33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

As we all know, especially when we are trying to seek out new foods to incorporate into a diet or to simply try out for ourselves, it can be hard to narrow down types of food since there is such a huge variety from different areas, different cultures and even from entirely different periods.

It can therefore be much easier to categorize food, such as by listing them by the letter to begin with, so that you can find some foods you may already be familiar with, while others are entirely new.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

That being said, below we have listed 33 different foods beginning with the letter W that you can have a browse through.

Who knows, you may stumble upon some food you haven’t tried in a while and have a sudden craving for, or discover entirely new foods that you can’t wait to whip up in the kitchen.

1) Walnuts

Many of us will know walnuts for being a common snack for bodybuilders or mixed into other recipes to make them a little more healthy, and this is because they are packed full of antioxidants and Omega-3 which is great for our cardiovascular health.

Sweet but also savory with an extra crunch, never be afraid to add some walnuts to your favorite meal.

2) Wasabi 

Wasabi is such a unique ingredient, while it’s spicy the heat it gives off is a different taste from regular peppers that is a little more sweet and even savory which is perfect when combined with a few tacos or even on the side as a dip to spice up your favorite snacks.

3) Watercress 

One of the easiest foods to add to get an instant supplement of nutrients, watercress is not only incredibly healthy but can add a little extra crunch to a sandwich or as part of a salad. 

It is also great when mixed into some soup and is complemented perfectly with other added veggies to make for a deliciously healthy appetizers.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

4) Wheat 

It’s hard to make a list about foods starting with W and not mention wheat, the source of many of our favorite foods since the early 18th century.

Without wheat we would not be able to enjoy some of our favorite foods including pasta and baked goods, just make sure never to eat it raw as it can contain bacteria including salmonella.

5) Whipped Cream

Are there many better toppings that have such a delightful and delicate taste than whipped cream?

Being able to be layered on top of almost any food including pies, cakes and even coffee, whipped cream is a quick and easy way to spruce up our favorite treats.

6) White Chocolate 

Some so-called ‘chocolate enthusiasts’ sometimes claim that white chocolate is not real chocolate, however we would beg to differ.

White chocolate uses cocoa butter to create a familiar chocolatey texture that has a much lighter and slightly more creamy taste that is a delicious snack when you want a change up from regular darker chocolate which can be a bit more sickly after a while.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

7) Wolfberry

Wolfberries, also known as Goji berries, are a native Chinese berry that have started becoming popular in the West specifically because of the huge amount of health benefits they contain including helping maintain blood sugar, increased testosterone and fuelling our body with required nutrients to keep us energized for the day ahead. 

8) Wahoo Fish

A traditional Hawaiian dish which is commonly found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, these flaky fish have an incredibly delicate and sweet flavor that makes them one of the more unique variants because of how different they taste.

Perfect on their own or even mixed in with some soup as they often are, you can even choose to eat this fish raw if sliced thinly enough.

9) Walla Walla Onions 

Walla walla onions are similar to regular onions with their familiar peak top and flat bottom appearance, however they have much juicier layers with a far sweeter flavor than normal. 

They also contain a much higher sugar content than regular onions that makes them the best onions to use for some savory French onion soup.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

10) Wampee Fruits 

Found in the lush evergreen forests of South East Asia, wampee fruits can originally seem to resemble grapes because of how small and compact they are in size, however they are actually more closely related to citrus fruits which is what gives them a perfect mix of sweet and sour and are a delicious snack when you want something with more of a sour kick than most other fruits.

11) Water Mimosa

Water mimosa is a regular food found in many Asian cuisines and is an extremely unique blend between cabbage and mushrooms.

They contain a very strong and potent mushroom taste which is complemented extremely well by the slight cabbage flavor that makes this an excellent side ingredient that can be added to spruce up essentially any meal without having an overpowering taste.

12) Wax Apples

The most striking aspect of wax apples is how their appearance is the perfect middle ground between an apple and a berry, however they are also known for being much more crunchy than regular apples while still being full of that familiar sour flavor that is a little stronger for when you want an apple dessert with a bit more of a kick in its taste.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

13) White Beech Mushroom 

These mushrooms, known for their extremely long stems and round caps, are incredibly bitter originally, however once they are cooked the crunchy and almost buttery taste they give off is unmatched by any other mushrooms, making this an extremely unique ingredient which is perfect for soup.

14) White Figs

White figs, originating from Southern California, are most well known for their juicy and tender purple core which is almost jam like in how it tastes.

The flavor of white figs is a perfect blend of strawberries and raspberries and are a delightful side treat to a bigger meal when cut into smaller slices. 

15) White Gravy

For those of you who may not have tried, seen or even heard of white gravy, it can originally seem baffling since we are all so used to the brown and almost liquid-like texture of regular gravy.

White gravy is much more calorie-dense than regular gravy which makes it a lot thicker but also much more filing meaning whether you have it layered on top of a main meal or even as a light dip for breakfast or lunch, you can be sure this side dish is well worth the time to prepare it. 

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

16) Wraps

The beauty of wraps is just how versatile they are. These soft flatbreads can be rolled around essentially any mix of ingredients, no matter how different they are, to make for one delicious addition that can be used in so many different ways.

Whether you want a meat based meal with some veggies or some fish with a few spices and seasonings mixed in, a flatbread wrap is the perfect addition to complete any meal.

17) Worcestershire Sauce

Originating in the English city of Worcester in the mid 18th century, Worcestershire sauce possesses a very potent and powerful flavor which has a hint of sourness thanks to the tamarind and vinegar mixed into the sauce that makes it extremely appetizing. 

To enhance and brighten the flavor of some meat, always consider layering it with some Worcestershire sauce. 

