33 Yummy Fruity Bread Recipes To Try Today

These sweet fruity breads are nothing short of amazing. They are moist, soft, and brimming with a fruity flavor. Some are covered with a delicious glaze, while others include colorful fruit bits.

Additionally, as quick breads don’t require the dough to be kneaded, rested, or proofed, these breads come together quicker and easier than expected.

33 Yummy Fruity Bread Recipes To Try Today

You can have them at midnight or with your afternoon tea or coffee. Just make sure you cut yourself a large, thick slice in any case!

In this article, we have collected together 33 yummy fruity bread recipes that we know you are going to want to try yourself!

1. Lemon Zucchini Bread

Almond flour is used to make this lemon-flavored zucchini bread. It is fantastic because of the citrus and nutty flavor combinations. It is far more nutrient-dense than other breeds thanks to the shredded zucchini.

The zucchini won’t even be detectable. It merely serves to bring moisture and the odd splash of green to the bread. Enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, dessert, or even as a snack.

2. Vegan Oatmeal Pumpkin Banana Bread

This recipe makes a fantastic loaf with oatmeal, pumpkin, and bananas. You’ll adore how delicious, fluffy, and light it is. It almost seems like it wouldn’t be healthy at all.

Yet, it most certainly is. Additionally, this bread is vegan and gluten-free. This rich banana bread is perfect for fall. Only a few basic ingredients are needed, and it’s really simple to make.

3. Vegan Banana Bread

Here is a banana bread that is flavorful and healthy. This dish, which uses mostly organic products, is vegan and gluten-free. Yet it is still extremely enjoyable to eat.

This bread is very soft, moist, and sweet. Even though it is great on its own, adding chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, and cinnamon will make it even more delightful. However, you could add any ingredients that you wished to suit your tastes.

4. Strawberry Banana Bread

Strawberries and bananas have a delightfully fresh scent that makes them smell like bliss. Not only is this bread obscenely fragrant, but it also tastes good. Not to mention incredibly soft and juicy as well.

Every mouthful of this strawberry banana bread is filled with vibrant, fresh strawberries. You’re going to adore this simple, no-mixer fast bread recipe.

Compared to butter, oil leaves this bread softer and springier. The addition of strawberries makes this bread appear quite inviting.

5. Cranberry Orange Bread

This bread contains a lot of sweet orange flavor, which is balanced by a little sharpness from the fresh cranberries. The end product is a quick bread that is extremely addictive and that everyone will adore.

Oranges and cranberries go so well together. This recipe is really refreshing because of the fruit and berry combination. It has a bit of acidity and is vibrant and zesty.

Even though the bread is excellent on its own, the orange glaze is the tastiest part. This glaze adds moisture and flavor in addition to adding a lovely appearance to the end result.

6. Fig Banana Bread

Banana bread is even more amazing when fresh figs are sliced in! The fruit also adds more moisture, richness, and a beautiful splash of color.

Even though this fig banana bread is already fairly spectacular. If you want yours with a little more crunch, feel free to add your preferred nuts to the bread batter as well.

7. Dates And Walnuts Banana Bread

It’s not necessary to eat an opulent dessert for breakfast. With this guilt-free recipe for healthy banana bread, you may indulge in a tasty and nourishing treat.

Each piece of this moist banana bread is packed with crisp and chewy chunks made from dates and walnuts. These additions complement the bread’s delicate texture perfectly.

Additionally, the bread is high in fiber and will keep you fuller longer because it is made with whole wheat flour.

8. Lemon Bread

A straightforward lemon loaf is always a winner. Whether it’s for a delicious brunch, social gathering, or a supper with the in-laws.

This bread is incredibly sweet, moist, and flavored with a sharp, zesty lemon. The cherry on top is a lavish glaze that is infused with even more zesty delight.

9. Mango Dates Cake Bread

You need to search no further than this date and mango cake bread if you’re looking for unusual and wonderful flavors. Although it has a bread-like appearance. It is also as fluffy, soft, and moist as cake.

It’s incredibly refreshing to eat chewy dates with sweet mangoes. You’ll marvel over how delicious the flavor is.

This recipe is rather nutritious because it uses nutritious components like flax seeds and whole wheat flour. The sugar is optional, since the mangos and dates are already sweet enough.

10. Apple Walnut Cake Bread

A traditional apple loaf cake which requires no apple peeling and is incredibly delicious. It can be frozen, baked in multiple pans, and it preserves nicely. An additional layer of sweetness is added by the glaze, but this is optional.

This recipe’s flavor and ease will win you over. When apple pie is calling your name, but you don’t want to bake the pastry, cut the apples, or spend an hour waiting for it to cook.

This bread with apples and walnuts will do. This recipe contains the same flavors as apple pie, although not having the same textures.

