40 Easy And Delicious Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef is usually a pretty boring food item to use for dinners. You will make chili, or try your hand at burgers, but probably don’t use it for much else!

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a good burger or chili, but there’s more to life than them!

If you want to get a little more creative with your ground beef dinners, you’re in the right place. Next time you get ground beef, why not try out one of the recipes below? You’ll be blown away and wish you tried them sooner.

Ground Beef Recipes

1. Cheeseburger Pasta

If you love pasta… and you love cheeseburgers… why not combine them! You only need 30 minutes to throw everything together, and there you have it!

Make sure to add all the cheeseburger-y things like mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes and onions to really make it taste like a cheeseburger. If you like pickles, chop some up and sprinkle them over!

2. Air Fryer Meatball Sub

Everyone loves a meatball sub, right? This recipe is so easy to make, and only takes a couple of minutes. You can use all your favorite seasonings, and even your favorite bread!

If you don’t have an air fryer, you can use your oven, or even fry them on the stove if you need to. Either way, the end result will be something too good to miss out on.

3. Chili Cornbread Casserole

This chili cornbread casserole is perfect for family gatherings. It’s so easy to make, and every ingredient comes together beautifully. You can even add cheese to level it up, so it becomes a family favorite.

4. Spicy Meatball Pitas And Carrot Slaw

Love pitas? Then you need to try this simple spicy meatball with pitas recipe! Don’t forget the carrot slaw to bring everything together. It’s perfect for a warm day when you want something refreshing and tasty.

5. Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells

This is another beautiful combination of ground beef and pasta. All you need to do is create your ground beef mixture and cook it up with all your favorite seasonings, and stuff it in giant cooked pasta shells!

Stick everything in the oven to crisp up a little, garnish with anything you like, and enjoy! This works great as a main dish or an appetizer.

6. Soy-Glazed Meatballs

Meatballs are a classic, and there’s nothing wrong with that! You can make these delicious meatballs in bulk and create a rich and delicious glaze for them.

Pair them with some egg noodles and vegetables, and you have the perfect ground beef dish to share with your friends. Everyone will be asking you for the recipe. 

7. Korean Beef And Rice

Want to spice things up a little? This Korean beef and rice dish ticks all the boxes. It’s delicious and juicy, and the rice compliments it perfectly!

Try this one out for movie night, and you will want to have it every day. Be sure to make enough for leftovers!

8. Green Chili Cheeseburger

There’s nothing wrong with a good cheeseburger, just make it interesting! This green chili cheeseburger is exactly what you need in your life, especially if you like a little spice!

Make cheeseburgers exciting again with some spice, but don’t overdo it! You still want to enjoy it, and that’s difficult to do if you can’t breathe.

9. Un-Stuffed Cabbage Bowls

Imagine a cabbage bowl, but you can’t be bothered to stuff them. This is it! It’s the perfect lazy dish that incorporates everything a healthy meal could need.

Sometimes, the effort to stuff cabbage is just a little too much, especially if you want a dish done quickly. If you want to have a chill dinner, you should definitely try this one out. 

10. Scotch Eggs

Want to feel a little fancy? Try these scotch eggs! They’re packed full of flavor and protein, and surprisingly easy to make! Once you try them, the whole family will want more. You were warned!

11. Bisquick Cheeseburger Pie

This is another meal combination that you will wish you tried sooner. Everyone loves pies, and everyone loves cheeseburgers! Combine them and make a Bisquick cheeseburger pie.

This dish is great for summer days, and you can easily enjoy it as part of a picnic. 

12. BBQ Beef Nachos

Nachos are another well-loved dish around the country. You can turn these into a hefty main, or enjoy it as an appetizer! It’s great for game night, and it’s something that everyone will appreciate.

Top it up with melted cheese and jalapeños to make it more interesting, too! If you want, get some cream cheese on the side, or literally anything else you think will pair nicely. You really can’t go wrong with this dish. 

