How To Cook Great Grouper – 28 Tasty Recipes

When it comes to cooking fish, you might not really ever consider the grouper, however, if you are an adventurous chef who likes milder fish, then we would certainly recommend this bad boy!

This fish dish can be applied to many different recipes, from tacos to stir fries to a delicious chowder. This fish is one of the most versatile, perfect for anyone who does not like the overpowering stench of fish.

How To Cook Great Grouper - 28 Tasty Recipes

So what are the best grouper recipes? What is the best method of cooking this fish and how many ways can you do it? What kind of side dishes and sauces can be served with this fish?

Well, if you want the answer to these questions, then why not tuck into this list of 28 amazing recipes?

1. Grouper With Olive And Tomato Tapenade

This first recipe is absolutely delicious, easy to make and comes with some of the richest flavors that you could possibly imagine. All you have to do is pop your grouper in the pan and sear it until it is golden brown.

Once you have down this, then drizzle some fresh olive and tomato tapenade over the top. The zestiness of the tapenade really contrasts with the creaminess of the fish. This is great for anyone who is a fan of Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Baked Grouper (Mediterranean Style)

This next one is another Mediterranean-style grouper recipe, topped with some stunning flavors including lemon, garlic and tomato. This recipe is low in carbs and high in protein, owing mainly to the hefty grouper fish.

This is great for anyone looking to shed fat and build some muscle. This is a great dish for anyone who is looking to cook for a large group of people. All you need to do is throw this in a large pan with your seasonings and then stick it in the oven.

3. Bahamian Boiled Fish

Next up, we have a dish that can be applied to many different species of fish, but we can think of none better than the grouper.

This works so well with larger and flakier fish, the mild flavor will be a wonderful counterpoint to the potatoes and the lime juice. If you are looking for a little spice, then this is also a great recipe for you.

This is also a very simple dish to make. You can even use foods that are leftover in your cupboards. This is also a wonderful recipe for beginner chefs.

4. Blackened Grouper

This next grouper recipe is again so simple but so tasty. All you need are a few spices from your herb rack to great the blackened seasoning that you’ll then rub into your grouper fish.

This takes only 20 minutes to prepare, which is great for those who do not feel too confident in the kitchen.

You can pair this one with some greens if you want to keep it healthy or you can put the whole thing in a taco if you want that Mexican edge to your meal.

5. Grouper Piccata

This is a good dish for anyone who is a fan of creamy fish. It requires a few simple ingredients, but make no mistake it will leave you with a very delicious and very healthy dish at the end.

This is cooked in piccata that is infused with wine that will certainly give your fish that little pick of punch. We would recommend that you pair this with some hearty green vegetables or even some capers.

Personally, we would suggest that you add some broccoli rabe to give it that extra boost of nutrients.

6. Psari Plaki

Now we have something a little different, some baked fish done in the Greek style. This is designed to be cooked for light and flaky fish, which is perfect if you are cooking grouper fish.

This is a very vibrant dish, coming with all those classic Mediterranean flavors, such as olives, tomatoes and lemon.

If you are sick and tired of eating the same old fish dishes, then this is definitely one that you should try out, although we would say it is one for the intermediate chefs.

7. Parmesan Grouper Fillets

If you are looking for something that is low in calories but does not skip on the flavor, then this is the dish for you. From the prep to the plate, this dish only takes around 30 minutes overall.

This is great if you are struggling for something to prepare and you have a hungry family waiting for you.

Cheese and fish are the perfect pairing and the spikiness of the parmesan will lift that fish beyond its mild base flavor. You can serve this with a little hot sauce on the side if spices are your thing.

8. Grilled Grouper With Lime Butter

As you have seen already, this dish has been paired with lemon numerous times, but the same goes for lime. This zest will really give your grouper that new lease of life.

This grilled grouper is very quick to do and is the ideal accompaniment to your summer spread. You can have this as the centerpiece or one of many fish dishes.

This is ready in less than 15 minutes, which is already great if you are cooking a large number of meals.

9. Grouper Sandwich

Now, this certainly will appeal to anyone who is not really into the most filly aspects of cooking. Simple grill this delicious fish and put it in a sandwich.

The mildness of the fish paired with the bread will be simply delicious, topped with more creamy mayo that will give it that extra tang.

However, you can also add some salad elements if you want to make your meal extra healthy. The fish alone is full of protein, which makes it a great substitute for beef or chicken.

10. Lemon Butter Grouper Tacos

Now we have something that is not only super tasty, but will ready in an astounding 10 minutes flat. The lemon drizzle of this taco meal is perfect, giving the milder fish that extra zing.

This comes made with honey mustard sauce, which is both very sweet and super, super spicy. This is the perfect meal to serve at a party or if you are watching the game at your home.

Watch your friend’s eyebrows lift as they taste the mouth-watering grouper instead of plain old beef.

11. Pecan-Crusted Grouper

If you like your fish served in breadcrumbs, then why not have a stab at this pecan-crusted grouper recipe?

All you have to do is brush your grouper fish with egg first so that the crushed pecan will stick to the body of the fish itself. Once you have done this, you’ll be left with a delicious crunchy breadcrumb coating.