11. Chai-Spiced Banana Bread

Don’t worry, the chai spices in this banana bread do not make it taste like tea. Instead, to give it that divine chai tea flavor, it is flavored with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and spices.

On a chilly winter morning, offer this chai banana bread alongside your preferred tea for breakfast.

12. Pear Bread

This bread has the ideal balance of cinnamon, pears, and nutmeg in addition to being moist and supple. We adore how it is sweet enough to serve as a pudding, but not so heavy that it prevents you from having it for breakfast.

Additionally, you may make this recipe using either fresh or canned pears. Hence, you can eat it all year long. After just one bite, we can assure you that you will want it repeatedly.

13. Paleo Fruit And Nut Bread

Although the paleo diet frequently forbids bread, this bread is absolutely okay. To make it even better, it tastes and looks delicious.

This bread is anything but bland and uninteresting because it is created with almond flour, flax seeds, bananas, and tons of chopped fruits and nuts. On the contrary, the remarkable range of textures and flavors in this bread will delight your palate!

14. Chocolate Zucchini Bread

You probably never expected to find a recipe that calls for both chocolate and zucchini. You’ll simply need to believe us and then give this a try, weird as it may seem.

This zucchini bread doesn’t taste like zucchini, just like all other zucchini recipes we have mentioned. Instead, all you’ll taste is chocolate chips and cocoa powder, which are absolute bliss.

You can put some greens on your kids’ plates without them noticing, if you use this recipe.

15. Buckwheat Banana Bread

We are aware that adding buckwheat to a cake doesn’t sound particularly delicious. However, you should still give this a shot. Firstly, this dish is more nutritious because it calls for buckwheat flour rather than regular flour.

Even though you might anticipate it to be crumbly and dry, it turns out to be quite soft. You’ll completely forget about the buckwheat once you taste its abundance of delicious flavors and banana fragrance!

16. Plum Bread

With the crunch of nuts and the warmth of cinnamon and cardamom, this plum bread does indeed have a great balance of sweet and acidic flavors. Thanks to the Greek yogurt and applesauce, it is also incredibly moist too.

This bread is ideal for breakfast because it isn’t overly sweet. Breakfast will be ready in a flash if you slather a slice of this with a knob of butter and serve it with coffee.

17. Dark Chocolate Chip Raspberry Banana Bread

One delicious bite contains sinful dark chocolate, tangy raspberries, and sweet bananas. This banana bread is exceptionally sweet and delicious. Additionally, the banana and cinnamon aroma is so exquisite it will drive you insane.

Yet things don’t stop there. Ripe raspberries and rich dark chocolate are the perfect flavor balance to this bread. Producing the ideal balance of scrumptious and refreshing.

18. Hawaiian Pineapple, Coconut, And Almonds Banana Bread

This Hawaiian bread has coconut and almonds on top and is smothered in banana and pineapple filling. What else is there to ask for?

It’s difficult to think this bread is healthy, given how delicious it is. This banana bread, which uses wheat flour as its base, is full of fiber. Alongside being quite simple to prepare.

19. Orange Bread

This fruit bread is incredibly soft, moist, and full of delicious orange flavor. The batter is fully infused with the flavor and scent of oranges.

This is because it contains both juice and zest. Additionally, this recipe requires seven basic ingredients, each of which you probably already have in your home.

20. Banana Blueberry Buttermilk Bread

This bread contains bananas, buttermilk, and blueberries as its main flavors. Overall, this bread is extremely juicy, fluffy, and tender.

With less butter and oil needed, the buttermilk’s gentle acidity softens and moistens the bread. Here, it also adds a little tartness to the delectable concoction of bananas and blueberries too.

Instead of using standard flour, whole wheat flour is utilized in this recipe. Which gives the bread far more nutrition. This type of bread is filling and nutritious, and you’ll want it for breakfast frequently.

21. Chocolate Cherry Banana Bread

Banana Bread with chocolate and cherries will undoubtedly become a new family favorite. This delicious banana bread recipe is enhanced by the pairing of chocolate and cherries.

The sweetness of the chocolate and bananas is countered by the cherries’ pleasant flash of color and sharpness. You won’t be capable of stopping at just one slice, since it is so exceptionally moist and tender!

22. Carrot Cake Banana Bread

There is no longer a need to choose between banana bread and carrot cake. You may eat them both in one mouthful with this recipe.

Expect nothing less than the greatest because this hybrid mixes 2 of the best baked goods ever together. This bread/cake medley has the added benefits of being low in calories, oil-free, vegan, and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy it.

23. Apricot Pecan Quick Bread

This bread made with apricots and pecans has a nutmeg and ginger flavor profile that is sweet and tart. Additionally, it has a crunchy pecan contrast which is soft and tender. Rolled oats are sprinkled on top, adding another layer of texture to enjoy.

