35 Best Recipes For Instant Pot Breakfast

It can be difficult to try and find interesting recipes for breakfast that aren’t too fiddly or time consuming. We have put together this list of the best instant pot breakfast recipes to help you.

1. Instant Pot No Knead Bread

Did you know that you can make fresh bread in your instant pot? All you need is 4 ingredients to make a delicious loaf that is perfect for breakfast.

You will need to make the dough the day before and let it prove, then cook it in the morning for a fresh, tasty breakfast loaf.

2. Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats

Steel cut oats make a filling, satisfying breakfast that prepares you for a busy day ahead. The oats are whole grains that are packed with essential nutrients and lots of fiber.

Eating oats as a regular part of your diet can help you to control your blood sugar and keep your heart healthy. The only issue with steel cut oats is how long you have to stand over the stove.

That is why this recipe is so good – it takes only 5 minutes to prepare the ingredients and then the instant pot does the rest of the work. These oats are flavored with cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla and served with bananas and blueberries.

3. Crustless Tomato And Spinach Quiche

This recipe allows you to include eggs in your breakfast without having to stick to the same dishes that you always eat. The crustless quiche is light yet filling with flavors of fresh tomatoes and vibrant green spinach.

The green onions add a savory note and the parmesan cheese brings a cheesy, aged flavor which is so delicious. It takes around 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients and only 20 minutes to cook the quiche in the instant pot.

You can also customize this recipe by using different vegetables and other types of cheese. For example, you could make a sundried tomato and black olive quiche with feta cheese.

4. Apple Bread With Salted Caramel Icing

If you love sweet breakfast foods then you should try making this recipe. The bread is filled with fresh apples and warm spices, and topped with an indulgent salted caramel icing.

Caramel and apple is a match made in heaven, and is perfect for a cozy fall breakfast to enjoy with a coffee. The bread is soft and moist, almost like a pudding.

You can eat this bread for breakfast or for dessert. It’s up to you whether you peel the apples, but it will make the texture of the bread much smoother.

5. Instant Pot French Toast

French Toast casserole is a lovely breakfast to make that the whole family will enjoy, but it can take a long time to make.

This instant pot french toast is quick and easy to make and is perfect for a Weekend breakfast to enjoy with a big pot of coffee or hot chocolate.

All you need is 7 ingredients – bread, eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, white sugar and brown sugar. It only takes 20 minutes to get all the ingredients ready, then you can leave the french toast to cook in the instant pot.

French toast works best with dried out, stale bread, so leave your bread out overnight if you can. It is also a great way to use up bread that is too stale for sandwiches.

You can add additional ingredients to serve your french toast, like fresh fruit or chopped nuts.

6. Instant Pot Steamed Buns

These buns are fluffy and soft and filled with deliciously seasoned meat. It might seem strange to eat Chinese bao buns for breakfast, but it makes a nice change from the usual bacon sandwich.

You start by preparing the dough so that it can rise while you make the meat filling. This recipe includes a beef filling and a pork filling, but you can also make a vegetable filling if you want a meat free breakfast.

Make sure that your dough has doubled in size before you begin to shape it.

7. Instant Pot Potato Hash

If you have a big family or group of friends to feed then potato hash is a great recipe to use. There is plenty of food to go around, it’s easy to make, and tastes amazing.

The potatoes are soft, the bacon is crispy, and there are plenty of savory flavors from the onions, peppers, garlic, and vegetable broth.

Oregano, cayenne and cumin are used to season the ingredients which creates a deep and intense flavor with a warm kick. Feel free to add chili flakes or fresh chili if you like your potato hash spicy.

8. Instant Pot Citrus Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is a classic breakfast food that works really well when you make it in an instant pot. It’s really easy to pull apart for sharing, and it’s covered in a delightfully sticky glaze.

This recipe is sweet and tangy, but once you have the basic method down you can use it to make savory monkey bread or incorporate different types of flavors.

The bread will taste better on the day you make it, but if you store it in an airtight container then it will last for up to two days.

9. Caramel Apple Pecan Coffee Cake

This recipe is the ultimate breakfast bread. It has tasty apples, sweet caramel, nutty pecans and aromatic coffee. The flavors complement each other so well and they are perfectly reminiscent of Fall.

On a rainy, windy morning this bread will make you feel warm and cozy and fill you up ready to start your day.

10. Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole

If you are looking for a hearty breakfast with a rich meaty flavor then this breakfast casserole will hit the spot. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients – hash browns, breakfast sausage, eggs, milk, cheese and seasoning.

