15 Traditional Greek Soups To Warm Your Heart!

This article has 15 Greek traditional soups that are perfect for a cold winter night or for when you want a bowl of soup that will feel like a warm hug, so keep reading below to check out the list!

1. Fasolada (Greek White Bean Soup)

To make a Greek fasolada, it’s best to have some Greek white beans, but if that’s hard to find, get at least some good-quality white beans from your local grocery store or find some from a legume vendor.

We are starting the list with this soup as it is among the soups that are most often cooked in Greek households and one that is easy to like the taste of.

Made with white beans that are cooked together with carrots, onions, garlic, tomato paste, bay leaves, rosemary, olive oil, celery, and a vegetable cube, this is a delicious vegan soup that anyone can make.

2. Lentil Soup

Lentils are another legume Greeks love to eat and their lentil soup is a staple dish in most Greek households.

Made with simple ingredients, it is basically a soup made with lentils, spices, and herbs, and while this recipe uses canned tomatoes for tomato sauce, many Greeks prefer to cook their lentils without it.

So, if you want to go for a simpler lentil soup, replace the canned tomatoes in this recipe with some oregano for extra flavor and you’ve got yourself a delicious, heartwarming dish.

3. Fava Soup (Split Peas Soup)

Fava is the Greek split peas product that’s mainly produced in Santorini, even though there are plenty of other regions that produce their own fava too.

A fava soup is made with pureed yellow split peas that are then served with carrot batons, spring onions, parsley, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and some croutons or a slice of bread on the side.

4. Revithada (Greek Chickpea Soup)

Many of us are used to getting our chickpeas precooked and canned, but to make a Greek chickpea soup you have to start from scratch with raw chickpeas.

When cooking beans and chickpeas, it’s best to soak them overnight so that they soften a bit and grow in size.

When it’s time to cook your chickpea soup, this recipe will make the preparation so easy that you will need no more than 10 minutes to get your soup to cook.

5. Trahanas Soup

Trahanas is a Greek traditional pasta that is handmade by people across the country. It comes in both sour and sweet varieties, but both can be cooked in the same way and have an equally tasty result.

This tarhana soup calls for sour tarhana cooked with butter and milk and served with lots of feta cheese. However, even if you choose to add some sweet tarhana when making this recipe, you will be just as pleased with it.

6. Soup With Egg-Lemon Sauce

Egg-lemon sauce is like ketchup for Greeks: they want to add it to every meal!

You can serve dolmades with a thick egg-lemon sauce, add it to your chicken or meatball soup (we’ll check that out in a bit), or have it in a vegetarian rice soup like the one in this recipe.

To make this easy egg-lemon soup, you need simple ingredients that are most probably already in your kitchen.

If you don’t have leftover chicken or beef soup to cook the rice in, you can cook it in plain water with some chicken stock and then slowly mix it in with the sauce.

Serve with some bread or rusks and add some extra pepper or chili flakes too!

7. Manestra (Greek Tomato Orzo Soup)

Italians have risotto. Greeks have manestra, which is quite similar to the Italian traditional dish, but kind of soupier.

To make a Manestra dish, you will need ingredients like olive oil, onion, garlic, orzo, tomatoes, red wine, and bay leaves. Sounds quite vegan so far, right?

Well, unless you serve it with some feta cheese, Manestra is 100% vegan-friendly and can be enjoyed without any sides at all or just with a slice of bread for those finishing dips.

8. Fide Soup (Greek Angel Hair Pasta Soup)

Fide soup is so easy to make as it contains only 4 ingredients plus any sides or toppings you want to add. What does it include?

Some olive oil, water to boil the pasta, fide pasta – which is the Greek angel hair pasta – and some salt to taste.

It is the soup Greeks have when they have no time to cook or the perfect recipe to cure a stomach ache or make someone who’s feeling sick feel better.

Of course, the egg-lemon sauce is the perfect addition to this recipe, so you can always add some to make your soup thicker and more flavorful.

9. Mayiritsa (Greek Easter Soup)

When the clock hits 00:00 on Easter Sunday, Greek people who have been fasting for 40 days according to tradition can enjoy their first meaty meal after a long time.