13. Cheeseburger Salad

Want a delicious, easy, and healthy dish that the whole family will love? Then this cheeseburger salad is a must-try. It’s so quick to make, and it has all the flavors you could want.

It’s the perfect option for a warm day when you want a cheeseburger, but also all the fresh salad ingredients. Even the kids will go wild for this one. 

14. Hearty Beef And Bean Chili

Chili is a classic, but make it interesting! This beef and bean chili is exactly what you want when the weather is a little colder, and you want something heartwarming.

The flavors are immaculate, and it feels just like a warm hug to your cold heart. You can add loads of chili, paprika, and even cheese to make it more delicious than it already is. Give it a try! 

15. Cheeseburger Pizza

We’ve covered cheeseburger pasta, cheeseburger salad, and cheeseburger pie, but what about cheeseburger pizza? This easy and quick dish will be the family favorite, and even the kids can get involved making it!

You can add your ground beef to the pizza, along with mozzarella, jalapeños, tomatoes, and anything else you want. Everyone can get their own personalized mini pizzas! You can’t lose. 

16. Spaghetti Bolognese

Sometimes you just want to stick to a classic, and that’s okay! This simple bolognese is so easy and heartwarming, it is just perfect for fall.

Pair it with your favorite pasta, and shave some Parmesan on top to add a little depth. If you’re looking for a classic ground beef dish that will never die, you found it right here. 

17. Patty Melts

Patty melts are exactly what they sound like! They’re so gooey and cheesy, and packed full of flavor. You can do anything you like with these, from having them on their own, or adding them to other dishes!

You could simply stick them in a burger, and you will have a succulent, fresh meal ready to go. Add all the topping you like, plus extra cheese!

18. Beef Tamale Casserole

A casserole is all well and good, but why not step it up a notch with this beef tamale casserole? It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s so easy to make!

This is the epitome of comfort food that you can make with little to no effort, and the whole family will love it! It’s perfect for a cold day, and all those rich flavors will wrap you up in a warm blanket. 

19. Mini Meatballs With Garlicky Tomatoes

Everybody likes mini meatballs, that is just a fact. Why not make your own mini meatballs (or buy some at the grocery store) and pair them with succulent garlicky tomatoes?

We already know that these ingredients marry perfectly, so what’s stopping you? You can melt some mozzarella on top if you like to amp it up. 

20. Beef Empanadas

This is another oldie but a goodie. The classic empanadas are perfect for any time of year, and so delicious it should be illegal.

You can make these with a little work, but once you get the whole family involved, they will be cooking in no time. You can follow the traditional seasoning, or try something a little different – it’s completely up to you!

21. Tex-Mex Taco Pizza

We have already mentioned the ground beef on pizza is nothing short of a wonder, but why not step it up with a Tex-Mex taco pizza?

All you need to do is make (or buy) your perfect pizza base, and add all the toppings! Ground beef, cheese, peppers, and anything else you could possibly want in your taco.

It works in a taco, so why wouldn’t it work on a pizza? Just think about it…

22. Tater Tot Casserole

Want to do something fun with your tater tots? Make a tater tot casserole with ground beef! This is such a fun and easy meal to make, and it is guaranteed to be loved by anyone.

You can make this dish super cheesy and delicious, and add any seasoning you want. Cheese is a must, though.

23. Super Cheesy Meatball Bake

Bring on the cheese! Make a cheesy, ooey, gooey meatball bake to satisfy all the dairy lovers in the house! This dish is so easy to make, and the mozzarella really compliments it perfectly.

The great thing is, you can basically use any kind of ground meat with this, and lamb works incredibly well. If you want something that you can just put in the oven for a while, this is perfect for you. 

24. Leftover Meatloaf Quiché

It’s no surprise that when you make meatloaf, you make enough to feed an army. What do you do with all that leftover meatloaf? Add it to a Quiché!

Thai recipe is so easy and quick, you will want to make it with every bit of leftover meatloaf you have. You don’t have to spend hours slaving away, especially if you buy a pre-baked crust!

This is something that even the fussy kids will love. 

