23 Delicious Hershey Kisses Recipes

Since there are so many flavors of Hershey’s Kisses to choose from, you’re left with an abundance of excellent recipes at your fingertips. 

These flavors include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peppermint and white chocolate, chocolate with almonds, and caramel-filled Hershey Kisses. 

Plus, there are even limited-time flavors including cookies and cream, birthday cake, strawberry ice cream, and pumpkin spice – you’re never short on delicious flavors.

23 Delicious Hershey Kisses Recipes

Whether you place them on top of your cookies as decoration or incorporate them into a brownie for some extra chocolatey gooeyness – the possibilities are endless when it comes to these delights. 

The great thing about Hershey Kisses is that they are incredibly easy to come across, you may even have them in your pantry right now! 

With this in mind, this article will explore 20 of the best Hershey’s Kisses recipes for you to try out. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Nutella Kisses

These cookies contain everything you could possibly need from a cookie: a lovely crispy exterior with a deliciously chewy and soft inside. 

The combination of Nutella and Hershey’s Kisses is sure to turn any bad day into a good one. Whether or not you’re feeling glum, eating chocolate is always a good choice. 

This recipe is a take on the classic peanut butter blossom but with everyone’s favorite chocolate spread: Nutella. 

2. Macaroon Kisses (Almond Joy Cookies)

Amidst the coconut and the chewy almond cookie and the gooey dark chocolate middle – these macaroon kisses are reminiscent of Almond Joys. 

However, you’re rewarded with the same delicious flavors but all without the hassle of working with messy chocolate. 

When making these macaroon kisses just be aware of how much almond extract you’re using as it can sometimes be overpowering. 

3. Secret Kiss Cupcakes

What’s better than biting into a chocolatey piece of heaven and finding a delicious surprise inside? The answer is nothing!

The truth is, this secret kiss can be included in a whole lot of recipes for a chocolate surprise. 

You can even get more adventurous using kisses filled with caramel in vanilla cupcakes or even include pumpkin-spiced Hershey’s kisses in your caramel cakes – the possibilities are endless.

4. Hershey’s Kiss Cake

This recipe contains a Hershey’s chocolate double feature with Kisses in both the cake and the frosting – perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 

If you love your cakes to have pockets of melted chocolate goodness, then you’re going to love this decadent, fudgy chocolate Hershey’s Kiss cake. 

However, make sure you don’t skip the step where you’re combining the chocolate with flour. Otherwise, these chocolate pieces will sink to the bottom of the batter. 

Since the cake is already chocolate-rich, a thick layer of frosting isn’t required. Rather, you’ll quickly whip up a chocolate ganache which is poured over the cake once cool. 

5. Wonton Kisses

These sweet little parcels are probably the easiest recipe to make featured on this list. They are so easy, you can even get the kids involved! 

All you need is two ingredients: wonton wrappers and Hershey kisses. 

However, when making these wonton kisses, ensure an adult is there to fry the wonton as this can be dangerous for children. 

Once done, you’ll be rewarded with chocolate delights perfect for the holidays. 

6. Peanut Butter Blossoms Cookie

The iconic and classic peanut butter blossoms cookies are chewy and soft, containing a sugary, crackly crust that is studded with a Hershey chocolate kiss middle. 

These cookies are sure to take you back to childhood bake sales and holiday gatherings. You can’t go wrong with the combination of salty and sweet peanut butter and chocolate. 

If you have children, you can even include them in the fun. Whether they are mixing the ingredients, scooping the dough, or rolling out balls – there is tons of fun to take part in. 

7. Caramel Coconut Kiss Cookies

With these caramel coconut kiss cookies, you’ll find three treats in one. 

For this recipe, you’ll start with the sweet sugar cookies – acting as the base for these delicious mini-tarts. 

Once done, fill the space using Hershey’s kisses – if you can find them use coconut kisses, otherwise dark chocolate is another excellent choice. 

