33 Foods That Begin With The Letter G

There are so many different foods from around the world that begin with the letter G.

33 Foods That Begin With The Letter G

We have reviewed 33 of the most well-known foods that begin with this letter.

Do you know them all?

1. Grapes

Our earliest records of grapes come from Egypt and Syria during 4000 BC. These seeded fruits grow from a vine and are now found across the globe, in modern society they are mostly produced in Europe.

Typically, we think that there are two colors of grapes, green and red. However, there are many colors such as black, yellow, pink, and purple.

The most common use for grapes is to make wine, this is done in nearly every country in the world. Another obvious use of grapes is to eat them! These fruits can also be made into pickles, jams, and other preserves or drinks.

2. Graham Crackers

Most of us are familiar with the humble graham cracker, a sweet flavored cracker made with graham flour. These crackers are a popular snack food, especially among children, and come in a variety of flavors such as honey or cinnamon.

Frequently used in baking and other recipes such as s’mores, the graham cracker is a versatile ingredient.

3. Gazpacho

Originating from the southern regions of the Iberian peninsula, gazpacho is a cold soup made from raw, blended vegetables.

Today, it’s a common dish in Spain and Portugal in the summer months as it is cool and refreshing. A traditional gazpacho contains bell peppers, cucumber, onions, and all-important tomatoes.

This is seasoned with cumin, garlic, and sherry vinegar for a delicious taste.

4. Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are a type of legume that is very high in protein. It is thought that these beans originate from Turkey, but evidence has also been found in ancient caves in France.

The beans are sold as a dry crop or canned, if they are purchased in a dry form they need to be soaked in water in order to soften them and make them more digestible.

5. Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola is one of the oldest blue-veined cheeses. Made in Italy, the cheese uses pasteurized cow’s milk which takes around three to four months to reach peak ripeness.

It’s soft and crumbly in texture with a mild to sharp taste which depends on the age of the cheese.

As with many kinds of cheese, gorgonzola can be used in a variety of different ways. Usually, it’s served as part of a cheese board with a lovely accompanying wine.

6. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus fruit recognized for its sour to somewhat sweet taste. Thought to originate from Barbados, the grapefruit was commonly eaten in the West Indies before making its way to America.

Today, it is a popular breakfast food that can be eaten in a similar manner to an orange or scooped out using a spoon.

The fruit is packed full of vitamin C, and vitamin A as well as being rich in potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. These all contribute to a healthy immune system as well as normal bodily functions.

7. Garlic

Historical writings suggest that garlic was first grown in China up to 4000 years ago. Garlic is a popular herb that comes from the onion family. The distinctive smell of the herb comes from allicin, a chemical produced by garlic.

Not only does garlic make your food taste amazing, it has a bunch of health benefits. Research has shown that eating garlic is good for the heart and blood systems, helps to reduce cholesterol levels, and even helps prevent cancer.

8. Gravy

Gravy is a sauce that comes from the United Kingdom. Often made from meat juices that naturally occur when cooking, usually, it’s thickened with cornstarch or flour to add texture.

Traditionally, gravy is served with a roast dinner of chicken, beef, or lamb. For modern convenience, gravy can be bought in granules that are dissolved in hot water.

9. Gruyere

A Swiss or Alpine hard cheese that is sweet and slightly salty is known as Gruyere. The cheese is made from cow’s milk and is generally cured for no less than six months, the taste of the cheese tends to change with age.

Gruyere is a popular cheese to use in fondue due to its smooth-melting and rich taste. Any recipe that requires cheese to create a thick and creamy texture or sauce can use Gruyere.

10. Guava

The guava is a tropical fruit that belongs to a tree in the myrtle family, native to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. The taste of guava is thought to be like a hybrid between a strawberry and a pear.

Guava is round in shape and usually a green or yellow color.

To eat the fruit, simply cut down the middle and into slices before enjoying. The seeds of guava are also edible! Although you can eat it by itself, the fruit can also be enjoyed as part of a juice or smoothie.

Eating this tasty fruit has many health benefits as it is rich in antioxidants and potassium.

