25 Ice Cream Sundae Recipes That Make The Best Treat

Ice cream sundaes are the perfect dessert. They are versatile and can be made with any combination of flavors and textures.

They can be entirely cold, or served with a mixture of hot and cold ingredients. They are easy to assemble but look very impressive and enticing. They are also suitable for all of the family!

To give you some inspiration for what ice cream sundaes you should be making next, we have put together this list of 25 of the best ice cream sundae recipes.

25 Ice Cream Sundae Recipes That Make The Best Treat

Whether you need vegan recipes, fun recipes, elegant recipes, adult recipes or child-friendly recipes, you will be able to find something you love on this list.

Keep reading to find your perfect ice cream sundae.

1. Fruit Loop Sundae

If you and your kids love eating fruit loops for breakfast then you should try this tasty fruit loop ice cream sundae.

It’s super fruity with lashings of raspberry sauce and pops of color. It’s great for using up the last of the fruit loops in the box.

2. Vegan Banana Bread Breakfast Sundae

The homemade, vegan banana ice cream in this recipe is loaded with a caramel sauce made from dates (see also ’23 Easy And Delicious Dessert Ideas With Dates‘), cacao nibs, chopped nuts, fruit, granola and more.

It is a healthy recipe but is still delicious and feels like you are indulging in a treat. You can eat it for breakfast or as a dessert.

3. Salted Caramel Sundae With Butterscotch Popcorn

This recipe tells you how to make your own salted caramel sauce. It uses a combination of vanilla ice cream and salted caramel ice cream so that the sundae is not too sickly.

Serve in a decorative glass to make it extra special.

4. Hot Fudge Sundae

This hot fudge sundae is a classic and looks like something you could order at a diner. It has whipped cream, sprinkles, and even a cherry on top.

The hot sauce contrasts with the cold ice cream for a perfect dessert.

5. Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

This sundae is the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors.

It has vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and peanut butter cups, layered up to create a simple but irresistible sundae (see also ‘20+ Easy And Delicious Whipped Cream Dessert Recipes‘).

6. S’mores Sundae

This recipe takes everything you love about s’mores and puts them in an indulgent sundae dessert.

It shows you how to make homemade graham cracker ice cream, your own hot fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream, and marshmallows from scratch!

7. Raspberry Coconut Sundae

If you love coconut sponge cake with raspberry jam this sundae recipe is perfect for you. It tastes like summer, with tropical coconut and tart raspberries.

It uses sweet raspberry ripple ice cream and indulgent white chocolate ice cream, along with some creamy coconut ice cream.

8. Old Fashioned Banana Split

The banana split has been a popular dessert for generations, and this version with ice cream makes a delicious sundae.

It’s really easy to make but is an impressive dessert that looks amazing and tastes even better.

This recipe uses pineapple and cherries as well as banana, and three different flavors of ice cream.

9. Oreo Sundae

Oreo desserts are a big hit with people of all ages. The combination of the salty, rich chocolate biscuit and the creamy filling is just too good to turn down.

The base of this sundae is cookies and cream ice cream, and the crushed oreo sprinkles on top make it look so tasty.

10. Caramel Apple Ice Cream Sundae

Caramel apple ice cream sundae is the perfect dessert for fall.

The sweet caramel and the slightly tart apples make the perfect combination along with creamy ice cream.

You can top them with chopped pecans if you want to make them extra special.

11. Honeycomb Sundae With Lemon Caramel Sauce And Caramelized Pecans

This sundae recipe is very special. The flavor combinations are unusual but they work really well, and the sundae itself is served in a brandy snap basket.

If you want to make something that will really impress your friends and family, give this recipe a try.

12. Hershey’s Sundae Pie (Burger King Copycat Recipe)

This recipe takes the components of an ice cream sundae and uses them to create an indulgent pie.

This is based on the dessert that was served at Burger King, and is surprisingly easy to recreate at home.

13. Eton Mess Sundae

Eton Mess is a classic British Dessert with all of the flavors of summer.

This sundae is simple but elegant, with meringue cookies, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and strawberry ice cream.

14. Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast Sundae

This show stopping sundae looks very impressive and tastes fantastic, but is actually quite easy to make.

You make your own french toast, top it with ice cream, crushed cereal, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a maraschino cherry.

You can also add some fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries.

15. Rum Caramel Banana Bread Sundae

This recipe will take you through the process of making your own banana bread, a homemade rum caramel sauce, and also show you how to assemble these ingredients with ice cream to make a wonderful, rich sundae.

16. Spiked Chocolate Brownie Sundae

This ice cream sundae is made with soft, fudgy brownies and spiked with chocolate liquor.

It is topped with hot fudge sauce and finished with whipped cream. It is decadent, rich and incredibly delicious.

If you are making this sundae for children then skip the liquor – you could replace it with caramel if you wanted.

17. Lemon Curd Pistachio Ice Cream Sundae

In this ice cream sundae, vanilla ice cream is layered with homemade lemon curd, salted pistachios and whipped cream.