The last step is to cover the tart with toasted coconut flakes and a generous drizzling of caramel sauce – bringing all the flavors together. 

8. Chocolate Chip Kisses Cookies

You may have thought chocolate chip cookies were perfect as they are, however, you clearly haven’t tried adding Hershey Kisses to the mix – it is sure to blow your mind. 

Here, feel free to use whatever chocolate chip cookie you desire. 

The secret is in the added Hershey Kiss. Therefore, simply make sure to leave enough room for the candy to fit inside. Otherwise, you could be left with a messy albeit delicious, seeping disaster!

9. Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Similar to the recipe for peanut butter blossoms, however, these cookies have a Christmassy twist by using chopped Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses and mint-flavored sugar cookies. 

Following the same techniques as the peanut butter alternatives, all you have to do is roll the dough into balls and bake them as they are – this ensures they don’t spread around too much. 

As the cookies contain chopped chocolate on the inside, as well as extra toppings on top, there is no need to add extract to the dough. 

These cookies will have plenty of mint without any additional flavorings. 

10. White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn

For those special movie nights, enhance your regular boring popcorn with this white chocolate peppermint popcorn recipe – you’ll never settle for bland again! 

With this recipe, you’ll get creamy white chocolate, refreshing peppermint, and crunchy popcorn in every single bite. 

The best part? It is as simple as throwing all these ingredients into a popcorn bag and shaking! 

11. Hershey’s Kisses Shortbread Cookies

While sugar cookies are a staple recipe, sometimes the flavors and texture of a crumbly, buttery shortbread are exactly what you’re looking for. 

For those days, try this Hershey’s Kisses Shortbread Cookie recipe. 

If you’ve found your cookies to be too crisp in the past, then you need to try this tip. All you have to do is add cornflour and avoid overworking the dough.

The result is a delicious soft cookie. 

12. Cream Cheese Kiss Cookies

While the thought of adding cream cheese to your cookies doesn’t sound like the most appealing ingredient in the world. Trust us, it will blow your mind. 

In addition to adding a creamy touch to the mix, it will also provide some necessary moistness to your cookies. 

The result is a melt-in-the-mouth cookie that is simply delicious. The only problem is that you won’t be able to stop at just one! 

13. Hershey’s S’more Snack Mix

Trail mix is the perfect food for all your outdoor adventures – and this Hershey’s S’more snack mix overshadows all other mixes! 

The beauty of this recipe is that it is super easy to carry around and store – ideal for all your camping adventures this summer. 

For this recipe, all you need is a combination of Hershey’s milk chocolate drops, graham crackers, roasted pecans, and some mini marshmallows. 

14. Hershey Kisses & M&M Pretzel Bites

These Hershey Kisses and M&M pretzel bites are the perfect foolproof holiday snack – loaded with all your favorite ingredients! 

The only thing that can make these bites more delicious is a smear of peanut butter on the top! 

However, these Hershey Kisses and M&M pretzel bites are the perfect bite-sized chocolate and salty goodness with enough crunch to keep things interesting. 

Arrange these on a platter for a beautifully colorful holiday spread. But be warned, these won’t stick around for long – they’re sure to be a crowd favorite.

15. Hershey’s Kiss Chocolate Pie

This Hershey’s Kiss chocolate pie is incredibly decadent and deliciously easy to make. With only five ingredients, you’re sure to have this pie whipped up in no time. 

Featuring double chocolate goodness – from the chocolate cookie crust and smooth chocolate filling – this is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Plus, as far as no-bake pies go, this is one for your next baking session. The pie crust is made using a store-bought Oreo base – all-in-all you’ll have this chilling in the fridge within 15 minutes. 

16. Oatmeal Kiss Cookies

When following this recipe, you may notice that it requires both half shortening and half butter. 

If you’re unfamiliar with these ingredients, essentially a shortening is used in baking for its high smoke point – this ensures that your cookies don’t spread around too much when baking. 