25. Beef And Rice Stuffed Peppers

If you want something refreshing, then why not try these beef and rice stuffed peppers? Once peppers are roasted, they get delicious and sweet, which complements the rice and beef beautifully!

This recipe is so quick, and preparation only takes a couple of minutes. You can also add as much cheese as you like, both in the ground beef, and on top! It tastes so good, and it looks spectacular. 

26. Peanut Butter Burger

We know, we know – this sounds bizarre. If you’re having doubts, so did we… but these flavor profiles work together perfectly!

The creaminess of the peanut butter (or crunchiness if you like that) and flavor work perfectly with ground beef. It’s so moist, and you will start wondering which other odd combinations you have been avoiding your whole life.

This recipe will open doors you never even thought about in the food world!

27. Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

Oh, man. Have an event coming up, and you want to wow the adults with some sliders? Make this spicy whiskey BBQ slider recipe, and they will just keep coming back for more.

This recipe is so easy, but the results are truly phenomenal. It’s spicy, but sweet, while also being so juicy and packed full of flavors.

You can add jalapeños and mozzarella to step it up, or anything else you think will work. There are no rules! 

28. Beef Potstickers

Potstickers are like a type of dumpling, and they’re super chewy and delicious. You can either make your own potsticker wrappers, or just buy them at the supermarket!

If you want to save time, there are plenty of options sitting in the aisles of supermarkets, then you just need to fill, close, and cook them!

These flavorful potstickers are fun to make and eat, and the kids will probably want to get involved. This is also a great way to bring some other cuisines into the mix and use that ground beef. 

29. Slow Cooker Mini Meat Loaves And Polenta

Don’t you just love slow cookers? You turn them on, and just let them do their things! These mini meatloaves can cook away while you’re busy living your best life.

Leave them to cook all afternoon, and you will get some succulent and sublime meatloaves that you can pair with your healthy polenta. Don’t feel like polenta? Substitute it for something else, or make polenta dumplings! 

30. Mediterranean Pita Pizzas

Mediterranean food is notoriously delicious, so why wouldn’t you want to make a Mediterranean pita pizza? This delicious dish only takes a couple of minutes to prepare, and a drizzle of plain yogurt really brings everything together.

Add some dressing, olives, and olive oil to turn this simple meal into one that you will want to enjoy over and over again. 

31. Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is so easy to make, and the flavors are just incredible. This classing food is usually found in the pubs of Britain, but they deserve to be shared with the world.

The creamy mashed potato topping can be filled with cheese and cream, and the mouth-watering beef beneath keeps everything juice and delicious.

This is something that everyone will appreciate when the days start getting too short, and the sun becomes a distant memory. 

32. Game Day Pumpkin Chili

Sweet potato pairs well with everything, ground beef included! This delightful dish gets its name from the pumpkin spice that gets added to it, giving it a hearty, warm flavor.

You can add anything you like to this, from cheese to jalapeños. Once you have your ground beef cooked, seasoned, and saucy, just cut your baked sweet potato open, and spoon it in!

This is perfect for fall, and you can watch the leaves fall from the trees while enjoying this creation. 

33. Cheeseburger Cups

Cheeseburgers are coming up a lot on this list, but we aren’t complaining. This great dish is so easy to make, and it’s very inexpensive.

All you need to do is make little pastry cups, bake them, and fill them with all your cheeseburger fillings! Like with everything cheeseburger-related, anything goes.

This only takes a couple of minutes to make and prepare, and it’s bound to be a winner for everyone in the family. Who doesn’t like bite size food?

34. Instant Pot Taco Pasta

You will never have to think about boring meals again with the delicious instant pot taco pasta. No, we aren’t throwing taco shells into the pasta, just everything else!

Once you cook your pasta up, get your ground beef cooked, and add tomatoes, onions, chili, and anything else you want. You can follow the recipe, or be a little creative and do things your own way.

Recipes are more like guidelines than rules, anyway, right? 

35. Beef ‘n’ Rice Enchiladas

If you say that you don’t like enchiladas, you’re probably lying. This heartwarming dish is so easy to make that you will want to make them every week.

