33 Fruits That Start With M

Have you ever tried a fruit that starts with the letter M? We put together a list of 33 fruits that start with M.

From sweet mango to the mysterious miracle fruit, there are plenty of fruits that begin with M.

30 Fruits That Start With M

Here are the best 33 fruits that beginning with the letter M.

1. Mandarin 

Mandarins are often mistaken for small oranges but they are actually a group of small orange fruit.

You may already know tangerines and clementines that below to the mandarin family. These vibrant orange fruit have a soft skin that you can peel off to get to the juicy flesh inside.

The different types of mandarin oranges are all similar in taste and size. They are much loved because they are sweet and seedless.

2. Mango

A mango is a fruit that appears more and more in grocery stores because people love the sweet flavor.

But mangoes don’t just contain a good portion of natural sugar. These bright fruit starting with M are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber.

Mangoes are green and slowly change their skin color to red as they ripe. A ripe mango has a vibrant orange flesh which is soft to the touch.

You can peel the skin of a mango and then eat it raw. Alternatively, mangoes also make a nice addition to sweet desserts, juice and ice cream.

3. Melon

Melon is another well-known fruit that starts with the letter M. In fact, there are over 38 different varieties of melon fruit.

Some of the most popular melons are honeydew, watermelon, canary melon and cantaloupe melon.

All melons have a high water content and they taste beautifully sweet. However, their appearance can vary.

While watermelons have a green skin with pink flesh, cantaloupes have a bright yellow skin with soft white flesh.

One of the advantages with melon is that it has very few seeds. This means you can cut a melon and eat it raw.

Although you can also eat melon seeds, nutritionists recommend removing them as they are hard to digest.

30 Fruits That Start With M

4. Mora

Mora is a type of large blackberry that looks similar to a raspberry. However, it has a sweet and tangy taste which makes it ideal for jellies, smoothies and jams.

Mora fruit are a great source of folic acid as well as vitamins C, A, K and E.

Mora berries come from the Rubus glaucus shrub which grows across Latin America. Also known as Andean raspberry, this fruit is often considered a mix of mulberry and blackberry.

5. Macadamia Nuts

Similar to other types of nuts, macadamia nuts are fruits from the macadamia tree. 

They are slightly different in shape and size to cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts and Brazil nuts.

Many people love macadamia nuts because they taste extremely creamy and they have a beautifully buttery flavor.

This makes them ideal for any of your favorite nut recipes, including cakes, cookies and desserts.

Saying this, macadamias also contain a large amount of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

6. Maracuya 

The maracuya fruit is native to Argentina and Brazil where it is harvested when it turns yellow.

Maracuya has a very mild tropical flavor but it’s still sweeter than some other tropical fruits starting with M.

If you just look at maracuya on the inside, you’ll notice that it resembles the flesh of passionfruit.

7. Maqui 

Maqui is a small purple very which grows across South America. All parts of the maqui plant are traditionally used in medicine for hundreds of years.

Maqui berries have a refreshing, sweet taste. They contain a large amount of antioxidants.

Maqui berries ate also used to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as fatigue, diabetes and heart disease.

30 Fruits That Start With M

8. Mamoncillo

While the mamoncillo fruit is commonly known as Spanish lime, it’s not a citrus fruit or part of the lime family.

In fact, mamoncillo is closely related to lychee in taste. This being said, mamoncillo has a green skin which resembles lime very closely.

Mamoncillo fruit are native to Central and South America as well as some parts of the Caribbean.

The fruit has a gelatinous flesh which is tangy and sweet in flavor.

9. Marang

Marang fruit has a prickly skin and a white flesh which tastes similar to pineapple, jackfruit and pears. It’s also said to smell like gasoline.

Marang is considered to be fruit used for irritable bowel syndrome. It can relieve constipation and encourage the digestive system.

The marang fruit tree is traditionally grown in the Philippines where the fruit is commercially harvested.