However, if you prefer, you can use all-butter, too. Although, when using this method, ensure your dough is thoroughly chilled before baking. 

Plus, you may also want to cut down the baking time, too. Here, around 8-10 minutes should suffice to make perfectly baked cookies. 

17. Acorn Candy Cookies

For these acorn candy cookies, all you’ll need is four ready-to-east, store-bought ingredients, and you’ll have cute little acorn cookies in no time! 

While Nilla Wafers have a lovely and mild flavor, the Nutter Butter bites provide a better texture and enhanced taste – making these little treats look even more lifelike and delicious. 

18. Candy Cane Kiss Brownies

Peppermint is one of those ingredients that you either love or hate – especially in candy form where they stick to your teeth and are pretty hard. This is why Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses make for a great alternative! 

Here, you’ll receive all the same minty flavors without requiring the floss – not to forget about the added creaminess. 

For the frosting, if you don’t want to use shortening, you can also get away with using coconut oil, too. 

Although, when using this approach, ensure you half the mixture to check the consistency before adding the remaining ingredients. 

19. Caramel Kissed Brownies

Adding Hershey’s Kisses to your brownies is never a bad idea! The rest is pockets of heavenly chocolate throughout. 

However, you can go one step further by incorporating caramel-filled Hershey Kisses for a gooey, incredible, sweet caramel and chocolate middle. 

20. Hershey Kisses Red Velvet Cheesecake Trifle

With the holidays just around the corner, you can’t get more festive than this Hershey Kisses red velvet cheesecake trifle recipe. 

Like most trifles, the key here is layers. Don’t worry, there aren’t many. However, they do create a beautiful color contrast – making it the perfect table centerpiece. 

What more could you want than a deep, intense red velvet cake with layers of creamy white cheesecake pudding?!

21. Strawberry Kiss Cookies

This strawberry kiss cookie recipe is chewy, and soft, and contains the prettiest pink sparkle exterior. The best part? They are super simple to make. 

Top off these cookies with a Hershey’s Kiss to make them resemble blossom cookies. With a few ingredients, you’ll whip these up in no time. 

22. Hershey’s Kisses Skillet Cookie

This Hershey’s Kisses skillet cookie recipe features dark chocolate, caramel, and milk chocolate for a truly irresistible family treat using only one skillet. 

Plus, you’re rewarded with easy cleanup and no mixer is required! 

For this recipe, you’ll find three flavors of Hershey’s Kisses: caramel-filled, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate kisses. 

Once your cookie is ready add a dollop of ice cream and serve in the pan.

23. Hershey Kiss Cookie

This is a classic dessert perfect for celebrating those special occasions. For these Hershey Kiss cookies, all you’ll need is powdered sugar, sweet chocolate, and shortbread. 

Covered in powdered sugar, these cookies look like snowballs. However, on the inside, you’ll find a special Hershey’s treat – perfect for the holidays! 

Can I Use Hershey Kisses in any of the Christmas Fudge Recipes?

Can I use Hershey Kisses in any of the festive christmas fudge recipes? Absolutely! Adding Hershey Kisses to your fudge recipes can bring an extra touch of sweetness and a hint of chocolate flavor. Whether you prefer classic chocolate fudge or want to experiment with unique flavors, incorporating Hershey Kisses can elevate your Christmas fudge creations to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Flavors Of Hershey’s Kisses Are There?

Currently, there are 14 flavors of Hershey’s Kisses available on the market. However, this number is always changing depending on the season and time of year – with special limited-time flavors. 

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more delicious than Hershey’s Kisses. Packed in individual foils of surprise, they can enhance any recipe you include them too. 

From cookies and cakes to trifles and brownies, hopefully, this guide has provided you with some Hershey Kiss recipe inspiration for your next creation. 

23 Delicious Hershey Kisses Recipes

23 Delicious Hershey Kisses Recipes

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Hershey Kisses, one of America’s most popular chocolates, are a staple in most households. This post includes 23 recipes for your favorite chocolate treat.

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