The flavors of the spices will go with the ground beef beautifully, and you can also add a little spice in there if you want, too! Be sure to slip some cheese in, because you can never go wrong with cheese. 

36. Bacon Cheeseburger Rice

 This time we have cheeseburger rice! Bacon cheeseburger rice is exactly what it sounds like – there’s bacon, plus cheeseburger, plus rice!

You won’t believe how easy this meal is to put together, and how little skill is involved. You can get this whole thing done in a matter of minutes, and you have complete freedom with seasoning!

If you really want to get an authentic cheeseburger feel, however, be sure to add mayo, mustard, ketchup, onions, and pickles. 

37. Easy Beef Soup

On those cold winter days, an easy beef soup is all we want. This recipe is stupidly easy to make, and chock-full of all the amazing flavors you could want.

You only need a couple of minutes, but if you want it to be super flavorful, leave it to simmer for a few hours. Feel free to add more ingredients, too!

Some melted cheese on top would go well, and so would biscuits or dumplings! Just try out different combinations, and see what you like!

38. Easy Ziti Bake

This beef ziti bake is everything you could want and more on a winter day. It’s rich in flavor, so creamy, and above all, easy to make!

So little work goes into this, and the end result will probably end up being one of your favorite recipes of all time. This is guaranteed to be loved by everyone in the family, and you have full control of the seasoning and spices that are added.

This recipe includes ricotta cheese, but why stop there? Get some mozzarella in there, or top it with cheddar for something really special. 

39. Dinner In A Bag

We admit – this doesn’t sound very appealing, but it’s delicious! It uses very simple ingredients, but everything comes together to make an unassuming but tasty dish.

Elbow macaroni, ground beef, tomatoes, and a few other key ingredients is all you need! This whole dish can easily be cooked up in less than 30 minutes, and as always, you can season it how you like.

It is so good, you will probably want to do a lot of experimenting. 

40. Sloppy Joe Pizza

Since this includes the word “pizza” you already know that this is going to be a winner for everyone. The sloppy Joe pizza is alarmingly easy to make, provided you can get or make a pizza base with ease, and so tasty.

All you really need is your favorite kind of sauce, your seasoned ground beef, and all the cheese you could want. Layer everything up, bake it in the oven, and you have the final product!

Again, add anything you like on top of it to cater to your own preferences. 

Final Thoughts

Next time you have ground beef, why not try a couple of these recipes? They’re all so easy to make, though some will take longer than others.

It is nice to know that you have so many options when you’re faced with ground beef, and you don’t need to stick to the boring dishes. 

So, next time you want to try something new and interesting with that beef, pick a recipe! You’ll wonder why you were sticking to those boring recipes all those years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Bake With Ground beef?

You can make burgers, bolognese, burritos, pasta bakes, soups, pies, and so much more with ground beef! Feel free to experiment with ground beef options, because it will go well with a variety of recipes and flavors.

Is Ground Beef Versatile?

Yes! Ground beef is incredibly versatile. From meatloaf to burgers, pastas, and pizzas, there’s nothing you can’t use ground beef for. Be sure to experiment with different recipes to find new ideas!

Why Do You Toss Ground Beef With Baking Soda?

Tossing beef with baking soda gets rid of the excess liquid in the meat, and helps improve the flavors. Doing this also helps the meat to brown faster and look more appealing. 

Should You Add An Egg To Hamburgers?

Not always. The egg is used to bind the meat together, but this is usually only done in restaurants. However, you can add an egg to your ground beef mixture if you’re adding things like onion or breadcrumbs. 

What Flavors Go Well With Ground Beef?

So many flavors pair beautifully with ground beef. Popular choices are things like salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic. However, paprika and chili are also great combinations.

40 Easy And Delicious Ground Beef Recipes

40 Easy And Delicious Ground Beef Recipes

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Looking for something new and exciting to do with your ground beef? Check out our top 40 picks for easy and delicious ground beef recipes here!

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