11. Goji Berries

Otherwise known as wolfberries, goji berries are native to Asia. For thousands of years, these berries have been used in traditional medicine and are said to slow signs of aging and strengthen your liver, kidneys, and lungs.

These small red fruits are often sold in powdered or dried form to be used as supplements or in juice blends.

Loaded with important nutrients and antioxidants, they are a great way to support a healthy immune system and even healthy vision.

12. Ginger

Ginger comes from a flowering plant originally from Southeast Asia, closely related to turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. The root of the plant is what we use in cooking today and it is thought to be one of the healthiest spices on the planet.

Fresh ginger, ground ginger, and even ‘lazy’ versions of the herb can be found in grocery stores across the planet.

The antioxidants in ginger help to prevent stress and damage to the body. It can also help fight off chronic diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Another interesting benefit of eating forms of ginger is its ability to help with nausea, especially morning sickness.

13. Galangal

Galangal or galangal root is a spice closely related to ginger and turmeric found in Asia. This is another spice that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

Smoother and paler than the ginger root with a more powerful flavor, galangal is commonly grated into soups and curries. The spice can be found in powdered form in Asian supermarkets.

It is a warm, earthy spice that has a sharp, citrus flavor that is somewhat earthy with a pine-line undertone. Therefore it cannot be used interchangeably with ginger which has a sharp peppery and spicy flavor.

14. Green Onions

There are many names for green onions such as scallions or spring onions depending on where you’re from. Their close relatives include garlic, leeks, and shallots.

Milder in taste than most onions, green onions are versatile and a great alternative to an overpowering white onion.

Green onions are used frequently in Asian cuisine, but they also work well in salads, with eggs, and on pizzas. They pretty much go with anything.

Eating these onions helps to reduce inflammation, and lower your cholesterol, and is great for those with diabetes.

15. Green Beans

As the fruit of the plant is contained in a pod, green beans are considered to be legumes and not beans. They originate from Central and South America but are now eaten worldwide.

Other similar types of legumes include asparagus beans, soybeans, and sugar snap peas.

The pod itself is eaten with the beans inside, typically they are steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked. Full of vitamins A, C, and K, folic acid, and fiber there are so many health benefits of eating green beans.

16. Granola

Granola is a form of loose cereal or snack food that is made of rolled oats, nuts, honey, dried fruit, and sweeteners which are then baked until crisp and golden brown.

There are hundreds of flavors of granola which is often served with yogurt or milk. It is considered a healthy breakfast food as nuts are full of protein and fruits are full of nutrients.

17. Goats Cheese

Unsurprisingly, goat’s cheese is made from the milk of a goat. Originating from the Mediterranean and the Middle East where goats were in abundance compared to cows.

Compared to cheese made with cow’s milk, goat’s cheese has a more tart, earthy flavor. Producers of the cheese often sell it with layers of herbs for an added layer of flavor.

18. Gingerbread

The smell of gingerbread coming from the kitchen instantly makes you think of Christmas. Gingerbread encompasses a category of baked goods as there are so many things you can do with the distinct flavors.

The most common ways to bake gingerbread include cookies, a moist loaf cake, a gingerbread house, and cakes.

This sweet treat is made from spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg along with brown sugar, molasses, and other forms of sweetener like honey and maple syrup.

Hearing the signature snapping sound is sure to get your stomach rumbling.

19. Gnocchi

Despite what logic tells us, gnocchi is a type of Italian dumpling rather than pasta. Made from potatoes, flour, and eggs these little pieces of dough are cooked and served with a variety of delicious sauces.

Regarding taste, gnocchi by itself is bland much like plain pasta.

Traditionally, gnocchi is served with a Pomodoro sauce or any other type of tomato sauce. Any type of protein can be paired with the dish, which is usually served as an appetizer.

20. Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are small fruit jelly candies that are shaped like little bears. These tasty bears come from Haribo, a well-known candy manufacturer.

Bears come in packets of ‘Golden Bears’ or mixed with an assortment of other jelly-type candies. Sold around the world, there are many shapes, flavors, and colors of gummy bears so there’s something for everyone.