The instant pot will cook the casserole in 30 minutes, then you will be ready to serve and enjoy your fulfilling breakfast. This recipe makes 6 servings and is less than 300 calories per serving.

11. Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are great for breakfast or lunch, but making them and peeling them can be fiddly and frustrating. This recipe makes it much easier to cook and peel the eggs, so you can enjoy hard boiled eggs without all of the inconvenience.

Whether you choose to eat them on their own with salt and pepper, or mash them up with some mayonnaise, you will love this easy recipe.

12. Instant Pot Yogurt

You might be surprised to find out that you can make homemade yogurt in your instant pot really easy. Fresh, homemade yogurt tastes more creamy and satisfying than store bought yogurt, and has a wonderfully smooth texture.

There are several stages to this process – boil the milk, cool the milk, add the culture, set the instant pot to yogurt setting and leave it for 8 to 12 hours.

You can prepare the yogurt the day before and leave it to set overnight so that it will be ready for breakfast as soon as you wake up in the morning.

12. Instant Pot Caprese Breakfast Casserole

This Italian inspired breakfast casserole is a delicious way to start your day and is packed with Mediterranean flavors. It is made with Italian sausages, eggs, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

Bread cubes add some starch and help to tie all of the ingredients together and the diced red onion is aromatic and savory. If you have guests staying at your home and you want to impress them with a fancy brunch, this recipe is ideal.

14. Instant Pot Cinnamon Rolls

Whether you are looking for the perfect breakfast for Christmas morning, or just a fancy weekend breakfast, this recipe has got

you covered. It’s not the most simple breakfast recipe, but it is certainly worth the effort. Your kitchen will fill with the smell of warm cinnamon and vanilla. The rolls are soft and fluffy, with a sweet filling and cream cheese icing glaze.

15. Instant Pot Pancakes

This recipe is the easiest way to enjoy pancakes. It makes one giant pancake rather than lots of little pancakes. You can then slice the pancake up into wedges and people can add their own toppings.

It’s so much easier than traditional pancakes as it only takes 5 minutes to prepare the ingredients and the instant pot does the rest. You don’t need to spend time cooking and flipping each individual pancake.

16. Instant Pot Chicken Congee

Chicken congee is a simple chicken and rice broth/casserole that is very nourishing and healthy. It has a thick consistency and the starch from the rice helps to hold the ingredients together.

The meaty chicken gives it a savory flavor, whilst the fragrant jasmine rice and aromatic ginger create an oriental taste. You can add the salt to your own personal taste and garnish the dish with chopped green onions.

17. Instant Pot Banana Bread

Instant pots use steam to cook things, which is why they are perfect for making a loaf of moist banana bread. Make sure that you use ripe bananas to give the bread plenty of sweetness.

Brown sugar, caramel, coconut flakes and vanilla are also used to flavor the banana bread. You only need to set aside 5 minutes to compile the ingredients, then you can leave them in the instant pot to cook.

This is a flavorsome and wholesome breakfast that is perfect with a mug of coffee.

18. Apple And Cherry Breakfast Risotto

This might sound like a strange breakfast, but once you try it you will want to make it again and again. It is similar to porridge, but uses arborio risotto rice instead of oats.

The rice is cooked in milk with cinnamon, diced fresh apples and dried cherries. Once you master this recipe you can try using different types of fruit and flavorings – pear with blackberries and ginger would be lovely.

19. Instant Pot Grits

This is the easiest recipe for grits that you will ever make. With only 5 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of cooking in the instant pot you will have 4 portions of perfect grits – creamy and thick ready to be enjoyed with your favorite breakfast.

20. Instant Pot Steamed Eggs

This is a Chinese inspired recipe for steamed eggs with a silky texture. It is similar to an egg custard but with savory flavors, and makes a wonderfully light yet satisfying breakfast.

All you need is eggs, chicken stock, green onions, soy sauce and fish sauce. For every 2 eggs used, use 1 cup of chicken stock. This creates the perfect consistency which is creamy, indulgent and melts in your mouth.

21. Instant Pot Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are notoriously difficult to perfect, but this instant pot recipe takes out all of the guesswork and simplifies the process.

All you need to do is carefully crack the eggs into a silicone tray inside your instant pot and cook them for around 4 minutes and you will have perfect poached eggs.

22. Instant Pot Egg Bites & Egg Muffins

Egg muffins, also known as egg bites, are kind of like miniature crustless quiches. They are packed with protein and very tasty.