10. Madrono 

Madrono is one of the few fruits on our list that is native to Europe. This M-fruit has a bumpy skin with a bitter flesh.

The madrono tree is known as the Irish strawberry tree because the fruit is red, pink and sometimes also yellow.

While the fruit is edible and said to taste similar to lemon, it’s not a very popular fruit with people. However, birds love it.

11. Melon Pear  

Despite its known, melon pears aren’t full melons. In fact, they are a mix of cucumber and melon that grow in heart shape.

Its Spanish name is Pepino Dulce, which does not just hint at the sweet shape but also its taste.

You can simply peel the skin off when it’s ripe and eat the sweet flesh. The flavor is somewhere between a cucumber and melon.

30 Fruits That Start With M

12. McIntosh Apple 

With its bright red skin and sweet taste, McIntosh apples are popular around the world. They have even been chosen as the national apple in Canada.

Although McIntosh apples are very crisp, they also have a tart flavor which makes them ideal for apple pies and crumbles.

13. Masak Hijau Banana

Native to Malaysia, the Masak Hijau banana is the tallest banana tree in the world, and it has a similarly large fruit to match.

This type of banana has the typical banana taste, although many people consider it to be slightly stronger in flavor. This makes it perfect for cooking and baking.

14. Mangosteen

Mangosteens are fun fruits to look at. Their purple skin is a real eye-catcher and their white flesh has a tropical flavor.

It’s often considered tasting like a mix of pineapple, strawberry, peach and lychee. 

This fruit is also often used to treat diarrhea and skin infections.

15. Manila Tamarind (Madras Thorn)

Also known as Madras thorn, Manila tamarind grows in small pods. The fruit itself has an acidic and sweet taste.

As manila tamarind fruit is rich in vitamin C, it has been used as an antiseptic in traditional medicine for treating mouth ulcers, sore gums and toothaches.

30 Fruits That Start With M

16. Miracle Fruit

The miracle fruit gets its name from its medicinal purposes. This small red berry can be found in West Africa where it is also known as a natural sweetener.

It’s even so sweet that the FDA in the US banned its use in the 1960s.

17. Momordica

Momordica is a bright yellow and orange fruit that contains small red seeds. Most of the momordica shrub can be eaten, including the shoots, leaves and seeds.

18. Merlot Grape

This type of grape is used to make Merlot fine. It has a long history in France and spread throughout the world.

While this black wine grape is edible straight from the vine, it doesn’t taste as sweet and pleasant as a normal table grape.

Merlot grapes have thicker skins and they also contain seeds which you need to remove before eating them.

19. Manzana 

Manzana is simply the Spanish word for apple and there are hundreds of different varieties of apples, including Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious.

Apples are one of the most popular fruit around the world. Their bright colors and sweet taste make them perfect to eat as a snack, in desserts and cakes.

30 Fruits That Start With M

20. Mammee Apple 

Strangely, mammee apples are also called South American apricots, and their orange flesh looks similar to apricots.

However, mammee apples have a very complex flavor, said to be a mix of apricots, nutmeg, vanilla, root beer, honey, sweet potato and even pumpkin.

21. Mora De Castilla 

Mora de Castilla is native to the Andes and Latin America. It’s a type of blackberry which has a juicier flavor than common blackberries and raspberries.

22. Marisol Clementine 

We already mentioned mandarins, and here is another member of the mandarin family. Marisol clementines are little oranges which have a sweet but tart flavor.

They originally come from Egypt but have since spread around the world as a popular commercial fruit.

The big benefit with Marisol clementines is that they are seedless tangerines, so you can enjoy eating them after you peeled the fruit.

23. Merton Pride Pear

The Merton Pride pear is a so-called English pear which has a smooth skin with a sweet and fruity flavor.

Originally developed in England in the 1940s, this type of pear is a cross between the Clou Morceau pear and the popular Williams pear.

30 Fruits That Start With M

24. Membrillo 

The membrillo fruit is a small pear, despite its Spanish translation “quince”. However, it doesn’t have a traditional pear taste.

