23 Easy Korean Vegetarian Recipes You Need To Try

Korean cuisine is some of the nicest in the world. Each recipe is filled with fantastic flavor and most dishes are so colorful, which only adds to the whole experience of eating them. 

If you want to try some Korean recipes but you’re worried that there aren’t many vegetarian options, then you’re in for a treat! There are lots of delicious Korean recipes that are vegetarian out there for you to try. 

23 Easy Korean Vegetarian Recipes You Need To Try

We’ve put together a list of 23 Korean vegetarian recipes that are easy to make and are absolutely delicious! So let’s take a look! 

1. Dalgona Coffee

First, on the list, we have this delightful Dalgona coffee. You may have seen this drink on TikTok or other social media platforms and it’s no surprise as to why! 

It is incredibly creamy and bursting with flavor and it’s super easy to make. All you need is 5 minutes and 4 ingredients before you can enjoy it for yourself. 

2. Kimchi

Also known as fermented cabbage, kimchi is a very popular Korean dish that has been a part of Korean culture for a very long time! 

This recipe will show you how to make your own kimchi, including how to ferment it from scratch! This recipe does take a bit longer, a whopping 2 days and an extra hour, but it’s totally worth it for the results.

Once you start making your own kimchi, you won’t want to buy it premade ever again! 

3. Korean Sweet Rice Drink

Are you looking for a new way to use rice? Well, with this recipe, you will be using rice to make this delicious sweet rice drink. This particular recipe is also known as Sikyhe and once you try it for the first time, you’ll want it again and again! 

4. Vegetarian Korean Bibimbap Bowls

You’ve most likely heard of bibimbap bowls before and if you’ve never had a go at making them yourself, now you can! This rice bowl is topped with delicious veggies, kimchi, gochujang, and an egg in the center. 

Most bibimbap bowls are made with meat, but this one has been catered to vegetarians everywhere! 

5. Korean Kimchi Pancakes

Kimchi can be really intense when you first try it, but once you get past that, you’ll find it works with practically everything!

These kimchi pancakes are incredibly salty and tarty and they are deliciously crispy. You will love everything about this dish! 

6. Crispy Korean BBQ Tofu

If you want a recipe that is sweet, savory, and smoky, then this is the recipe for you! Even though there is no meat in this recipe, it’s still surprisingly meaty and delicious. 

This recipe might seem complicated at first, but as soon as you get going, you’ll find it really easy to make. 

7. Gamja Jorim

Also known as Korean Braised Potatoes, this recipe is usually made as a side dish, and it takes incredible. These potatoes are incredibly addictive and you will find yourself making this dish all the time! 

8. Hotteok (Sweet Pancake)

This dish is really similar to standard western pancakes and they are super delicious.

Crispy on the outside and stuffed with cinnamon sugar, this will soon become a favorite breakfast dish you will find yourself making again and again! 

9. Korean Sweet Potato Latte

This recipe combines steamed sweet potatoes with milk and sugar to create a sensational latte that you will absolutely love. This recipe is very addictive though, so don’t be surprised if you want it every day! 

10. Korean Coleslaw

This recipe is similar in crunch to the coleslaw you know, but it’s different in taste thanks to the ingredients. This recipe is made up of a delicious mix of soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and vinegar, the dressing gives carrots, cabbage, and onions. 

11. Sweet Rice Bundt Cakes

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you will love this bundt cake recipe! You’ll actually be making mini bundt cakes out of sweet rice flour and the results are absolutely delicious! 

12. Stir-Fried Eggplant

There is so much you can do with eggplants, and this stir fry recipe is going to blow your mind. It has a bit of a spicy kick to it, so if you enjoy heat, you will absolutely love it! 

13. Gochujang Sauce

This is basically fermented chili paste and it will make all of your dishes sweet, salty, and spicy! The flavor can be quite intense, but when it’s in sauce form, it’s brought down a couple of notches. 

14. Korean Rice Cakes

Also known as tteokbokki, this is a classic Korean dish you need to try! This version is actually vegan as well, so you can serve it up to everyone. 

