28 Easy and Simple Huaraches Recipes You NEED To Try

Mexican cuisine has really made a name for itself as being one of the tastiest and most popular cuisines out there. From tacos to enchiladas, there are no shortages of dishes for you to enjoy. 

If you want to try a Mexican dish that’s a bit different, you should definitely give Huaraches a try.

28 Easy and Simple Huaraches Recipes You NEED To Try

Huaraches is a dish traditionally made from masa dough with smashed pinto beans or black beans placed in the center and fried together into a teardrop shape. 

If you want to try Huarache for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of 28 easy and simple huaraches recipes that you can make for yourself! 

1. Huaraches And Spanish Quinoa

The first recipe we’re going to take a look at is this huaraches and Spanish quinoa dish. This recipe takes the traditional Mexican huaraches and gives it a Spanish twist!

This dish is super easy to make and really filling, so you won’t need to snack after you’ve eaten it. 

2. Stuffed Nopales Huaraches 

This recipe puts a bit of a twist on classic huaraches by stuffing the topping with fried cactus leaves instead of topping the bread base. This is a great recipe for anyone who wants something a little different. 

3. Slow Cooker Mole Mushroom Vegan Huaraches

The beauty of huaraches is there are plenty of vegan versions available, so this dish can be enjoyed by anyone. You can make this recipe in taco form as well, but the huaraches version is definitely the best! 

4. Seafood Huaraches 

Here’s another huaraches recipe that has a bit of a twist!

If you love seafood, you should definitely give this recipe a try. This recipe is filled with seafood ingredients, some of which include lobster tails, sea bass fillets, scallops, and shrimps. 

5. Wild Mushroom Huarache

If you want to enjoy huaraches but you’re watching your carb intake, this is a great recipe for you to try. It is low in carbs, but it still tastes absolutely delicious.

The toppings on this recipe include mushrooms, black beans, salsa, watercress, and cotija cheese. 

6. Huarache Pizza 

Yes, that’s right, there’s even a pizza variant of huaraches that you can enjoy!

This recipe is super delicious and it is the perfect spin on both huaraches and pizza that is sure to satisfy your food cravings. 

7. Huaraches With Refried Beans And Peppers

In just 30 minutes, you can have this delicious low calorie dish ready to eat. It’s perfect for a light lunch or a filling snack that tastes amazing with every single bite! 

8. Cactus Huaraches Con Pollo

There are a few cactus variations of this dish, and once you try this recipe, you’ll find yourself making it again and again.

This recipe is topped with smashed refried beans and shredded chicken, avocado, salsa, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, and cheese. 

9. Huaraches With Avocado And Radish Slaw 

This recipe is made with white masa flour and you’ll be using nopales (also known as grilled cactus) for the base! This is a fun take on the huaraches recipe you absolutely need to try. 

10. Huaraches Del Sanctuario 

If you love spicy food then you’re going to love this recipe! There are plenty of spicy ingredients in this dish, some of which include jalapenos, ancho chili dipping sauce, and minced red onion. 

11. Huaraches With Salsa & Chorizo 

This recipe perfectly combines salsa with chorizo to create an absolute taste sensation. All of the flavors are nice and strong in this recipe and each bite is more satisfying than the last! 

12. Huaraches Under 500 Calories

If you want a tasty huaraches recipe that is filled with comfort but low on calories, then you’re going to absolutely love this recipe. You’ll be making more than one huarache for this recipe and each one is only 120 calories!

13. Huaraches With Shredded Carnitas 

This particular recipe for huaraches will have you using pulled pork and the results are absolutely delicious.

The topping is made of shredded cabbage, green or red enchilada sauce, avocado, feta cheese, and sour cream. 

14. Huaraches With Black Beans & Fried Eggs

Two things that really go together that you might not have thought of before are black beans and fried eggs!

This take on the huaraches recipe makes for the perfect lunch and it is incredibly tasty too. 

