38 Of The Hottest Scallion Recipes (Aka. Best Green Onion Dishes)

Scallions and green onions are the same thing, just different names. But, no matter what you call them, they make a great addition to plenty of meals.

38 Of the Hottest Scallion Recipes (Aka. Best Green Onion Dishes)

Here are 38 of our favorites to get your mouth watering! 

1. Cream Of Celery Leaf & Scallion Soup 

If you enjoy creamy but refreshing soups, this is one for you. Celery leaf and scallion soup, doesn’t leave much to be desired. It is unique in its taste, texture, and freshness. It is the ideal spring soup, as a cross between warm and fresh. 

It is ideal for a lazy Sunday where a warm belly is all you want. Add a whole-wheat roll to dunk, and you are sorted! 

2. Pa Muchim

Pa Muchim is a scallion salad. It is a Korean dish that is so easy to craft. It is ideal for a summer side to be paired with meat dishes. Thanks to its crisp and fresh foil, it easily contrasts harsh meat flavors. 

It can become the perfect accompaniment to any meat dish on the grill. 

3. Baked Scallion & Green Onion Bread

Bread does not just have to be the bread we are used to from stores, you can make up a hearty Asian snack in the form of bread. You may not think that scallions and bread belong in the same sentence, but they do, and it forms an airy inside with a crispy crust that is absolutely to die for. 

The addition of the scallions makes it fresh and flavorful in a way you never before imagined.

4. Chinese Scallion Pancakes

The Chinese know what they’re doing with many foods, but these pancakes will blow you away. Once you take a bite, the crispy exterior will give way to a chewiness. They give pancakes a savory twist that will be a refreshing difference from the usual sweetness. 

They are packed to the brim with flavor too, and their unique texture will give you something new to rave about. 

5. Ginger Scallion Noodles

Are you a noodle addict? Us too. Get your fix with this one. This is such a good meal to have when it gets a little chilly outside. 

Toss your noodles in a sauce that you make with nuts, ginger, scallions and so on. Its flavor comes with a kick you can’t resist, it will make your taste buds leap with joy. And it will make you leap for joy too, as it only takes 15 minutes to make! 

6. Quick Pickled Scallions

If you have a few too many scallions clogging up your kitchen then you do not want to throw them away! Instead, consider making a nice and easy pickled scallion dish instead. 

Pickling the scallions means you will end up with some very sharp and fresh flavors which will last for ages. They are flavorful and bite just right. 

7. Yakitori

This is an easy and delicious way to eat chicken, mix together scallions with chicken and glaze it all in a homemade sauce named yakitori. Grill it up to perfection with a mixture of savory and smoky flavors for the chicken. 

Then serve it up with a side of noodles or rice for a completed meal, or just have it on its own for a light lunch, or a tasteful snack! 

8. Miso-Tahini Soba Noodles

Miso and Tahini both make incredible sauces and dressings, pair them together, and you have quite the addictive flavors. This dish is refreshing and healthy alike, and what is best is how it actually makes a perfect summer meal. 

Packed with scallions, grated carrots, cilantro, and some sesame seeds, it makes for the ideal meal. 

Its secret to tastiness is its creamy tahini and miso dressing which gives it, it’s irresistible factor. 

9. Sweet Potato Fritters & Scallion & Bacon

None of the ingredients in here have much in common, but put them all together, and they will set your world on fire. They make a uniquely tasty trio when they are put together. It is crispy and will be seasoned to perfection. 

The smoky bacon pairs so well with the scallions and the starchy factor of the potatoes evens it all out perfectly. 

10. Steamed Whole Fish

This steamed fish is done Chinese-style, it will always impress anyone you serve it too because it is simple but also comes with a delicate yet addictive flavor. 

You steam the fish and leave it juice, flavorful and succulent. Add in some cilantro, scallions and ginger, and you may as well be a pro Asian chef! 

11. Crispy Ginger Scallion Salmon

This recipe will blow you away, especially if you like ginger! It grants you the typical flavor of salmon, but it gives it something new. It will transform your salmon with some scallion, ginger, soy and cilantro. 

Tasting like you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen, it actually only takes 25 minutes! But, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret you will want to keep. 

12. Stir-Fried Chicken With Scallions

Sometimes less is more, this is the perfect example of when less really is more in food. It is the perfect combination for an easy dinner that takes almost no time at all. 

It comes with a flavor packed chicken, with the gentle kick of the scallions, all served simply over rice. It is healthy, it is filling, and it will bring something a little different to the dinner table. 

13. Avocado Green Goddess Dressing

This dressing is perfect for something refreshing and light that will bring some joy to your day. It makes your taste buds very happy as it is the ideal balance of creaminess and tang that perfectly balances everything out. 