12. Grilled Grouper With Key Lime Butter

This dish might look complicated at first but is actually super simple once you have made the key lime butter. All you need to do is rub some of this butter over your grouper and then pop it on the griller.

The zesty flavor and thick butter texture are simply amazing when paired with this milder fish.

13. Grouper Chowder

If you are looking for something that will not only fill you up but keep you warm during those winter months, then we would recommend rustling up some chowder.

Brimming with loads of delicious herbs and vegetables, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to flavor. Add to the fact that this fish comes packed with protein, then you’ll certainly get the health kick that you need.

14. Baked Grouper With Citrus Crumb Topping

One of the best things about grouper fish is its ability to be paired with practically any type of flavor. However, one of the best things you can pair it with is lemon.

However, the one difference here is that there is a lemon flavor with a crunchy texture. You can adjust the cooking time of this fish depending on how thick it is.

15. Pan Fried Grouper With Red Pepper Sauce

Next up, we have a lightly pan-fried fish that is drizzled in red pepper sauce which is both spicy and very tangy. This sauce combines red pepper, garlic and olive oil for a peppery sauce.

This sauce also contains pine nuts, bread and a whole host of great seasonings and herbs. Overall this fish dish takes around 30 minutes to make from start to finish.

16. Popcorn Grouper Nuggets

Next up, we have something that is perfect for the kids. If you are sick of them eating processed nuggets and you fancy cooking something healthy, then we would certainly recommend that you fry up some grouper nuggets.

This requires only a few ingredients, including garlic seasoning and a mixture of herbs. You can have these ready to go in just under 30 minutes.

17. Spaghetti With Grouper, Scampi And Clam Sauce

Now we have something for those who like Italian seafood. This is a delicious blend of a few different types of fish served with delicious spaghetti and tomato sauce.

This is another quick one that will not take up too much of your time. If you are making a romantic meal for two, then we can’t think of anything better than this meal.

18. Pan-Seared Grouper Sandwiches

Next up, we have another one for the sandwich fans out there. This is just a simple fish-in-the-pan job, served with a little bit of homemade mojo mayo. This mayo is full of lemon, giving you that zesty aftertaste as soon as you tuck into your fish.

19. Grouper Fritters

Next up, we have a delicious fritter recipe that is perfect for anyone who might not consider themselves much of a whizz in the kitchen.

This comes with carrots, onions and some traditional Key West food seasoning. These fish balls go great with a sauce or you can even put them in a bun a serve them with fries.

20. Fried Grouper

Next up, we have a very simple recipe that is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy grouper but might be in a hurry. If you are a complete beginner when it comes to cooking, this is a good place to start.

This fried grouper recipe will teach you all the basics of frying this fish, along with what seasonings to use.

21. Pan Seared Grouper With Mango Salsa

Now we have something for the really ambitious, with a mango salsa that will really elevate your fish, giving it that ultra-zesty twang.

If you like tropical-flavored fish, then we would recommend that you try this recipe. This is served with jasmine rice, peas and peppers.

22. Bacon Lobster Stuffed Grouper

Now we have something for the meat and seafood lovers, with a grouper that is stuffed with delicious bacon and lobster. The stuffing of this grouper will not overpower the flavor of the fish, rather acting as a counterpoint to the milder taste.

23. Grouper Rueben

Now we have a beast of a sandwich that uses grouper as the main ingredient. This comes with sauerkraut and yogurt Russain dressing. If you like to be bombarded with delicious creamy flavors, then this is the sandwich for you.

This is a deli-style sandwich that is traditionally made with corned beef, however, but substituting it for grouper, you’re changing the whole dynamic of the sandwich.

24. Fish Lettuce Wraps

If you are worried about getting too many carbs in your diet, then we would certainly suggest that your try these delicious and very calorie-light lettuce wraps.

This requires very few ingredients, which is perfect if you are trying to throw together something using foods that are left in your cupboards.

25. Grouper And Salmon Kebabs

Now we have something that will be perefct for any BBQ setting, coming with delicious fishy skewers that you can mix with fresh vegetables.

These are ready in 40 minutes and can be cooked in large batches. If you are a novice cook, this is a great place to start.

26. Grouper With Puttanesca Sauce

What exactly is Puttanesca sauce? Well, in this recipe, it comes with canned tomatoes, olives, garlic and capers. This will only take you a few minutes to rustle up.

You can either bake or grill the grouper, although we would recommend that you do the latter if you want your meal ready in under 30 minutes.

27. Moqueca

Now we have a recipe for a wonderful Brazilian fish stew that grouper would be perfect for. This will give you a very creamy final dish that will be great to serve with crusted bread.

This has a dash of coconut in it too, so if you like that tropical taste for your fish dishes, then we would certainly push you in the direction of this one.

28. Grouper Stew With Potato And Pepper

Last but certainly not least, we have a grouper stew that will get your mouth watering even by looking at the picture. With creamy potato, this is the ideal recipe to fill up your belly for hours on end.

This stew is great for a winter evening or you can even cook up a big drum of it and serve it up to a few guests.


We hope that our list of these great grouper recipes has given you the impetus to go to your local fish market and pick up a slab of this delicious creature.

How To Cook Great Grouper - 28 Tasty Recipes

How To Cook Great Grouper – 28 Tasty Recipes

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