13 Best Indian Tofu Recipes For Easy Vegetarian Dinners

Indian food is absolutely bursting with flavor and warming spices. 

You just have to type Indian into a search engine and you will be faced with delicious recipes of saucy curries in hues of red, orange, and yellow. 

13 Best Indian Tofu Recipes For Easy Vegetarian Dinners

It really is food for the soul. However, a lot of the recipes that you find for Indian food feature meat. 

This can quite often be swapped out for extra vegetables or tofu if you don’t eat meat, however, the spices and cooking time aren’t catered for tofu and veggies. 

In this article, we will look at 13 of the best Indian tofu recipes that will help you make easy, delicious vegetarian and vegan dinners without having to guess the timings of your food. 

1. Tofu And Cauliflower Balti

The garlic, onions, and ginger that make up the base of this delicious vegan curry make the whole dish super aromatic and fragrant. 

There are plenty of spices that go into making this curry from scratch but that is exactly what you need to make this dish so tasty. 

The cauliflower and the tofu soak up all of the flavors perfectly to create a layered and warming dish.  Simply serve it with rice and some poppadoms or naan bread for a filling meal. 

2. Tofu Coconut Curry

Coconut curries are a super popular choice for many reasons. 

One of the main reasons is that the coconut milk that is used to make the sauce takes some of the heat out of the spices which makes it a much more palatable dish for a lot of people. 

If you want more spice you can always garnish it with some chopped chilies. 

This is a super simple recipe to make and the texture of the firm tofu makes it feel like a really substantial and filling meal, perfect for a dinner or big lunch. 

3. Palak Tofu – Spinach Tofu Curry

Palak is one of the less common dishes that we make in the west.  It is a curry that is made predominantly with spinach and boasts a stunning deep green color. 

When it is served plain, the spices come through and make this a really warming and comforting dish that is packed with nutrients and vitamins. 

However, adding some cubed tofu to the recipe adds extra dimension, color, and texture to the dish to make it even more enjoyable.  You can downsize this dish to serve as a side dish too. 

4. Masala Baked Indian Tofu With Turmeric Rice

Masala baked Indian tofu is a super flavorful dish that is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to make a full curry and doesn’t want a sauce with their tofu. 

Baking the tofu gives it a delicious crispy exterior while keeping the inside soft and fluffy. 

The trick with this dish is to marinate the cubed tofu in the spices for as long as possible before baking. 

If you are making this for lunch you could marinate the tofu overnight to give it the strongest possible flavor.  Serve this baked tofu on a bed of turmeric rice and top with some delicious cashews for an extra crunch. 

5. Kadhai Tofu Sabji Recipe

This recipe for Kadhai tofu Sabji is sure to become one of your new favorite Indian dishes once you have made it. 

Not only is it bursting with incredible spices, but there are so many textures to the dish too. 

The tofu is soft and almost feels like paneer when you bite into it, while the capsicum peppers provide a refreshing crunch. 

The whole thing is covered in a warming tomato sauce that brings all of the ingredients together perfectly.  This makes a great lunch on its own or a dinner when served with rice. 

6. Tofu Makhani Recipe

This tofu makhani is a delicious, saucy curry recipe that has incredibly rich flavors running right through it. 

The color of the curry sauce is super vibrant and inviting, especially during the colder months. 

The sauce itself is super glossy and buttery and makes this whole dish feel like an indulgent treat despite the fact that it is actually quite healthy. 

All you need to do to make this dish into a delicious meal is add naan bread or rice.

7. Vegan Malai Kofta Curry

If you are bored of simply pressing tofu and cutting it into squares for your meals, this is the recipe for you.  This vegan malai kofta curry requires you to turn your tofu into kofta or balls. 

This is one of the most labor-intensive dishes on this list but it is still super easy to make if you follow the recipe closely. 

This dish is super rich and flavorful and the large tofu and potato dumplings are sure you leave you completely satisfied. 

Because of the potato in the dumplings, you don’t even have to serve this with another carbohydrate if you don’t want to. 

8. Saag Tofu – Side Dish

This recipe for saag tofu is the perfect side dish to accompany any one of these curry dishes. 

However, if you double the quantities of the recipe it can easily become a main dish that is served with other sides. 

If you are a fan of saag paneer, this is a great alternative that is lactose-free and vegan-friendly.  Saag tofu has a similar color and texture to the palak tofu we mentioned above but the flavors are different. 

Although, we wouldn’t recommend serving this as a side for palak. 

9. Indian Curried Tofu

If you are new to cooking with tofu, this simple and more generic recipe for Indian curried tofu could be just what you need. 

There isn’t a super creamy or thick sauce to accompany it so you can focus on the delicious texture of the tofu in this dish.  The flavors are warming and inviting with just the right amount of spice. 

If you are more sensitive to spice then just serve this dish with some greek yogurt to take the heat out a bit.

10. Tofu Tikka Masala

We have already mentioned masala baked tofu, but this tofu tikka masala is different. 

Masala tofu is a dry dish that doesn’t have any sauce, this recipe for tofu tikka masala has a sauce, and the tikka makes all the difference.  

This is a deliciously mild curry that is perfect for people who have a much lower spice tolerance. 

If you are not a huge fan of spice curries, this could be the dish for you.  It is more creamy than spicy and gives the tofu a delicious flavor.  Go on, tikka chance on it. 

11. Tofu Stir Fry Recipe

If you want to change things up from the curries on this list, this recipe for tofu stir fry could be what you are looking for. 

Despite the fact that stir fries are often associated with East Asia rather than South Asia, this dish is packed with Indian spices.  Best of all, this is a super quick and simple dish to make. 

Many curries, especially those with sauces made from scratch need to cook low and slow to get the most out of the flavors.  However, this stir fry is super quick and is perfect for a healthy, delicious lunch.

12. Indian Butter Tofu Paneer

This dish is one of the most decadent and indulgent dishes on this list. 

The combination of tofu and paneer in the buttery, warming sauce makes this feel like the perfect food to get you through the cold winter months. 

To get the most out of this recipe, the trick is to pan-fry the tofu and paneer first before adding them to the sauce so that it has a crispier texture.  Serve with rice for a filling meal. 

13. Baked Indian Tofu

This baked Indian tofu is the perfect accompaniment to any curry recipe that you enjoy. The coating on the tofu gives it a super crispy texture while keeping the inside beautifully soft. 

You can also serve this on top of a salad for a delicious and healthy lunch or light dinner option.  This is a great and flavorful snack option too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Refrigerated Or Pantry Tofu Better?

There is often not a lot of difference between tofu that you buy from the refrigerator section of the store and tofu that you buy off the shelf in a store. 

The main thing that you should be looking for when buying tofu for curries and baking is whether it is extra firm or not.  If your tofu isn’t extra firm it will not hold its shape as well and might crumble instead. 

How To Prepare Tofu For The Best Results?

To get the best results from your tofu, you should always make sure that you purchase extra firm tofu from the store.  It can be refrigerated or room-temperature tofu. 

Make sure that you begin preparing the tofu a while before you begin cooking anything else.  Take your tofu block out of its packaging and place it between a couple of layers of paper towels. 

You should then place the tofu and the paper towels onto a plate and put another plate or dish on top to weigh it down.  This will help to remove the excess water from the tofu and help it to keep its shape better. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different Indian dishes that you can make using tofu.  It is a great source of protein that fits perfectly into a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet. 

13 Best Indian Tofu Recipes For Easy Vegetarian Dinners

13 Best Indian Tofu Recipes For Easy Vegetarian Dinners

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