28 Low-Carb Vegan Recipes You’ll Love

People follow a vegan diet for many reasons. Some people simply don’t like to eat animal-based products, whilst others simply want to eat healthier.

Either way, following a vegan diet is much easier than following other diet trends.

There are thousands upon thousands of wonderful dishes to choose from, most of which come packed with healthy nutrients, vitamins, and plenty of flavors.

28 Low-Carb Vegan Recipes You’ll Love

There are also plenty of vegan dishes that are low-carb. In fact, one of the hardest things about following a vegan diet is deciding what to make.

The options are just too good. Today, we want to show you just how many low-carb vegan recipes you have to choose from. To do so, we’ve listed 28 tasty low-carb vegan recipes you’ll love.

Let’s take a look at the list!

1. Grilled Eggplant Salad

First up, we have this vibrant grilled eggplant salad. Incredibly healthy, flavorful, and surprisingly filling, this is an awesome side dish you’ll want to serve all summer long. 

Thrown together in just 25 minutes, the salad can be served hot or cold, and is versatile enough for you to throw in any leftover veggies you may have.

The combination of cherry tomatoes, red peppers, eggplant, fresh onions, and herbs in this recipe offers a powerful burst of flavor.

2. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

This slow cooker butternut squash soup recipe couldn’t be any easier to make. Simply cut up the ingredients, throw them in your slow cooker, and let the slow cooker do the rest. 

The end result is a smooth, creamy, and healthy soup full of flavor and low in carbs.

You’ll appreciate the sweet, spiced flavor of the soup as well as the creaminess, which is provided by coconut milk or cashew cream.

3. Vegan Quiche Cups

Did you know that you can make delicious vegan quiches? Well, you do now! This particular vegan quiche recipe uses lots of spinach and firm tofu to make the quiche. 

Despite being a vegan recipe, this dish still contains plenty of protein, making it a very healthy option.

On top of that, spinach is a superfood full of antioxidants. Personally, we love the appearance of these lovely quiche cups.

4. Easy Vegan Tandoori Tofu

Sticking with tofu, we highly recommend that you give this vegan tandoori recipe a try. Quick and easy to make, this party pleaser is full of Indian flavor, tender, hot, and most importantly vegan-friendly.

To give the tofu an impressive flavor, the recipe marinates it in garam masala, turmeric, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, lemon juice, paprika, and fenugreek leaves. 

5. Grilled Cauliflower Steaks With Tahini Sauce

Next up, we have a tasty cauliflower steak recipe. Cauliflower is a popular ingredient in vegan cooking thanks to its versatility.

It can be fried, baked, grilled, or sauteed with ease. This recipe calls for you to grill the cauliflower.

This gives it a great crunch and unlocks more flavor. In terms of flavor, this recipe combines ginger-flavored cauliflower with a refreshing tahini sauce.

We can confirm, this combination works perfectly.

6. Shiitake Mushroom Fried Cauliflower Rice

Another amazing vegan cauliflower dish that is low in carbs is this cauliflower rice recipe from Stacey Homemaker.

Putting a vegan twist on a Chinese classic, this recipe is loaded with veggies, interesting textures, and flavor.

Some of the veggies used in this recipe include edamame, carrots, cauliflower, and peas. It is the use of cauliflower rice that keeps carbs on the low side in this dish.

7. Vegan Thai Coconut Curry

If you’re looking for a scrumptious recipe that bursts with flavor and fragrance, give this vegan Thai curry recipe a try. Using everyday vegetables, herbs, and spices, this recipe offers divine flavor combinations.

Made in an InstantPot, we can use cauliflower rice and skip out on the chickpeas to reduce carbs in the dish. We love how the coconut compliments the spiciness of the dish.

8. Vegan Cabbage Lasagna

Next, we have a great low-carb vegan recipe that you can make for the whole family.

Healthy, delicious, and surprisingly easy to make, this vegan lasagna calls for cabbage leaves instead of the lasagna sheets, and vegan ground beef as a filling.

To give the dish more flavor, this recipe also shows you how to make a gorgeous spinach cashew alfredo sauce. The mixture of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors is phenomenal.

9. Low-Carb Mexican Cauliflower Rice

One cup of cooked rice contains approximately 37 grams of carbohydrates. That’s why we should turn to cauliflower rice if we follow a low-carb diet. This cauliflower rice recipe offers Mexican vibes.

To give the rice a true Mexican taste, onions, jalapenos, and garlic are thrown in with an array of vibrant peppers. To make the dish that bit healthier, avocado is added too. 

10. Summer Vegetable Tian

If you’re looking for a visually stunning dish that will impress your guests next summer, check out this summer vegetable tian recipe.

