty taste. 

Although don’t worry, there are still tons of chocolate and cherry flavors in these cookies to enjoy. 

9. Aviation Cocktail

This Aviation cocktail is a real knockout drink with a combination of maraschino cherry liqueur, creme de Violette, gin, and lemon juice, you’ll have a lip-smacking drink in no time. 

Half a century ago, the Aviation cocktail was at risk of being forgotten. However, since then, it has made a comeback in bars all around the country. 

This gin-based cocktail is a bit fruit, strongly floral, and immensely fun.

If you’re unfamiliar with creme de Violette, as its name would suggest, it has a particularly floral flavor.

However, you’ll also get hints of herbs and citrus notes, too. 

It has a beautiful light purple color with a real alcoholic kick to it.  

10. Maraschino Cherry Bars

This maraschino cherry bar recipe is so simple to make with impressive results.

Packed with sweet, juicy cherries and a beautiful cherry glaze – you’ll find it hard to resist more than one. 

Whether you make them for Valentine’s day, Christmas, or any other occasion – they add a lovely splash of color to any spread. 

Plus, if you’re a newbie baker, you won’t find any trouble making these.

When it comes to baking, these cookies are practically impossible to mess up – even your kids can get involved! 

With as little as 30 minutes, the result is light, slightly chewy cookies that have a deliciously tart taste.

Be careful, these won’t be around long on the tray! 

11. Pineapple And Cherry Ham

If you’re looking for a savory recipe among a sea of sweets, then you’re in luck. Here, we present you with a pineapple and cherry ham recipe. 

Although, for some, the savoriness in this recipe may be considered a stretch, since there is more than enough sweetness, too. 

Atop a succulent and tender ham, you’ll find sweet slices of tropical, juicy pineapple – the combination of smokey and sweet works perfectly well here. 

Cinnamon, brown sugar, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger are used to season the ham – which not only adds to the depth of flavor but will leave your house smelling incredible.

12. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

One of the most famous ways to use your maraschino cherries is on a pineapple upside-down cake.

However, finding the perfect recipe can sometimes be challenging… up until now. 

For the moistest, lightest, and juiciest pineapple upside-down cake, then you need this recipe in your life. 

The recipe starts with a rich butter cake that, once baked and removed from the pan, reveals delicious pineapple rings with maraschino cherries in the middle. 

With each bite, you’re provided with volumes of flavor.

A tender cake is mingled with slightly tangy and sweet flavors from the cherry and pineapple – the perfect combination. 

13. Banana Split Cheesecake Bars

For a minimal, no-bake dessert, you need to try these banana split cheesecake bars.  

They are surprisingly refreshing but also rich and decadent. The best part? The only appliance you’ll need is your refrigerator.

Featuring a nutty, crumbly graham cracker crust with tangy yet sweet cheesecake filling, the base itself contains all the flavor you could need without any toppings!

However, that being said, once you know what the toppings are, you won’t want to leave them off! 

Strawberries, pineapples, bananas, chocolate chips, chocolate syrups, pecans, Cool Whip, and maraschino cherries all combine to create a deliciously flavorful masterpiece. 

14. White Chocolate Cherry Fudge

This white chocolate cherry fudge is packed with scrumptious maraschino cherries and deliciously cherry white chocolate pieces.

Plus, to achieve the fluffy texture you’ll need the special ingredient – which is: marshmallow cream!

For this recipe, the first thing you’ll want to do is prepare your main ingredient: maraschino cherries.

Here, start by chopping them into small pieces and then leaving them out to dry on a paper towel for at least half an hour. 

Then, simply melt the cream, butter, salt, and sugar, until it reaches a temperature of 235 degrees.

To accurately measure this, make sure you have a candy thermometer on hand!

Once done, take the mixture off the heat and stir in the marshmallow cream and white chocolate chips. The last ingredient to go in is the cherries. 

Then, simply place them in a tray in the refrigerator and wait until they are set. This is probably the hardest step! But trust us, the wait is worth it!

15. Maraschino Cherry Cake

This lovely, light cake is fluffy, moist, and soft – plus, it is perfect for every occasion! 

Although keep in mind that the cherry cream cheese frosting can be particularly rich, so you may want to start serving the slices small. 

All in all, the cake only takes approximately 45 minutes to make – from preparing, baking, and icing – perfect for all your activities. 

16. Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread

This Hawaiian banana nut bread is sure to make you go bananas! It’s moist, flavorful, and utterly delicious. Perfect for gift-giving, it combines cherries, coconut, and pineapple for the ultimate bread. 

For this recipe, you’ll need very ripe bananas – perfect for those who have a bunch of bananas sitting on the counter looking a bit sorry for wear. 

The crushed pineapples and maraschino cherries provide a moist and sweeter texture than that of banana bread. 

For the finishing touch, sprinkle a layer of powdered sugar over the top and you have yourself the perfect breakfast, brunch, or dessert!

17. Ambrosia Salad

Looking for a delicious, quick, cheap, and easy ambrosia salad? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

This recipe is simply a crowd-pleaser and you can guarantee you’ll be leaving with an empty bowl at the end of the party. 

For this recipe, all you need is canned fruits – mandarin orange slices, maraschino cherries, and pineapple), Cool Whip, sour cream, and a cup of mini marshmallows. 

18. Banana Split

A maraschino cherry list isn’t complete without a banana split – it is a classic all-American recipe that everyone needs to try at least once… or twice. 

Using fresh strawberries and bananas, three scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, pineapple chunks, chocolate sauce, peanuts, and maraschino cherries – you simply can’t go wrong. 

With this recipe, you’ll be taken back to a 1950s soda shop, and the best part? You don’t even have to leave your kitchen!

19. Classic Old Fashioned

Since the cocktail was first invented, the Old Fashioned has undergone various transformations over its time. 

The classic recipes consist of bourbon, removing the mid-century addition of soda, and, instead, keeping the orange slice and cherry. 

You’ll be rewarded with an easy-sipping cocktail that allows the bourbon flavor to come through with hints of sweetness throughout. 

20. Maraschino Cherry Ice Cream

This maraschino cherry ice cream is deliciously creamy and doesn’t require custard for that delicate texture. 

All you have to do is chill your ingredients before placing them in your ice cream maker and, soon enough, you’ll be rewarded with delicious ice cream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maraschino Cherries Real Cherries?

Yes, maraschino cherries are actual cherries. Compared to regular cherries, they have a sugar coating with a firmer texture. 

You can find both traditional maraschino cherries – usually darker – and modern imitation maraschino cherries – which are bright red – which undergo different manufacturing methods. 

Final Thoughts

Maraschino cherries are certainly the cherry on the cake, salad, cocktail, or whatever recipe you’re looking to incorporate them with. 

However, did you know you can also use them as a baking ingredient, too?

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some inspiration for your next maraschino cherry creations. 

20 Maraschino Cherry Recipes For Home Baking

20 Maraschino Cherry Recipes For Home Baking

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Maraschino cherries are a classic and if you’re looking for a reason to make them at home, this article will give you a list of 20 great recipes.

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