It is an ideal dressing for nachos and salads. One of the best parts of this is that it only takes a mere 10 minutes to make when you use a food processor. 

14. Charred Scallion & Artichoke Flammkuchen

If you enjoy pizza, you should try a German pizza. It is great for a pizza lover and if you crave difference. It begins with a tasty crust that is crisped just right, it will be topped off with a delicious crème fraiche, some artichoke hearts and gently charred scallions. 

It is the perfect balance of zest, smoky flavoring, and creaminess.

15. Scallion Noodles (In 20 Minutes)

This is the ideal recipe if you want something filling but don’t have much time to be tinkering around in the kitchen. It is made up of broccoli, scallions, and noodles, with a few other bits and pieces as you please. 

Toss it in garlic and chili butter sauce to finish off the taste. A bowl of this will be a tidal wave of flavor and will satiate your hunger. In only 20 minutes, what more can you ask for! 

16. Chinese Vegetable Stir-Fry

If you want something simple that will make your mouth water, but takes little effort, this is the perfect dish for you to whip up. The veg is warm and crispy, and the sauce is rich but still delightful in your mouth. 

You should always serve a stir-fry like this over some steaming rice for extra measure. 

17. Classic Egg Salad

Egg salad is an old reliable option for many of us. It is lovely on crackers, on toast, or on its own. This recipe adds in some scallions for something simple and tasteful. This dish is a classic for a reason. 

It brings up hard-boiled eggs into a combination of herbs, mustard, spices, and mayonnaise. 

18. Parsley Scallion Hummus Pasta

This is unique, if you like hummus, it will be an incredible addition to your weekly meal roster. It has the perfect sauce, and it is totally vegan too! It makes for a great dish for the summer, and if you aren’t vegan, it pairs well with many other foods too. 

Each forkful will be a song of flavor, with herbs, chickpeas, lemon and scallions, what more could you ask for?

19. Pa Kimchi

Pa Kimchi means green onion Kimchi, basically. This dish is glorious in the springtime, it is a side dish in Korea, and it is the perfect add-on for any meal. It has a perfect spice which will pair nicely with the scallions and keep your taste buds on their toes. 

It can be a bit scary to prepare kimchi at home, but it is actually simple enough if you follow a clear recipe like this! 

20. Million Dollar Dip

This is the perfect combination of cheesy, creamy, and smoky, with a crunch from the nuts and a zesty zing from your green onions. It is the best thing you can serve when you have guests over. 

It is named so because it has flavors to die for, but it also happens to be entirely budget friendly. It is also super easy to make and take little effort.

21. Sour Cream & Green Onion, Red Potato Salad

If you want something easy to make that everyone will like, go simple with red potato salad. Toss in some red potatoes with some sour cream and a yummy dressing of scallions. It will accompany a grilled dish like a pro during your summer outdoor cooking routine. 

With a zest to spice up your mouth between bites.

22. Egg Fried Rice 

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for egg fried rice? It can be the easiest but most delicious thing to make. It is even easier and tastier when you add scallions into the mix though. 

Sprinkle in some sesame seeds, with scallions and eggs, mix it all in with the rice, and now you have a simple dish you will love that is packed to the brim with flavor.

23. Texas Caviar

Here is a dish to start your meal off with a bang, however you could also have it as a side to freshen up your taste buds. It is a meal chockablock with fiber, protein, and all things good. But what about taste? Most of us aren’t raving about caviar’s flavor.

Well, it is earthy, thanks to its black-eyes peas, and of course the tomatoes, but it has a nice spice due to its scallions and peppers. Perfect balance. 

24. Tuna Poke Bowls

Heard of this before? No! Oh, goodness. If you enjoy raw fish, you are in for a treat. A hearty salad, and some raw fish, it is a party in its own right. 

It boasts of a sultry raw tuna that you marinate in seasonings and sauces, highlighting the glamor of seafood, served with scallions and some sushi rice, and you won’t ever want anything else to eat! 

25. Crunchy Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

Want the perfect meal for a summer day in the garden? Mix up some scallions with parsley and mint, add in the kick of some pepper, give it some cucumber for a crunch, and throw in a cherry tomato or two, it gives the salad a juiciness it deserves, with a bit of sweetness added in. 

It is heaven incarnate in the summer, refreshing as a side or as a light snack.

26. Vegan Taco Meat

We do not often think that taco meat could ever be vegan. It can, and it is great! Lentils are a godsend. 

It will make for the ideal alternative to ground beef, and your tacos will forever look better. With scallions included, normal tacos will never be able to compare. All hail the lentil king! 

27. Mexican Tortilla Roll-Up

If you enjoy Mexican food, then these tortilla roll-ups will be a delight. They are cheesy and creamy, with the zing of scallions mixed in nicely. It has a little zing and a little spice to even out the cheese. 