18) Waffles 

Waffles have grown to become some of the most popular breakfast options across the world, and for very good reason. Waffles are sweet, light, a little bready and can be as crunchy as you like depending on how long you cook them.

Some of the most popular ways to use waffles in a recipe include resting a fried or scrambled egg on top of one to create a delicious blend of flavors or making it into a different recipe entirely such as the delicious PB&J stuffed waffles or cookie butter waffles which make the texture even more creamy. 

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

19) White Rice

White rice is unique for removing the bran and germ to give it a different texture and flavor all together, however while it can taste fairly bland to a lot of people who enjoy rice mixed with stronger flavors and seasonings, white rice is actually very healthy and a great choice when you want a filling side dish that tastes great.

While brown rice is considered the healthier of the two, white rice is still packed full of beneficial nutrients including high levels of iron and B vitamins. 

20) White Vinegar 

There aren’t many ingredients that can instantly add both a bitter and sour kick to a dish other than white vinegar.

While it can have quite a harsh taste which can turn a lot of people off, it can always be a good idea to add just a dash of white vinegar to most dishes especially with crispy chicken to help round out the flavor.

21) Winter Vegetable Soup 

This soup is exactly what it sounds like, a warm and hearty bowl of goodness that is the perfect appetizer in the colder months that can be made in just a few minutes.

The turnips mixed in with a whole host of veggies and spices makes this one of the most delicious soups that is sure to heat you up for when it’s a little chillier in the house.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

22) Winter Apple Pie

Another delightful treat that goes down so nicely in the winter months and can be easily shared around the table for the entire family, winter apple pies use the tasty combination of fresh orange and cozy vanilla with a whole host of other delicious spices that makes this one of the most filling desserts that you can be sure everyone can enjoy after a hefty main meal.

23) Wagon Wheel Biscuits 

If you have never tried or even heard of wagon wheel biscuits, then you are certainly missing out on some of the most unique biscuits that can be bought from the store or easily made at home.

These biscuits have a soft and creamy marshmallow filling mixed in with some jam to give it an incredibly sweet flavor that is a delight to bite into.

With an extremely soft outer coating of some flakey chocolate, these biscuits are a must try which can be made at home easily with just a handful of ingredients.

24) Walleye Fish 

Walleye fish has an incredibly interesting taste because it is far less fishy than other types of fish, meaning you could even recommend it to those who aren’t the biggest fans of seafood.

Instead, this fish which is native to the Canadian waters has a much more buttery and sweet flavor.

A great fish if you prefer your meals to have a much more mild taste where the fishy taste doesn’t overpower the rest of the meal, and not to mention, it gets rid of a lot of those very off putting smells.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

25) Watermelon 

Watermelons are the most popular melons in the world, and given their incredibly juicy flavor that just tastes like summer, it’s easy to see why.

Watermelons are one of the only foods able to perfectly balance the taste of being sweet, sour and bitter without one overpowering the others. 

Many people actually have a hard time describing the taste of watermelons but they are certainly incredibly light tasting and are always guaranteed to make those sunny days even more enjoyable.

26) Whitebark Raspberry 

Whitebark raspberries are very similar to regular black raspberries and they do taste a lot like them, however the major difference is whitebark raspberries have a much thicker and more potent waxy coating which is very noticeable in the overall taste.

They can be grown and enjoyed naturally, however most of the time these raspberries are mixed into some of our favorite foods and drinks by brands without us even noticing.

27) Whitefish 

Commonly found in the cold Northern lakes, Whitefish are often compared to salmon especially in its deep and rich taste with a large flaky texture that makes it delightful on the taste buds.

Where it does differ however is in its appearance which is much more pale and lighter compared to many other types of fish.

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

28) Williams Pear

Given their name from the man who first propagated them in the 1800’s Richard Williams, these perfectly shaped pears are often expertly ripened and extremely juicy to bite into.

While these pears are most well known for their incredibly unique appearance, their extremely sweet and savory taste is certainly not to be ignored. 

29) Wong Pei Fruit 

These small and round yellow fruits are found growing in clusters on trees in China and have a furry exterior similar to some types of pears.

You can tuck into their juicy core extremely easily with no cooking required, simply peel away the skin and tuck in. 

30) Wafers

Wafers are definitely considered one of the tastiest and most appetizing dessert options you can make, not to mention these thin, flat, crispy cookies can be customized in whatever way you like whether its walloping some ice cream on top or layering a smooth layer of hazelnut chocolate, you can’t go far wrong with some wafers. 

31) Wax Bottles

If you don’t recognise the name of these small and delicious candies, you have certainly seen their appearance being small sticky bottles that are usually mixed in with other kinds of candy. They are incredibly sweet and a favorite among children. 

33 Delicious And Satisfying Foods That Start With W

32) Wheaties 

Low in calories and extremely high in gut-filling fiber, there’s a reason Wheaties are some of the most popular cereals in America.

Loaded with lots of iron and a perfect starter for the day ahead, Wheaties are always a contender for the healthiest cereals out there.

33) Whoopie Pie

You can’t go wrong with the mixture of vanilla buttercream and marshmallow cream, and that’s exactly what is inside these small miniature whoopie pies which seem to resemble more of a cookie than a pie, but are still packed full of a delightful and creamy flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It A Good Idea To Categorize Foods By Letter?

Categorizing foods makes it far easier to get a good range of ideas for what to cook up or buy next, but doing it by starting letter is specifically useful for getting a wide range of foods, many of which have little to do with one another meaning you can learn a whole range of new recipes in one go making it one of the easiest ways to find out about a multitude of foods all at once. 


Whether you recognised most of these foods or if you’re learning about a few for the very first time, try mixing them into a diet or trying them out as a special occasional treat to find what could just be your next favorite dish.

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