The lemon curd is rich and silky thanks to the egg yolks, and it has a sweet yet tart flavor that contrasts well with the salty nuts.

The creamy ice cream brings everything together to create a wonderfully balanced dessert.

18. Ultimate Turtle Sundae

If you have never tried a turtle sundae then you are in for a treat.

Vanilla ice cream is topped with homemade caramel sauce, hot fudge, warm salted toasted pecans, and a maraschino cherry. It’s a special dessert that is a real treat for the tastebuds.

19. Movie Madness Ice Cream Sundae

This crazy ice cream sundae combines all of your favorite movie snacks to make an epic sundae.

Whoppers, M&Ms, milk duds, juicy fruit candy, sour patch kids – all piled onto health bar ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

You could even finish it off with some sweet and salty popcorn if you wanted to. This sundae is ideal for your next movie night.

20. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hot Fudge Ice Cream

This delicious sundae takes only 10 minutes to make. Vanilla ice cream is layered up with cookie dough batter, caramel sauce, hot fudge sauce, and chopped nuts.

You can also add the classic toppings of whipped cream and maraschino cherries. Try and use a tall sundae glass so you can create plenty of layers.

21. Strawberry Sundae With Homemade Berry Compote

This ice cream sundae may be simple and classic, but it is still a favorite and will go down well at any party or gathering.

The strawberry compote is topped with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream, blueberry whipped cream (which is amazing), and crushed pretzels.

The saltiness of the pretzels contrasts the sweetness of the fruit and the creaminess of the ice cream. All of the individual flavors come together to create a balanced and irresistible taste.

22. Grilled Pineapple Sundaes

This Hawaiin inspired summer ice cream sundae is perfect for your next dinner party. It’s really easy to make but will impress your guests.

Grill the pineapple, and serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche sauce, and a sprinkle of desiccated coconut.

If you enjoy tropical flavors you could swap the vanilla ice cream for coconut ice cream.

23. Peach Sundae With Honey And Toasted Oats

If you love peach cobbler but you have time to make it then this sundae recipe is ideal for you.

It combines the flavors and textures of the classic dessert in an ice cream sundae that is easy to make and assemble.

The peach is soft and fragrant, the ice cream is sweet and creamy, the oats are crunchy and sweetened with delicious honey.

24. Balsamic Stone Fruit Sundae

This might sound unusual, but the flavors work together incredibly well. This sundae tastes like the type of dessert you would enjoy at a fancy restaurant.

The fruit is roasted with sugar and balsamic vinegar then served with sweet and simple vanilla ice cream. It’s simple to make but very impressive to eat.

25. Vegan Tropical Mango Sundae

The vegan ice cream in this recipe is made by blitzing up frozen bananas and mangoes.

It is drizzled with a coconut and cardamom sauce made with coconut milk, and then topped with toasted coconut and a cherry.

This is ideal if you are trying to cut down on dairy products, increase your fruit intake, or if you are catering for vegan guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should You Serve Ice Cream Sundaes?

Most recipes for ice cream sundae work best when served in a sundae glass. It allows you to see the different layers of ingredients and creates a beautiful presentation.

You can also use mason jars for a more rustic appearance (see also ‘24+ Mason Jar Desserts And Desserts That Do Not Need To Be Baked‘).

How Do You Make An Ice Cream Sundae?

The trick to making a great ice cream sundae is getting the layers right. Try to layer up the ingredients so that there are contrasting textures together and the flavors can all combine.

It is better to do smaller layers and fit more of them in, as this allows you to get a little bit of everything in one mouthful.

How Do You Decorate An Ice Cream Sundae?

There are lots of ways to decorate an ice cream sundae. You can swirl some sauce on the inside of the glass before you add the ingredients.

Topping the sundae with whipped cream always works well. You can then drizzle sauce and sprinkle toppings over the whipped cream. Fresh fruit is a great garnish to use, along with nuts and chocolate shavings.

Can These Recipes Be Customized?

You can tweak these recipes as much as you like to create your perfect ice cream sundae.

You can swap out the ice cream flavors, change the fruit, or try using white chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

For example, strawberry eton mess could become blueberry eton mess.

A chocolate brownie sundae could become a blondie sundae. A hot fudge sundae could become a hot caramel sundae – the options are endless.


We have put together this list of the best ice cream sundae recipes to help you find inspiration for your next dessert. You can treat yourself, your friends or your family with these irresistible recipes.

Whether you love fruit, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, or even an alcohol laced dessert, there is something for everyone on this list.

Once you master all of the sundaes on this list, you could try coming up with your own combinations of flavors and textures to create a unique ice cream sundae recipe.

25 Ice Cream Sundae Recipes That Make The Best Treat

25 Ice Cream Sundae Recipes That Make The Best Treat

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If you love ice cream sundaes then you should check out this list of 25 of the best recipes for delicious ice cream sundaes

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