15. Korean Sesame Broccoli

This recipe is great, especially if you’re looking for a more tasty way to enjoy broccoli. Even the kids will enjoy this meal! 

16. Sweet and Sour Radish Salad

Also known as Musaengchae, this recipe might not look spectacular, but once you actually try it, you’ll make it all the time! It is the perfect blend of sweet and sour. 

17. Korean Seasoned Spinach

Spinach can be quite bland by itself, but when you use it in this recipe, it becomes incredibly tasty! For this recipe, you will be seasoning the spinach with soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame salt, garlic, sugar, and sesame seeds. 

The results are absolutely delicious and it’s super easy to make! 

18. Korean Crispy Mushrooms

This recipe will have you frying mushrooms before you coat them with a sweet, sour, and spicy glaze. 

The texture is both chewy and meaty, and this dish makes for the perfect meat substitute. 

19. Korean Cucumber Salad

This cucumber salad has everything you could ever need. It’s crunchy, spicy, tangy, and is mildly sweet, and perfectly balanced. This is a refreshing dish you can enjoy during the warmer months, or as a side dish to your main course! 

20. Kimbap

This recipe is also referred to as rolled seaweed with rice and it is incredibly delicious. It’s quite similar to Sushi, but there are a couple of differences. 

Sushi is usually seasoned with vinegar and sugar, whereas Kimbap is seasoned with sesame oil and salt. This is a great recipe to make if you’re in the mood for a light lunch or an on-the-go snack! 

It’s a really easy recipe to follow as well and you can have it done in 40 minutes! 

21. Vegan Japchae

If you’ve never tried glass noodles before, then this is a sign that you definitely should! They can seem a bit strange at first because they are quite translucent, but once you take the plunge you’ll have them again and again! 

These glass noodles are super easy to get ahold of as well. Just go to your local Asian supermarket and you’ll have no problems finding them. 

22. Hobak Pyeonsu

Also known as Summer Vegetarian Dumplings, this recipe is incredibly comforting and it’s a lot lighter than other dumpling recipes because of the lack of meat. 

This is a really easy recipe to make and some of the ingredients you will be using include zucchini, jalapenos, and soy sauce. You can experiment with the fillings if you want, but for the best results, these are the best ingredients to use. 

You will be steaming these dumplings and overall, this recipe will take you about an hour and 40 minutes to make, but the extra time is definitely worth it! 

23. Hobakjuk

If you want a Korean vegetarian recipe that is perfect for the Fall, then you are going to love this Hobakjuk recipe!

Also known as Korean Pumpkin Porridge, this recipe is more of a savory soup rather than sweet porridge, but either way, it’s absolutely delicious! 

As long as you follow the instructions, you will have no issues in making this Hobakjuk for yourself. You only need an hour to make this recipe and you won’t be disappointed!

Are There Any Vegetarian Thai Recipes Included in the List of 35 Easy Thai Recipes?

Yes, the list of 35 easy thai recipes includes vegetarian options too. You can find delicious vegetarian Thai recipes that cater to different palates. From flavorful curries to tangy salads, these easy Thai recipes offer a wide range of vegetarian options for anyone looking to explore the vibrant flavors of Thai cuisine without meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Korean Food Healthy?

Korean food is generally considered to be quite healthy because of the common ingredients used. There are lots of vegetables in Korean dishes and most dishes aren’t cooked with much oil. 

Is Kimchi A Vegetarian Dish?

Kimchi is a popular dish found in Korea and it is made out of fermented cabbage and radish, therefore it is definitely considered to be a vegetarian dish. 

Is It Hard To Find Vegetarian Food In Korea?

While Korea is known for its meaty dishes, there are plenty of vegetarian options to be found. If you are vegetarian and you find yourself in Korea, don’t worry, you will not have to look very far to find suitable and tasty dishes. 


If you are in the mood for Korean food but couldn’t find any good vegetarian recipes, you will be sorted for a while now! Each of these recipes is incredibly delicious and worth trying if you’ve never had it before! 

Give some of these recipes a try and see which one is your favorite!

23 Easy Korean Vegetarian Recipes You Need To Try

23 Easy Korean Vegetarian Recipes You Need To Try

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