It only takes you 10 minutes to whip up some of these, and all these 10 minutes are prep, you do not even need to cook! Talk about easy breezy! 

28. Chilled Tofu & Scallions With Soy Sauce

Chilled tofu brings itself to the party. It is an ideal snack in the summer heat, and it works great with noodles and many other big carb pairings. 

Whatever you want to do with it, this dish is perfect. Tofu makes the ideal base for flavors, and when paired up with scallions and soy sauce, it mixes perfectly and you are well on your way to being an Asian cuisine pro. 

29. Scallion Herb Chickpea Salad

Scallions and chickpeas put together, this is not the first time we have heard of this. This is the perfect meal to make you think it is spring, or if it is spring, it will remind you of that. 

It is packed to the brim with fresh herbs, and plenty of scallions. It is the salad that brightens up your day, and fills your belly.

30. Grilled Steak Salad & Beets & Scallions

Beets are often forgotten and underrated, but with a steak and some scallions, we don’t hear anyone complaining. Full of bright colors, and vibrant green veg, it is made up of a smoked grilled steak, greens, beets, and of course… scallions. 

All of these are tossed in an aioli for good measure and served to please your taste buds.

31. Eggs & Soy Sauce With Scallions

For this dish, you will need some soy sauce, some eggs, scallions and other things you can imagine lurking around inside your pantry. If you are a bit tight on cash this month, it will make for the perfect meal to fill the void in your stomach without voiding your wallet. 

It is ready in 5 minutes flat, and you can serve it with rice, or not, it is up to you! 

32. Vietnamese Grilled Razor Clams & Scallion Oil

If you enjoy clams, this one’s for you! It is a combination of clams with scallion oil and oh boy, is it something to rave about. 

Clams have a nice firm mouth feel, with a delicate taste that you can add to when you grill them. With the scallion oil in tow, you know it is something that will change your life. Every bite makes you want to take a vacation to Vietnam! 

33. Congee Recipe

Congee is a bit of an all-round dish. It could be your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, a snack, whatever you want it to be. It could also be spicy, savory, or salty. It is up to you. 

It is an Asian dish, and it works perfectly if you are feeling a bit down in the dumps and need something to pick you back up. It will often be served with chopped up scallions, ginger, sesame oil, and soy. 

34. Hawaiian Chicken

Hawaii is filled with incredible cuisine, but this is our favorite. This meal makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Hawaiian chicken comes with a sweet and sour sauce, it has notes of soy sauce, brown sugar and even pineapple, for that extra special touch. 

Chop up some scallions and add some sesame seeds, and you are basically in Hawaii! 

35. Kimichijeon

Kimchi pancakes are something that most of us have not tried, however, when it comes to texture and flavor, these are something of a legend. They are filled with spices, and tangy kicks, but come in tow with a crispy and savory bite. 

You should serve them to dip to make the most of them, and really bring out those hidden flavors. 

36. Scallion Rice 

Why have normal rice when you could have scallion rice? It has a bright green color which is enough to catch your eye. But, it is also unique in its taste and pairs well with anything. It is delicious, served best with fish, beef, chicken, in a stir fry. 

Let’s not forget how it’s green color that the dish gets from the scallions will make any meal feel a little more special. 

37. Skillet Scallions

You can use a skillet for many things, but did you know that you can make up some gorgeous scallions in your skillet? It will make for the perfect extra to any dish, and it won’t be overpowering. 

Use as many scallions as you want and some butter, and you need nothing else, it is really simple and easy to make, but uses up unwanted scallions, and gives you something green and tasty on your plate. 

38. Scallion Pancakes

We have mentioned pancakes a few times, but we wanted to mention these in particular. Scallions in pancakes is not something most people think of, but when you are trying to stay away from heavy carbs and sugar, it is the perfect dish to fill your belly, and you can still enjoy pancakes! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about scallions? We have got you covered!

What Are Scallions Good For Cooking?

Scallions make a great addition to any meal as a side dish, have them roasted, grilled, braised, fried, however you fancy. They take minimal cooking time, and pair with most if not all foods.

What Can I Do With Lots Of Scallions?

If you have lots of scallions you can use them in a soup, stir-fry them, make them into a biscuit, pancakes, bread, sauce, add them to a salad, or even pickle them. There are no limits.

What Do You Eat Scallions With? 

Scallions pair well with everything, but they pair best with Asian cuisines such as Vietnamese cuisine, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines.

38 Of the Hottest Scallion Recipes (Aka. Best Green Onion Dishes)

38 Of the Hottest Scallion Recipes (Aka. Best Green Onion Dishes)

Recipe by Jenna

Scallions and green onions are the same thing, just different names. But, no matter what you call them, they make a great addition to plenty of meals. Here are 38 of our favorites to get your mouth watering! 

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