15. Huaraches With Beef Steak & Sour Cream

This recipe will have you making beef steak to create a classic Mexican dish. The inclusion of sour cream only heightens the taste and you’ll find yourself making this recipe again and again. 

16. Mexican Huaraches With Pinto Pot Beans 

This is a classic take on the huaraches recipes and it will have you using all the ingredients that are most popular in this dish.

This recipe is absolutely filled with delicious flavor and will be popular with your whole family. 

17. Huaraches

Here’s another classic huaraches recipe, but instead of pinto beans, you’ll be using refried beans instead. If you want to enjoy huaraches in the traditional style, this is the perfect recipe for you. 

18. Potato And Chorizo Huaraches

If you want something a little different that is still incredibly tasty, then give these potato and chorizo huaraches a try.

This recipe is nice and filling and perfect for those days when you want some delicious comfort food. 

19. Chicken Tinga & Añejo Huaraches

These chicken tinga and Anejo huaraches are nice and spicy, so if you have a stronger palette and you love spice, this is the perfect recipe for you!

You will have to leave them cooking for a little while, but the extra time is completely worth it. 

20. Mole Rib Huaraches

This recipe is topped with refried beans, mole sauce, juicy pork ribs, cream, cheese, and salsa, which makes for an incredible taste sensation.

Once you’ve tried this variation of huaraches, you will definitely find yourself enjoying it again and again! 

21. Huarache A La Mexicana

There are lots of ingredients in this recipe that you will be using, some of which include cumin, garlic, refried beans, and pinto beans.

The recipe is pretty straightforward, but you will need just over 3 hours to make it, but we promise you, the time is definitely worth it! 

22. Carrot Tinga Nopal Huaraches

Here’s a recipe that will only take you about 50 minutes to make and it tastes absolutely divine.

The inclusion of carrots makes this recipe even better and gives it a unique taste that changes up the classic huaraches recipe a bit.

This is a great recipe that you’ll find yourself eating again and again. 

23. Homemade Huaraches Recipe

Here’s a delicious recipe for homemade huaraches that only takes 35 minutes to make. This is a great recipe if you want some classic-tasting huaraches that have a nice homemade feel to them.

This is the ultimate recipe if you want some comfort food! 

24. Huaraches With Black Beans And Radish Recipe

If you don’t want pinto beans or refried beans, black beans also work terrifically in your huaraches! This recipe will take about 55 minutes to make, and that includes both the prep and the cooking time.

This is a seriously delicious recipe that you absolutely need to try. 

25. Vegan Huaraches

This is another vegan version of huaraches that you absolutely need to try. This recipe is absolutely filled with flavor and the huaraches are super crispy.

You will definitely find yourself making this recipe again and again. 

26. Chorizo And Beans Huaraches

We’ve got another chorizo huaraches recipe here that will absolutely blow your mind! The chorizo adds a subtle kick to the dish that will definitely leave you feeling warm and satisfied.

The kick isn’t too overpowering though, so even if you’re not a big spice fan, you’ll still enjoy this recipe. 

27. Easy Huaraches With Maseca

These easy huaraches are made with maseca, which makes them a bit easier to roll, so if you are new to this dish, this will make the whole job a lot easier.

They taste amazing as well and work perfectly as a snack! 

28. El Comal Huarache

And finally, we have this delightful huarache recipe. You can make this recipe with chicken, pork, or beef, so it really depends on what you’re in the mood for! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Huarache?

Huarache is a popular Mexican dish that is masa dough with smashed pinto beans placed in the center before it is given an oblong shape.

It is then fried and topped with green or red salsa, onions, potato, and cilantro. 

How Do You Eat Huaraches?

While you can use a knife and fork, huaraches are traditionally eaten with your hands instead. 

Are Huaraches And Sopes The Same?

Huaraches are actually a variant of sopes, but the main difference is the size and shape. 


Give some of these huarache recipes a try and see which one you enjoy the most! You won’t be disappointed when you make these recipes for yourself!

28 Easy and Simple Huaraches Recipes You NEED To Try

28 Easy and Simple Huaraches Recipes You NEED To Try

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