This recipe is super simple, yet very impactful. Low in carbs and extremely vibrant, it features a layered casserole made with just 7 ingredients.

Those ingredients are olive oil, onions, summer squash, tomatoes, zucchini, salt, and garlic. This recipe tastes best when served with crusty bread.

11. Mushroom And Tofu Stir-Fry

Full of flavor, low in carbs, packed with veggies, and very healthy, this recipe is easily one of the best low-carb vegan recipes you can make.

For us, the best thing about this recipe is its simplicity. The dish contains basic ingredients, is easy to prepare, and doesn’t take long to cook.

We also love the comfort this dish offers. It’s a great dish for a cold evening. 

12. Vegan Scallops

If you’re someone that likes to try new and unique recipes, you’ll love this next one. This Loving It Vegan recipe shows you how to make vegan scallops out of king oyster mushrooms. 

The results are quite remarkable. They have an amazing texture and a beautiful flavor. Most of the flavor in the dish comes from the lemon garlic butter and fresh parsley the scallops are cooked in.

13. Vegan Burrito Bowls

When it comes to meal prepping your lunches, this vegan burrito bowl recipe is ideal.

Packed with corn, black beans, pico de gallo, cilantro lime rice, guacamole, and a creamy vegan sour cream, this recipe offers everything we expect from a burrito, minus the carbs.

The removal of the tortilla wrap ensures that this dish is low in carbs. It also makes it easier to store the dish in containers. In terms of flavor, this dish offers a tasty combination of sweet, spicy, and sour flavors.

14. Pesto Zoodles

There’s not that much to say about this recipe. It’s quick and easy to make, versatile, full of flavor, and low in carbs. What’s not to like?

This recipe shows you how to make low-carb noodles out of zucchini before flavoring them with homemade pesto.

Aside from being low in carbs, zoodles are much more nutritious than normal noodles, offering us a win-win situation.

15. Peanut-Tofu Cabbage Wraps

A great way to cut the carbs out of recipes that call for tortilla wraps is to use cabbage leaves or lettuce leaves instead.

This recipe uses cabbage leaves to cut out the carbs. This gives the wraps a crunchier, fresher texture, and lets the filling take center stage.

The filling in this recipe consists of cucumber, Asian pear, peanut sauce, tofu, lime zest, rice vinegar, and a handful of other seasonings. The combination of sweet, savory, and tangy flavors is magical.

16. Eggplant-Shallot Stew

The next recipe on our list is a fantastic comfort food that will keep you warm through the winter. Despite being a hearty dish loaded with flavor and fresh ingredients, this stew is actually very easy to make.

It consists of a simple combination that includes eggplants and shallots. A range of different herbs and spices are then added to give the stew more flavor. 

17. Grilled Coleslaw With Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette

Grilling the carrots and cabbage to make this tasty coleslaw is a masterstroke.

Doing so softens the crunchy veggies perfectly, giving them a wonderful crisp and soft texture. Grilling them also offers a smoky flavor. 

Aside from that, this is a classic coleslaw recipe that’s easy to make and even easier to eat. The lemon-herb vinaigrette added to the coleslaw compliments the smokiness of the vegetables brilliantly.

18. Tofu Satay

This next recipe puts a vegan twist on an Indonesian classic. Instead of using chicken, this recipe calls for tofu. The tofu is marinated in a vegan satay marinade before being skewered and grilled. 

To complete the Asian street food vibe, the satay skewers are then served with a creamy, slightly spicy peanut sauce. For a meal, serve the tofu satay over a bed of cauliflower rice.

19. Chickpea & Bulgur Stuffed Grape Leaves

This chickpea recipe does take longer to make and calls for more ingredients than other dishes, but if you have the time it’s well worth making.

Offering a Mediterranean flavor profile, this recipe features well-seasoned chickpeas wrapped inside grape leaves. 

One way of looking at this dish is to think hummus meets tabbouleh.

The recipe creates a combination of unique flavors and textures that change as the dish cooks. By the end, you’ll have a soft filling and a firm exterior. 

20. Vegan Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie

Just because you follow a vegan diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy classic hearty dishes.

This vegan shepherd’s pie recipe sums this up perfectly. On top of that, it shows you how to make a low-carb alternative.

To avoid the use of too many carbs in this dish, the mashed topping calls for cauliflower instead of potatoes.

As for the filling, the hearty base of the dish is made up of vegetarian gravy and a wide range of veggies. To give the dish that meaty feel, mushrooms are used. You could also use vegan ground beef.

21. Coconut Flour Pizza

We can also make low-carb, vegan-friendly pizzas. This is a great option for those of you that have fussy eaters in the house.