Traditionally, that meal is a mayiritsa soup. The controversy around the soup is what has made this soup so famous as there are two extremes when it comes to it: you either love it or hate it.

Made with lamb offal, lamb intestines, onions, lettuce, rice, and dill, it has a distinctive and strong taste and smell that might take you aback at first.

However, it is worth a try just because it is so unique!

10. Patsa Soup

Patsa soup has a big following that consists mainly of Greeks who party till the break of dawn and those who know their soups.

Like mayiritsa, it has an intense smell and taste that make it not that hard to resist, but we strongly recommend it to people who are intrigued by weird-tasting dishes.

Made with either pork or beef legs and belly, this soup is traditionally fortified with garlic and vinegar, but this recipe offers a lighter approach by adding some lemon juice.

11. Kreatosoupa (Greek Beef Soup)

A healthy and wholesome meal, kreatosoupa is a Greek traditional soup made with cooked beef and vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and celery.

Like mayiritsa and patsa soup, it takes a lot of time to cook but the result is so rewarding that you won’t mind waiting a couple of hours for it to be ready to eat.

12. Youvarlakia Avgolemono (Greek Meatball Soup)

We bet you are going to love that egg-lemon sauce so much that you’ll want to add it to more soups, which is why we are presenting you with yet another Greek traditional soup that includes this sauce.

Youvarlakia are a type of Greek meatballs used specifically for this soup, and which are made mainly with minced beef and rice.

Apart from these two main ingredients, youvarlakia also has herbs and spices that make them so tasty that you’d think it couldn’t get better than that.

And yet, once you make the egg-lemon sauce and try a spoonful of the soup with a bit of everything on it, you won’t be able to stop!

13. Kotosoupa (Greek Chicken Soup)

Another hearty soup made with egg-lemon sauce, this Greek chicken soup is not only delicious and comforting but also extremely healthy and rich in nutrients.

With lots of protein as it’s made with chicken breast fillets, good fats from the olive oil and egg-lemon sauce, and a good amount of carbs from the rice, it is the perfect meal offering all the right macronutrients.

14. Psarosoupa (Greek Fish Soup)

You’d think that a fish soup would have fish in it, but this is not exactly true in the case of Greek fish soup.

The Greek psarosoupa, which literally translates as ‘fish soup,’ is made with a fish broth that you prepare by cooking the fish and vegetables together.

However, you then remove them all to keep the broth in which you then add some of the cooked vegetables and puree them to create a thick, creamy soup.

The soup is then served next to the plate that has the fish and the rest of the vegetables.

15. Kakavia (Greek Fisherman’s Soup)

if you want your fish to go back in the soup, then we have another Greek traditional soup recipe for you. Kakavia is known around the world as the Greek Fisherman’s soup, and it is made with any kind of whole white fish.

The cooking process is quite similar to that of a psarosoupa, with the difference here being that the soup is served with the cooked fish in it after it’s cut into smaller chunks.

Are There Any Greek Soups That Pair Well with Traditional Greek Breads?

Greek cuisine offers a delightful variety of soups that perfectly complement traditional greek breads. One such pairing is the classic Avgolemono soup, which combines chicken broth, lemon juice, and beaten eggs. Other options include Fakes, a hearty lentil soup, and Revithosoupa, a comforting chickpea soup. Each of these delicious soups is enhanced when enjoyed alongside a generous slice of traditional Greek breads.

The Bottom Line

These 15 Greek traditional soups are absolutely delicious, and these recipe ideas can help you prepare your next Greek meal that will wow the family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Greeks Eat Soup?

Not only do Greeks eat soup but they actually love soup so much that they have some of the best traditional soups they make every week at home.

From vegetarian-friendly bean soups like fasolada to meaty soups like youvarlakia, there’s something for everyone, always with a touch of olive oil!

15 Traditional Greek Soups To Warm Your Heart!

15 Traditional Greek Soups To Warm Your Heart!

Recipe by Jenna

In this article, you can find the 15 best traditional Greek soups you can make this fall or winter to warm your heart and please your soul and palate!

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