You can use whatever kind of fillings you like – ham and cheese, peppers and onions, sun dried tomatoes and feta – it depends on what you fancy. They are great for a breakfast on the go, as a lunch or even as an afternoon snack.

23. Instant Pot Sausage Gravy

Sausage gravy is usually made in a skillet, but this instant pot recipe tastes just as good and is a lot easier. It also adds some more spice and a generous amount of mushrooms to make the sausage gravy even more special.

Once you know how to make sausage gravy in the instant pot you can whip it up whenever you want to serve alongside your breakfast.

24. Instant Pot Iced Coffee

On a hot summer morning there is nothing you want more than a refreshing iced coffee to kick start your day. But did you know that you can make iced coffee in the instant pot?

It takes less than 10 minutes and it is low in calories. You can also experiment with different flavors of iced coffee.

25. Instant Pot Lemon Curds

Lemon curd is sweet, tangy, rich and smooth. You can buy it from the store, but it tastes so much better if you make it yourself.

This recipe uses plenty of butter to create a velvety texture that is totally irresistible. It also smells amazing whilst it is cooking, so you will want to enjoy it straight away.

26. Instant Pot Whole Grain Pancake Muffin

These whole grain pancake muffins are like little bites of nostalgia. They are healthy and filling but are also very tasty and feel like a breakfast treat.

You can make up a big batch of these and let the family tuck in – they can be eaten on the go and you can pop a few extra in a lunchbox as a snack for later on in the day.

28. Brown Sugar Raisin Breakfast Farro

Farrow is a wheat grain that has been used for thousands of years. It has a slightly chewy texture and an earthy, nutty flavor that works really well with the brown sugar.

It has so many nutrients and will leave you feeling satisfied, releasing energy gradually throughout the morning to help you stay fuelled. Try this as an alternative to oatmeal.

28. Cheddar And Jalapeno Grits

If you want to add a bit of spice to your breakfast then try these jalapeno and cheddar grits. They are creamy and fiery with tangy cheese and just the right consistency. You can serve them with your cooked breakfast or over cornbread.

29. Instant Pot Coffee Cake

The bitterness of the coffee is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the honey and tartness of the blackberries. The cake is soft and moist and makes a wonderful breakfast when paired with a latte or a cappuccino.

30. Instant Pot Coconut Oatmeal

This is a vegan recipe for creamy coconut oatmeal. If you are a fan of tropical flavors then this is a recipe that you have to try.

It uses coconut milk and coconut oil to create the creamy, silky texture and the nutty flavor, and some vanilla extract for extra sweetness. You can serve it with sliced banana, or continue the tropical theme with mango and pineapple.

31. Instant Breakfast Burritos

Burritos aren’t just for lunch and dinner – you can enjoy them at breakfast time too. They have plenty of egg, and can be loaded up with peppers, onions, chives, ham, cheese, and potatoes.

There is plenty to go around so this is a great recipe to cook when you have a lot of people to provide breakfast for.

32. Instant Pot Savory Oatmeal With Mushroom And Thyme

Oatmeal doesn’t have to be sweet – savory oatmeal is just as tasty and can hit those cravings for savory flavors. This one uses earthy mushrooms and aromatic thyme.

33. Instant Pot Ham And Cheese Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is soft, a little stodgy and really comforting. This ham and cheese bread pudding is the perfect blend of melty cheese and mild meat to hit those breakfast cravings.

It only takes 15 minutes to prepare the ingredients and then you let them cook in the instant pot.

34. Instant Pot Chocolate Muffins

These chocolate muffins are moist, soft and chocolatey without being too rich. They make a wonderfully light cake in a bite size portion that is easy to eat on the go.

35. Instant Pot Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is often eaten as a dessert but is also a perfect recipe to make for breakfast. The rice is starchy and filling with a creamy, indulgent sauce.


With this list of instant pot recipes you will never need to eat a boring breakfast again. These recipes are easy, delicious, and often very quick to prepare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Instant Pots Do?

Instant pots use steam to cook the ingredients. They seal and create a high pressure environment which helps the food to cook much quicker than in a normal oven. They can also be used as a slow cooker if you use the right lid attachment.

Are These Recipes Customizable?

You can switch out the ingredients in these recipes to suit your personal taste. You could add more spice, more sweetness, take out the meat or use vegan friendly ingredients.

35 Best Recipes For Instant Pot Breakfast

35 Best Recipes For Instant Pot Breakfast

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