To the eye, the pizzas made using this recipe look just like any other pizza. However, they are actually super low-carb because they are made using coconut flour instead.

On top of that, they are vegan-friendly as they call for vegan cheese. You can top your pizza with whatever you like.

22. Vegan Stuffed Avocado Salad

The next recipe we have for you is this super healthy, incredibly tasty stuffed avocado salad dish. This is a great dish to serve at parties as an appetizer or side dish.

The recipe gets you to stuff fresh avocados with a creamy vegan dressing combined with tomato, chopped cucumber, red onion, and of course, diced avocado. This recipe is highly nutritious and low on carbs.

23. Easy Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower

This is another side dish recipe we don’t have much to say about. It’s a super simple, addictive side dish that your guests will keep coming back for.

The crunchiness of the cauliflower goes wonderfully with the soft, creaminess of the vegan cheese. We’d actually go as far as saying that this side dish is better than fries.

24. Vegan Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are low in carbs, full of healthy nutrients, easy to make, and hearty.

They make a great side dish, main course, or appetizer. We must also say, they look quite elegant thanks to the array of different colors from the vegetables.

To make these stuffed mushrooms, you have to bake your portobello mushrooms in an oven and saute your veggies in a skillet.

You can then combine the ingredients and bake the mushrooms for another 5 minutes.

25. Low-Carb Keto Oatmeal

It’s important to start the day with a hearty breakfast that will keep you going throughout the day. This can be quite tricky when following a diet, but this low-carb oatmeal might be the solution.

Low in carbs and vegan-friendly, this oatmeal is quite dense. The oatmeal is made with a mix of almond flour, coconut flakes, chia seeds, flax meal, cinnamon, and monk fruit.

The coconut helps give the dish some texture, whilst the chia seeds provide the oatmeal with a pudding-like consistency.

26. Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup

One of the biggest things people miss when following a vegan diet is cheese.

Luckily for us, this creamy recipe gives us a taste of what we’ve been missing. This healthy soup, also known as nooch, is a cheesy and nutty soup packed with umami goodness.

Of course, the broccoli also makes the soup very healthy. To give the soup that cheesy and creamy sensation, the soup is made using soaked cashews and coconut milk.

Other ingredients in this thick soup include onions, nooch, garlic, and veggie broth.

27. Easy Air Fryer Asparagus

The penultimate recipe on this list is arguably the easiest on this list. A great replacement side dish for carb-loaded fries, these air fryer asparagus fries can be made in no time at all.

All you have to do is season the asparagus and throw them in your air fryer.

This is a super low-carb option that will surprise you. Despite being much healthier than fries, they are very addictive. 

28. Vegan Creamed Spinach

The final recipe on our list shows you how to make a delicious creamed spinach side dish without the need for any dairy products.

This creamed cauliflower spinach recipe is 100% plant-based, giving us a unique twist on a steakhouse classic. 

To make this satisfying side, you need cauliflower, spinach, vegan bouillon, yeast, onion powder, nutmeg, garlic, salt, and vermouth. 

Are the Greek vegetarian recipes also low in carbs?

Greek vegetarian recipes are not only delicious but also low in carbs. With 28 greek vegetarian recipes to choose from, you can enjoy a variety of flavorful dishes without worrying about excessive carb intake. Explore the Mediterranean flavors and indulge in healthy ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds while keeping your carb count in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Carbs Should Be Eaten On A Low-Carb Diet?

When following a low-carb diet, you have to dramatically reduce the number of carbs you eat.

The number of carbs you drop changes from person to person, however, on average, a low-carb diet will limit carbohydrate intake to 30 to 130 grams a day. 

Can Vegans Follow A Low-Carb Diet?

Generally speaking, most vegan diets include more carbohydrates. This can make it harder for vegans to follow a low-carb diet.

However, it is still possible for vegans to follow a low-carb diet too. For example, cutting back on fries, etc can reduce the number of carbs a vegan eats.

Do You Lose More Weight Following A Keto Diet?

In the short term, yes, you lose more weight following a keto diet. However, in the long term, it is much more effective to follow a plant-based diet as this helps you lose more fat.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 28 low-carb vegan recipes you’ll love. After making your way through our list, you should have a much better idea of what sort of things you can make when following a low-carb vegan diet.

Admittedly, this list could have gone on and on with tasty recipes, however, we wanted to give you a taste of the best. We feel like we’ve done that perfectly. We’ve given you a wide range of exciting recipes to try.

All you have to do now is decide which recipes you want to try first.

28 Low-Carb Vegan Recipes You’ll Love

28 Low-Carb Vegan Recipes You’ll Love

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