24. Raspberry Banana Bread

This raspberry and banana bread is evidence that bananas and raspberries go together like peanut butter and jelly. This bread has the ideal mix of flavors thanks to the addition of delicious bananas and tangy raspberries.

We simply adore the vibrant color the berries add to the recipe. Although fresh, not frozen, raspberries should be used if you don’t want the bread to become red.

25. Raspberry Rhubarb Bread

This whole-wheat fast bread recipe, inspired by the flavors of spring, pairs sweet raspberries and tart rhubarb perfectly.

Then a cream cheese glaze can be added on the top to make the bread even more opulent. You may enjoy this bread with your favorite beverage in just an hour.

26. Oatmeal Banana Bread

This rich, moist, and soft banana oatmeal bread is a great healthier substitute. It has a ripe banana flavor that is sweet, but not overpowering. The fiber-rich, healthy foundation of the dough is ground rolled oats.

However, the Greek yogurt contributes a bit of tartness to the bread to help balance the flavors. The recipe is straightforward and simple to follow.

You will only need a few basic ingredients in addition to the oats. This healthy bread will appeal to everyone who tries a piece.

27. Cranberry Apricot Bread

This quick bread is baked to golden brown perfection. It contains dried cranberries, apricots, and nuts. The batter has hints of orange and cinnamon as well.

This bread is a terrific side dish if you’re serving a turkey for the holidays. With this bread, a lot is going on, but everything wonderfully complements one another.

28. Cinnamon Apple Quick Bread

The official flavors of fall, besides pumpkin, are brown sugar, apples and cinnamon, all of which are present in this bread. The apples in the heart of this fruit bread recipe, which are coated in cinnamon and sugar, give it an additional special touch.

They increase the moistness, tenderness, and flavor of this dish. This bread doesn’t require icing or a glaze to be finished off because of the unexpected center.

Although, if you wanted to make this bread extra special, you could always serve it with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

29. Candied Grapefruit Quick Bread

Yogurt quick bread covered with candied grapefruit and a glaze made of sugar and grapefruit zest and juice. You won’t be able to miss the grapefruit flavor in this bread.

Yogurt is a healthier alternative to oil and adds a wonderful tang. Although grapefruit can be rather sour, the sugared grapefruit on top balances the sourness of the bread out.

30. Zucchini Banana Bread

We strongly advise beginning with this variety of zucchini bread if you’ve never tried any other before. This bread is incredibly moist and tender thanks to the zucchini and bananas.

Additionally, you shouldn’t worry about it tasting like a vegetable. We guarantee that you won’t taste a single piece of zucchini in this dish.

All you can taste is the delicious bananas. A fantastic approach to include more wholesome vegetables and fruit in your diet.

31. Spiced Pear Bread

You’ll adore how cooked pears become delicate while maintaining some of their firm texture in this recipe. Along with the pears, cardamom adds a touch of warmth to this bread’s flavor.

The ideal finishing touch is a crumble of cinnamon and sugar. So why not try something a little different and show those pears some love instead of baking a basic banana bread.

32. Pineapple Coconut Zucchini Bread

This coconut, walnut, and pineapple zucchini bread is bursting with the flavor of the tropics. The coconut and walnuts add a lovely textural contrast. While the zucchini and pineapple guarantee a nice soft and moist crumb.

To enhance the flavor of the walnuts, we suggest toasting them on the stove top or in the oven. It’s impossible not to notice the difference.

33. Coconut-Rum Banana Bread

How might classic banana bread be improved? Of course, by including coconut and rum. The impact these two small additions make will astound you!

You can truly taste the coconut’s nutty, tropical flavor because it is both a component of the batter and a topping.

Don’t worry, even though there is rum in both the dough and the glaze, most of it will evaporate during baking. It will just improve the flavor of the cake.

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Fruity breads are absolutely delicious and easy to make. We have given you 33 yummy fruity breads that you definitely need to try for yourself. Hopefully, you have found at least one fruity quick bread to try today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Most Common Type Of Fruit Used For Quick Breads?

Although the fruit ingredients can vary, bananas, cranberries, blueberries, oranges, and cherries are the most common fruits to incorporate into bread.

Is Fruit Bread Healthy?

If not sweetened with sugar, fruit bread can be one of the most nutrient-dense breads thanks to its high protein and vitamin content.

What Makes Quick Breads Rise?

Quick breads are made quickly and easily because they contain rising agents. This includes baking soda or powder, to infuse the batter with bubbles. This allows the bread to rise while it bakes.

33 Yummy Fruity Bread Recipes To Try Today

33 Yummy Fruity Bread Recipes To Try Today

Recipe by Jenna

Did you know that you can add various fruits to create delicious fruity breads? Read on to discover 33 yummy fruit quick bread recipes you need to try today!

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