21. Gyros

Gyros are a type of Greek kebab made from meat that is cooked in a vertical rotisserie style and served in a slice of pita bread along with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Common ingredients added to the pita include tomatoes, onions, tzatziki, and potatoes.

The classic gyros use a combination of lamb and beef, but other versions such as chicken, halloumi, and falafel are also popular.

22. Greek Yogurt

Known for its thick consistency and slightly sour flavor, greek yogurt is strained to remove most of its whey to achieve this result.

High in protein and other essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, calcium, and selenium, it’s a great way to enjoy a healthy snack.

Although this type of yogurt didn’t originate in Greece, the name comes from a simple marketing scheme that labeled the yogurt as Greek to popularize the food.

It is thought that countries in the Middle East were the first to start straining yogurt.

23. Ground Beef

Ground beef is another name for minced beef which is meat that has been finely chopped either using a knife or grinding machine.

This form of meat is common and found in many countries as it makes it easier to create dishes such as hamburgers, meatballs, and koftas.

24. Green Tea

Tea comes from the leaves of tea plants, green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis leaves and buds. These parts of the plant do not undergo the same withering and oxidation process used to make black teas.

Green tea comes from China, however, now it is produced across East Asia.

The benefits of drinking green tea are thought to include boosting the fat-burning properties in your body, boosting brain function, and helping support blood sugar.

The taste of green tea can be said to be sweet, butty, fruity, and slightly bitter too.

25. Gateau

A gateau is a type of cake, usually a light sponge cake made from almond flour rather than wheat flour. Although the French for cake is gateau, here we’re referring to a specific type of cake.

The typical gateau is made with a rich icing or filling which is found across many layers. This could include a ganache, mousse, or fruit filling.

26. Gammon

Gammon is a British staple that is traditionally served with eggs, fries, and pineapple. The hind leg of pork that has been cured either by dry-salting or brining is known as gammon.

Not to be confused with ham, gammon is sold raw and comes from a different part of the animal.

27. Greek Salad

A traditional Greek salad is light and refreshing. It consists of cucumbers, tomatoes, green bell peppers, red onions, olive, and feta cheese. Dressing the salad with a little olive oil and salt is all that’s needed for a great taste.

28. Garlic Bread

A delicious way to eat bread is to top it with garlic, olive oil, butter, and a variety of herbs before toasting or baking. Garlic bread is popular in Western cultures and is usually served alongside pasta dishes.

Other varieties of this simple dish include cheesy garlic bread as well as pull-apart sharing styles which come in many flavors.

29. Greengage

A variety of wild plum that originates from Iran, greengages are known for their rich, confectionery flavor.

Belonging to the European plum family, these fruits are sweet and succulent when eaten raw and also delicious in cooked desserts or savory condiments.

30. Gouda

Gouda is a popular cheese that comes from the Netherlands. It’s semi-hard to hard in texture and has a sweet and creamy taste.

Gouda is a branch name for many varieties of the cheese that come under it, depending on where it’s made the taste can change. As it’s a great melting cheese, it’s often used in macaroni cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches.

31. Green Olives

If you didn’t already know, green olives are just under-ripe normal olives. They are harvested before fully ripe and get their distinct flavor from the oil they are brined in.

Although there are no nutritional differences between green and black olives, there is a difference in flavor.

The under-ripe olives are bitter, tangy, and salty mainly due to the brining process, which is why many people prefer black olives that have a more fruit flavor.

32. Guacamole

Guacamole is a dip made from ripe avocados. The dip was first developed in Mexico, but it is now popular on an international scale, especially as part of Tex-Mex foods.

Everyone makes their own guacamole in a different way, traditionally it should contain tomatoes, lime juice, jalapenos, and cilantro.

33. Gyozas

A form of Japanese dumpling, the gyoza is very popular and comes with a variety of different fillings. Traditionally, they are filled with a mixture of pork, mushrooms, and cabbage.

There are many similar forms of these dumplings found across East Asian countries that contain similar fillings. Dipping in oyster or soy sauce is common and adds extra flavor.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many foods that begin with the letter ‘G’, we hope you found it interesting learning about them! Are there any more that you can think of?

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