Instead, membrillos taste more like a combination of pear, apple and a citrus fruit. It’s used to make a Spanish fruit paste called Dulce de Membrillo.

25. Madison Peach

The Madison peach is a hardy peach variety that also grows in cooler regions around the US. This tree is even frost resistant.

The Madison peach fruit has a vibrant red color and a sweet, yellow flesh.

26. Maqueno Banana (Plantain)

While you may imagine a banana, a plantain doesn’t have the same sweet flavor as you are used to from traditional bananas.

They are more savory and starchy which makes them an ideal addition to savory dishes. Alternatively, you can also fry them and offer them as a snack.

27. May Pride Peach

May pride peaches are early bloomers which means you can harvest these tasty peach fruits already in early spring.

They have the typical peach color with a tasty sweet flesh.

30 Fruits That Start With M

28. Macoun Apple 

Macouns are a type of apple which is a cross of Jersey Black apples and McIntosh apples which we mentioned above.

You will find that Macoun apples are much darker in color but they are also more juice and sweeter. In fact, they resemble more plums and berries rather than other apple varieties.

29. Margil Apple

Margil apples are one of the oldest known dessert apples. They have a juicy and crisp flavor that’s distinctly tasting like apple.

30. Marsh Pink Grapefruit 

The marsh pink grapefruit is an accidental brother of the marsh white grapefruit. It originated in Texas first.

This pink grapefruit has a sweet and milt flavor which is a lot more subtle than the common grapefruit.

However, it still has the beautiful pink flesh that you can squeeze into a juice or use in desserts.

30 Fruits That Start With M

31. Mexican Limes 

Mexican limes are commonly known as key limes. They have a green to yellow skin with a sour, bitter and sharp flavor.

This lime tree originates from Southeast Asia but has spread throughout the world.

Today, Mexican limes are used in desserts, baking and most commonly in cocktails. Saying this, you can use key limes in almost any lime recipe of your choice.

32. Meyer Lemon 

Meyer lemons are a cross between mandarin and lemon. They originally came from China where they are still grown today.

Meyer lemons have a yellow, smooth skin with a sweet flavor. You can almost taste a little bit of orange in these citrus fruit.

If you are looking for something more exotic in your tropical dessert, then it’s worth spending the extra cash on these fruit.

33. Muskmelon

Although it looks similar to cantaloupe and honeydew melon, muskmelons are related to pumpkin, squash and zucchini.

However, they have a sweet flavor, although you need to make sure that you only eat the ripe fruit, as otherwise the flesh may taste bland.

Are There Any Fruits That Start With The Letter M Included In Your List of Fruits Starting With The Letter I?

Are there any fruits that start with the letter M included in your list of fruits starting with the letter I? Unfortunately, there are no fruits that start with i, but there are several delicious fruits starting with M, such as mangoes, melons, and mulberries. Explore these mouthwatering options to enhance your fruity experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Melon Is The Healthiest?

Watermelon is considered the healthiest melon because it has a small amount of calories and sugar but a large water content.

In addition, watermelons also contain a range of different antioxidants that decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer and eye disorders.

How Do You Eat Maracuya Fruit?

The best way to eat maracuya fruit is by peeling off the skin or slicing the fruit into half. You can then get to the seeds and juicy flesh.

It’s safe to eat maracuya seeds, so you can just enjoy the fruity flesh. This being said, you may want to remove the white film between the flesh and the rind as it’s too bitter to eat.

What Fruit Starts With M And Ends With N?

There are quite a few different fruits that begin with the letter M and end with the letter N, including mangosteen, melon and mandarin.

Are Oranges And Mandarins The Same?

Mandarins are not the same as oranges. However, they are both citrus fruits which come from the same family as lemons, grapefruit, limes and oranges.

Mandarins are smaller and sweeter than a common orange. In addition, these small citrus fruits are also much easier to peel.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of fruits that start with M, from well-known melons for desserts to more obscure maqui berries that are used as herbal medicine.

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